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I Dont Know If You Saw The

news yesterday now. This is a record now why why would these records be being broke all the time well it’s climate change it’s getting so bad right now is it on Monday Monday wildfires destroyed in Washington State alone 330 000 acres of brush and timber now. One reason these things happen not climate change is because the wildlife and the the forest service they’re not allowed to do what everyone who’s ever lived around forests and trees. No you have to do you have to have controlled burns. If you don’t lightning strikes and it burns the whole thing down because that’s the way nature does it so you have controlled burns so when there’s a lightning strike it doesn’t happen but no no no it’s natural to have all of that underbrush no it’s not but that’s not what’s going.

On On Monday 58 Fires Started In

Washington State 58 nine significant fires well yesterday. In a press conference the state Public lands Commissioner Hillary Franz said 58 fires across the state were started on Monday. We were able to put most of them out. An estimated 330 000 acres of our state burned in just 24 hours more acres burned yesterday than in the than in 12 of the last entire fire seasons in Washington State. She said Quote we believe today that all of these are human caused in some dimension 58 fires all set on Monday.

According To Hillary France, Its Not Climate

change it was started by humans either being stupid or arsoned now how dare you have you not seen politifact have you not seen the news gods that have told us bow down don’t you dare say there’s any arson going on there’s nothing. And if you say it’s arson how dare you even say that these peaceful protesters with antifa have anything to do with fires Yes they’ll set our cities on fire. Yes they’re calling for revolution, but they wouldn’t do that that’s just over the top well. I asked my staff to see if there was any evidence on fires and I don’t mean evidence from twitter. I mean evidence is there anybody who’s been arrested for arson is there anybody that’s been arrested for mischief with fire here.

They Are And Youtube And Facebook Go

ahead. I want you I want you to to d to d monetize this clip. I want you to somehow or another say that we’re lying. I want you to throttle it go ahead because then you’re going to have to explain what we got wrong and I happen to have all the documents right. Here so my attorney is really ready for that de-throttling or demonetization.

You Say Youre A Protector Of The Truth

great here it is first one Washington state Jeffrey Accord 36. Puyallup Washington. September 9th. A Blm activist, one count of Reckless burning second degree transferred and charged with one Count Burglary No reported damage. According to Accord’s history of anti-police protesting in the encounters with law enforcement.

He Was Arrested During The Ferguson Riots In

Missouri, Christine Camelo 36 Spokane Washington. September 7th. No known political affiliation one count second degree Arson, one count first degree Arson one count Burglary in Oregon. Domingo Lopez 45 Portland. September 14th Reckless burning second degree disorderly conduct All the fires were caught early no one was injured.

No Structures Were Damaged.

He was charged with using a molotov cocktail to start a brush fire in the wildfire devastated state then busted again. released on his own recognizance and then busted again hours later for going back and starting six more fires. Michael Jarrod Buckela 41 September 8th. Phoenix, Oregon, two counts of first degree Arson, 15 counts of first degree criminal mischief, 14 counts of reckless endangerment, two deaths.

50 People Are Still Unaccounted For

it.’s burned more than 5700 acres destroyed 700 structures. He was arrested for a probation violation on an original charge of unlawful possession of methamphetamines, Oh by the way go ahead are you thinking about demonetizing us yet youtube Facebook you thinking about it because I have all the arrest documents right here. Jason Moss 44. The dex dexter State Recreation area fire.

September 9Th For Arrested For First Degree

Arson. He burned down 145 acres. He allegedly started a fire in the woods near the Frisbee Golf course. More than forty thousand Oregonians have been evacuated. Five hundred thousand are in different levels of evacuation zones because of Jason Moss, but no there is no arson What are you talking about in California in Monterey_County,_California” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener”>Monterey County, Anita Esquivel 37.

She Was Arrested September 11Th.

Very little is known about the specifics rumors have circulated that she has connections to antifa and intentionally set the fires for that cause, but we do not know the district Attorney has dismissed the suggestions that she had ties to the far left group such as Anna Antifa. Then there’s Osman Palencia 36. He’s homeless no known political affiliation. Several arrest warrants.

He Surrendered To Police One Felony

count of Arson during a state emergency one felony count of arson of a structure. He burned 4 237 acres. Noel Lopez Mejia 47 helmet California no known political affiliation. 10 Arson counts 10 allegations of setting the blazes during a state emergency. 40 charged acres in exchange for a plea.

He Received A Prison Sentence Of

17 years and four months. Freddie Owen Graham, 68 Kansas City, Missouri to San Jose, California. No political affiliation is known 13 counts of arson the forest land two counts of arson during a state emergency. He burned approximately 128 acres. No no injuries or structural damage.

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He Apparently Had Flown In From Missouri

and then rented a car which he used to drive along the road in Santa Clara County and he started fires on his way to his 50th high school reunion. By the way that report came from CnN. You want to demonetize them too then there’s Ivan Geronimo Gomez, 30 Monterey, California. August 18th he suspected starting the Dolan fire which has which has taken down 117 242 acres, 40 percent of it has been contained as of 9 14. He was.

Arrested And Booked In The Monterey County

jail on suspicion of arson of foreign forest lands. His bail was set at two million dollars. Those are just the few that I can actually just grab the arrest warrants and the arrest records. You want to tell us political politic fact how you came to the conclusion and called the the idea that there was arson in these fires. Can you tell me how you came to that conclusion because your fact check seems to be entirely false.

You Want To Know The Truth You

have to do a little digging yourself and you cannot believe everything that anyone says and I do not. In fact, I insist that you do not believe the things that I say just because I say them. You have to make the truth your own by doing your own research and yes. It’s perilous to do that, but you’re smart enough to figure out what is an initial source, What is a credible source and what isn’t you don’t need a degree from journalism school to be able to know in fact, if you have a degree from any school of journalism. I don’t trust you you have lied over and over and over and over again.

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You Are You Are Pointing Everyones Direction In

the wrong direction and I echo the words of Donald Trump. You are an enemy to mankind. You are an enemy to man’s freedom what you have done will be remembered a hundred years from now when maybe possibly possibly men are free. again after what you have done? You will be remembered in not a kind way because you know what’s going on and you are lying and covering up.


On on Monday Monday wildfires destroyed in Washington State alone 330 000 acres of brush and timber now . According to Hillary France, it’s not climate change it was started by humans either being stupid or arsoned now how dare you have you not seen politifact. How dare you even say that these peaceful protesters with antifa have anything to do with fires. Yes they’ll set our cities on fire. Yes, they’re calling for revolution, but they wouldn’t do that that’s just over the top well. And if you say it’s arson how dare . You can’t say that antifa. They won’t burn our cities. They wouldn’t burn their cities. But they would burn our forests and trees. We have controlled burns. We’re not allowed to do that. I don’t have to burn them. We don’t want to burn anything. We want to control our forests. We need to control them. They have to control the whole thing. We are not to burn it….. Click here to read more and watch the full video