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What Has Covid Highlighted About Power And How

power is used not to advantage us but against us in this video using extracts from brilliant people. I’ve spoken to like Gabor Mate Wim Hof, Janice Farafakis. We talk about the role of power how power is used to dominate us and we speculate as to how the coronavirus pandemic has been used to usher in new power and further fortify bastions of power. Aeschylus, the great Greek playwright said in one of his plays that the gods created us in such a way that we human beings have to suffer into truth. We have to suffer into truth and so This.

Kovid Has Revealed So Much About Life

and society and human beings and the suffering that is created has also shown us revealed us revealed to us so many truths about our culture like take a simple fact that. both in Britain where you are or Canada and in the states, the people that more likely to suffer illness at death are people of color and people of minority status well that’s not a new revelation and that’s always been the case, but Covet has brought it to the fore so a dynamic that has always been with us has now been revealed for a shocking truth and when you look at the reasons for that it’s that discrimination and disadvantage gets under the skin. It actually affects people’s physiology so it makes them more susceptible more vulnerable to the virus. So in other words, what Kovit has revealed in a large way is who’s vulnerable and who isn’t or who is less vulnerable which has to do of course with power. So Gabriel Mate tells us that coronavirus due to its ubiquitous nature can be understood as.

A Kind Of New Lens For

understanding power and who is disempowered Wim Hof of course that great roaring yogi can introduce us to some different and more particular perspectives. You know the the human brain is only flourishing. If it neuro-neurologically is keeps on growing within the this skull. Until it dies. We are into expanding neurology expanding consciousness the perception until we die and what do we do We make somebody a carpenter or a doctor or this and then for lifelong.

They Have To Do All Always

the same patterns that is killing the neurological normal natural development within that is killing sanity where mom’s pretty amazing he lives it he feels it he’s legitimate. This dude is authentic. He’s all about awakening you so we have to get to sanity because pandemias viruses what the neurological iphones affecting us the electromagnetic devices We all got. We have to may we cannot live with the old paradigm No more it is not able to defy to confront itself with the existence hazards. The wolf is gone but the iphone is there.

The Wolf Is Gone And And

and the radioactivity is there and and and the viruses and those are more dangerous than the dinosaurs and the tyrannosaurs because you cannot see them and and the people existing right now who are in control it’s through the old paradigm. We can break that paradigm in a day. I’m actually happy that the whole economy stopped I’m happy with that finally when when Australia was on fire just recently and more than a billion animals died. Nobody gives a we give even less of a shout out forgotten that that even happened do you remember their Australia fires all them animals died. I really enjoy that wim.

Hof Speaks From That Place Of

optimism even about the pandemic where there was a moment where we perhaps even knew I know I felt that maybe oh this could help us reorganize society for the better people might realize. Oh well yeah, we are all connected. We’re all one look how this pandemic is traveling everywhere. Oh yeah Of course this will reorganize society no no no let’s ratchet it up and make it worse and never miss the opportunity never waste a good crisis as they say when amazon is on fire nobody gives a when the tsunami is going and and their corals are bleaching Nobody gives a some people say something but in general everything keeps on going sodomizing the planet polluting the planet exploiting it and people staying insensitive. They are staying like blops and that block thing we gotta take that out of them.

We Gotta Take This Helmet This

block album out of them and show them that there is life happening and that it is beautiful. Gabor Mata. I think is the embodiment of a sensitive and therapeutic perspective on our emotions and our response to prohibiting and traumatic external circumstance Wim Hof. I think is like a roaring shaman pryopic potency a force for how we can change. Janus Varafakis is a deep intellect.

Hes Understood And Lived Through Real

political power and as close to revolution as we’re ever going to experience please God not ever but as we have yet experienced in modern politics. The moment west there is a roast of power in Greece only to be deposed his perspective on how power functions is a fascinating one in the end. In the end, what really matters is that people feel that they’re in control of their lives. You know? One of the most insidious aspects of the right-wing Brexit campaign and of the Donald Trump campaign is the fact that their slogans were apt yeah. We want control back.

We Want To Get Our Country Back.

Of course, we want to get our country back who doesn’t want to get their country back. But the point we make is that to get your country back. We need to get our world back and we need to get it back from the finances, and we need to get it back from the states and the bureaucrats because the Covet 19 now has shown the immense power of government government can tell you you know you’re not going to get out of your home. For the next 20 years right but the the pandemic has revealed is the immense power of the state over us yes which can be.

Or Abused Or Or Whatever And

people need to have this sense that they are in control of power. The answer makes a great point that you can change society. You can overnight go no one’s going anywhere we’re not gonna have fans at football events you’re gonna have past but all these things can just all this legislation so you know why not why don’t we live in more democratic societies. Let’s get rid of homelessness Let’s redistribute wealth from massive corporations to people that need it All of these changes could happen. The reason change Don’t happen is not because change is impossible, but because people don’t want change to happen not the people that matter anyway and the way to do this is to combine economic democracy in the way.

I Described It Through The Corporation That

where every every employee has one share and which. gives them one vote, but also imagine a world in which in every county there are two zones, the commercial zone and the social Zone. The social Zone contains housing businesses that are based on social principles like you used to have in in Britain Council housing and the commercial zone is utilized in order to make money, but it is owned by the people of the county, and they decide how much space give to the industrial zone to the commercial zone, whom they’re going to charge for letting them use that that zone and the proceeds from this commercial zone that utilized in order to build the social housing. I think that the owners firefighters has is actual ideas like why don’t we do this this commercial zone thing and this social zone thing and imagine where you have you know an assembly a county. Citizen’s Assembly, which is selected not by election, but by random draw like in ancient Athens, so that you you cut out the election hearing because we know that elections are very good for aristocracy.

There Is The Aristocrats Are Far Better.

The powerful are far better at usurping elections, but imagine you have a random draw that decides who is sitting on this land council. Yeah you’d be better off with a random drawing. You look at what’s going on Nancy Pelosi She’s rinsing it like look at him what’s the point have a random draw and I will do the draw It’s Oh Nancy Pelosi like you want proper actual democracy. You’d be better off with random chance and an assembly is like you know through numbers through true democracy.

You Get Better Representation Than The Corrupted

systems that are currently available and they make all the decisions. After listening to different points of view by elected representatives by business interests by local communities and so on and the you know the members of these land councils can rotate again through random selection that way you have a community a political power. It is a state but you don’t have the all-powerful state whose bureaucracy simply reflects the interests and the overall power of the powerful so there you are Gabor mate describes to us the nature of the problem. Wim Hof explains to us how we as individuals can awaken our own power so we can change the world and Janice Verafakis gives us some suggestions for alternative ways of organizing resources. All those things would work and people that tell you that they won’t work say that because they want things to say the same even because they’re Stockholm syndrome traumatized victims of this institution or.

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The People And Interests That Operate In The

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However, You Can In The Shared Awakening

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Covid has revealed so much about life and society and human beings and the suffering that is created has also shown us revealed us revealed to us so many truths about our culture . We speculate as to how the coronavirus pandemic has been used to usher in new power and further fortify bastions of power . We talk about the role of power how power is used to dominate us and how it is used not to advantage us but against us in this video using extracts from brilliant people like Gabor Mate, Wim Hof, Janice Farafakis and Gaffi Mate . We are into expanding neurology expanding consciousness the per cent of the human brain keeps on growing within the this skull until it dies. This video is a look at how the brain is only flourishing. The human brain is expanding. It is expanding neurologi expanding consciousness. The video is to explore how the human body is expanding Neurology expanding. We are to explore what we need to find out what it needs to…. Click here to read more and watch the full video