NYPD FDNY Left Wing Climate Activists all Protest Joe Biden by Blocking NY streets


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Thousands Of New York Police Officers, Firefighters

and other city workers marched across the Brooklyn bridge to protest the city’s vaccine mandates Now I’m not gonna sit here and be a hypocrite and say that I approve of one group blocking the Brooklyn bridge, but not another group like the NyC Taxi Workers Union or also just down the street at FDr drive. You have this climate change activist group that on the same day blocked FDr drive and say that this one is bad but this one is good, but I think it’s important to make the quick delineation that you have something like the NyC workers Anti-mandate. March for choice is a group marching from 9 metro check plaza across the Brooklyn Bridge to City Hall, where they marched about 1. 8 miles across the Brooklyn Bridge to City Hall and I don’t like the fact that they block. For a bit I would have rather they use a pedestrian pathway, but I do understand it was thousands of them and they were marching on City Hall, where is most likely to make a change for their movement that opposed to I think they called themselves the Extinction rebellion Nyc activist group where in some of these videos it looked like they super glued themselves to the cement and over at this is FDr drive and where they did it over here by East Houston Street exit or off ramp you’re having this just a few miles away from the Brooklyn Bridge, but these are two very different protests and I think it’s important to know the difference, but it is also important to realize that with Joe Biden he’s actually kind of the biggest uniter in chief we’ve ever seen because who else could bring together firefighters police.

Officers City Workers, Climate Change Activists

Blm supporters Maga supporters just all these people in the country that all uniformly hate his presidency and it’s this thing of is Joe Biden. Like the dark knight of presidents, the president that we needed because we needed to become united again. I know I’m just being foolish right now, but it kind of has a little bit of validity to it. Let’s go ahead and get back to this video over here from Freedomnews. Tv scootercaster on Twitter on Twitter, but if you want to see her content it is just Freedomnews.

Tv In Your Browser, But Youre Looking At This

this video of them on the Brooklyn bridge with all these giant American flags and they’re just marching chanting hold the line and these are just hundreds right here, but it was thousands overall hold the line hold the line and you’re seeing this video from Leroy press also on Twitter where you’re seeing all these police officers. These are all firefighters. I believe complaining that they thought they were essential and suddenly now Mayor Bill de blasio saying no longer you actually out you have a mandate you either comply or. You’re no longer essential to them and also you’re seeing this video footage from a person. I don’t know how to pronounce that name.

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Unfortunately, But This Is On The Streets

and it’s just UK. These are thousands and then also from this video. Also from Leroy press where I can’t play the video because they’re saying let’s go not Brandon but let’s go de blasio and then you’re seeing this one sign I like over here, saying you cannot comply your way out of tyranny and it is true. You can’t comply your way out of somebody just telling you what to do they’re never going to say okay we’ve told you enough what to do let’s go ahead and repeal all those things we said it’s never gonna happen and then also from Freedomnews. Tv you’re seeing another scene of just when they got to City Hall.

I Believe.

And this is all these fdny t-shirts police officers a little bit of media and here’s the thing is this isn’t like the videos you saw over in the Capitol where they had this protest where it was like nine members of the press for every one person actually there to protest now you’re looking at this and it looks like a freaking county fair with all these places to get food. All these American flags just everybody hanging out and having a i would like to say a good time, but this is a very serious moment for them because a lot of them have lost their their job. But when you look at this video over here of just just I mean look at all these videos. This Is also from the wordpress and if you want to see any of my videos in their entirety.

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I’ll repost all of them at decoy posts, but again. I don’t recommend you go on twitter because it’s a cesspool of comments, but then getting to this Oh the other thing where I think it’s good that the Americans are having their voices be heard because they are essential workers they are important to you and just the insane thing of you know they want all these police officers and firefighters not on the job. I can almost say with 99. 9 certainty. If you’re in New York City and you’re being held at gunpoint or your building’s on fire.

Youre Not Thinking I Guess Ill Just

get shot because I’d rather get shot by this guy than have a unvaccinated police officer arrive or. I’d rather burn to death in my apartment than having an unvaccinated firefighter come rescue you no that’s all nonsense. I think they’re essential. They’re very essential just let them work and try to make it as safe as possible like we have in the last 20 months but moving over here from what they call the extinction rebellion. NyC, another group that is equally upset about at Joe biden’s presidency.

They Go On To Say On The

twitter dear commuters. We are interrupting traffic this morning to not to annoy you but to force the public to confront the true dangers of unchecked climate change. If we do not act today. If the President of the United States does not act today, NyC will be underwater by 20 2100, so two thousand and one hundred it’s a matter of life and death and I I guess we’ll still be. alive in 2100, but I mean this is what they’re doing over there Where they have this this sign our house is on fire and it’s that it’s their logo over there, which is kind of just a Pr event.

Its Looking Like But Im Not

going to say anything against climate change, but I know that we always hear dates. I think that if you go back to look at um inconvenient truths that documentary movie about climate change. I think it predicted stuff was going to be happening right now that didn’t happen so who knows if things have changed but now you’re seeing this from art or from scooter caster Freedom News Tv as well well. This guy’s getting really heated right now shouting at the protesters saying hey I gotta go to work right now, what are you doing you need to move these guys out. of the way you’re seeing the police arrive to try to move them out of the way forcibly and this is also from this actually isn’t from Scooter Caster I don’t know this she just posted it again, but I believe in some of the videos of the images that I couldn’t find anymore that they looked like they had super glued their hands to the cement, which is just absolutely insane right now Because this look they have drills and they have saws like that’s how the police have to to quell this protest right now because that’s how committed they are to it.

But This Is Nothing New Because

if you looked at this other protest today over in Dece or Washington DC, where they are activists are chaining themselves to construction equipment at the historic Mcmillan Reservoir site in Washington DC and you’re just looking at this. Right now This is from news to share and this person is chained to the equipment. Right now Those are like shackles like there’s you have to drill that person off and actually damage the um the equipment to get this person off that this is from Ford Fisher from news to share and it’s like you have this over here and then what I thought was another protest or just which is a a huge amount of people marching no this is another migrant caravan passing through the checkpoint outside Tapachula and I can’t. I mean it’s in mexico. I don’t want to pronounce these words incorrectly but yeah The border crisis is getting worse and it’s not another protest.

Even Though Theyre Waving A Sign Over There

and it’s just insane thing that we’re thinking right now that yeah a lot of people are upset about joe biden. But not a lot of people can get this many people unified under the same banner of Let’s go Brandon as quickly as him like he’s gotten pretty much two presidencies worth of unification of the American people done in just what a total of four press conferences maybe three questions asked by the press. I mean this is impressive to say the least and yes I’m joking, but I mean if you like the content. I produce make sure you subscribe down below turn on the notifications and possibly share this video if you can share with people that are like-minded or people that want to see what’s happening in the real world because in the mainstream media, I saw an awful lot of stuff about how you should be afraid of everything and everything’s out there to get you but not a whole lot about people standing up.

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Their Freedom And The Media Should

be teaching us about what’s happening in the world and what’s pertinent to the most average person out there not trying to make you feel scared alone and in danger constantly. But if you appreciate my efforts make sure you subscribe possibly give me that decoy duck emoji in the comment section. It really helps me out, but as always thanks for dropping by and hope to see in the next video.


Thousands of New York police officers, firefighters and other city workers marched across the Brooklyn bridge to protest the city’s vaccine mandates . Joe Biden is the biggest uniter in chief in chief we’ve ever seen because who else could bring together firefighters police police.& officers city workers, climate change activists Blm supporters Maga supporters. Joe Biden.& Like the dark knight of presidents, the president that we needed because we needed to become united again. He’s actually kind of the biggest . ever seen. I know I’m just being foolish right now, but it’s important to realize that with Joe Biden he’s actually a . kind of a . big uniter . in chief, but I’m not gonna sit here and be a hypocrite and say that I approve of one group blocking the Brooklyn Bridge, but not another group like the NyC Taxi Workers Union or also just down the street at FDr drive. I don’t like the fact that they block. I would have rather they…. Click here to read more and watch the full video