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Guys Theres Something About This Month.

My dogs are particularly disruptive Aren’t Jeff hello again and here is my journal for the month of October, which is funny. It hasn’t been that long since my September journal it’s only because my September journal was insanely late so hey it all kind of works out in its own little way, but you’re about to see the adventures of October. You’re about to see the things I did things I didn’t do missing days. I noticed that like at first I was like everyday I have to do an entry now it’s like oh three days and I hadn’t done one because you know this kind of how it goes just living life so anyhow.

I Hope You Enjoy It.

I hope you enjoy this month and my dogs are being really needy right now so I’m just gonna let you get. right into it yep see look so unimpressed so today is the 1st of October and it’s Joker day repping the shirt. I finally get to see Joker after everyone else, But I’m really excited. This is this is my number one anticipated movie of the air.

All I Want Is A Good

character movie for walking Phoenix bring something special sit it’s all I want go see I don’t know why I like this spot it’s next to the Nespresso machine. It just feels like beginning of the day but ok so I saw Joker last night. I had a night to think about it All I did was think about it. I’ve really liked that movie there’s a lot more to say about it. So spoiler Tyre I can’t wait for my spoiler video but I she’s like if I’m enough for your blumin when you.

You Shakespeare They Hold Her Head Like This

and I go to be or not to be. That is the question totally the wrong song but this came today so right Ben Riley I love you me and like ten other people Avid fans Don’t ever put plastic over your head. You’ll suffocate. He was taking up a kingpin mob style pizza just the guy who got stabbed in the eye by T1000 dancing next to his twin who stabbed him next to Christopher Lee Count Dooku Slash Saruman So Todd Phillips, the director of Joker said that he stopped doing comedies and did joker because woke culture has killed comedy, which then got him a lot of backlash from other people in Hollywood. I don’t know that that backlash disproves his point pretty sure it kind of proves it gotta feel weird today I got to do my Joker.

Spoiler Talk Seahawks Iran So Im Watching This

Seahawks right now but I woke up with a migraine, but it’s like for those of you. Don’t have migraines, but when you get a migraine when one starts coming on you take excedrin migraine. The pain will go away but this weird lethargic feeling still sticks around and so that’s what I got but I still gonna check her Spoiler talk so I hope I’m on my game if I see him off my game in that video well that’s why I had that headache even when I started filming my video and by the end is completely gone, which means the conclusion has to be I’m addicted to making UK videos at least filming them. I don’t know it means that is I just woke up and if I haul ass right now I can make a showing of Joker. go back from seeing Joker for the second time.

I Feel Like I Want To Do

a video talking about some of the fan theories on Joker. You know some of the interpretations because really looking at it. There’s no way to disprove any of the theories. I’ve seen online a lot of them anyway and it makes something kind of cooler. So I like that just we’re talking about this movie is pure imagination building up the 4k collection we got some more real-deal Holy yields predator the Schwarzenegger one The Shining boning up for dr.

Sleep As In Brushing Up On Shining Not

that sounded worse than it. I meant for it to Black Hawk, Down, Labyrinth and Gremlins actually I went in there to get Gremlins and the other four were impulse purchases so the truth. I’ve Just really had a hankering to watch gremlins for the last couple days. Cuz you never can tell there just might be a gremlin in your house. Recognises dude it’s Mike Ehrmantraut from Breaking Bad.

Also This Baby Came In So Im Gonna

listen to that so he’s Joker made a killing in spite of all the fear-mongering blumin articles and tweets or maybe because of I don’t know but that whole thing man that’s just that is just what I just said is fear-mongering it really is there are a lot of conversations we could have with Joker All of them not happening because of the conversation we were having which is oh is this going to inspire a mass shooting is this movie that’s not by any stretch of the imagination. The most violent movie Hollywood’s produced lately is this gonna be the one to cause. And like I said my one of my videos. I just I just find it repetitive. It’s just the same conversation we’ve been having since the 90s, which is does art inspire violence and really what it is is.

Bloggers And My Dogs Are Making

if they’re just wrestling so if you hear more Taunton sounds that’s that’s what it is but really what it is is bloggers, tweeters and legit news outlets, chasing likes and retweets in what I call the outrage economy because it’s very monetizable the chasing the monetary value of likes and retweets without rage articles an outrage posts because mass shooting might happen because of movie well that just sounds sexy and that’ll get the traffic that blumin irritates me, but it shows where we are you know it’s all of it for the outraged economy all right. So I got the Ninja. Ninja Turtles 1up arcade cabinet I just bought it today Hey gonna have to build it This is anything I build stresses me out even my dogs as they bark down stairs. I don’t know if your that built that one though so it’s fine but still we’ll see how it goes this happened with Mortal Kombat as well that little speck right there is under the screen. So I have to take it apart again that’s back that because that little thing of dust or whatever is gonna irritate me.

So El Camino Drops At Midnight

so it’s 9 o’clock. It’s 9 p. m. which is midnight New York Time or Eastern Time so I don’t know if they’re doing it at midnight / timezone or supposed to be midnight Eastern, which would be 9 Pacific or if it’s midnight Pacific. I have no idea point is I’m ready and probably gonna watch it on the UK down here because I watched Breaking Bad on UK and I wanted to feel like breaking bad.

I Dont Want To Feel Like

a movie that feels separate from Breaking Bad. I realize I finished building the turtles in time cabinet I didn’t even show you my friend and I used to play this all the time in the arcades when he comes over. I’m going to drop this bomb on them then we’re gonna get nostalgic. This is it right here conflicting audio sounds of different arcade properties that is not the song that’s that’s a cover band version so I looked into it. I guess it’s a very known thing that the the 1up Ninja turtles the original Ninja Turtles arcade game.

It Doesnt Have The Actual The Official Version

of the theme song I guess they didn’t want to pay for the rights which music rights are like the number-one cause of things not coming out. You know people never want to pay for the the music right so it is what it is it’s just the intro, but it does compromise a little bit of that experience. I don’t know maybe you can hack it put the main version on There No I I’m just gonna blow right past it, but it’d be cool to have it just playing while I’m doing other things. You know that arcade feel and I’m gonna really got it for turtles in time anyway. So It is what it is so I got some Fine brothers entertainment, which is that channel that has reactions that people react to things.

People Reacting To Mine And Stockmans Reviews

of Joker Dad People reacting to a lot of Joker stuff but we were the two reviews on there and I was watching it. I was like this. This the one problem with Joker is that at this point I have more thoughts about it. It was like that was my first review and so it’s. I saw the movie a couple hours prior and that’s me talking about it when it’s fresh on my mind, but now it’s been a couple weeks and now I have more thoughts like Oh Damn I suppose I could do another video on Joker I don’t want to I don’t want to milk it I want to be one of those channels.

Its Like Oh Here Were Still Talking About

it because it’s monetizable, but I do have thoughts about it, and then you have to hold on to those thoughts. I guess until they announced Joker to if they ever do if they did a joke or two. I would want it to concentrate on his intellect because it never actually showed that he’s a genius and the Joker supposed to be a genius, but it never showed that he can’t be You just never had the opportunity to be so if they ever make a joke or two I think that they should concentrate on the fact that Oh no now that he’s found himself as a Joker. He gets to explore what he can do, and they should show that he’s actually very smart if so when I’m gaming blumin sits on the couch next to me. me and yes those are little dog for his face.

You Still Shed Gypsy Its Cold

outside now you’re not supposed to I woke up with thoughts because I watched The Scream movies this past week I watch em every October so the first cream is It’s a classic but scream has a couple of moments where I was like that’s still relevant today and screamed too in Randy’s Film Studies class for film discussion class they’re talking to because someone died at the movie theater that was showing scream and so they’re having the whole discussion about do we blame the movies or the movies to blame for people’s actions, etc. And I was like wow we’re having the same conversation right now about Joker not that anything happened in a movie theater showing Joker because of Joker was still the conversation is it’s still happening so I found. that fascinating it’s been 20 years or still having the same conversation We’ll be having it for another 20 years but and scream 3. There’s a line that says Pop culture is the politics of the 21st century. I think someone quoted Gale Weathers Wes Craven man he knew so hung out with my friends today and saw Joker for the third time and the third time still a charm.

Its Still A Great Movie And Every

time I walk out of Joker. I have more to talk about funny thing is in my review. I said that you’re rooting for Arthur to not turn which is true but I’m watching it and it doesn’t mean you don’t just lean into the fact that he leans into it doesn’t mean you don’t look forward to the Joker being the Joker. I’m one of my friends and I were talking outside. The theater, I said you can root for the caterpillar and the butterfly and then I was like Oh blumin.

I Should Have Said That New

video like I was kind of pissed. I didn’t think of that phrase because that is Joker like the simplest way. I could put it that encapsulate the entire movie experience for that movie you’re rooting for the caterpillar and the butterfly. So there’s a UK of night trap, but I don’t want to open it because you know it’s collector. I don’t want it to you know like you put a UK in the UK.

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The Uk Eats The Tape And You Know

you’re kind of blumin, But of course someone has on UK so that’s the way to watch it quite a nickel every time a girl gave me that look shame on you as the greatest ever. Greatest ever my mom is watching Joker like right now. She’s in the movie theater watching Joker. I’m curious as to how much you like it or if she’ll like it. I told her don’t judge me too harshly when she sees the inner workings of my favorite character will say my mom saw Joker.

She Came Over And Visited Afterwards.

She liked Joker. I mean granted it’s gonna haunt her. I don’t know if she said the word like, but we talked about it so much and all the deeper meanings and the theme of how society had failed this guy and she liked Joker Portland retro gaming expo it’s like alright so at the conventions I usually look for the one or two booths that have retro game just like that but everywhere all the time all right I had this when I was little and I traded. It to somebody for something else, but I’m totally spending 20 bucks to get to the nostalgia back.

This Is Actually It Goes Into The Game

gear becomes a UK and that’s how I watch The Simpsons when I was younger. My parents were like you’re not allowed to it’s too mature, but I washed it with the UK tuner on Game Gear all right. I’m looking for a night trap on Sega UK and I keep hearing about how it’s at another booth and I go where I think that booth is and they’re saying no it’s at another, but it’s like they’re sending me on a wild goose chase on purpose because they’re like that guy looks like a douche let’s not give it am night trap but I’m gonna find it for Sega UK. So I can have five versions of the game at the con you. Never know what you’re gonna find and I found it after much hunting for 15 bucks both discs of night trapped Sega UK the fifth version of the game.

I Own So Im Happy Holy

blumin alright, So I you said I look like an action figure and I just turned this on you know it’s all good do the power do a really good pose alright. So baby your UK channel is light here look up right here it should be a purple background of me and my buddy’s face split down the middle so you don’t do anything weird like giving messages puppies okay cool that’s the key. I don’t know like is that everybody what we do we go to conventions all around the northwest in the greater area. We mess with people in good taste like like this guy right here great guy we. We edited we try our best.

We Try To Get A Few

laughs in there thanks for me I just ran into him and they were like hey we’re fans and then I found out that a UK channel is a very important phone call. We gotta go so I’m back from the Portland retro game convention. I came back earlier on Sunday to make it to my brother’s birthday just you know more important than retro games just to the limited run games Collector’s edition of night trap for the switch came to the Sega UK case and so that’s where I’ll put my Sega UK discs, but there’s two discs, but it only seems to fit one you’re the one’s gonna be loose so I don’t know if this will hold it in place actually seems to be doing a fair job just smile so I guess Martin. Scorsese said that he doesn’t like UK movies or they’re they’re invading cinema or they’re not real cinema or something like that And I guess Francis Ford Coppola said Something to point is a lot of people have you know thoughts on the matter you know and a lot of people have talked about it online because I feel like that’s the world we live in right like whenever there’s a line drawn in the sand whenever there’s a gauntlet thrown there has to be a response. It’s like that movie phone booth where it says a ringing phone just has to be answered.

Its Like Statements Like That Or The

ringing phone and that I feel like I don’t know if people are gonna agree with what I say, but I just if you just look at the guy look at his life you know his legacy is filled. Both of them you look at Francis Ford Coppola and Martin Scorsese and both of these guys I mean their legacy masters. She does masters of the craft. I’m sure there was a time Martin Scorsese. They were like hey here’s a blank check because you’re you and and now the the blank checks are to the Marvel movies I mean obviously friend Martin Scorsese and Francis Ford Coppola Both still make films and Martin Scorsese is still making films.

The Point Is Like Im Sure To Him

yeah it’s like very different. It’s a very different world that he’s now he has to navigate and it’s probably difficult to do that. If you’re in his situation you know no more blank cheques for him and I’m sure even if you go back comic book movies were probably a thing he probably scoffed at I don’t know I’m just taking. a leap here? I’m sure he does friends alike yeah the comic book movies you know that’s why you make real cinema and now the the tables have flipped the tables have turned and now it’s like oh No those are the movies that if you sign out of that that’s how you make millions upon millions of dollars, so I mean I’m sure the joke of they’re not real cinema goes back farther than I mean decades farther for him. Then this statement does definitely just it’s like Jared Leto and the Joker.

You Know Like The Talk Now

is Jared Leto didn’t want Joker to be made, but if you look at it from his perspective. He was given the opportunity to be the most famous comic book villain of all time. The most popular comic book villain of all time and not only is the word that. They cut a lot of his screen time from Suicide Squad and then when that happens he’s like Ok Saving Grace. I get my Joker standalone movie know if they give it to someone else like yeah.

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I Imagine He Feels Betrayed Like I

match if he feels pissed and he probably feels like that Joker movie should have been his to some degree. So I mean I imagine his Joker movie and the Joaquin Phoenix Joker movie Jeff Danger Danger Danger I’m doing important work blumin danger stop God I was on a roll to know Jared Leto is not even in the conversation of great Joker’s out there. You know I’m sure those two Joker movies were two very different Joker movies but you know I kind of see how he feels about it and Martin Scorsese. I’m sure it’s very difficult being this legacy director. Director who was like you know at the forefront of the conversation of many years that he was working and now It’s a nose to Marvel franchise and shows very difficult adjustment for him.

Feeling Your Own Mortality Is One Of The

more humbling. If not scary things you’ll do in your life everyone will do it at a point. This is probably just him grappling with that you know you don’t have to agree with everything he’s saying in order to like empathize and at least feel like I’m at a kind of feel for you know how I said man I believe and I’ve heard a lot of people have the same sentiment as me. It’s It’s like the Vita’s garnered this cult following but the UK Vita was a great little system. I mean I’ve made jokes in the past about it, but in reality its life.

Is A Tragedy And It Does More

support than it got TOm and I are playing Magic the Gathering going through the old deck. The lightbulbs are not part of it. Neither are the batteries but that is impressive look how organized all that is I mean the structure the craftsmanship here’s hoping I just got back from terminator Dark fate. I do all these franchises claim they’re like alright We’re making it for a new generation. We don’t need the previous blumin so we’re gonna blumin on it if not burn it but then be like but now.

Well Still Have Nostalgic Moments In Here Where

it totally looks like we still need it it’s like shooting someone in the head and being like because I don’t need you, but I’m gonna harvest your organs Cuz I might need them otherwise I’m gonna die it’s. Die it’s like you either need them or you don’t you know holy yeah I’m having a beer. I gotta call my brother I got a vent just somebody about this Final Fantasy 10 has aged very well. I don’t know why I started recording this what effort Komari died alright. I gotta bring him back to life anyhow good again.

So My Terminator Dark Fates Spoiler

video. I got this idea to take Kyle Reese. This monologue to Sarah Connor and mess with it a bit either gonna be awesome or it’s gonna blumin suck, but I think it might be cool till I do it. I guess we won’t know so better get on that all right so I have stopped editing the Terminator Dark fate Spoiler video, which is actually coming up very well as a couple of parts in there Yeah I like flexing. Flexing a little bit of creativity.

It Was Fun But Im Going

to my uncle’s Halloween Party and I’m going as William Shatner unoriginal yeah maybe but I got the mask for free and I’m really cheap. I said that was the couches recline so it’s a lighter and weird and sad so that was a month of October thank you very much for watching it sometimes it’s just me messing around sometimes it’s me gaming. Sometimes it’s me monologuing and I realized that a point was like wait. I didn’t actually film anything about the Halloween party.

I Went To My Uncles Halloween Party.

I said Hey I’m going to the Halloween party next thing. Here I am at the end of this video talking about hey thanks for watching the video. It’s just a case of I was there experiencing the party and a lot of times when I’m experiencing something I’m not filming something I’m not filming it because I’m experiencing it.

Sometimes You Know I Remember To Film

it like the Oregon retro-gaming expo, but a lot of times. It’s not the case. So I just appreciate that you watch it anyway but thank you all for watching again and if you like what you’ve seen here and you want to see more click right here to see more right danger.


Here is my journal for the month of October, which is funny. It hasn’t been that long since my September journal was insanely late so hey it all kind of works out in its own little way . I hope you enjoy this month and my dogs are being really needy right now so I’m just gonna let you get. right into it yep see look so unimpressed so today is the 1st of October and it’s Joker day repping the shirt.& I finally get to see Joker after everyone else, But I’m really excited.& This is this is my number one anticipated movie of the air.& All I want is a good character movie for walking Phoenix bring something special sit it’s all I want go see I don’t know why I like this spot it’s next to the Nespresso machine.& It just feels like beginning of the day. I like to like this place it’s just like a kingpin mob style pizza.& So spoiler Tyre…. Click here to read more and watch the full video