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Whats Going On Guys So I Havent Done

a discussion video for a while and I really kind of miss it. I just want to do a laid-back discussion video on something that is very relevant right now. I’m not going to do too much editing to this video. I want to make it more real and just kind of like hey. This is me and these are my thoughts.

Theres A Lot Of Talk Right Now Around

the UK community about fair use fair use is essentially you can use copyrighted material in regards to satire parody criticism, commentary or education and that’s where you know maybe you’re making a video or a website post or you’re you’re writing something and you might want to include some photos or maybe some brief clips to support what you’re saying but the problem is larger channels and smaller channels here on. are getting very adversely affected by copyright claims copyright strikes and some of them have even gotten their channels removed without actually knowing what’s happening. I hate everything is a channel that I follow and I spoke directly with Alex, the owner of saidNK] Channel and he still has no idea why his entire channel got deleted for a day. His channel was flagged for aggressive spamming or something like that and his channel eventually got restored, but that’s basically because he has a large enough channel to actually make an outcry about it, which is sad because the same thing happened with Doug Walker, who I’ve met and is a super nice guy. I talked with him often and I’m privileged to know him because he was one of my initial inspirations back in the day to want to turn on a camera and start talking about movies.

Movies And He Got A Copyright Strike

on his channel for a studio ghibli video that he had made and he didn’t have monetization or the ability to upload a video longer than 15 minutes for something like three weeks, but he continued to make videos and the only reason that his channels monetization and that strike got removed was essentially because he made a video finally saying Hey Youtube, what’s up with this and because of his large numbers on his channel. The outcry was loud enough for UK to hear and fix the problem. So there are two problems there for in my mind for one obviously the problem is there’s these unwarranted claims and strikes going around the other problem is that UK only changed and helped fix these issues for both of those channels because they were big enough to make a public outcry and that’s. The worst situation in my mind because there’s tons of smaller channels out there that have the exact same problem who have gotten their channels removed who have got entire videos removed for no real reason other than someone somewhere said hey use one of my pictures or hey you used five seconds of my movie Bye-bye Sorry or we want all of your money because you know you use a little bit of our stuff Fair use is very very easy to understand it’s not that hard to understand. There are tons of websites out there that can really educate you on the subject and even UK has gone out of their way to make it very clear and as well as supporting people through various fair use protection programs and even instigating a plan last year to reinstate money to youtubers who had lost money while illegitimate claims.

Filed, Which Is A Really Great Thing Because

the main issue. I think is that there really is no penalty for filing a false claim. You can sit there all day and flag people’s videos and try to make money off other people’s videos and if someone were to file a claim on one of your videos. You can dispute said claim but then there’s a 30-day period where they can just wait if they really want to and they could honestly wait to day 30 and go you’re right. This is a fraudulent claim.

This Is Fair Use Im Going To Remove

said claim, but they just made money off of you for a month and they don’t have to give that money away. That is a big problem. Now I’ve been doing a lot of research over the past few days. On the way the community feels about. And the overall vibe I’m getting is that smaller Youtubers who run smaller channels are upset that they don’t really have a say and that bigger Youtubers are getting preferential treatment and I can understand that you want to know why because I started with zero just like everyone else.

I Have A Lot Of Subscribers Now

and trust me I’m very grateful for that. I’ve made that clear in every single video I make but I started with zero. I’ve been a Youtuber with 10 15 subscribers going Oh my God I just got 10 subscribers Oh my God. I just got a hundred subscribers. I know all about that I started almost 7 years ago, so I still today as recently as a few weeks ago fight off fraudulent copyright claims I would say in the past 7 years I would estimate I’ve gotten at least 40 to.

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50 Which Is Really Not Cool Because Ive

never ever brokenNK] Terms and regulations in regards to uploading a full complete movie. If I if I discuss a film or I talk about a movie and I show like if I say. For instance, Casino Royale and I say well. You know the opening parkour sequence is really great and I show you five seconds of James Bond jumping off of something and then just cuts back to me talking about it that’s perfectly fine anyone will tell you that and that is been my most recent huge fight was my Casino Royale Review I got a copyright claim on that by UK. They said that it had some footage of theirs in there which it does.

But Its Also A Very Long

video in which I discussed the film so I replied simply by saying Look I apologize. apologize if I’ve I literally wrote this I was like I apologize if I’ve offended UK because you can dispute that claim and I said I’m, an accredited member of the press in Cleveland, Ohio I’m, a certified film critic on Rotten Tomatoes. This is clearly a review in which I discussed the film from a criticism standpoint. I use very brief moments of said film and three weeks later after I had to directly contact my UK network who is someone who knows people in UK emailed them. Finally UK was like oh sorry yeah well of the claim are bad and UK you know remove the claim, but that was three weeks of monetization that UK made off of me because they wanted to.

Despite The Fact That I Gave Casino Royale

and a plus and I said basically everyone on earth should check that film out because. It’s one of the best Bond films ever made if not the best and I’m just like sitting here wondering what’s that what is that all about now look it’s easy to look at that and say well you’re only concerned about this because you didn’t make some money again not true when I started UK in 2009, it wasn’t like today today you can instantly monetize your videos. You can say UK. I want to monetize my videos and they can approve you back in the day it wasn’t like that you had to apply for partnership, which would then allow you to monetize your videos and allow you to create thumbnails for your videos and back then I made my videos virtually literally for free for like two years. I think two to two and a half years I can’t remember the exact date when I got partnership.

But I Believe It Was About Two Years

It could have been two and a half years. Please Don’t quote me on that Cuz I might be wrong, but it’s definitely at least two years that I did that for free and during that time period. I received many copyright claims because I would show a little bit of trailer footage. Throughout my review. I used to do that for all my new releases.

I Would Show A Little Bit Of Trailer

footage. You can still see some of my older videos still have that trailer footage and believe me still to this day. I get random copyright claims on my amazing Spider-man trailer review from like 2012 or 2011 or something and I’m like great and sometimes the video that I get claims on doesn’t even have any copyright footage and I watched this old video and it has no pictures or nothing and I’m like what are you claiming here with the thumbnail and it’s really nuts because it’s not just myself. Obviously tons of bigger Youtubers and tons of smaller Youtubers, especially smaller Youtubers are going through this and believe me I understand what that’s like because I has been the person who has 100 subscribers who has a video that he worked hard on who gets a claim on it and you’re like but what’s the purpose of this. What is really the goal of doing that to somebody well the the main problem that I have with this is that.

Limits Creativity One Of My Favorite Things About

UK is that it’s taught so many people how to be creative. I have seen so many young people so excited about the fact that they can be creative. That maybe they had a really crappy day at school or they had a really crappy day at work, but they can come home and create something and the fact that UK is allowing these bigger Studios to kind of hoard over people who are really excited about creating content when they’re really not doing anything legally wrong that’s a big problem. No yes if you’re you know just using someone else’s music throughout the entirety of your video or you’re just uploading footage of something well maybe diffusing the image or blurring part of it or maybe flipping it making it a mirror image of then obviously you know that’s wrong but. If you’re just creating some content and you feel like you’re adding some comedic value or your content is transformative in that it alters or changes or add something new to said content and you’re getting crapped on for that that is a huge problem.

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Its Not Just The Money Aspect That

is very important though why in the world would you want to work hard on something that you deserve to earn something for and then have some faceless person out there at some studio sitting behind a computer make money off of you. Obviously that is not a good thing but the larger issue is just about the fact that I’m seeing content creators get stepped on and it bothers me because I am a content creator. I I see comments. I see comments okay I see people look at my channel and they say well. Chris Tuchman.

This Chris Tuchman Daddy Has 600,000

subscribers or whatever and he doesn’t have to worry about it guys it’s not true Yes. I have found some success doing what I what I love talking about film, but it’s not like I just woke up and had this I still deal with copyright claims every few weeks and I’ve dealt with them for the past seven years. There isn’t a day that goes by it’s something Doug said. In this video there’s no day that goes by when I feel like maybe I shouldn’t.


I just want to do a laid-back discussion video on something that is very relevant right now . I’m not going to do too much editing to this video. I want to make it more real and just kind of like hey. What’s going on guys so I haven’t done a discussion video for a while and I really kind of miss it.& There’s a lot of talk right now around the UK community about fair use fair use is essentially you can use copyrighted material in regards to satire parody criticism, commentary or education . The problem is larger channels and smaller channels here on.& are getting very adversely affected by copyright claims copyright strikes. Some of them have even gotten their channels removed without actually knowing what’s happening. The same thing happened with Doug Walker, who I’ve met and is a super nice guy.& I’m privileged to know. He was one of my initial inspirations to know him often and I’m proud to know . He was an early adopter of…. Click here to read more and watch the full video