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Despite What The Others Say War Is

inevitable Yes I agree, I must return to Aldridge. I mean just I love it. When just political intrigue between these two is happening in Star wars. They did this so much better in Rogue one than they did in Phantom menace in my opinion for sure and there was a deleted scene with these two from revenge of the sith that was a really cool scene so I think this is a redemption for that Oh Jimmy smits. I would trust her with my life my precious adopted daughter, who I was told not to put in harm’s way ever sir so handle this send her along she’ll be fine.

Shes A Tough Kid The Transmission

We received yes yes she’ll be fine is it they’ve sent us hope, but how does she know who obi-wan even is right but Leia are. coming back to this age of layup Yes we must we need to hello There welcome back to new rock stars help us Obi-wan Kenobi you’re our only hope, but why did Leia Organa say those words was there a history between this Princess of Alderaan and Obi-wan Kenobi that we do not know yet and will we see that backstory on this season of that’ll never get old for me never it’ll just age like wine Oh, I I just in my mind. I realized there was something that was that came up in a meeting this week of like pitch like age like other things and you may see it on new rockstar. So I don’t want to spoil it but it made me laugh. It gave me a mental giggle there yes a mental giggle and whenever I’m not laughing out loud Tommy I’m doing mental giggles.

I Just Want You To Know

that that’s all I internalize so much of my joy well. This is wikileaks our weekly reaction, the latest in Star wars, I’m, Eric Voss right now. I am here chatting kenobi with Tommy Bechtold. Oh Yeah and I gotta say after last week. I went straight home and I watched Rogue one and then I watched a new hope and I just bridged them together.

I Watched The Last Scene Of Rogue

one the first scene of a new hope and it was like Oh so good. It was like a little hot fudge sundae for my eyes. It was wonderful. Oh just seeing those let’s see how many engines eleven engines for twelve engines on the table. It’s four three four four four four, just seeing those together and a completely unnecessary number of engines on on just a passenger cruiser Yeah.

But I Love Seeing It It

worked it’s that guy in your town that makes his car way too loud because he wants like everyone to know where he’s kind of like it’s like it.’s like a Ford Taurus, but he supercharged it and put like way too big of an engine in it it’s that guy that’s what that that’s what that passenger ship is I agree now Tommy and I were chatting before we started rolling about how like we’re surprised how many of you are joining us every week for for this show we love being able to do this and we thank you so so much for tuning in every week we’re going to do our best to try to answer your star wars questions. I mean right now we’re we’re in kind of a dune sea of of star wars content there’s little news trickling. Out here and there we still don’t have a Kenobi trailer, but the fact that you guys are still eager to hear me and Tommy Yeah Gab about Jabba or whatever Jabba Jabber is what we have in script here, but we never actually have a Jabba Yoga Pajama. I I just have to say Eric.

You Know These Dune Seas, Though They Are

sandy. We’re once covered in water and and we are perhaps providing the moisture. We’re getting the people wet with enthusiasm over the over over the star wars content and for that I’m grateful that’s right we’re keeping the tap running we’re keeping the water warm we should say right yes, but just with our body heat that’s the secret of our hot tub is it’s just us baby. There’s no jets running that’s right that’s dust, but you know this dry spell may be coming. to a close because the word on the street is we may be seeing a trailer for Obi-wan Kenobi any day now In fact, maybe this week we will see so until that trailer starts to answer our questions about the series maybe bring some more questions.

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We Want To Explore One More Rumor That

has gotten us very excited for Obi-wan Kenobi that young Leia could appear on this series. Could we finally get the answer to the mystery of how Leia knew Obi-wan Kenobi not just through her father telling her that he is her only hope, but these two might have met before this um before we saw this moment in rogue one and then of course when they when they came together in a new hope that’s what we’ll explore on today’s episode but first we want to thank our merch partners at Epic Hero shop. A new batman inspired latest obsession shirt You can check that out over at Epic Heroshop. com or Newrockstarsmerch. com.

Its A Really Really Cool Shirt.

I’m not wearing it now because I I wore it all weekend for my Batman videos and I sweated through that because I’m you know just feeling that heat from that bat signal. You know just I’m sizzling sizzling so I sweat straight through that thing. It’s in the in the laundry, but as a reminder all the releases in the latest obsession series have been big hits and eventually they sell out so you gotta head on over to Epic Hero shop. com grab one for yourself before they are gone Eric will Obi-wan Kenobi feature young Leia well a reminder that Obi-wan Kenobi is taking place in 9 bby that’s 10 years after revenge of the sith nine years before a new hope so Leia.

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To Be About 10 Years Old.

At the time of this series. There were some rumors last July that a young Leia was cast for Kenobi Maybe with actress Vivian Lira Blair that’s the girl from Bird box. If you remember that movie cannot confirm that to be true, yet we will see major media outlets we’re not confirming that it’s just a rumor but this era of Leia’s life has been largely unexplored in live action star wars after the clone wars. Leia of course was adopted by Senator Bail Organa Jimmy Smits we’re Schmidt spitting for smith’s meeting my mouth baby i’m ready for you.

Hes Hes That Guy Will Age So

well that he’s gonna if he shows up on Obi-wan Kenobi as we expect him to yeah he’s gonna look so good compared to every other actor. They’re also they’re gonna be like we don’t need. Do any technology to you you’re fine yeah you’re good you look the same. However, the makeup person did him in the heights is exactly he looked literally no different than 20 years ago. We’re just going to hear a bell from a door opening and a bodega and he’s going to say good morning UK one mega lotto ticket please theater kids talking about star wars theater kids a galaxy far away away well after the loyal people have stuck with us this far have all clicked away.

Understandably We Lost Them Thinking Back Up With

what happened with adopted Leia so yeah Bale adopted her along with his wife Breja, the Queen of um Alderaan and Leia’s youth was explored and actually a few materials that are still currently considered to be star wars canon like the 2015 junior novel retelling of a new hope called the Princess. Scoundrel on the farm boy and that we learned how Leo as a kid actually preferred shooting lessons to her royal etiquette training from her many aunts, and she heard stories from Baylor Ghana about the Jedi and about Darth Vader. She learned to despise Tarkin, which is why she was so disgusted with him in a new hope and then there was a 2019 comic called so much more in which Breha told Leia about amidala of Naboo. She finds her reading at the base of the statue. She’s like who is this woman and she tells her all about Padme’s importance eventually to the rebellion as this independent senator, who spoke out against what was happening in the Senate, but she stopped short of telling her that Padme wasn’t her biological biological mother really her youth is explored the most in the 2017 book by Claudia Gray.

Called Leia Princess Of Alderaan Set When

Leia turns 13 and she really enters the political world of the legislative apprenticeship. She meets eventual political allies like Mon Mothma, as well as the young Amelin Holdo, and she finally learns that her parents are part of the rebellion that was a secret kept from her until she was 16. and then by the end of that book. She herself joins the rebellion and vows to to help these rebel missions and actually we see her a few years after that In Star Wars Rebels season two episode 12 A Princess Long a princess on lothal. This would be about two years before a new hope or so and in this episode, Leia escorts three cruisers to Low fall and stage is a kind of con to make it look like those cruisers got stolen by the rebels when in fact.

She Was Actually Working With Them, But She

couldn’t look like she was directly helping them. She had to make it look like they were on opposite sides. So if she does show up on this show at age 10. This should be before Leia learns about bail Organa’s allegiance to the rebellion and therefore she shouldn’t really meet Obi-wan Kenobi right because Obi-wan is really at this point in history a super wanted fugitive in the eyes of the empire and in the eyes of the inquisitors.

Itd Be Like A Kid During The War

on terror hanging out with Osama Bin Laden and then like that kid would probably know who Osama bin Laden is even if you know her parents were actually working for Al-Qaeda and she didn’t know that look i’m making some problematic comparisons to the rebels in Al–qaeda, but they are supposed to. In the eyes of the Empire, it’s just terrorists doing good stuff You know yeah Yeah Terrorists doing good stuff that’s like the pilot we wrote remember where we tried to paint Terrace In a sympathetic light. We were gonna try and change the narrative, and then people said Eric Tommy. This will kill your careers and we said we don’t care and we mailed them in suspicious packages to all the major studio heads right in hindsight that was a bad move by us.

It Was In Hindsight, Especially To Pitch It

The day after 9 11. we were really confident in that idea. But 9 12. who could forget snip all that out.

If You Want Guys No Leave It

in I will quit. I will walk off this job. If you leave it in and then all the editors are like yeah leave it in bury these. Foot but anyway yes if Leia?


Eric Voss talks Star Wars with Tommy Bechtold about the latest in Star Wars . Voss: “I would trust her with my life my precious adopted daughter, who I was told not to put in harm’s way ever sir so handle this send her along. Send her along she’ll be fine.& She’s a tough kid the transmission We received. We received yes yes yes . We received the transmission. They’ve sent us hope, but how does she know who obi-wan even is right but Leia are.& I realized there was something that was that came up in a meeting this week of like pitch like age like other things and you may see it on new rockstar.& So I don’t want to spoil it but it made me laugh. It gave me a mental giggle there yes a mental Giggle and whenever I’m not laughing out loud Tommy I’m doing mental giggles. I just want you to know that that’s all I internalize so much of…. Click here to read more and watch the full video