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Today President Trump Releases His Opening Up America

guidelines We will get into the different phases of that also Michigan Governor, Gretchen Whitmer says Abortions are life-sustaining Hmm We’ll try to work out that calculation in our heads. We’ve got a lot to get into and it starts right now welcome to the news and why it matters. I’m Sarah Gonzalez today joined by conservative commentator Krantz Tinch field two days in a row. I love being here two days in a row. I got nothing else to do everybody thanks for being here welcome I’ll take what I can get something Oh yeah hey grant We’ve also got the blaze it comes own Aaron UK thanks for being here as well is this your you’re just here Cuz you also need to get out of that well.

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way or another He. up you see that you did dress that he’ll Friday You know you guys are all your kind of you have a theme going on with the shirt pattern and the tie pattern. We try to coordinate well for the what is that called Paisley Paisley. I’m trying to do real clothes at leaks like once or twice a week because the pajamas totally hide whether I’m getting fat or not well. I’m getting fat no matter why it is you’re a good monster but I know yesterday I was like t-shirt so today.

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for work today whatever all right President Trump is releasing his new or I should say has released yesterday his new opening up America guidelines that’s in three different phases so Phase one just to kind of hit the high points here really quickly. Phase one is a four states. Regions that satisfy the gating criteria. Individuals should continue to shelter in place. If you are vulnerable members of households with the vulnerable residents should be aware that returning to work where they can’t social distance they may be bringing pathogens home to their families.

All Individuals Went In Public Should Maximize Physical

distance. It says Don’t don’t get together with more than ten people minimize non–essential travel and adhere to UK guidelines. Employers continue to encourage telework if possible return to work in phases minimize non–essential travel and so on and so forth. Large venues can operate under strict physical distancing protocols, which will be very interesting to see how that happens that for instance, you know it’s a theater I like half the house yeah how so like how many people you’d have to sit next or a you know far apart how many seats do you have. How do you do that in the theater when you’ve got families who are going together who can sit together right so how do you reserve certain seats and leave enough room It’ll be interesting to see how that happens Phase two is for states and regions with no evidence of a rebound and that satisfy the gating criteria a second time.

Im Not Sure That There Are

any states or regions right now that fit that criteria no evidence of a rebound. I’m to understand that we’re all to expect that there will be some sort of rebound. Once we start going back to work yeah and I think that’s why they structure it that way They make you meet this first 14-day criteria and then if things don’t bounce back with that wave. They give you the requirement to pump the brakes, so that we don’t just spiral. of control? So I think it’s really a smart way to do it because it’s saying we’re gonna try this and if anything seems to get out of control.

Well Pull It Back For A Second

and then we’ll try it again and it just does. These two-week increments that I think places like maybe Texas or places in the Midwest that are not being hit as hard have a real chance to get things going again and in places like New York, which are in a much worse situation they can do it at their own pace as well. But it doesn’t really endanger anybody. It’s not reckless in the way that some people are accusing the president of being with this now grant schools in phase one as we just said no one’s ready for Phase two yet right we’re all starting at phase one Phase one schools. closed visits to Senior Living facilities still should be prohibited.

Gyms Can Open If They Adhere

to very strict sanitation guidelines and so forth and phase one or two. Phase one. Phase one bars wharton to me by the way yes, I know me as well back same bars should also rush also very important to me who’s what left open let me just say. Though school opening top of my list need my kid going back to school. Although I know he’s not going back to school at this point, there’s no way they’re going back to school.

It Ends In May So At This Point

we’ve got them through what August September God bless you parents out there we’re gonna get through it together somehow grant what are your thoughts on phase one where you know we’re all starting a phase one. All of these things are so. closed and prohibited so look I think we should have been in phase one for the very start of this and let the state’s decide what’s right for them. We took the New York City model and spread that straight across the country. I think it was a bad move.

I Think There Is Something To Be

said for making sure that those in the nursing homes are sheltered in place it looks like there’s evidence now that 57% of all corona related deaths globally we’re inside of nursing homes, so you take that and put them in place instead of shutting down an entire economy. You’re gonna minimize the amount of deaths and I would ask how many lives are being lost. While we shelter in place How many diagnosis is of cancer are being undiagnosed because you’re not going to the doctors. You’ve got liver and heart disease. Diabetes kidney disease how much of that is not is not being noticed or detected because people are staying home.

Theres An Another Cost Here Thats Not Being

measured and so I think we should have been a Phase one from the very start Yeah and the problem with having done what we did at first and now trying to do this gradual thing is that people’s expectations are in a different place and so now when these rebounds do inevitably happen in some places, people are gonna be panicked because a lot of people have this expectation and when things open up it’s going to be because there’s no danger at all and that was never going to be the case and so now we’re fighting against the expectations of people and trying to control their reaction. When you see a little bit of a spike in cases because. You open up some businesses no matter if we do this now or if we do this? In December that’s going to happen and people have to understand that about the way that we’re gonna roll things back out. That is a really great point because I feel like we are living in a society and now maybe some of this we can put on the mainstream media for not properly reporting why we’re actually supposed to be doing this which was too slow the the hospitals overload right to make sure the hospitals didn’t get overwhelmed not to make sure that you are not sick with disease and I think that that’s a real problem that at least that I’m seeing within the American public is that we are so scared of a disease that we don’t have a vaccine for that we don’t have a cure for that. We just don’t know what to do with ourselves and it’s like we’re getting to this point in society where Western medicine is so advanced.

We Think Somehow Were Going To Live Without

getting a disease or a virus ever again and it just couldn’t be farther from the truth. There was never any way to prevent people from being exposed to it. It’s about when they get exposed and will they have access to the treatment and so over the long term we’re probably still going to see a large amount of unfortunately cases and deaths from this but hopefully we can minimize some of those because they can get to the hospital. They can have a ventilator. They can get what they need.

But I Mean Im Still Really Not

on board with all of this as of yet know anything. I am I just saying the at least understand the reasoning behind it and the reasoning I think was flawed So there is a hospital crisis in America today due to Kovat and it’s not overwhelmed hospitals. It’s empty hospitals. There are hospitals everywhere across this country that are going to go out of business because they’re not doing elective surgeries people are not going to see the doctor they’re not overwhelmed like New York City is overwhelmed. You look at New York City.

They Said There Was A Ventilator Crisis There

and what happened every hospital that was asked. Do you need ventilators what do they do they did what typical liberals do. Of course, we need ventilators. Of course, we needed 40,000 ventilators No they didn’t need close to that many and so what happened the media jumped on board.

They Sensationalized This Whole Thing And Now As

you said errant people are scared, but what I want to tell people is not everyone needs to be scared as somebody else if you’re at a nursing home. I understand why you’re scared if you’re over 65 70 years old, An underlying condition I get you’re scared. I’m 51 years old I’m in great shape. You know what I’m not scared bring Corona on I get sick a little bit and I’ll recover and to your point about the empty hospitals.

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I Think Theres An Argument To

be made that we could have done a lot of the social distancing or the precautions without cancelling every other hospital procedure to where now places are closing. They’re having to lay off people because nobody can come in to get physicals or surgeries that aren’t life-threatening and things like that I don’t think we had to do that and so I hope. One of the first things that happens is that hospital start opening up these elective procedures again because people do need to you know preventive care and physicals and things like that to catch cancer or whatever there’s no reason to be holding that off you can still socially distance and do whatever precautions you need to while doing that and not crippling all these hospital. I think cloud or Abbott opened up elective surgeries in his statement today and phase one of President Trump’s plan elective surgeries can resume on an outpatient and inpatient basis at facilities that adhere to the guidelines so they will be opening that back up.

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Go back to the senior care facilities for a moment because I do find that to be a sickie situation at least in my head, hoping you guys can can help me figure this one out do you think that they should be restricted from leaving should they be quarantined because I look at that situation and I’m like if I signed up to live in a senior care for I mean. There are plenty of retirement communities where the people.


Today President Trump releases his opening up America guidelines We will get into the different phases of that also Michigan Governor, Gretchen Whitmer says Abortions are life-sustaining Hmm We’ll try to work out that calculation in our heads.& I’m trying to do real clothes at leaks like once or twice a week because the pajamas totally hide whether I’m getting fat or not well.& This is my job so I’m here one way or another He.& up you see that you did dress that he’ll Friday. He’ll Friday You know you guys are all your kind of you have a theme going on with the shirt pattern and the tie pattern. We try to coordinate well for the what is that called Paisley Paisleys.& We’ve also got the blaze it comes own Aaron UK. We’ve got a lot to get into a four states that satisfy the gating criteria.& Phase one is a four state that satisfies the gated criteria….. Click here to read more and watch the full video