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Well Lucky Me! They Invited Me To

Guatemala and they said so what are you interested in Then what do you want to do while you’re here and I said well. I’m quite interested in archery, so they said we can arrange something and so they have and Here I am with some archers but not just any arches. Oh no they haven’t just found a couple of hobbyists who like a bit of a twang no we have here two Olympic competitors and we have. Diego_Castro” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener”>Diego Castro and Tomas flows back and they are part of the Guatemalan Archery team and I’m going to be having a go at shooting with them. But first we should talk.

I Think About The Standard Olympic Bow

that you use in competitions two parts. Firstly it’s the riser event limbs. This is where this is where you hold and this is where. The strength is of the bow mm-hmm Next we have the string which pulls everything together mm-hmm There’s the sight the pin with very sophisticated equipment for adjusting it they’re very precise looking yeah and the sterilization system right yeah well. When you shoot mm-hmm.

You Pull The Bow Back And You

align string very easy. I’ve known these as anti-torque wait so these are quite heavy and they’ve got a flexible bit at the end which absorbs vibration and that’s an extra extra bit of weight at the end for that and so I take it that the riser in the center doesn’t actually Bend much that’s the stiff bit and almost all the bending is done that with the limbs at the end definitely all the strength limbs absolutely so heavy. Oh Yes everything I thought yes Oh yeah actually just holding that for a significant amount of. a fair bit of a challenge so this is about digitally 47 pounds okay well. My longbow is is 45.

So I Shouldnt Have Any Trouble Pulling It

and so when you go to competition, you take your own bode. Yeah sure has either one or two bows depending on how much support he’s got from our brand or its Olympic Committee and yes everyone has its own bow and the compete with. There are some Olympic competitors who only take one bow yeah well. Those cases happen right, but you usually take two especially and that’s a competition level because if it’s on your qualification round. If you have a malfunction on your both something breaks Yes you get like 20-30 minutes to repair it if but if it’s on Team brown or individual round.

If Your Bow Breaks Youre Screwed

you practically have to take the second bow. shoot with it If you don’t have it you can compete right so always have a back-up Bow everyone I’m very surprised that some at the Olympic level carry just the one bow right so what are the distances that we shoot over in the limit. The Olympics is over there it’s like the diameter. It’s 12 centimeters. The gold that’s the yellow circle in the middle right 70 meters before they were killed.


We should 22 arrows and as closes at the middle. You score more points Oh yes and that we have the qualification round. Then the elimination round. It’s three arrows for archery and it’s like a match so if you win the match.

You Have Two Points.

If I hide that much we have one point okay and I believe usually list you don’t have points but similar to tennis in that way all right. First archer who got six points in two match win the match and passed to the other room all right. So it can be quite quick. Then if you don’t do very well.

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Its A Long Way To Go To

fewer shots Yeah into round you probably if you are not shooting too good in yonks, so you’ve got just the one distance and just the one kind of bow. In the Olympics yes and you individual thing or a team sport or well. We have first of all the qualification round which works for positioning the individual and the team rounds team rounds consists of three archers I have a three female or three male on the same type of bow. Right in this case and Olympics is just a recurve, but in other competitions also competes the compound with the difference that you cannot not gonna go much. into that and also there’s a mixed team.

Its Always One Male And One Female

of the same country same bow type and they shoot as a team Mm-hmm against well Obviously another mixed team from a different country right so there are in fact just three events then an artery now qualification which usually it doesn’t get a medal Mm-hmm individual around team Brown and mix them round and you’re you’re in training for the Panamanian Pan-american Pan-american that’s what I meant to say games is yep you were telling me which are next year sometimes yeah next year and I guess they think so since it’s in Lima they’re gonna be right and after that the Olympics Yeah that’s a main goal in the Pan-american There is one spot for the Olympics the gold medal much Yeah I mean the gold medal winner in case you’re curious the. the quarterfinals in the Lima 2019 Pan-American Games, but were then knocked out by theNK] in the individual competition. Both Diego and Thomas made it to the last 16 before being knocked out and Thomas’s mix team made it to the last eight well done lads well best of luck with all that then thank you okay so should we have a twang should we shoot I suppose this would be a good day for it to do it for the first time, but I’ve pretty much never hit myself there using a bow but you know we don’t want blood spurting all over the Olympic equipment so it’s. This is probably wise precaution. He is trying so hard to get me injured for a viral video really my fingers are too big.

Oh, I Cant Be Left Oh.

It is adjustable, but this is adjusted for you yes. So maybe you don’t want to touch it okay we can you have them I’ve got quit normal in proportion hands done I say well. Obviously I’m not totally in proportion. I mean if I were totally proportion I’d be 8 foot 6.

Talking Of Proportions Look How Much Thicker

Thomas’s fingers are on his right hand. So we have a little adjuster Here we have the straps around those three fingers and we have a little plate which we touch up to the underside of the chin so that we can feel that we’ve got exactly the same height of almost the same but here in fact there are two things different spiraled Yeah We use is this penguin is used for more accuracy all right and here this is one if for a compound all right I used for training because it’s like more life time it’s is. it either side of a line like that okay so so presumably you do that okay all right so then this you will then you have to put one one fingers position actually you don’t have a bleep feather here and usually there’s one feather a different color but yeah just use your eyes Yeah Okay so okay and then just give it a go yep everything we listened hello yeah but straight you hit the target you already made yeah yeah I was looking through looking at that yes okay it’s just what we recall technically a not very good shot is up to one arrow well. I’ll aim it the middle of the middle again and see what happens Oh I can do it so there’s that one so that goes over that and under that yeah that’s a clicker. Usually you can put the arrow and then.

Go Im Not Yes The Clicker Works

for you to always pull the same distance wow I wasn’t using that okay so the it went click and I just carried on you yeah well the trend is good. It’s actually it’s not so much the the poundage. It’s the weight of the whole bow that I’m having more trouble with. I mean my bow is a lot physically lighter than this. It’s just a stick and a piece of string Oh dear Oh I thought I would shoot quicker because sometimes that can help because if you hold it for too long you get the shakes but obviously I’m aiming does help you know all the technical stuff anyway.

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Im Told That You Have A

great honor amongst the team which is to carry your nation’s banner into the opening ceremony for American Korean Caribbean Games, which were two months. ago they made a committee and well they chose me as a black bear right. What that means is that in the opening ceremony of the games where every team parades all of his athletes. I got to go first with the flag right so you marched ahead of your column and said look out world behind me is the Guatemalan team. These are athletes all that elite and so just watch yourselves Oh okay right and did you keep a very serious face here there’s no bleep feather haha okay yeah doing it quickly isn’t working okay aim in the middle you have all the best tips.

An English Trainer Told Us The Secret For

for being the best Archer I should more tense is wow he was worth his money gang him. Oh but oh there’s a guy always behind a net so that’s all right that isn’t. The gap is it between the net and the next pit okay, but you trust me to them. I suppose actually it wouldn’t reach them with it It would hit the ground before it reached.

Is That Smack In The Middle Okay

that’s an arrow splitter what we were using that one okay so how do I put this down. I give it to you let’s go check it out all right no okay, how many cow that is actually the bull of the bull okay so I got I got four golds with my my first four five six seven arrows. This one shot yes moves your site and okay so there’s so the sides were to blame probably for the height thing. These are all pretty much of a height and that’s just a bad shot that was the fastest Yeah yeah I mean six arrows right you.

For Example, For It Will Be Your First

round right so it was 10 10 20 29 38 euros core west 48 48 but not very good yeah, but but I have a much shorter distance. What is that this is all of like 15 yards instead of instead of 70 right yes Yes you’ve been generous to me twice okay and that’s what that’s what it’s supposed to look like all right so what I so what is a typical score then at 70 meters for an Olympic Archer, an average for us is like 55 points out of 60 and our our Olympic scores getting higher and higher as the years go by so at some point they’re gonna have to make the targets smaller again. Presumably. We talked about how the desires of television companies have changed Olympic Archery tournament where it’s two days right one day.

For 90 And 70 Meters.

Second day for 50 and 30 meters was too long right so they decide to change the format for doubles 70 meters. It’s like a little bit well it must.


Olympic Archery coach says he is going to be having a go at shooting with the Guatemalan archery team in Guatemala . Says the standard Olympic bow that you use in competitions two parts are the riser event limbs and the string which pulls everything together mm-hmm. The sight the pin with very sophisticated equipment for adjusting it they’re very precise looking yeah and the sterilization system right yeah well. When you shoot, you pull the bow back and you align string very easy.& I’ve known these as anti-torque wait so these are quite heavy and they’ve got a flexible bit at the end which absorbs vibration and that’s an extra extra extra bit of weight at that end for that and so I shouldn’t have any trouble pulling it. My longbow is is 45.5 pounds okay well.& So I shouldn’t have any difficulty pulling it and my longbow was 45.6 pounds . The Olympic bow is is a 45.2 pounds. The…. Click here to read more and watch the full video