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Okay Here We Are On Uk Wow Im Still

so excited about this and there are panels tonight. We had Academy award-winning actor Christoph Waltz was on this SNBc host Ari Melber andNK] News Okay um first of all you just said to me when you sat down. I mean the last piece I was doing was about people in Show Business who hate each other Have you been on sets like that where well of course UK right I’ve been in sandboxes. When I was five right playing with kids that I hated it was about playing together not about hating someone but my point was you know you can hate each other and still make something great and they’ve made many movies like that and government should do it too okay well speaking of movies. What does the panel think of the climate activists who glued themselves.

To The Red Carpet At The

Berlin Film Festival Have you been to the Berlin Film Festival not when someone was glued to the road Yeah? Are these stunts effective or just an annoying disruption I better that than throwing soup at Priceless works of art I’ll take the glue on the red carpet Nobody cares was it was it natural glue Vegan. It’s about sniffing glue OkayNK] Star Mr. Beast is receiving backlash for are you familiar with Mr Beast. Everyone familiar I’m not okay no more popular. He is very big.

I Have Heard Of Mr Beast Ive Never

been to Cracker Barrel but I’ve heard of Mr. Deuce. It’s been receiving practice for funding cataract surgery. Oh I did read this story for a thousand people. He funded yeah a thousand people needed cataract surgery and this guy’s making a fortune as a UK Star I.

I Mean, How Can You Not If

you can make money and do good for other people isn’t okay. I don’t know what that question is, but you got a lot of criticism. You got criticism because he used it for ratings and it’s like I think the people who got the cataract surgery Aren’t too pissed about it no that’s not what the a lot of the tweets were about and these are from some somebody In the Washington Post said this somebody I think at UK said this they were criticizing him because their point is that um you should not try to correct yourself if you’re blind or deaf or something that’s like ableism like it’s not it’s not worse to be blind. It’s just different and I would say if that was me please help me yes I he’s also work UK s but really that. I mean that’s does the same thing go for literacy ah great question Nikki Haley has called for politicians over 75 years old to oh Yes to be required to take a mental health competency test.

I Wonder Who Thats Aimed At

um both of them right. I think it’s Bo I think she’s trolling it allows her to draw attention to Biden. She’s in Republican primary but it’s a subtle hit on Trump. They’re both older politicians. They have every right to run people.

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The Competency Test Is A Really Long

campaign and people will assess how they seem but shouldn’t we do that for everybody why just over 75 because I mean UK UK House of Representatives right well. I mean there’s only one age requirement. The Constitution has a minimum age and that was because they were so worried about people passing things on to their. Famous Sons at the time, there’s no maximum age, but we have that for pilots and other things, but again I think it’s hard if you’ve covered these things. You know how it is it’s hard to run for president.

If Youre Going To See How They

do and then you’re going to decide at the debates and other forums whether they seem like they got it well and as Don Lemon told us on UK women actually can’t run for president because he’s this really tight window between 35 and 40., but it presupposes that’s the only way you can be mentally incompetent. I mean I would take a guy who’s 90 and forgets a few things, but he’s seen a lot in his life and has the experience and there’s been of course if you’re if you’re if you have you know Alzheimer’s and you’re not there you. Don’t remember who your wife is obviously that’s a different story but as opposed to somebody who’s 40 and doesn’t have a lot of experience and yeah Yeah, I think you’re right is what’s funny is. I think ageism is real.

We See It In A Lot Of Industries

Oh and we see it on a sexist basis as well as I think you mentioned which is fair. I just think that what’s funny is the one place that you see less ageism in our public life would be politics when you look at Pelosi Yeah UK Yes the current president, the last president who’s running for reelection. So while I do think it’s a problem. I think we should be less ageist. We were talking about civil rights earlier that’s one of the things people discriminate on having said that for whatever reason incumbency Fame other things donor class.

And The Voters Are Voters The Voters Keep

going back to the some of the choices that are that are upper in the age back there’s a movement in Europe going on right now. But I started by an older gentleman who had to deal with this bank and the movement’s called I’m old not stupid. I subscribe to that what was he dealing with his with his bank because of the oh I see the the bank had changed some online you know and he said but this can’t be understood and then they treated him like an idiot and he said no no I’m old not stupid well. There there is a lot of making you try to feel like you’re stupid when you’re older. I mean they purposely do things.

You Know Why Do I Need To Whats

that thing when you take a picture of the. The UK code thank you I I did do it. I find that for menus to be the most annoying thing in the world. I can do it to get my car out of Valet I’m not kidding Cracker Barrel how about what how about when you have to go to fill something out and it says like pick the photos with the pickup trucks and so it’s like you have to prove to this robot that you’re a human think about it. NK] um new census data shows that California New York saw a mass Exodus well Mass I don’t know yeah well 500 that wow of people with their populations dropping by around 500 000 people and it doesn’t say over is that in a year maybe it is or the last couple of years can anything bring cost of living down in desirable places Florida Tennessee no.

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No State Income Tax Right Nice

weather and something else well is anything else about those States Is this a referendum on the way we govern here in California New York I mean obviously this is looks like a blue State Red State thing I mean a lot of it is Big offices in big cities like I live in Brooklyn, a lot of those big Manhattan Towers haven’t filled back up with people, but also that was an urban plan built a long time ago and maybe it’s evolving I totally get it. I mean in all fairness. I think you’re it’s fine if people don’t want to be in these super expensive cities and go somewhere else, especially if they don’t have to commute to one of those skyscrapers that often then fine but I think in New York like I don’t from what we could see anecdotally. I don’t think all those buildings are going to fill back up They’re not and that’s okay yeah you know. I think one of the good things that happened with the pandemic was when time stopped.

We Got A Chance To Sort Of Like

reassess and we were saying to ourselves. Why do we need to go to work five days and it and we don’t not from you know you probably should work five days but maybe you could get your work done in four days. They found when people work 80 of the time if they get paid the same they do the same amount of work because most people in an eight-hour day they work three hours so why not and you know saved all that commuter time. I I love we come to the office once a week now well obviously today to do the show. Other than yeah you’re welcome It was a pleasure but other than that once a week and that’s I feel that’s perfect We could do the rest of it at home.

I Dont Need To See My My

lovely staff I love them, but like once a week is perfect here’s the problem and I mean that I totally agree but we are losing something. I mean I work from home so like take this criticism for what it’s worth but like our generation we already got mentored. We already got trained. I think about like lawyers like Law Firm partners aren’t going out anymore and those Associates aren’t learning how to do a trial.

God Knows We Dont Learn It

in law school so like we don’t quite know what’s going to be lost and we have an entire generation who doesn’t have anyone actually telling them how to. do their jobs because we’re all home in our UK yeah! I think I think both things are true I think both things are true like I remember the very beginning of covert with the with the lockdowns. People were like what the hell like I can’t stay home like I need to go out and then by the end of code. Whatever was like what the hell I can’t go out to work.

I Need To Stay Home.

NK] well. You have to go out to the set to make a movie so you’re going to be out and we’re going to go to the movies together right not at the same time okay thank you very much we’ll see you next week foreign.


Academy award-winning actor Christoph Waltz was on this SNBc host Ari Melber andNK] News . He was on a panel about the climate activists who glued themselves to the red carpet at the Berlin Film Festival . Waltz: You can hate each other and still make something great and they’ve made many movies like that and government should do it too okay well speaking of movies. I mean, how can you not if you can make money and do good for other people isn’t okay.& I’ve never been to Cracker Barrel but I’ve heard of Mr.& Deuce. It’s been receiving practice for funding cataract surgery. I think the people who got the cataracts surgery Aren’t too pissed about it no that’s not what the a lot of the tweets were about it.& Oh I did read this story for a thousand people. I’m not okay no more popular. He is not okay No more popular with Mr Beast.& Everyone familiar…. Click here to read more and watch the full video