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Hey Everyone The 2018 Oscars Are On

Sunday and we’re here with our final predictions for all the big awards who will win should win After the Best Picture is announced will moonlight somehow win again. We’ll get to our predictions but first welcome to new rock stars news deep dive into all the biggest stories this week. So we’re also gonna talk about Avengers infinity war some dark rumors about the UK cinematic world, the new record Ralph’s sequel trailer and more I’m Erik Bosse and joining me at the table here. Today are I’m, Tommy Bechtold and Yes I’ve gained weight say anything okay all right Blues a very fetching color on you. I’m Melina Yes I’ve gained weight and mod you don’t have to make any comment about your weight.

Dont Play That Game Yeah All Right Well

look the guys I’m Erik Voss I’m constantly gaining. weight yeah for depths of those seven grams will finally be taken off my 21 grams Okay let’s get started with our top story today guys the Academy Awards on Sunday of the many know-it-alls ranting about movies on UK I would venture to say that we here at new rockstars might be among the most thoughtful or obsessive. The line is very thin good tweeting those two things so before we tune in to the Oscars let’s give our final predictions of what movies we think will take home the big awards and guys Let’s start with the top two categories Best Picture and Best Director. There are nine movies nominated for Best Picture Call me by Your name, the Darkest hour we’re just darkest hour Dunkirk get out Lady Bird Phantom thread the post the shape of water in three billboards outside Abbey Missouri and of those nine. Them are nominated for Best Director Christopher Nolan for Dunkirk Jordan_Peele” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener”>Jordan Peele for Get Out Greta Gerwig for Ladybird Paul Thomas Anderson for the Phantom thread and given Otoro for his shape of water.

Oftentimes The Movie That Wins For Best

Director also wants her Best Picture, but in recent years Academy voters have somehow concluded that the best directed movie isn’t necessarily the best movie. We’ve talked a lot about many of these movies on this channel, but I’m curious to know from you guys which of these films do you predict will win. Best Picture and director and which do you think should win Best Picture and director will win just saying on Best Director for a second because it’s alright Del Toro is gonna win that yeah it’s it’s have you noticed it’s one of those things or it’s like it’s his time legacy Yeah I would want Greta Gerwig to him. I just think like she’s amazing and if she won more movies like Lady Bird and the movies that Greta Gerwig makes would get made. So I’d be cool Best Picture Yeah I’ll give it the shape of water too even though I don’t want it to I’d say Dunkirk is a very interesting picture which sometimes works really well with people with voters.

Toms Giving Me The Eyebrows Which Is My

sign to wrap it up. Dunkirk was the most popular on UK which has predicted things before but. Who knows about trends does right now only Mexicans win Best Director actually so ah maybe that’s that’s more important okay well. I think it’s gonna be. I think it’s going to be a shape of water-clean sweep.

I Want It To Be A

Dunkirk clean sweep. That was my favorite movie that I saw I thought it was also just directing why I seem like such a difficult movie to direct Yeah a consistent timelines yeah consistent like the way that it just slowly evolves like I mean you can kind of figure it out at the beginning that that’s the the setup, but then the way that they start to weave together. I just really and also the movie just made me anxious the whole time like ticking phone that’s my eye my piece. There There solid lines be using different speeds of a story, but in a larger piece knowing how to place them in order to attention yeah, It’s a true toss-up this year. I don’t know I feel like in past years it’s come down to like a couple films like I could see any of these nine for the most part going home with it A director seems like a pretty clear lock I mean for the Directors Guild Awards Guillermo del Toro did take home and the producers guild a shape of water one so those tend to be pretty strong indicators at least for director because it’s a smaller pool of people who are voting on that category of her picture.

They Have A Ton Of Different People

who like any past winner, I think gets to be an academy voter anyone who is listed as a producer on. past winner and that’s it’s a huge group of people are voting and they turn you before was something like only the people that had one could vote but it was and it was like 99% white Yeah. I think since they have taken some efforts in recent years to diversify the voting pool for Best Picture I’m hoping that my pick for Best Director and picture get out will take at home Jordan Peele. I think it’s great I think he he’s still kind of a rookie. I think in many directors eyes so maybe they’ll kind of wait to see what what he does for his next couple pictures before giving him the win.

But I Think For Picture Ike

I could see it taking home. It is it’s a very relevant. It’s a very socially conscious movie. It’s very well manufactured film and it it breaks a. lot of molds in terms of what genre UK and Jordan posted.

I Successfully Wrote A Movie Where

a black guy kills a white-rich family and the audience is applauding such a good what a reason though that I would say that I think he’s not gonna win Best Director. Even though it’s a picture the second place is really cool. You know it’s not that outside of what other directors could come up with but yeah that screenplay the fact that it makes us feel every emotion yeah, and also I mean I wrote something with him to where he was talking about. He literally did 400 drafts of that scream 400 drafts of anything Yeah. So I think you’re gonna give him Best Screenplay that’s my guess even though it he’d be great, but he’s got a long career.

Yes Yeah, A Lot Of Great

themes in. That maybe as well, I mean the thing that saved Daniels character was he was picking cotton and the reason why a deer motif yeah harm a reason I saw this one twice well. You lived a real life with puzzles and games as a boy that’s the reason. My family doesn’t talk to me the live ones the dead ones do, though they still got to weird and they made into cocoa right that’s a end of story. Everyone watched my games became part of Cocoa, Yeah Cocoa best animated Baldwin picture okay shaver water.

I Think Its Gonna Clean Up As Well

a Best Picture Best Director but I want Christopher Nolan to win. I think Yes earned it. He’s really done the legwork and it’s his time. But I want coming by your name to win best movie Yes film really I loved that movie it just. got me in the field.

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I Thought It Was So Relaxed And

well done. I actually think it was a lot better than Lady Bird and I loved Lady Bird. I just think it was much better put together. It was visually stunning it just tight tied it all together a lot better and then took risks instead of you know a teenage girl fighting with her mom ha I lived that you know and I kind of related with that, but I think if it seems that the Academy is pushing the envelope a little bit more pun intended than before, especially since you know we haven’t really seen much from James Franco and he’s maybe disaster artist it’s not really there. He is so I think call me by your name.

Its Time Do You Have A Beautiful

gay love story well Yeah, I think it’ll wait and my guess is it would take adapted screenplay Yeah away from Logan. Unfortunately, but you know it sucks when they put a mic in competition, but yeah, I know I do think they’re gonna acknowledge it I actually though wonder if for the same reasons if it’s like you know we got a pic as a voter, what political movement am I going on right a gay love story. I the the get out story or and that’s why I think yeah I think three billboards might have a better chance to win Best Picture. It did win for the UK Awards right Yeah and I think that is kind of a movie that might be if you think what the a political movement might be the dominant one at this year What’s. the his mystical movement Yeah Yeah Yeah! I think it’s definitely bringing the coal industry back yeah so is there any is there any coal through the escape clause.

Santa Clause Three.

The escape clause is my new pick her best picture ever well so those are kind of our pet. Let us know what your picks would be what you think should and will win and in the comments below but for now let’s move on to the acting categories We’ve already talked about some of these here for Best Actor the nominees are Timothy Shiloh May for called me by your name Daniel Day-lewis for Phantom thread his final role he announced he’s retiring Daniel Kalu you forget out Gary Oldman for darkest hour in Denzel Washington for Roman Jay Israel Esquire Okay for Best Actress there’s Sally Hawkins for the shape of water Frances UK for three. Outside of a Missouri Margot Robbie for I Tanya Saoirse Ronan for Lady Bird and Meryl Streep for the post I know I’m listing here we’re almost done for a Best Supporting Actor there’s William Dafoe or Willem Dafoe for the Florida Project Woody Harrelson for three Billboards Richard Jenkins for the shape Water Christopher Plummer for all the money in the world and Sam Rockwell for three billboards and then for Best Supporting Actress. There’s Mary J blige from Mud bound Allison Janney for UK Tanya Lesley Manville for random Thread Laurie Metcalf for Lady Bird and Octavia Spencer for the shape of water so what are your guys’s picks for what you think will win and what do you think should win For these categories.

We List Them Straight For Two

minutes yeah but I’ll only make it now I know somebody let’s go yeah. Maude sweet alrighty. For best actor who will win Gary Oldman won everything well underwent a huge transformation for this role. I feel like we’ve done Winston Churchill to death personally. I mean if you’ve seen the ground get dominated with gold yeah It’s it.

I Think I Agree On Oldman He Seems

to be another one. He’s like legacy wins right there really went giving him the trophy for his body of work and do you see that name on a list like how is he not won an Oscar before I don’t know this is his best one role that he played Gary Oldman who should win Best Actor Daniel Kalia. He’s great. I thought he was so amazing he actually picked up at the UK the Best Newcomer and that’s a voted yeah and I know I wish he had sympathies generally I think would be amazing in that category. Because he’s only 21 years old, and I think he’s the youngest guy in about 60 years or 63 years to be nominated for Best Actor so that’s a huge feat in itself, but you put him up next to Gary Oldman.

Youre Like Come On Yeah, Its Not

really comparable. The best actresses often kind of have like a surprisingly young girl. They’ve got to grow into this yeah and then little girls if they play creepy it’s like done it’s so easy to just play yeah. Daniel Scalia is it said something that like the most memorable image from get out is just like his face was crying as he’s like in this trap state. He’s his faces are so expressive.

You Know That Role Really Took It Out

of him because he went to a dark place to do that and it was shot after shot and. He’s just like guys like the sadness is really in me yeah Yeah he really got to him mm-hmm so much about that movie works and like it’s still interesting that if he’s not replaceable in that role like I can’t imagine that movie working as well with anyone else in that part. I mean he would be one of my picks for should win. I agree that Oldman probably will win. I also think I mean I’m always just a big fan of D-day You know like did a Louis like I think it was great a phantom threat and he did so much in this role that he hasn’t done before there’s not like he isn’t showed UK you can’t retire and then come back for the role like I don’t know Apparently he was like oh I’m going to retire to become a fashion person.

Hes A Share Of The Johnny Farnham

thing is it’s like that for me commit summer camp goes to yeah so that’s why it rules it up for me. I don’t like that commit commit clear enough. I think well. I agree I think that all the indications point to Gary Oldman winning but I do think like and to go back to the other things that we previously discussed we were like ruling out the weird like Oscar just doing a full reverse course and this phantom threading everything and being like give it to get with a queen sweep Yeah like we’re gonna get cuz. It came in so late in the game to like it like even screening wise came in so late in the game like it knocked it bumped a bunch of other people out that had been nominated for Golden Globes completely out of the categories.

So The Least Political Of Them

to it’s the easiest like you really couldn’t argue it I guess like, but you it would be frustrating for me and I think I’m gauging from over every all of us. Here would be most frustrated by it, but I wouldn’t be surprised unfortunately, but I think yeah I think it’ll probably go to Rome and Jay is real ya know I saw it I saw from the trailer and I have to admit. I did not see that movie and I was like Oh. This should just be called going. It was like when Hilary Swank did the Amelia Earhart movie I was like they should just call this like going for the Oscar.

Shes Clearly Going For The Oscar Going For

an Oscar this week. I mean when we look at best we liked in the Washington Tommy. I like the Washington” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener”>Denzel Washington but Denzel Washington State not the city a lot of people get them confused for Best Actress. The consensus seems to be going around Frances UK who really did carry three billboards. It’s such like a huge role for her and she does kind of like loom larger than the movie itself in a lot of ways and she’s such a great actress she’s been in so many great films so she’s definitely earned it and yeah I don’t see a Fargo two pointer really isn’t it yeah in a way instead of being the police she’s challenging police yes yes she wears it and she’s already I think one for one of the ones leading up to it whether it be a UK Her critics UK yeah, but she’s quite political as well.

So In Lewis The Conversation About

who’s gonna make a stand. She’s gonna get up there and use her speech to kick some ass I feel Yeah I really think the female roles this year were in my opinion more interesting, including the Best Supporting Actress which I think out I’m kind of torn between Laurie Metcalf from Lady Bird and Allison Janney Fries Yeah Jani is just so great and like I love her and everything that she’s in school than me do you know how few women are taller than me Yeah. There’s about set yes yeah that’s what I would totally I think you’d toaster Yeah I don’t know yep and looking at I played basketball before and I just give the other opponent the Bulbul yeah me down technically Meyer yeah Yeah I’m a nice person all it is so you’re going Franny Mac yeah your mom Annie Annie Mac is that printer Oh like a Nickelodeon. Show the is even funny men do that to get the award Yeah Yeah! I think we don’t with actress and any other best actress she’s not getting it and then also Margot Robbie did a great job. Margot Robbie came at Movie was Bonkers, saying Margot Robbie’s gonna win one yeah At some point.

I Think Yes Absolutely Our Suicide Squad-Yeah

Harlem City kind of the standout, especially playing against type no Yeah Yeah and the the Best Supporting Actor category. It seems to be the the big supporting parts from three billboards seem to be dominated between Woody Harrelson and Sam Rockwell for these parts Yeah I mean my I think Sam Rockwell tends to be the one like people are still kind of getting used to the fact that Woody Harrelson’s taking on some more serious roles so but Sam Rockwell has been playing eleven. eleven interesting roles. Over the course of his career, he seems to be the favorite. I would say probably should win and I don’t know my opinion would win.

Its A Very Difficult Role For Him To

play not a very likeable person. I mean again you’ve got Christopher Plummer, who came in and rescued and saved a movie from the Kevin Spacey Saga and he shot it in what seven night ten days exactly someone pointed out to me that if Christopher Plummer wins it destroys everything. Everyone’s ever said about the craft of acting Yeah Yeah it’s like you just like shows up and like what are the lines for best actor and then also Christopher there’s basically saying none of this really matters how you do this Yeah just feed me. He’s like that whole everyday hero just like line Louis consistent character for every one day. I’ll find it let’s move on now to talk about some movies that came out this year That maybe didn’t have the luck to get an OScar nomination that we thought were really good.

Maybe Just The Politics Of The Nominating

process went against them sure right off that I have to say that how is Blade Runner 2049 not all over yeah. These nominations that movie is not even a movie It’s like transcendent. It’s on another level that’s how I thought about interstellar it’s like the last time. I said that where it’s like you’re not just watching a film and this doesn’t even study like so much is happening in this blade. Over 20 49 checks off everything I could think of what would make a Best Picture and it drove me nuts that it wasn’t on there.

I Also Throw Out There Really

quick data Ingrid. goes west actually it’s actually a really like it It’s get out like a little bit the weights it makes me feel and Aubrey Plaza honestly like if she was gonna be now and it like I feel like it could be for a character like that not like her safety not guaranteed Yeah character were more one where she just goes out there and really plays hard but yeah Both those movies are really great you should check them out. It’s great especially if you are an Instagram celebrity and want to be terrified for your life Yeah I guess I won’t watch it I feel bad for baby driver it’s the Kevin Spacey syndrome again where it’s a great movie there’s great acting in it the editing and the music the soundtrack combined really really well done. Edgar Wright. It’s an amazing director, but of course you can’t.

Touch You Cant Go Near It Kevin

Spacey speakers on it already seem to be the two most punished movies because have one person’s misdeeds Jon Hamm because I barely remember Kevin Spacey on this way like as part of that movie that the movie is so much more than Kevin Spacey yeah yeah, and if you think like a movie like all the money in the world might have actually benefited for because I don’t know if Christopher Plummer would have been nominated if not this narrative behind the movie propelling them into that role. I think that’s often the case. We look at movies like Baby driver and even like Blade Runner 2049. That narrative and the story of the movie end up becoming what gets it into these categories and these nominations not so much like the content of the movie itself. Michelle Williams should have gotten.

At Least A Nod Sure She Did

such an amazing job twice Yeah we that movie so I think that that’s a real shame that that’s like the whole scandal over it really kind of put her performance in the shadows A little Yeah. Unfortunately, she’s she’s great. She feels like one of the most punished actresses out there like she just like could never win it even in her roles even on Dawson‘s Creek. She was like the most it was like should have done something Yeah I was surprised with how you know as a non-horror fan myself not even not a horror fan. A person who’s too afraid to watch horror movies.

I Thought That Hit Hit.

It was so universally beloved by horror fans and was considered this masterpiece. I was shocked that it didn’t get any recognition at all. Although I guess maybe it’s. a hard movie to nominate because there’s it’s such an ensemble performance so you can’t really give out individual nominations and then though the kids in that movie like not all of them, but most of them are really good Yeah Yeah, It’s one that’s they like horror.

In Addition To Like Sci-Fi And Superhero

movies tends to be unappreciated. Yes feels like some people were like tricked into like they’re like well. Maybe It’s more of just a thriller yeah and then we can nominate it and then well. Let us know down below what your snubs and your eyes are We’re from these nominations and what movies that you think will win on Sunday, What do you think should win and what movies that you think we should all go out and see even if they aren’t really part of this whole Oscar campaign world yeah and and and we’ll see what happens on Sunday Hopefully our ballots will end up doing well if you’re into that whole thing but before we move on to our trivia question this week I wanted to quickly update you guys on some big news I dropped this week. Avengers infinity war will be released a week earlier than planned in the U.

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moving up from May 4th to April 27th for my Dad’s birthday Avengers. man do you like Super Super Hunk He loves hogs. This is an ounce on a Jokey Twitter exchange between Robert Downey, Jr. and Marvel Studios accounts the movie will now premiere in America at the same time.

It Does Around The World And It Gives

Marvel an agressive head. Start to the summer movie season gives us a chance to avoid those spoiler tweets from our friends in Pakistan please stop doing that to us guys we watch movies a week after you do Oh we don’t have the answers to your questions, but giving Sam our friend a little less time to get through his UK re-watch that looks what I mean but it’s Daebak right what are you doing so. This makes sense yeah I don’t want to compete well. Let’s move on to this week. ‘s trivia question okay so we’re it’s an Oscar themed trivia question.

Know Youre Yeah The Grouch Or Office

yeah Okay so here we go of all the UK or Marvel superheroes to appear in Oscar-nominated films. Batman has appeared in the most six movies which Superhero has appeared in the second most Oscar-nominated films. So I think we’re looking not at nominations. Number of films that achieved Oscar nominations after Batman, who has appeared in six movies that have had that accolade which Superhero has appeared in the second most number of films. I have no idea what this actual hero for the name of the Superhero Superhero who has on the side and so there have been six Batman movies to get Oscar nominations.

Okay Okay What Other Lets Think Of

all the other superheroes. We know that would be appeared in movies. They’ve been, for example, several X-men movies name a superhero who has appeared after Batman in the second most number of films that have gotten Oscar nominations for those movies acting on the side got it Yeah I think you’re the only person who is confused by that Tommy’s just ready to the name again great so we’re all writing our answers right now write your answer down below in the comments and don’t skip ahead to the end of the video wait you know and see if you if you’re right Don’t look at us. Suicide Squad got nominated Suicide Squad Diggit nominee that was one of the six Batman movies that was he did up here in okay well Later so We’ll review the answer to our trivia question the closest as decided by our judges will do our sign up goodbyes at the end of video if multiple people get. Right well, we’ll figure that out when we get there and then the winner will get to do our sign up goodbyes whatever dumb new character they’re trying out.

Meanwhile, The Loser Will Have To

cleverly riff on in other news the winner doesn’t have to do a new character. Eric’s version of winning is he gets to do a new character right which you do whatever you want what reward could be better just Erickson voices Wow maybe he’s just a little shy and either way the question. All questions are only declarative statements are on it’s gonna be like Johnny Five okay well speaking of Batman let’s move on to another potential big story that dropped this week. Some rumors about some very bad news that is about to break concerning Warner Brothers in the UK cinematic world they can’t take it this week. John Can’t be a cryptically announced on his open mic podcast that he is a hundred percent certain over some upcoming bad news regarding the UK that what caused the fans to lose their minds and it could come out in the next month, or he said next six months We’ll see why Don’t like that there but this has caused some wild speculation surprise surprise and yeah Ben a suspicion that Johnny boy just likes indulging that hot hot Goss as much as the rest of us do similar speculum what this is now in the past similar scoops of his included the the rumors about Ben Affleck possibly leaving and that Jake Gyllenhaal might take over the character of Batman.

So People Are Assuming That This Isnt What

the thing he’s been teasing so guys let’s dish let’s do some bas guys here who think the work what. Do you think the worst possible news for fans of the UK movies would be to hear right now? I want to talk about the credibility of the people making these Lander statements because usually in the comic book usually in in the hero superhero space. When it comes to movies it’s berto Gonzalez. I think his name is who is he heroic Hollywood. He has for the last decade bidden building up sources and so I usually believe what he has to say a little bit more.

John Campea Has Worked For I Think Uk

and in Collider for about half a decade and so I’m not entirely sure who his sources are and it’s a little bit of a broad thing. To say that I’m a hundred percent certain that something’s gonna happen under percent certain of anything. Then they went and someone took that soundbite and I. think it was the rap and said that he said that Matt Reeves was leaving the band and then he had are you going up and down, but then so yes so The rapper wrote an article. I think that was over Collider no that was his own company anyway regardless.

They Quoted Him Out Of Context

saying that Matt Reeves was leaving the Batman for sure so then he had to go back and say that’s not what I said and kind of even admit not admit but just say like it was just I’m just making a statement something Bad’s gonna happen which feels like whenever. There’s a movie that takes place in medieval times and there’s like a town witch and the witch really feels like a bad for like your family is cursed right before they burn her. The Sun falls off the horse John Campea. Is a witch and and Matt Reeves did say on Twitter people said say it ain’t so any responded saying it ain’t so like so that’s clearly not what he would be discussing. I don’t even know what else who did bad news obviously, but if Jake Gyllenhaal that is not the worst thing ever that it’s not a bombshell It’s pretty much what we were kind of waiting maybe wait forever it’s just gonna be shelved or is it like something you guys know the directors of that are the directors of game night Yes Yeah, the guys who did they brought Spider-man homecoming right super funny idea yeah we’ll see I mean I don’t really know I think there’s it’s really easy just to trigger.

These Uk Fanboys Out There With

any kind of bad news that are happening Cuz They’re so quick to just assume Warner Brothers. Gonna ruin their favorite characters. I think it’s easy to kind of indulge in like Bad things are on the horizon guys easy prediction as well. Something is bad happening with UK movies, which is the narrative it’s been the narrative and it was well. Let’s move on to some brighter news from the UK cinematic world.

Another Update From This Week Guys Leaked Step

photos of what looks like Zachary Levi and costume on the set of Shazam Let’s take a look here. Oh looks like the movie will not be holding back this bright red and yellow a right red and gold color scheme on in the comics colors that bright jingle all the way over here look at their big. Another sequel to that that’s not Larry the Cable Guy guys I I’m just happy to see it. I mean Levi has compared the tone of this. movie to something close to the guardians of the Galaxy with or Ragnerok thoughtfully that light-hearted colorful tone will perk things up over on the UK side Yeah He looks like guest on from being the base man what about those boots in the question it’s it’s good.

Ive Been Desperate To Have A Superhero Role

for a very long time. I gotta wonder is this maybe the kind of scene where it’s like just kidding that’s not gonna be and also like a little bit of trivia I got from John Campea. Those boots were actually made by Daniel Day-lewis his character and the Phantom threat but another thing to look forward to in this movie that I keep forgetting thin wool part Mike from stranger things and Richie from it will be playing the young Billy Batson all right well let’s move on to another game caller if. Another big story from this week Wreck-it Ralph-, also known as Ralph Breaks. The Internet has a new trailer released by Disney this week showing Ralph and Vanellope ‘s new adventures as they surf the worldwide web we’re going through tubes.

This Trailer Is Full Of Little Easter

eggs and references that are pretty great let’s break down this trailer and point out all these missable details. We’re gonna run through quickly here we go okay first this shot of lit wax Arcade tells us that the second movie takes place six years after the first the sign says happy 11th birthday Susie Susie with a V o which is a callback to the sign in the first movie when it said Happy 5th birthday Susie Susie with the Venus really love this arcade. She comes here every year all right also once we go inside of the arcade. A bunch of details the arcade games include Pac-man Space Invaders Virtua Cop also the made for the movie ones Sugar Rush and Fix-it Felix Jr. that wreck Ralph is in simpler better times right the box for this guy’s new UK router says 800 or 8000 percent faster ish and the router sits atop a Dragonslayer video game that was in stranger things Season 2 If remember Yeah Now inside inside Litwack office you can see collectable Yoda and Chewbacca plates and this computer looks like that 90s era UK with the you know remember with the color body and the UK UK adapter and on the desktop for that computer.

One Of The File Says Letter

to Nana, which is a callback to the first movie when Litwack made a joke about his Nana had gone cuckoo and had to be taken out to pasture inside the Internet. of Easter Eggs referencing different websites just to list the ones we spot and quickly there’s Alison e Hulu Cisco UK UK UK National National Geographic UK. They’re also a few parody sites like the Daily Roast for the Daily Beast smashable for Mashable expect you for Expedia and Buzz food for UK which feels like it probably already exists like UK already gotta have this tasty yeah ok there you go and one of the things being auctioned off atNK]. This is fun is the genies Lamp from Aladdin notice how it’s going for 35 bucks that’s a probably and out of the joke House Lamp was like considered worthless. At the beginning of Aladdin.

There Are Also Cameos From Surge Protector

and Qbert. Those Those were characters in the first movie and various internet jokes about pop-up ads and clickbait clickbait headlines and if you look closely the background. There’s a pretty dirty joke with a help desk providing services for unzipped services and history clearance feel like I’d be at that all the time gross and this ending bit with a pancake milkshake game. It’s pretty pretty great. It’s very reminiscent of the exploding Man Gag and Monty Python’s the meaning of life.

I Love It And A Lot Of

people have actually pointed out that the little girl playing this game in the back of her car on the UK is the same character design as baby Moana. Now It could be a coincidence, but this movie was animated and written by the same exact team that did Moana so it’s probably an intentional Easter egg game if it screws with the continuity, What do you guys think Wrecker Alf too will succeed when it comes to Internet humor where things like maybe the Emoji movie version already play a 1 when it comes to Easter eggs and the eighties cold Yeah and all that kind of stuff but wreck-it Ralph was before ready play 1. So I think it’s really timely did it really well. The first time the humor was on point. I believe it’s the same team that also did Frozen Yeah The same yes.

She Did The First Record Round And She

went on a dead frozen Yeah yeah right okay yes she’s doing well. She actually did the screenplay for wrinkle in time as. Oh, Yeah! It’s a strange movie Yeah you don’t like Oprah being a blonde or what’s it’s too much rate Yeah well record Ralph I really did enjoy the first one and I was amazed at how many different like references they were able to fit in a movie. I am excited to see this I hopefully that like some of those internet humor things are very toned down and they they keep it more about like Yeah, It sounds like your parents talking about Yeah Cuz, How do you how do you encapsulate something as like huge as it’s our entire lives now or in the internet how it’s not like something your reference like magazines. She broke the internet by pouring champagne that’s old but like so they just very even making a joke about a meme Yeah The title from John Campea just let me know that.

New Rock Stars Is One Of

our first hosted videos on this channel. What about Kim Kardashian breaking the internet Oh nice well maybe they’ll have like a parody of Mean Girls I would believe in yourself odd well let us know what you’re most excited about for Ralph breaks the internet wreck-it Ralph to comment down below and hit us up on Twitter and as a reminder to subscribe to new rock stars for more trailer breakdowns videos about Pixar movies like The Incredibles and Coco in a really weird one about cars thanks everybody Alright guys now it’s time to move on to our new rock stars News lightning round you guys tweeted us questions I’m going to fire these questions at my co-host. We have to answer them as quickly without hesitation as possible because I like to throw these curve balls right alright here we go. At say Oppa wants to know what plot would you like Dan and Dave to take on for their Star Wars movie Dan and Dave. The showrunners of Game of Thrones, who are now getting a new star series and which Game of Thrones actors would you bring along not not Jon Snow whoever probably whoever died in season 1 and 2 because they didn’t get a big run so bounty Hunters Jon it’s dark Ned Ned gotta have a bit of Robb Stark what’s his name I should play Satine who is the queen of the Duchess of Mandalore Trust me Mandalorian look it up Murmurs okay for Phillip at smarta against Lee wants to know to anyone who bothers to answer do you think well well.

Im Good I Assigned It To

you do you think Loki will get his Redemption to remain a traitor in villain love. You guys Thanks Loki your reference seen the trailer moment that’s all we know about Infinity Ward to where it looks like He’s giving the Tesseract to Thanos. So everyone is saying that that’s him turning on everyone again. Oh Yeah I’ll go ahead and say no that’s a misdirect. I think they wouldn’t put in the trailer first of all if it was that I think that Loki’s Ark is most near completion toward Redemption, especially after Ragnarok, where he was doing the most for fighting for the good side.

I Think That He Had The

Tesseract for the whole time he was playing Odin why didn’t he give it to Thanos. Then I think that Thanos hates Loki probably there’s a he he like didn’t do what he wanted and didn’t they say something he’s gonna come after you or something he’s gonna die a good guy Tommy. This monster does Aquaman have a cloaca okay couple couple things we need to break down. Define that what is a cloaca? Thank You Cloaca is an orifice that it’s a it’s a booty hole. It’s a booty hole that exists in certain animals well kinda like yours, but unlike ours it’s all wishes yes.

I Think Aquaman Probably Has All

the holes that people come with all the holes is my favorite song and then listen bottom line back told I guarantee one thing to his fans and I know that there’s at least ten of you out there. Aquaman’s got an out hole that Aquaman’s got a dead halt and he’s got other holes in the holes and he’s got gills and he’s got thrills and he’s got spills if you like the ocean. You’re gonna love. Aquaman and Kevin Spacey. It was shunned from all the awards.

And Thats Good And Christopher Plummer Is Gonna

win for control of Shadow government, which is from United States Yeah Actually there’s a UK definitely okay there we go Tommy wake up Tommy till we go okay for me agile Cramer 13. Stupid would never say that pick one and use it for the rest of your life use caps Shield as a dinner plate use Dr. Strange’s Cape as a blanket or use Thor‘s hammer in your butt hammer in the butt. I don’t think that was what was that I’m taking the shield as a dinner plate man you won’t have to go back for seconds that Golden Corral when you got your cap shield as a dinner shadow government. Real quick okay these lizards are everywhere They’re Reptoids not a thing all right well here we go not this I made up all these names You weren’t.

Listening For The Whole In Bates

off monster and then let’s answer your question with some dignity. Aquaman does have a cloaca and he rinses it out daily. There you go how do you spell it Chloe. I see Oh, I see a. Our parents are so proud yes all right well.

Lets Move On Thank You All Of

you who tweeted us these questions tweet next week on the air all right next up. Let’s take a look at what we got in the pipeline for videos coming out on this channel the next week. Guys walking dead still going strong or strong if you consider rating series low to be well. It got well reviewed but the ratings were extremely low. It was a step up from the serie or the midseason finale back in December, but it’s still historically the lowest since season two ratings rise of.

Walking Dead Theres All Kinds Of Reasons, Why

guys I actually think last week’s episode was pretty good like narrative Lee speaking as its own episode, but the whole show is just its way from what’s great about the comics you know and and I hope they can find I have hope that they can rediscover what’s great about because currently this all-out war is the best part of The Walking Dead comics it’s amazing that all these episodes aren’t freaking great I think a good way to do it isNK] starts shelling out the money so Jeffrey Dean Morgan can appear in every episode. He is the best character on the show right now. Why is he only in like 25 percent of the episodes makes no sense anyway. I haven’t watched the show in a few years, but if they can keep the dynamic in my group. Super close, I think they’re that Walking Dead can never fail it’ll never fail yeah Okay so yeah, Episode 10 airing on Sunday.

You Can Watch It After The Oscars

and then we’ll have our breakdown of it and make sure to tweet us whatever big questions we had after watching the episode because as you know we work those into our break downs Sam isn’t here but he’s still continuing to do his UK re-watch next week well. He’ll be talking about everyone’s favorite UK movie Thor the Dark world, but he found some really interesting details that you’re definitely gonna want to watch this vid arc world Jurassic Park is and then we we have some other videos coming out about one of them. We’re gonna be looking at the future of the X-men movie franchise there’s gonna be a ton of moot apparently six movies to come. 2019 and 2020, not even including the two x-men movies between Deadpool 2 and Dark Phoenix to come out this year so we’re gonna break down everything to look forward to there they’re still playing forward even in spite of this Disney merger, Fox Studios still has a plan then they are sticking to it so an X-men. I mean if you think like you know Marvel in general gets convoluted like 90% of the convoluted storylines in Marvel are the X-men.

So Theres So Much Left To Do And

there’s so much they could do it’s actually really exciting yeah like if they just because you could did you ever think if you should yeah here’s what I say about X-men the dark world drastic part yes okay well now comes the time for a 15–second shout out guys each of us has a 15 seconds to shout out. about anything that we want Tommy well you start mod why don’t you start shout out to fallout shelter It’s an app I’ve been playing it for far too long. I’m currently running three different vaults, but it’s cool because my internet keeps crashing and my packets going out in my apartment so it’s the only thing that I can do and play all right listen 15 seconds. I’ll take it from here guys. I recently had the pleasure of watching theNK] or theNK] series on Netflix end of the effing World.

Its Super Great Its Only Eight Episodes Are

all like 20 minutes long. It’s very dark. It’s very messed up and it just follows. It’s almost It’s almost like a Bonnie and Clyde type relationship with two English teenagers and they’re kind of borderline psychopathic or self–diagnosed psychopathic, but their relationship is very sweet and very violent and it’s kind of fun to see this relationship unfold. It’s based off of the graphic novel series and Stefan Utley worth checking out we can get it done in a day why not do it Yeah Tommy baseball is back and it’s better than for pitchers and catchers and all other position players have reported to Florida and Arizona and those guys are currently trying their best and I tip my cap to all the baseball players out there for achieving a dream hold on we’re reaching the limit of everything Eric knows about baseball.

One Is The Netflix Query Shows Only H

and I’m not used to that Oh I also say if you’re just bored on. up John Mulaney and a sitcom that’s gonna run forever Oh no all right. Let’s finally return to our trivia question that we asked and we’re gonna redistribute here. I know one wrote Oh yeah okay well read that and then Sam’s answer from last week Yeah is that did you write that oh my boob it okay great so just to remind ourselves of what the question is of all the UK and Marvel superheroes to appear in Oscar-nominated films. Batman has appeared in the most six movies which Superhero has appeared in the second most Oscar-nominated films.

Lets Start Down The Line I Had

Philip and he guessed Metal man slash Rocket Man, which I believe he meant to say Iron Man reference to Tommy’s Dad Iron Ironman, Ironman Bottom-line Bechtold says Please help I’m being held hostage by Eric Tank Vas I will only go free if. Oh Tommy my answer is Wolverine You know there’s a lot of it’s a it’s kind of a top-heavy answer there. Tommy maybe we should stick to the facts truth character that we were asked for the character Yeah all right go ahead Philip wouldn’t mind Ericsson Spider-man well. Our answer is Iron Man Ding-ding-ding-ding. He was in for Oscar-nominated movies and the characters of Superman Spider-man.

Wolverine Guardians Of The Galaxy Characters And

War machine were in two oscar-nominated movies Yeah He’s always into the iron man’s about the most movies. Whatever an Iron Man‘s in everything Yeah he’s in every movie so you think like Yeah Avengers and not all these characters are in Avengers and in these Hulk movie swept made another movie okay well our winner probably Philip definitely got Iron Man Yeah you a bottom line. Wolverine was a great guess and there also seemed to be a cry for help that when you’ll be punished later and otherwise up and then Jack’s disease where you grow at four times the rate of a normal person well. Phillip we’ll do our good-byes and we’re gonna run through some of our in other news headlines. If we did not have time for I will read each headline.

Tommy Will Have To Make A Joke

at the end of each headline to cleverly riff on it good all right here we go in other news guardians of the galaxy director James Gunn tweeted that Baby Bert is actually the original Groots son Oh. I thought that grandmother Willow was Groots grandmother and that therefore Pocahontas was Groots mother and if we do our family tree. We came to that same conclusion. It’s a common misconception. Wig is in talks to play the villain rumored to be.

Of The Upcoming Wonder Woman Sequel Okay Well.

I think that that would be a great couple and Kristen WIig has certainly been cheated out of some great roles lately, so this could be great for her A Wonder for her career as a woman in Hollywood. Here we go the creators of the second frozen movie have said that they’re open to the idea of giving Elsa a girlfriend well if they ever want to have children. I’ve also frozen my sperm UK all right next up In the novelization of Star Wars, the last Jedi the our princess Leia’s our general Leia’s final words to Chewbacca are revealed to be it’s just us now really it’s not is this plane shaking or is it just me plane Okay. Fisher was on a plane when she had a head okay and James Gunn also engaged on Twitter with a Mark.

Hamill Leading To The Two Men Planning For

Hamill to have a role in the next guardians of the galaxy. Oh that’s that’s great-I also support that casting Twitter seems like a really safe way to negotiate things as we can tell by our leaders in political office that if two people communicate on Twitter good things happen no matter what I once communicated with the man I thought was my biological father, but it. It turned out to just be James Spader yes by the assist. I also responded to that Cuz speaker said that story and I read back going that’d be a big an overwhelmingly big yes for me and Mark Hamill liked my win that’s so great Wow Now I know what you like when you have kids and like that try taking away for goodbyes our goodbyes this week in any style I’m gonna give my co-host a compliment so thank you for watching this week’s episode of new Masters News I want to thank our host Maude Garrett sure she’s beautiful but she actually is so well informed so smart and so talented and really nice off camera so follow her at Maude Garrett UK Tommy Bechtold well he’s not allowed to have social media. He’s still one of the funniest people.

I Know One Of The Nicest

guys. Los Angeles so if you want his personal phone number Oh Yeah Sorry about that Carrie Fisher choking yes I wish I could have it back Yeah. Maybe I’ll have a heart attack instead no or for her or with her in solidarity So if you wanna hit him up. It is 585 and then Eric Foss. He’s one of the smartest people.

I Know The Third Funniest Person.

I know why but he’s so good on this channel isn’t He follow him at UK Voss and anywhere he goes to do news shows improv Yeah and follow me on my new podcast Sam Sam Sam Yeah it’s great okay Yeah all right well comment down below and tweet us at new rock stars like this video share it around subscribe to me, rock stars or deep dives and all the stuff you love see you guys next week bye. I love to use would be very Mike, I love you very much yeah.


The 2018 Oscars are on Sunday and we’re here with our final predictions for all the big awards who will win should win . After the Best Picture is announced will moonlight somehow win again? We’ll get to our predictions but first welcome to new rock stars news deep dive into all the biggest stories this week . We’re also gonna talk about Avengers infinity war some dark rumors about the UK cinematic world, the new record Ralph’s sequel trailer and more I’m Erik Bosse and joining me at the table here.& Today are I’m, Tommy Bechtold and Yes I’ve gained weight say anything okay all right all right Blues a very fetching color on you.& I’m Melina. I’m also Erik Voss I’m constantly gaining. The line is very thin good tweeting those two things to the two things that you don’t have to make any comment about your weight. We’ll also talk about the Avengers Infinity War and the new movie trailer. We will also discuss the new…. Click here to read more and watch the full video