New Florida Law CRUSHES Big Tech As Worldwide Techlash SURGES


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Florida Governor Ron Desantis Absolutely Crushes Big

Tech as a worldwide tech lash surges in this video. We’ll take a look at the landmark law passed in the state of Florida that now enables Floridians to sue big tech companies. We’ll take a look at how the world is actually taking notice of Florida’s pushback against Big Tech Oligarchs and we’re going to see how gallup polling shows that Americans are fed up with silicon Valley and they want their ridiculous antics stopped once and for all you’re not you don’t miss this greetings everyone dr steve it would be great to be with you as always we are your daily antidote to fake news as each and every day we analyze current events and light a larger conservative trends to help you think better, so you can feel better in these crazy and turbulent times so if you haven’t. Done so you know what to do? Make sure to Smack that Bell and subscribe button Hey let’s start with our video chat question of the day Shall we do you support Ron Desantis backlash against Big tech? Let us know in the comments section below. Do you support Florida’s new law giving Floridians the right to sue Silicon Valley.

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We Have Got Some Huge News In

the ever developing world of tech lash the growing worldwide backlash against big tech Florida Governor Ron Desantis assigned into law a bill the first of its kind in the United States, allowing Floridians to sue big tech platforms for discrimination and censorship according to the new. Law courts may now award up to a hundred thousand dollars in damages to an individual. If a social media platform is found to have been guilty of censoring that individual or shadow banning a user’s content or for users de-platformed or censored in an inconsistent manner. Big tech companies that violate the new law can from now on be sued by Floridians from monetary damages and the law enables the state’s Attorney general to bring action against big tech companies who violate the law on his twitter feed keep in mind Twitter Ron desantis rubbed it in the face of Big Tech tweeting out today. I signed the first big tech bill that gives every Floridian every day Floridians the ability to fight back against Silicon Valley censorship speaking to at Sean Hannity.

This Hour About How This Is

just the beginning now a particular interest is the slap. against big Tech’s banning of President Trump. According to the new law quote, Big Tech is prohibited from de-platforming Floridian political candidates. The Florida election Commission will impose fines at 250 000 per day on any social media company that deep platforms any candidate for statewide office and twenty-five thousand dollars per day for deep platforming candidates for non–statewide offices. Any Floridian can block any candidate they don’t want to hear from and that’s a right that belongs to each citizen, but it’s not for big Tech companies to decide now the issue here is that this law is directly confronting the legal status of big tech companies where they collectively enjoy a litigation immunity granted to them by what’s called Section 230 of the FCc.

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Now Section 230 Gives Big Tech The Kind

of immunity that utilities companies get like phone companies electric companies social media right now. legally as a utility, Big Tech has been legally recognized as our modern public forum. We communicate publicly through these forums in all kinds of ways and as such. These platforms are granted immunity by the federal government from being sued. Is someone uses these platforms in an unethical manner, So just like the phone company can’t be sued if someone used a phone to plot a crime or arrange a terrorist attack or something that’s because the phone companies illegally recognized utility which is no more responsible for how people use their services than is the electric company right well.

Big Tech Has Been Legally Granted This Immunity

and yet that has not stopped them from acting as if they were publishers who could be sued based on their content. They publish you see there’s a fundamental difference between a publisher who acts in an editorial manner deliberately intentionally. accepting rejecting content and is therefore responsible for that content published in their platforms and the utility, which simply provides the platform for someone to publish right. So. There’s a fundamental difference between a publishing company that can be sued and the phone company, which allows the publisher to have a multi-caller meeting or the electric company that enables the publisher to keep their lights on during a meeting right.

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Big Tech Enjoys The Legal Immunity Of

a utility. Like phone companies and electric companies they enjoy the legal and beauty of utility, but they exploit that immunity to censor their content as a publisher. They’re acting like editorial publishers who responsible for the content that they publish. Even though they’ve been granted immunity from what they publish so you cannot have it both ways and it’s precisely that inconsistency in the big way that big tech exploits it for. own power that’s provoking a massive backlash in the form of what scholars are calling Tech Lash which is worldwide You know in fact, you’ll find this fascinating just to show you how interconnected the worldwide backlash against Big Tech is Governor Desantis bill signing is actually making its rounds through the international media.

So In India Theyre Taking An Interest In

this bill signing because they’re having their own issues with Big Tech. If you don’t know you will definitely want to click on this link and check out a video. We did on Greta toonberg getting in a whole heap of international trouble with the nation of India that’s the backdrop for their whole Big Tech thing. But recently the Indian government led by the Nationals populist Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the BjP Party, the Hindu Nationalists Party. They’ve announced new rules that are definitely cracking down.

On Big Tech And So Its Just

interesting that even the Indian media is covering this story As of today. Now, Florida is not the only state that’s taking it to Big tech. The state of Texas as well as passing legislation that would bar social media companies from banning an account because of the person’s political and particularly because of the person’s conservative opinions. The Bill’s already made its way through the Texas Senate. It’s currently in the Texas House and it’s expected to pass easily and get signed by Governor Greg Abbott.

The Hill Is Reporting That Senate Bill 12

will require social media companies to be transparent about how they moderate content on their websites. They’re going to have to give frequent updates on what content was removed and they’re going to have to create an appeals process when a user’s content has been removed the bill. Also gives Texas attorney General Ken Paxton the right to sue a social media company when that appeals process determines that free speech rights were violated, but it gets even better as it turns out. Florida and Texas are just the beginning of the tech lash wave that’s sweeping the country. But first I want to personally invite you to our brand new patriot entrepreneur live event that we’re holding on June 4th and 5th.

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wait click on that link below right now and I’ll see you for a week and that promises to be a game changer for your life like never before all right getting more and more articles are coming out. Talking about this amazing growing phenomenon known as teclash. The growing backlash against big tech and its ridiculous censorship practices and these articles are noticing a surge in what are called tech lash bills across the nation where lawmakers by the way lawmakers of both parties interestingly enough in dozens of state houses across the country, proposing new regulations related to and tried trust issues consumer privacy app stores fees taxes on digital ad sales. Even Democrats in New York are pushing a landmark anti–trust bill through the New York Legislature that would set a new legal anti–trust standard called get this the abuse of dominance how’s that for a term big text abuse of dominance and it would allow class action lawsuits under state laws and the concern here again keep in mind. This is being expressed by Democrats.

The Concern Here Is That The Old

anti–trust laws aren’t operative anymore, because big tech has just simply become too big. are challenging Big Tech’s, litigation immunity and ready to tear asunder. Section 230 and so obviously teclash is real tech lashes real it’s bipartisan and it’s increasingly popular in the polls check this out this is from gallup. In 2019 already we’re seeing a decline in support for Big Tech Gallup’s tracking of public sentiment toward the internet industry showed a decline from a high of 60 percent of Americans with positive views of such companies in 2015 going down to 43 percent of Americans viewing them positively and 30 viewing them negatively. In 2019 that negative sentiment is up 14 percentage points from 2015.

So Already In 2019 We Were

seeing a decline in support for Big Tech okay but as you can see from the headline back then a couple years back. Americans were still split on the whole issue of regulating Big Tech take a look at. This this is the latest from gallup in 2021. this year. Positive views have fallen from 46 in August of 2019 to 34.

Today 57 Nearly 67 Percent Want More Government

regulation of technology companies up nine points from 2019 and Republicans. Negative ratings have risen from 37 in 2019 to an astonishing 65. Today.


Florida Governor Ron Desantis absolutely crushes Big Tech as a worldwide tech lash surges in this video . We’ll take a look at the landmark law passed in the state of Florida that now enables Floridians to sue big tech companies . We’re going to see how gallup polling shows that Americans are fed up with silicon Valley and they want their ridiculous antics stopped once and for all you’re not you are not you don’t miss this greetings everyone dr steve it would be great to be with you as always we are your daily antidote to fake news as each and every day we analyze current events and light a larger conservative trends to help you think better, so you can feel better in these crazy and turbulent times so if you haven’t . Make sure to Smack that Bell and subscribe button and subscribe to the Smack That Bell and Subscribe to the Daily Discussion today . Do you support Florida’s new video chat question of the day? Let us know what you think because if you do…. Click here to read more and watch the full video