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You Got The Wrong Movie Blumin Wanna

fight only God forgives is directed by Nicolas Winding refa and stars Ryan Gosling, Kristin Scott Thomas and an extremely talented actor whose name I cannot pronounce I apologize. This is a interesting movie to describe the plot of this movies rather difficult to really sum up quickly essentially you have a man whose brother is killed and it’s a very complicated situation. You’re not exactly sure who’s on the right side who’s on the wrong side. What exactly do you do in this situation and it starts a revenge path that leaves Julianne played by Ryan Gosling on a strange metaphorical dreamlike journey through some very violent occurrences. I think that’s my best way that I can describe this movie actually now you guys may know this was actually my most anticipated movie of 2013 I loved Drive.

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I Have.

have seen only a handful of films since Drive that I actually think are better than Drive. I really loved that movie and I know a lot of people think it’s overrated and Don’t enjoy it and that’s perfectly fine now. This film is available on demand right now and in theaters. I personally downloaded it off of the Vudu app on myNK] 3 and I watched it at home and I got to tell you when it downloaded to my Ps3.

I Sat There With A Controller About To

press play and this is what was going through my head only. God forgives is downloaded to myNK] 3 and I’m about to watch it. Oh my God if you haven’t seen troll to see it a lot of people were like Stuckman is gonna like this movie no matter what he’s gonna think everything about it’s perfect. It’s perfect and he’s not gonna have any flaws with it because he’s a dr fanboy Only God forgives is not a perfect movie. It really isn’t.

It Has A Lot Of Flaws.

There are things about the movie that didn’t work and there are things about the movie that were very impressive visually especially visually. This movie looks incredible give me a movie that looks this beautiful over a green screen UK fest any day. I’m telling you the cinematography in this movie is astoundingly beautiful. The use of lighting is just immaculate and that’s clearly a humongous talent of Nicolas Winding referent he knows what to do with the camera.

He Can Create A Very Mesmerizing Scene

and there are lots of them and only forgives. The movie opens and I was just instantly like riveted by the first like 10-15 minutes of this movie I was just. to the screen because it was so well made okay, so the movie looks good, how does it sound beautiful. The soundtrack by Cliff Martinez is just euphoric and really cool and got this great bead going on in the background a lot of the time and very deep and dark as well. And I just love the way this movie looked and sound aesthetically.

This Movie Is The Best Looking Movie Ive

seen so far this year without a doubt substance that’s where we run into our problem. The character isn’t only God forgives aren’t really characters. All of them are sort of like metaphors for various things. The character of the cop in the movie I kind of viewed him as a metaphor for God because he is this all-powerful guy who isn’t really even a cop because I I know they say he’s a cop, but he. Do anything that cops do he kills whenever he wants He tortures he does things that cops just don’t do he lets people kill people all the time he just he’s not really a cop, so if you look at this movie from a straightforward factual realistic sense.

Youre Gonna Hate It, But Theres A Lot

of metaphors going on in this film. There are certain scenes in the movie that could be dreamlike that might have happened that are existential. It’s all very different okay if you don’t like art movies or if you didn’t like drive you’re going to hate this movie. I mean because this movie makes Drive look mainstream seriously. If people complain that Ryan Gosling didn’t talk enough in Drive.

Theyre Gonna Watch Only God Forgives And

think that he’s saying stairway to heaven and drive I mean he barely says anything in this movie. He has lines that propel the story along, but certainly none that propelled his character along you Don’t really get to know him as a character and that brings you back to what I said earlier the characters in this, but we don’t really feel like characters or people they feel like metaphors did I like it Overall. I would say that I was very interested as I watched this movie. There were aspects of this movie that I really liked. I can’t say I loved the movie.

There Were Things About It That

really bugged me that didn’t make sense that I didn’t think had to be there. I know Nicholas winning Roughen has said that he has a fetish for violence and that is clearly seen and an over-the-top torture scene in this movie that just went too far now I love Drive that’s a pretty violent movie. The violence in that movie I felt had meaning for me When I watched only God forgives. There were certain violent scenes that felt like they were violent just to be violent without any meaning and that’s the kind of violence that I can’t stand that’s the kind of violence that disturbs me and that’s the kind of stuff and only God forgives that I did not like and it was really just one scene and then one shot in the movie that I felt were like not necessary okay that doesn’t have to go that far the acting in the movie is really strong. I mean Gosling is good it’s just he doesn’t really have anything to work with he is essentially something to propel the story along as I said he’s not really a character.

I Dont Really View Him As A

character because he really just feels. Like a metaphor for certain things, especially with the way the film ended, which is going to enrage a lot of people and there were certain aspects of it. That definitely bothered me where I just went really okay. I guess, but then I started thinking about it and I understood what he was trying to say and for that reason I was able to come to peace with the way the film ended. I just wished Nikolas winning Roughen would have made a slightly more straightforward story.

Im All For Art Films.

I love art films. I just wish that this film had a more cohesive story and characters that I could get more invested in that being said. There were moments in this movie that were truly masterful. I mean masterful like Stanley Kubrick great stuff going on here moments that really had me on the edge of.

My Seat That I Was Just Like

wow. I can see people watching this 50 years from now and thinking this is an absolute masterpiece. I mean this is just beautiful and for that reason, I can’t say this is a bad movie what I will say as it is disappointing and I wanted it to be better than it was. I didn’t expect it to be like Drive. I didn’t go into this movie expecting that I just wanted a good movie.

Its Just Not Quite What I

wanted it to be only. God forgives is a beautiful looking movie with a terrific soundtrack. Some good performances. It’s honestly a movie that I’d like to see again to examine more for that reason. I’m going to give the film a b-minus.

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I Do Think That It Is A

film worth seeing I do think it’s a film that you. Examine if you’re interested in filmmaking if you’re interested in the art of film. However, mainstream audiences will hate this movie. They will hate it. They will hate it.

You Understand Me.

They will hate it and I’m not going to be surprised at all because most people hate it drive to don’t care but I got to give major props to winning referent for making such a beautiful movie for being courageous about the stories he’s trying to tell are going away from the whole studio thing from not caring about what other people say I do think however, that Nikolas winning reference should definitely hold back on some of the more violent aspects of this film that aren’t necessary. If we’re going to put violence in a movie make it have meaning make it have a meaning to the story. I feel like some of the aspects of. This film did and then some didn’t and I also know that there were a lot of things that he was trying to tell throughout this movie that I get because he said it publicly in interviews like this is what I wanted to do here.

This Is What I Wanted To

do with this but that’s one thing if you say that’s what you’re trying to do if your film doesn’t really explain that to the viewer or at least make it clear there are some problems there so I can’t say it’s a perfect movie and there you go guys if you thought I was going to love the movie you were wrong. I gotta be honest with you guys all the time and remember this I’m not just gonna love a movie just because I was hyped for it. I’ll be honest with you no matter what. Thanks as always guys for watching if you see the movie.

Im Very Interested In Knowing What You Think

about it. It’s definitely gonna divide viewers it even divided me a little bit. I still got to think about a lot and I’ll probably watch it again in the next few days, but as always guys thanks for watching and if you like this you can click right here and get stuck mine eyes Oh.


Wanna fight only God forgives is directed by Nicolas Winding refa and stars Ryan Gosling, Kristin Scott Thomas and an extremely talented actor whose name I cannot pronounce I apologize . The film is available on demand right now and in theaters and available on Vudu on myNK] 3 . Stuckman is not a perfect movie. It has a lot of flaws. It really isn’t.& This movie looks incredible. Give me a movie that looks this beautiful over a green screeching green screen. I got to tell you when it downloaded to my Ps3. I sat there with a controller about to press play and this is what was going through my head only. I’m about to watch it only. You got the wrong movie blumin Wanna Fight Only God Forgives. I don’t want to see it. I can’t see it again. I love it. It’s perfect and he’s not gonna have any flaws with it because he’s a dr…. Click here to read more and watch the full video