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this is a breakdown of Obi-wan Kenobi. Episode 5, which finally reunites Ewan McGregor and Hayden Christensen in pre-attack of the Clones flashbacks, which is really great until you realize. This is also the face who kills even the younglings. As always there are so many subtle visual details deeper layers of meaning so we gotta break down This episode shot by shot for everything that you might have missed and a reminder that the best way to support any rock stars is to get our empire’s most wanted shirt over at Newarkstarsmerch. com getting one of these gives you the added option to ride in a custom shout out that will appear in our Star wars.

After Show Wikileaks.

The episode opens back on Coruscant sometime before attack of the clones. We know that because Anakin still has the blue lightsaber. He used before it was busted in the Geonosis factory and attack of the clones, and he has shorter hair with a Padawan Braid and Yeah an arm still intact Also. This is the same exact terrace of the Jedi Temple where we open Episode 1 of this series where the first Jedi young Lane we saw our suspicions confirmed this episode Riva the third sister.

In This Case, The Shot Of The City

pulling back from the green Hedges is in daytime, contrasting the night time of the previous shot, so this flashback is more of a pleasant memory at least at first before the darkness set in the shot from Anakin’s perspective has been angled a bit so that different high-rises are in frame now including this one on the far right 500 Republica, the Senate residence building where at this point in history padme would be living. a young senator from Naboo when we catch up with Anakin and Obi-wan and attack the clones. He says he hasn’t spoken to Padme since Phantom menace. So this now tells us that he spent all those years longing for his royal dream girl in her tower. This shot echoes his son Luke’s future longing as he gazed out upon another horizon.

These Skywalker Boys They Just Loved Too Long.

Anakin teases was beginning to think you weren’t coming master good then maybe I stand more of a chance. This time a meaningful exchange. Obi-wan says that since Anakin could not sense his arrival late or otherwise. Kenobi‘s intuition might be more sharply attuned today than his Padawans is.

It Also Tells Us That Anakin Might

have bested the old man in their more recent sparring sessions. Ewen and Hayden have been Dhh but just a little bit to remove. On their faces and in Hayden’s face to tighten up his chin a little bit, and you can see that artificiality specifically on Hayden’s Smirk and that’s because mouths smiles and talking are just always the hardest for animators to render to be photorealistic, but really it was just awesome to see these two together again and I’m glad that they just let the actors act. Obi-wan circle Xanakan carrying his lightsaber in one hand, Anakin with two hands inverting the defensive posture. Obi-wan had to take while fighting Vader In episode three Vader and that duel only using one hand.

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This Memory Echoes In The Mind Of

Darth Vader, as he’s on his star destroyer the devastator. This flashback is interwoven throughout the episode, structuring it as a present lesson that both men are still learning from and having a dialogue with Vader tells the third sister Neal Grand. Hesitates to kneel in front of Vader because this triggers her back to that moment. Anakin towered over her when she was a young lady. During order 66, Rokin‘s Freighter returns to Jabim and now we see more of its muddy surface trails of runoff trickling down into sediment pools.

Later, The Grand Inquisitor Tells Riva That They

are leaving her where they found her in the gutter. In this sinkhole base is literally a muddy runoff gutter when they land. Leia rushes over to Tala, who’s chatting with Corin and his mother. You remember them they were the refugees. Hajja helped escape Daiyu.

In Episode 2.

Now the character Corn is actually included among the credits of this episode. Actor Indie Derose, implying that he might be a bit more significant. He could be or at least be based on legends character Corrin Horn, biological son of Jedi Valon. Halcyon, whose name actually appears on the wall of the same base and back in the Mapuzo Safehouse of episode three.

According To The Legends Continuity, Cornhorn

was born in 18 Bby, which would make this kid the right age and in those stories, Corn would go on to be one of Luke Skywalker’s first students after the Battle of Endor. Now. These expanded universe stories were classified as no longer canon when Disney took over the franchise in 2015, but many of these stories are still beloved by many folks at Lucasfilm. Thus all these legends details making their way into these Disney plus shows all these names from the comics and in Boba fett the witches of Daphner eventually all the best stuff from the Eu. I think is just gonna be official Star Wars Canon anyway.

Obi-Wan Learns Haja Made It Off At

Daiyu and is now. By the Empire, Meanwhile, we see a droid with an astromech head and then thick hips passing out food. I’m guessing my man, Babu Frick might have made a pair and I am not complaining. There is another Astromech droid that rolls around this base, but this is not R2D2 R2 was on Alderaan for all of this obi-wan sees the wall that is covered in Jedi markings all in orvish. The Jedi order sigil in the center of course, but in the top left.

There Is No Death.

A line from the poem of the Jedi order, in which the verse is there is no death. There is only the force also across the top big letters be with you beneath that smaller may the force be with you. It seems like people just write that everywhere to the right of those directly above the sigil The name Gin. That’s the name of the Altean Jedi Purge survivor from the legends books like Children of the Force.

His Name Was Also On The

wall of the Mapuza Safe House in the middle left his screen large letters Corwin Shelvey that’s another legends character actually from the 1993 role-playing game, a character who joined the Jedi Order after the Purge to the right of that Tiberis which could be Tiberius Anderlock, who was from the expansion pack to the game from 2003 Star Wars Galaxy’s Empire divided to the right of that beneath the Sigil the phrase the light fades, but it’s never forgotten presumably another message from Quinlan Voss above that to the lower right of the Sigil Valin Halcyon, who i mentioned before a name also from the Mapuzo Safe House. The legends Corellian Jedi from the X-wing Rogue Squadron comics at the bottom on the Far left. Falls then the bottom middle the name Roganda is Marin another Jedi whose name also appeared in the Safe House and Alderaanian. Jedi survivor of the purge also from the children of the Forest novel and then on the bottom right the words only strength. There are also a few initials scattered throughout this wall.

In The Middle Theres Mf Which Has

got to be Mace Windu who else might just say and then to the upper right of the words only strength is e c might be cough if you forgot to spell his last name now here. Obi-wan also finds this crate that is filled with lightsabers remember carrying around a lightsaber. At this point is pretty much a death sentence for any Jedi who’s trying to hide in society, so it makes sense that they would just give them up like 3d glasses outside of a movie. Makes a bit less sense. No one thought to grab one of these to fight off the invading Stormtroopers, but oh well as for which Jedi these lightsabers belong to probably no one In particular.

I Was Thinking That Long Thin One On

the far left looks like mauls or maybe one modded to be a single blade of Lightsaber, but it’s not exact. The fourth one from the left has a long ridged grip like Qui-gons did but again that’s definitely not exact when you put them side by side remember These would not be any of the lightsabers of the Jedi the Empire caught or killed those were either burned outside of the temple or put on display in the fortress Inquisitorius. I checked against Quinlan Boss’s Lightsaber Calcasta’s Lightsaber Caleb Doom’s Lightsaber, but by the way that wouldn’t make sense because Kanan kept his and rebels. Some. Saying some of these lightsabers look like the tapered hilts of Addie Galia,’s Lightsaber or Bearish Office Lightsaber, but put anything side by side and they are clearly not matches.

I Really Just Think These Are All

spare anonymous lightsabers. They didn’t put any familiar ones in there but let me know if you recognize any. I think the one interesting detail about this is that Obi-wan picks up the one Lightsaber with the simplest design clearly the oldest of these the most scuffed up that’s a saber of a carpenter. I think that’s an indicator that there was someone far older than Obi-wan who made it through this path. Maybe the master who is currently smuggling Grogu to safety Evil Lola shuts the hangar doors and Obi-wan tells them Vader is on his way.

Its Not Her Its Vader Hell Attack Next

he hasn’t the patience for siege and. Obi-wan to the memory, proving that this is a memory shared between both Vader and Obi-wan. The force is bringing them together to dwell on this particular moment here, Obi-wan instructs my Jedi’s goal is to defend life not take it Mercy doesn’t defeat an enemy master Yes Anakin does not think in terms of the sanctity of life only his present memory and how best to defeat them, which is what makes him so corruptible The devastator releases two transports and we get this great shot of the devastator as its dagger-shaped hull pierces the planet of Jabim in the background like a knife cutting into a tomato. One of the chipping Stowaways is actually a cameo by Christina Ariel, host of the Star Wars High Republic show it seems like the show got a lot of star Wars influencers to make cameos like what do I gotta do. me no okay fine.

I Get It.

I love how we get this little flash of a trandocin family touching their heads together, which is nice because every other time we see trans oceans. They’re kind of over by the back to tank where Obi-wan spent last episode healing. He reviews Bail Organa’s hollow message.

I Know He Said No Communication But

your silence worries me if he’s learned of the children if I don’t hear from you Soon I’ll head to Tatooine Odin will need help with the boy. I pray you’re safe I’ll be one both of you. Jesus come on Bail speaking a bit of code who knows who’s gonna find this the guy really needs to delegate this stuff to a fulcrum agent get Ahsoka on the line. Please Atala tells him about her defection after following orders on Guerrell slaughtering four families of 14 force.

People, Six Of Them Children.

Gorel is actually an outer rim planet in the lothal sector that shows up a few times in rebels. Tala reveals a series.


Episode 5 finally reunites Ewan McGregor and Hayden Christensen in pre-attack of the Clones flashbacks . The episode opens back on Coruscant sometime before attack of the clones . The best way to support any rock stars is to get our empire’s most wanted shirt over at getting one of these gives you the added option to ride in a custom shout out that will appear in our Star After show will release a video of the episode shot by shot for everything that you might have missed. The episode ends in a cliffhanger that ends with the death of Anakin and Obi-wan. The next episode will be released on December 25, 2015. The final Star Wars movie is released on Blu-Ray on December 26, 2015, The Blu-ray, The Last Star Wars version of The Last Jedi, The New Star Wars. The New York edition of Star Wars opens on December 28, 2015 and airs on December 31, 2015…. Click here to read more and watch the full video