Onlyfans model and mother of 2 is barred from volunteering at a local school


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All Right Next One When Your Only

fans account returns to haunt you . There’s been many cases where people are saying Hey, you know what this person has an only fans. There was a woman that quit her church. I think she was a nun or something like that she quit her church to go do the only fans thing. This is a woman who who has has doing the only fans thing and she tries to.

She Tries To Um Volunteer At A

school and she’s told no because somebody kind of ratted her out on this stuff and and here’s again where you’re banging heads with society. There’s half of society that says look well maybe it’s like three thirds. The first third says hey this is empowering. This is strong. You know adults you know spicy work is is is work and we should support.

It Then Theres The Third Thats Kind Of

like you know like do whatever just I don’t care just keep it your business. Don’t put it push your thoughts on me just leave me alone about it. But I’m kind of middle of the road libertarian like you do you. I don’t care if you make money off of it great and then there’s a third that are like I think this is bringing down society. I’m I used to be the middle part.

But Now There Is Part Of Me Thats

kind of like this kind of we are having problems with society and I think this kind of looseness with with everything is is bringing some problems. But there’s one thing that makes me really dislike this story or dislike this situation and and you’ll when I there’s one sentence in here and when I read it you’ll. You’ll just shake your head and and be like man it. It must be good to be a woman and and and we’ll get there it’s not far away. So Florida mom there’s a shock Florida.

Florida Mom Says Shes Been Banned From Volunteering

at kids school because she’s on the only fan site. A mother from Florida says she was told she could no longer volunteer at your children’s elementary school due to having an only fans page let me put a pause there. I’m okay with that. I mean you’ve got somebody that is very you know out there publicly and having that around elementary school kids. I think look I would not want a a a spicy worker.

I Would Not Want A Woman Of The

night working with my children. I just wouldn’t um so I’m okay that they say hey you know what because of this her involvement with this with elementary school kids and I also wouldn’t want her really being involved with high school kids either because we’ve heard the stories of what some of the educators and these teen boys are doing they say During a press conference this week, Mom Victoria Trease told reporters that that a parent at her children’s school alerted staff to her account on only fans. The subscription service that has become popular thanks to its user-generated spicy content trees whose children are ages five and ten, so she is a mother herself said she regularly helps organize activities at the school, but claims she was banned after and the unidentified parent sent images from her subscription only page to administrators . This is this is spicy work and if this. Is available? I think there is a right to say Hey.

I Dont Think They Should Be Working

with minors now if you disagree with me if you disagree with me. Let me put a pause on it and put it This way let’s say there’s a guy that is out there putting out spicy pictures right of himself in an undressed state and him engaging in adult acts on video. Would you want him around your children and more specifically would you want him around young female children Now you can say Oh, I I’d be okay with that the two are not connected. The two are not correlated and I’d say you’re right but did you know on American airlines and other airlines. A single male like a male that has booked a ticket by himself such as me and and it doesn’t matter if he’s married or not I just mean a male adult flying alone cannot be seated next to any child that is a minor so a man so if I bought a ticket flying from I don’t know Miami to la and I get on the plane and the person next to me is a 12-year-old girl.

They Will Switch Seats Around And

I haven’t pulled up the story in a while but um if you if you do a search about adult male next to child on they won’t let them sit next to each other so then in the same vein if you say okay. If he’s putting out you know kind of spicy content online that shows him in an undressed state or perhaps engaging in naughty videos with somebody else then just playing along these same rules he wouldn’t be the society would not be okay with him being around probably being around young children well we again. I’m all about equal rules like if we’re going to do the rules equal let’s do them equal across the board in the same thing you can say okay well. She’s engaged in this kind of stuff. I do not want her around minor my minor children and that’s what the school board has decided.

She Says Nobody Has The Right

to judge what other people do for a living thirty-year-old tree said according to W-e-s-h, I feel judged and so isolated my answer to that is good you should feel judged now again I. work that you do? I don’t judge that you make money off of it You do you, but if you want to work with minors, people are going to look into what you do for a living and people are going to look at your other activities and they are going to judge you on it and again everybody that’s out there doing this stuff when they turn around and they say Oh well. I want to kind of get get away from this and re-engage in society in a normal fashion, but they’re holding this against me yes they will and it’s not written down anywhere. It’s just people make judgments of other people all the time look if I throw my hoodie up now I’m I’m five six. So I’m not a very intimidating person, but if I throw my hoodie up and pull my sleeves down and I have kind of dark clothing on and I’m leading two hundred and you know 100.

I Dont Know How Big Rottweilers Get

but they get pretty big let’s say. I got 120 pound 220 pound rottweilers. They have collars with spikes off of it and chains wrapped around my fists and these dogs are pulling and growling and I’m walking down the street. You’re going to look down the street and go that dude’s got some too crazy. They look like feral dogs and I don’t know he might be a psychotic crazy person.

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Im Gonna Walk To The Other

side of the street and then as you walk closer on me you might go Oh actually those aren’t spike collars. Those are just choke collars because he’s training his. Dogs and they’re not really rottweilers. They’re two black labs Oh and he’s like a five foot six. You know 40 something year old dude that I don’t know doesn’t have a lot of big muscles and you know goes hi how you doing and they go Oh.

Hes Not A Threat At All.

But there was that judge people will judge now are they bad for judging me for that no not necessarily. There are things that that kind of give you some pause now if you judge the people for the wrong reason, then you could say okay we maybe maybe we need to fix some things in society. But when you do spicy content online for money in front of strangers you need to be judged if you’re going to be working with minors you just you just do she said she was accompanied by her attorney. Mark Najim, who said they planned to sue the school district for at least one million dollars notice.

Shes Not Suing For The Right

to work with the kids that’s not what she’s Suing for she’s suing for money if she really just cared about like removing this stigma if she really cared about just working with the children, then she would she’s Suing for the rights to work with the kids, but no she’s suing for money now her being of only fans content creator I can’t be surprised that money is very important to her here’s the crazy thing they say well not not yet, but they say Neil James, nor the district Orange County public schools immediately responded to people’s requests for comment I was humiliated and I should not, and no one else should be concerned about what another parent does she explained I I just. love spending time with my kids. I have a great relationship with other parents and students okay, but that doesn’t mean that necessarily you need to be involved with those kids. According to Orlando Sentinel, Theresa alleges school officials told her she could no longer volunteer with the children. On October 13th.

However, She Says She Was Never Given A

formal letter, stating the decision. Theresa has been a member of only fans for two years said she has since received support from other parents at the school of course because progressivism progressivism. One minute of my job. One minute of my job a day is not my whole life. It’s not my life of being a mom or being a parent.

So One Minute Of My Job.

A day is not my whole life, so she’s saying she basically does her only fans content for a minute a day. snapping off some pictures or whatever she says I think everybody’s just floored she added because they’re like we know you we know who you are now here’s what’s crazy um did I miss the sentence. I must have missed the sentence, but it’s here let me find it Oh come on sorry for this. I saw it in here, but maybe I had it in another article and this is what makes me so she says she works a minute a day.

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Ill Just Tell You Because I Read It

in the other article. I can’t find it. She makes a hundred and fifty thousand dollars a month from the page. I think she said 150 000 a month, 150 000 a month that’s what 1. 75 1.

8 Million Dollars A Year And Shes Going To

go out and sue the school for a million dollars on top of that. If you’ve got that kind of money just sue the school to be able to work with the kids take it to a court and let the court decide, but no she’s going for more money makes Oh and now here’s a photo of her here’s a photo of her let me zoom out. She’s a mother of two and for those of you just listening. She’s heavily tatted butterfly tats and stuff on her belly on her arm on her other arm on her thighs on her calves um I mean you know I I I you know I’m ok like it’s a fair trade like if guys say you know.


A Florida mom says she’s been banned from volunteering at kids school because she’s on the only fan site . A mother from Florida says she was told she could no longer volunteer at your children’s elementary school due to having an only fans page . But there’s one thing that makes me really dislike this story or dislike this situation and you’ll. just shake your head and and be like man it.& It must be good to be a woman and and and we’ll get there it’s not far away. All right next one when your only fans account returns to haunt you.& There’s half of society that says look well maybe it’s like three thirds. I don’t care if you make money off of it great. Then there’s a third that are like I think this is bringing down society.& I used to be the middle part.& But now there is part of me that’s kind of like this kind of the middle of the way.& Don’t put it…. Click here to read more and watch the full video