NY Lawsuit PROVES Desperate Dems are PANICKING Over Trump


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Well Here We Are Again The Non–Stop Witch

hunt against President Trump continues They tried Russian collusion. They tried. January 6. They tried raiding his home. None of it’s worked.

Hes Pulling Stronger Than Ever In Virtually

every single battleground state. So now a corrupt attorney general in New York is filing a lawsuit against him and his family and it ain’t going to work either we’re going to expose what’s really going on here and we’re going to see precisely why to the democrats horror the Trump train is unstoppable. You are not gonna wanna miss this greetings everyone it’s me dr Steve your patron professor helping you to think better so you can feel better these crazy and turbulent time so if you’ve ever done so you know what to do make sure to smack that bell and subscribe button and also make sure to click on that. and head on over to my special website for the ready project food Supply. We all know that we cannot wait for emergencies to happen before we respond to one and no one and I mean no one makes preparing for an emergency, more ridiculously easy and affordable and our good friends over at the ready project food supply game.

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their food kits last up to 25 years in storage include breakfast, lunches and dinners, and if you act right now you’re going to say 25 off a full four-week emergency food supply. When you click on that link below to my special website, So whatever you do do not wait. I got my emergency food supply make sure you at least start on yours click on that link below or go to getreadywithsteve. com and save 25 off your very own four-week. Food supply today all right let’s dive right in here gang political strategist Dick Morris has a great peace out today in the Western Journal, and he makes the overall argument that the latest lawsuit filed against President Trump and his family.

I Mean Think About That Against His

family his three grown children is ultimately rude in the fact that the Democrats fear Trump more than anyone else. I mean fear I would add desperation. These are the two things that are behind the latest lawsuit. In fact, I would say fear and desperation are the linchpins. The connective tissue between this lawsuit and the FBi raids on Mar-a-lago and on other maga figures like Mike Lindell, and I would certainly add the J6 Kangaroo committee headed by the resoundingly defeated outgoing shame of a Congresswoman, the petty and petulant and utterly insufferable Liz Cheney and I’m sure you.

Heinously Corrupt Opportunist New York Attorney General

Leticia James filed a 250 million dollar civil lawsuit against President Trump and his three adult children, Don Jr. Eric Ivanka, accusing the trump real estate empire of falsifying Trump’s net worth in order to minimize his company’s tax bills while getting favorable treatment from banks and insurance companies now if you don’t know who this democrat attorney general Leticia James is why Don’t we let one of her New York colleagues, representative Claudia tenney introduce her to you yeah. This is a complete political hit job. It’s been what Leticia James’s entire mission has been a political mission to take down Donald Trump. It’s not about helping senior citizens across New York who’ve been scammed.

Its Not About Dealing With New

York’s horrible crime crisis, which is facing New Yorkers across the state. She represents the entire state of New York, not just New York City. There’s millions of people that need help from our attorney general to enforce the laws, but she is particularly obsessed with with trying to get Donald Trump. The mission is to get Donald Trump his family and remember something Donald Trump is no longer a resident of New York state. He’s provided millions of dollars in taxes and income to the state of New York as a native New Yorker, but this is really getting to a level of course.

Michael Henry, Who Is Our Statewide Candidate

for attorney general is actually in the lead because people loathe leticia James right. She is swallowing in the footsteps of Andrew Cuomo, disgraced former prosecutor Schneiderman Elliot Spitzer and by the way she is the most corrupt and she is the most political and i just named some pretty. political attorney generals in the past She’s also what we call in New York, an aspiring governor that’s another word for another term for a. g. She wants to take out anyone in her place.

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She Tried To Take Out Andrew Cuomo And

forced him out of office without due process as bad as Andrew Cuomo is and and was and I’m not a defender of Andrew Cuomo, he was never afforded due process. Now the former president and his family aren’t going to get due process. You know what i think about this right now. I’m a practicing lawyer in New York state. I have an obligation under the ethical considerations as a lawyer to think about possibly bringing a case against leticia James for malicious prosecution for dereliction of her duty as an ag because her obligation is to enforce the law not to go on witch-hunts not to.

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After People And Target People For Political

reasons. Only she has combed through millions of documents three and a half years as you cite of investigation and what have they found nothing She has a civil case against Donald Trump that by the way who is she protecting in this case. We’re talking about appraisals for multi-trillion dollar banks the banks have the resources and the ability and they do know how to do their own appraisals. I was a bank attorney. I represented banks yeah they don’t Congress Congresswoman They don’t need trump’s appraisals Banks obviously do their own due diligence and trump’s company has been stellar look.

President Trump Himself Of Course Has Responded

calling it nothing more than a desperate witch hunt that’s doomed to fail I mean look even Bill Barr hardly a trump loyalist, former attorney general Bill Barr, a bonafide swamp creature of the. State even he said this was an obvious political hit job. I mean you saw it in that video segment. Leticia James is in danger of losing her job. She’s down to her Republican challenger.

I Mean Seriously In New York It

shouldn’t even be that close so she’s getting desperate to holding on to her own career but the bigger picture here and the reason why the left-wing activists disguised as journalists and the legacy media are cheerleading. All of this the bigger picture is that the deep state permanent political class, the whole kit and caboodle see Trump as their ultimate threat to their ultimate power. I mean think it through Morris points it out in four years as president two years as former president has there ever been a shred of evidence that Trump played fast and loose with our national secrets and when it comes to. Or the or even the declassification material we owned the ultimate decision-making authority for such does not rest with unelected unaccountable bureaucrats. The ultimate decision-making authority for classification declassification rests with the duly elected Commander-in-chief from whom the whole of the executive branch’s bureaucracies derive their power.

The Administrative State Does Not Have

autonomous authority irrespective of democratic processes there are authorities derived from the Commander-in-chief himself. So this is why you got people like Robert Barnes. The lawyer saying that the Fbi and the Doj are trying to desperately to accuse trump of a crime. He legally can’t commit. The president has ultimate decision-making authority in terms of classification so to accuse trump of illegally possessing classified documents is a contradiction in terms and again.

All Of This Is Happening Under Democrat Regimes

that conveniently turn blind eyes to the super colossal illegalities going on at the southern border. Where Soros back da’s are allowing violent criminals to roam the streets in the name of racial and economic equity and the good news is that people aren’t buying it. A recent poll by the Trafalgar group found that a clear plurality of likely voters believed the raid on Mar-a-lago was entirely politically motivated, 87 percent of Republicans, 53 percent of independents, but it was nothing more than a hack political hit job and what’s even better. These shenanigans are only increasing Republican solidarity and resolve to shatter the feckless democrats come November The poll went on to ask did the raid increase your motivation to vote In November take a look at these numbers 83 percent of Republicans 8 out of 10 said that the Mar-a-lago raid fired them up all the more to vote in the midterms and the Trafalgar group also recently found that 79 of Americans. In a two-tiered justice system that protects political insiders that’s eight out of ten Americans that’s also you know it’s not just here.

In The United States, Its A Very

widely held sentiment throughout Europe as well populations are increasingly realizing that globalist societies fundamentally create two classes of people, the permanent political class and everyone else and the permanent political class. As the managerial class that governs and engineers the standardized political and economic systems imposed on all populations. They engineer society in such a way that creates rules for thee but not for me. They engineer society such that political and economic protocols always always always work in their favor at our expense. The good news is.

Dick Morris Goes On To Write

in the article is none of this is going to work. None of this is going to stop trump from running for president. None of this is going to stop him from winning in 2024. Not when it’s so overwhelmingly perceived as a desperate attempt by the status quo to keep a bonafide champion of the people from power and therefore to keep the people from power.

The Democratic Deep State Is Ultimately Going To

shatter over this trump is going to crush him in 2024, and then it’s our turn as always make sure to smack that bone subscribe button and you’ll definitely want to check out my latest video. I just uploaded on the latest FBi whistleblower dropping an absolute bombshell. You are not going to want to miss this so make sure to click on that link and I will see you over there God bless.


The non–stop witch hunt against President Trump continues . Dick Morris argues that the latest lawsuit filed against him and his family is ultimately rude in the fact that his three grown children are against him . Morris says the lawsuit against his family will not work either. We’re going to expose what’s really going on here and we’ll see why to the democrats horror the Trump train is unstoppable. Trump is pulling stronger than ever in virtually every single battleground state. We all know that we cannot wait for emergencies to happen before we respond to one and no one . No one makes preparing for an emergency, more ridiculously easy and affordable and our good friends over at the ready project food supply game. They are simply the best they’re patriots, their food kits last up to 25 years in storage include breakfast, lunches and dinners, and if you act right now you are going to say 25 off a full four-week emergency food supply. So whatever you do do not wait. Click on that link…. Click here to read more and watch the full video