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always wanted to write a book. I mean you’ve got the book in mind. You got the concept you might even be imagining the cover and you know you can do it but you just need someone to guide you step by step through the process and imagine that that special someone was also a tried and true patriot. Someone who loves and supports the values of faith, family and freedom that we hold so dear well. If this is you.

Then This Is The Video Thats Going To

absolutely make those publishing dreams come true. I want to introduce all of you to Joanna Hunt Boyer. Joanna is the New York Times best-selling ghost writer, author and celebrity book strategist with projects recognized by all the major lists right The New York Times Usa Today. La Times, she’s got a list of. Clientele reaching audiences of literally millions around the globe, but perhaps best of all.

Joanna Is The Founder Of Publish

and Go! And that’s a 12-week book writing system that all of you prospective authors out there have been waiting for, and she even owns a conservative publishing house called Silversmith Press for both emerging and established patriot authors and the best part in all. This is that Joanna is going to be having a live webinar absolutely free. On Thursday July 7th Don’t worry I’ll give you time to write that down. During the interview 2 p. m Eastern you can reserve a seat for that by clicking on the link below I’ll be there I’m going to be there with you.

Im Sure Many Of You As We Learn

to publish our own books in literally weeks not months not years weeks with Joanna’s step-by-step program so Joanna it’s. Have you here with us thanks for being here well thank you so much I am so honored to be with you today as well Dr Steve Oh it’s my pleasure and you and you’re are you a native Texan? I know you’re coming out of Texas, but are you a native Texan. How long have you been in Texas well no but I got here as quick as I could and I was actually coached to say that so yes that’s what you have to say once you move here. I got here as quick as I could go for it Yeah Yeah you’re talking to a delaware boy who’s who’s trapped in yeah trapped in a blue state here so well. I was actually born in Pennsylvania.

Oh Okay There You Go So Yeah

so my whole family is my extended family is in the New England area. And then um I grew up in Florida, so my my more immediate families in Florida, So i’ve I’ve kind of been around been around the states, so to speak yeah and then if Matt Doug Mastriano wins in Pennsylvania. It’ll be three out of three. You have three great states that should be a part of there. You know what I’ll I’ll take it yeah there you go awesome Oh it’s so cool well yeah.

I Know A Lot Of People Are Telling

me charlie You got to get down to Texas. I mean it’s just it’s like nowhere else you’re going to love it so and Florida too Florida gets recommended and tennessee have to throw in there all right all right enough with the geography everybody knows. I am so passionate about book publishing. I publish over 20 books. I’ve dealt with publishers.

Ive Self Published Give.

us a sense of your perspective on the difference between going with a publisher and self-publishing I’m i for me. I guess I’m assuming that woke cancel culture may be a bit of an impediment for conservatives in the traditional publishing space. I haven’t used it in a while so I’m not sure it may not be as hospitable as it once was, Can you just give us a sense of what’s happening to the conservative voice out there in the in the world of publishing well yes of course as we know you know cancel culture has hit all the segments and especially in publishing um some people Don’t realize even how severe it’s been Sean Fect, who was the worship leader traveling um the country with a faith-based patriotic message . He was cancelled by HarperCollins just because of his political standpoint and then also um.

Yanniopoulos Which I Havent Followed Him, But

I did see his story in the news that he was also canceled by Simon Schuster. I’m a Simon and Schuster author and and so to hear that is so so so disheartening and also Senator Josh Hawley was cancelled by Simon and Schuster as well and even post Hill press which is they have done a lot of conservative authors as well. They’re just their distribution is with Simon Schuster and . They would not even distribute a book that was not labeled with their name for it was the fight for truth, which was the behind the scenes of the Brianna Taylor shooting it was Sergeant Jonathan Mattingly. They wouldn’t even touch his book so that it’s so disheartening to see all of this not surprising, but frustrating and so then we have all these patriots saying well.

Let Me Go Self–Publish And They Go

well. I don’t know how to self–publish and if I self–publish am I stuck with amazon and now we have this kind of information overload. Nobody really knows what to do where to go deer In the headlights kind of a of a an approach and so that’s why I’m I’m so grateful to be doing what I’m doing right now yeah it’s it’s pretty amazing isn’t it. I mean it’s there is a sort of a gutenberg press kind of moment in history happening here. Isn’t there with with self–publishing can you give us just a send what is self–publishing and and and how is it beneficial to particularly conservative voices Yeah yeah yeah so when I first started writing I I was very blessed to be in the right place at the right time and people thought I.

Them Any Different And So I

very quickly started writing for some very um well-known, New York times best-selling authors and so I didn’t I didn’t enter into the self–publishing space myself and then over time you know I just had so many people saying to me, you know how do I get a book out, How do I write a book. I’ve been writing a book for 10 years. I had a friend writing a book for 10 years and I was really wanting to be able to help her and then heard about this new online coaching phenomenon that was coming to bear and so. I said you know what I can probably do some online coaching and help people get their books done so that was where the the the writing program came in and so I would coach people into self–publishing um but so many. to self-publish? I don’t want to just be confined to one platform.

I Dont Want To Have To

go hire a designer and how do I know if they’re any good and you know like I’ve never done this before. I just have a story and a passion and a mission and I need help and so and then we had people saying I self–published and my book isn’t that great or I paid you know tens of thousands of dollars to have someone else do it can you help us redo it that was heartbreaking because um people were just being told things that weren’t happening and so that was when my husband, who is a creative director who’s worked on um in global marketing agencies. For years, we said listen we can do this. We can pull together a publishing house and help these people you know the front end is who you’re working with to get your book produced and make it pretty and make it sound right and then the back end is your distribution so again just by being in the right place At the right time. We were able to secure distribution with one of the largest distributors in the world who supports all of these top five authors so that was very exciting.

I Essentially Begged And Groveled To Let For

them to let me have an account with them um so that was right as the shutdown was taking place and so we said listen we we are we’re conservative patriots. We handled you know when when Texas was shutting down. We were hosting rallies in downtown and connecting with frontline doctors. A lot of them are here um in the Houston area and so we started just a campaign to educate people just to stand up for their freedoms to stand up for their rights. We weren’t gonna let our churches shut down We actually helped start a church at the same time, so we’re seeing all of this come to bear and we said, you know what this is our lane right here is the the helping amplify the conservative voice.

Oh Thats Awesome That Is So Cool

yeah I went I don’t think I’d want to mess with you. Joanna well you know born in Pennsylvania and living in Texas that’s right right combination a little 1776 in there as well. Joanna’s got an awesome if you’re just joining us. She’s got an awesome live webinar on Thursday July 7th, Totally free 2 p. m Eastern 1 P.

M Central.

You can reserve a seat there by just clicking on the link below and that’s what Joann’s gonna get more into a deep dive and how you can actually be a published author. It’s really awesome can you give us just a sense of your your writing methods and and how you know give a person an idea of like if they were to sign up with what you do um, what would they what would they get how how do they know they can be successful if they start working with you absolutely well. What you get with me is a finished book and that is what people are after first of all a book that they love.

I Always Tell My Clients.

I promise you will love your book. And my my favorite day is when my authors see their books for the first time because you know you’ve had books it’s like having a baby You’re like oh this great work I have done is in my hands, but um one thing that um that people tell me that’s very different about any other experiences. They have you know people can go to writing retreats.

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They Can Go To Workshops.

They get a little inspiration. They get excited and then they go home and they stare at a blank page or they come to me and they say Oh. I have three good chapters and I don’t know what to do next.

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I Hear That All The Time

how long have you been working on your book years years years. The truth is writing a book does not actually take that long getting over the head trip is. The hard part it’s not getting started it’s having a plan to finish you know and so if you have a plan and you have a guide and you have someone who can look around the corners for you because they’ve done it so many times.


Joanna Hunt Boyer is the New York Times best-selling ghost writer, author and celebrity book strategist . She is the founder of publish and Go! a 12-week book writing system that all of you prospective authors out there have been waiting for . She even owns a conservative publishing house called Silversmith Press for both emerging and established patriot authors . The best part in all is that Joanna is going to be having a live webinar absolutely free on July 7th . Dr Steve says he is a native Texan and was actually coached by a Texas native to get here as quick as he could and I got here as quickly as I could . He says he will be there with Joanna at 2 p.m. Eastern on Thursday July 7, and you can reserve a seat for that by clicking on the link below to get a seat to the interview. I’ll be there I’m sure many of you as we learn to publish your own books in the free webinar ….. Click here to read more and watch the full video