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I Suppose Ive Got To Start With The

biggest announcement of the year. I’m leaving evernote it’s official Oh! Okay having a written down warm-up that you do each time makes such a difference in training. It’s like Year 7. P. e level advice arm circles do you do arm circles yes I so I actually do arm circles hang on hang on can I can we start small we back up for a second are you as an international level power lifter telling us that a game-changing life hack for you is doing a warm-up, ladies and gentlemen boys and girls welcome back to the show.

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and tactics for productive and efficient life. I tried to get some of the world’s most productive people on to join me today, but none of them are available. Then I asked Dominic Cummings he wasn’t. settled for Johnny and Youssef from propane fitness dot com welcome to the show Gentlemen Hello It’s a pleasure what have you been doing recently. Other than the first time that we’ve been out for food in a venue post pandemic so far happened last night not much well.

It Feels Like Im Doing A Lot

but that’s just like occasionally leaving the house and going to places which feels like Oh God like I can’t handle this novelty my calendar’s really straightened novelty Yeah. It’s i’m enjoying it I’m enjoying like the slow. I’m pleased that there’s like a there’s a road map of gradual release because I think it would have just been in your house for a year and then like features of apple products like you Don’t want the virtual reality headset right now. We want it yeah to be drip fed to us that’s a great way of looking at it. I don’t think anyone would be ready for like augmented reality so you need to phase it in don’t you fine yeah just push it back keep on pushing it back by four weeks anyway on this episode if you’re not familiar with life hacks, we go through whatever we’ve come up with to make life a little bit more efficient and effective over the last few months since our last episode all the links to everything that we talk about if there’s any discount codes or whatever.

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and as is tradition up. First is a hot potato for Jonathan Watson. There you go Johnny, What have you what have you got for us got it? I have a an automation a phone, an iphone automation as we were just talking about I just have an old cheap chatty Iphone XR so I’m sure the new ones can do this automatically but one of the automations I have set up is to automatically turn on low power mode at a low battery percentage which just gives me peace of mind. A little bit gives it a nice landing strip doesn’t it is that not inbuilt already at 20 is there not an option that pops up and says battery is low do you want to turn the low power mode. I don’t even get that I don’t get that it just.

Its Already On So When Battery Battery 20

when battery hits 20 just turns on. There’s an automation that runs that just turns on low power mode so you’ve saved yourself from this notification that I’m talking about because the notification happens quite a lot doesn’t it moderately frequently yeah So how do you do it? Where do you find the automation so it’s in you know the there’s like a shortcuts app inside of your iphone in there so if you have a just to play around it’s something that I’ve wanted to like ask you both about whether you have any of these maybe there’ll be some coming up today, but there’s there’s loads of stuff. You can do you can like custom code things The most advanced I’ve got is I have a shortcut to my inbox. I’m in omnifocus and I it turns on low power. Mode, but it’s just little things that you do all the time that you can you can just make your iphone do for you.

I Made One Lets Produce One.

I made one that turned that blue light on there behind the vertical bookcase in my bedroom and it’s also hey Siri enabled so hey Siri turn on the bedroom light that comes on big pimpin is okay Google turn on fire and ice and all bleep hell breaks loose in the room where he records his videos like things descend from the ceiling. This small woman comes up then Consuela comes out of the floor and makes sure that she swept everything and cleared it away and then she descends back into the basement. You’ve got to wonder why he’s got a Google home thing, though yeah that was my first thought that kind of weakens the whole thing. Like it’s cool but obviously I’m pretty sure it’s okay Google I’m pretty sure it is yeah it is yeah.

Shortcuts Are Coming To Mac In November, Which

is going to be big will it because most shortcuts not already enabled by third-party applications Alfredo Yes, but so what what shortcuts for Mac is going to be is an overlay of automator because automate is a bit big and scary. It’s like this terminal for the real Navy seals and then there’s automator for like the the infantry and then there’s shortcuts for the president Yes Okay cool so automatically turn on low power mode and you go into shortcuts for that yousef the smith master what have you got for us? I suppose I’ve got to start with the biggest announcement of the year is that I’m leaving evernote it’s official apple notes after all that it was right. our noses? This is sort of slowly emerging smug face as he’s just talking yeah, So funnily enough Apple notes over time has just become more and more robust, stable, fast and Evernote has managed I’ve never seen a software company manage to actively kamikaze themselves UK they were doing so well and the first mover advantage huge customer base really brought in community and then they just pulled the pin they were like Oh you know what would be great if we just nuke our building and just knock everything Yeah just send all of our customers a poo in the post. Yeah okay so what they’ve done what are the three things that have meant made you leave evernote and what are the three things that have made you go to apple notes speed so Evernote used to be fast external brain being able to quickly access anything. The command bar and they got rid of the command bar and they made it slower now those two things alone for something that’s supposed to function as an external brain means it’s no longer fit for purpose You your brain cannot have a lag.

Even If Its Only A Five

or a ten second lag. The mobile app can be up to 30 seconds and that’s it’s not acceptable for something so even though there’s a few features that you might lose I think for the sake of Apple notes with the Alfred shortcuts so that it’s basically you can access a note from anywhere definitely worth it. Now there’s a few exciting things coming to Apple notes as well, which is tags and quick note. So you can just have like in the corner of a screen a kind of workingmemory. txt that Cal Newport calls it to just.

Bung Things In So If Youre

in a web page or whatever you can keyboard shortcut just send it straight to that quick note and deal with it later something that you can do now on iPhone is change one of the settings so that you know when you swipe in from the top the control center. There’s a note button and you can ask it to always open up the same one and that can be your brain you’re connected yeah you’re working memory adding yeah that’s cool that’s cool why why not notion notion’s good but it’s not really a writing. It’s not really a writing app it’s more of a workspace like we use notion with propane it’s great for collaboration and tables and internal databases and it’s good for organizing like bits of information content feed that kind of thing um but it’s cloud-based it’s not. Don’t own your notes and so if you’re offline you can’t access stuff so yeah if if they introduce offline mode, which they keep saying they won’t but if someone comes along and did that I have to say so for the people that aren’t really into note-taking as I really haven’t ever been a I started on evernote because you told me to and I used it for a bit and it was okay it was more power usery. I guess than apple notes.

Ive Just Checked Here.

I have 1824 notes on apple notes every set of notes for a guest for an episode is on there all of the tracking for my adverts and stuff are on there for the more power-based stuff. It really Really is far too unsophisticated because it’s just a really slimmed down word document but for the seamless stuff like you’re talking about and the brain dumping stuff. It really is great that being said synchronization as well between devices seamless absolutely well. I’ll I’ll be outside in the garden or I’ll go for a walk listening to a guest noting down some things I might want to talk to them about and then I can be finishing a note as I walk in the door and see it pop up on the computer as I walk toward it, which is it’s bleep hot right when this is the advantage of going single architecture single operating system apple across everything but you can seamlessly link your airpods between different devices and switch between the two and all the rest of it um.

What Do You Use Johnny So Its.

Interesting hearing you talk about your apple notes volume because when you have told me this I looked at my apple notes and I have 1529 notes and I was saying this to yousef that like I try to use um so I try to use no. I try to use evernote yeah and I try to use notion. Then I try to use craft um all on kind of use as Yusuf’s evolved through this journey kind of people we’re just lagging behind him holding on to the coattails Yeah the premium productivity guy but but when when I like need to write something down I just without even thinking about it. I open my open apple notes and I just make a quick note and then but why is that because it’s quick it’s just like yeah, There’s no lag yeah so like I suppose with evernote like.

You Open It Up And Then You

make a note and then you’ve got to make sure later on that like you put the note in the right place and it feels for some reason like it’s not this just free form thing that you can put information into. Whereas Apple notes is just it’s literally just a list of notes yeah it’s just kind of what you need. Now folders and stuff now and they’ve made it They’ve made it better but the original Apple notes was like literally just a list of blank documents if they could if they could have the main feature from notion which is.

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Life hacks, episodes, tools techniques and tactics for productive and efficient life . I’m leaving evernote it’s official. It’s like Year 7. I suppose I’ve got to start with the biggest announcement of the year.& Having a written down warm-up that you do each time makes such a difference in training.& I don’t think anyone would be ready for augmented reality so you need to phase it in don’t you fine. Don’t want the virtual reality headset right now. We want it yeah to be drip fed to us that’s a great way of looking at it.& P.&e level advice arm circles do you do arm circles hang on hang on can I can we start small we back up for a second are you as an international level power lifter telling us that a game-changing life hack for you is doing a warm- up. Johnny and Youssef from propane fitness dot com welcome to the show Gentlemen welcome to this episode ….. Click here to read more and watch the full video