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Gone Meme Review What Is Up You Sexynk]

mother lovers I’m filming here on location from vacation just kidding. I don’t get to have those but we are up here on a work trip with a couple people you might know one of them may make a special appearance. Later Don’t spoil it for anybody, but it’s somebody we’ve talked about for a long time. Also sorry about uploading a little bit late. We got kind of a hectic schedule.

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But You Guys Are A Fiend

for your gun memes and we have to deliver so um get started Shall we so first offNK] is bringing back the sl8. You know that almost the G36 that everyone was asking for yeah me Neither the floor is giving the people what they want. NK] I know UK comes Under Fire for this all the time but seriously come on. seriously come on guys you guys need some money to operate right we’ve literally been on our hands and knees begging for the UK 40 years now if you’re brave look at what they’re going for on Gun Broker, but ah we get more handguns in neutered G36. Why won’t you find a way to give the American civilian Market the guns that they actually want instead of the lane Mass UK I hate money for people who so actually hilariously rag on the pores so much they are in a big hurry to turn themselves into some who the bleep am I kidding it’s UK you guys are still gonna buy it.

We Want An Uk 243.

We want an UK. We want UK 416. We want UK 10. we want a B7.

We Want Uk 33K.

We want a G28 best. I can do is an slate re-release. be honest here we’re not ragging on UK because we hate UK in fact we love educating just give me a bleep UK already and I don’t mean like just give it to me. I will bleep pay for one.

I Mean If You Want To Give It

to me too. I will collectively take it but just I would love it to be an option all right enough bragging on UK we’re gonna do some other gun memes and then we’re gonna bring in our special guest, but before we do this is normally where we’d have an ad spot, but we’re not doing that today you’re welcome instead, we’re doing kind of an update something that we promised a long time ago. I know what you’re thinking shut up a long time ago in a galaxy far far away. We talked about doing a run of Macaron Holsters. With Las Concealment I haven’t set off at Macaroth to them that they could use as a sample ladies and gentlemen.

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We Got Behold Our Holsters And

it’s a quite interesting patterns. I just want to say that I had no real creative control over the patterns that were selected here. But they are quite different, especially the face that I’m making in this holster um not my first pick but if you want an appendix Holster with my face right next to your geometry. Las Concealment is apparently the place to go. I don’t know if they’re going to have these up on the website.

By The Time.

This video comes out not really sure about that but if you want to check them out give them some love and go ahead and leave their links down in the description and the pin comment but I know a lot. of you guys were asking about that I think it’s about time We had some Modern Holsters available for those of us of the Makarov variety, those of us with Macroth inclinations as you grow but enough about holsters back to the memes when you get pulled over doing 85 and a 60 with an unregistered suppressed UK in the passenger seat and three pounds of chronic in the truck with your four dollar Bootlegger sticker is about to pay for itself honestly a lot of cops. I know probably think that suppressed UK ucking meat probably just want to shoot it more than anything else the drugs that one’s harder to explain. Don’t even think about it or do you what am I saying I’m not your bleep dad gun stores and video games Welcome Stranger I have several current production and rare prototype machine guns that you can.

Purchase Frag Grenades You Sure Thats All You

want we have cryo Inferno amp and plasma stock got credits. It’s cool I’ll gladly trading some credits for that random scope and literal trash You have in your inventory did you catch my hilarious and openly violent commercial on an in-game radio I also sell exotic pets gun stores in real life teams take a ticket. I got a revolver you might like 22lrs out of stock cash registered and broken wants some beef jerky. This is basically what liberals think that gun shows are like versus what they’re actually like gun show beef Jerky. These are really bleep good for no reason or it will give you the big oh no oh no me when the UK at the bar that’s been expensively ignoring my vibes orders another glass of wine alright.

So Its Getting Dark But We Werent Really

ready to give up on this yet so so all right come on. I know a lot of you guys have been there all right 2 am comes quick these days and about 145. I know some of you bleep are Manning the harpoons Don’t even lie to me. But a lot of people were accurately pointing out that we did have some neighbors and we were shooting at Ak-50 real real late which any of my neighbors just happened to be watching this I do apologize, but it’s for the greater good. Brandon.

The Ak-50 And Crew Praying His Neighbors

at 1am All right come on if you get a house middle of the nowhere in the country you gotta hear some gunfire it’s it’s part of the trade deal noise ordinance Ain’t never heard of it Bleep Yeah Marty Robinson I’m. Bleep ammo br bleep what the bleep is he holding okay break partially unwrapped ice cream sandwich I don’t know why I find this so funny but you guys bleep that there’s not enough Marty Robbins games and gun meme review make better Marty Robbins memes make sure I know what he’s holding in his hand all right prosthetic hand can depression release the trigger of a firearm mechanically and theoretically fire at any rate. The UK as a machine gun that is actually a really good question might actually fit the atheist definition of machine maybe they could get the whole arm brace exemption where it’s you know it’s for disabled vets and things. You know of course it’s like that one guy who tried to build like a bump fire machine out of the like Nintendo Power Glove or whatever the bleep That was yes that was a real thing you can you can look it up anyway. The 1911 is an outdated handgun design Boomers vilified for your overwhelmingly monstrous Behavior you have become vilified by the community okay to be fair I don’t think too fast I don’t think the 1911 outside necessarily you triggered those people I have to do them.

War Thunder Devs Please Stop Leaking Classified Military

documents to prove our tanks are wrong. Apparently there was a real thing that happened. People were apparently getting into so many bleep kissing contests on forums and bleep about War Thunder that they are releasing classified military documents about current battle tanks to one-up each other and actually each other. the internet that brings a totally new definition to choose your battles serial number nut 4 20. it belongs in a museum.

I Dont Know If Thats Real

or not and to be honest. I don’t care I would still love to own it even if I can it belongs in a museum right up. There were serial number Nice zero six nine Yeah fake Taxi remember guys Don’t tell mayor also Matt I’m genuinely curious if you could like text me when you see this why do they sell adult men’s size Elsa costumes. I’m genuinely curious and concerned and arouse and speaking of aroused. I think it’s time to bring in our guest s what’s up man hey how’s it going good to see you I need to see you again all right so we have finally on the channel Grantham for gunbank review I’m here how you.

Doing Buddy Im Im Nervous Nervous Yeah

Don’t be okay what horrible things are you going to show me so we got a couple memes for you. I figured it could be kind of funny. We have you know you on the channel might as well show you some memes that revolve around yourself. Oh God so you’re Dr Duran dumb stuff has been taking off recently Yeah true Yeah so you’re shotgun to the background Yeah Yeah I was obligated to show you this one okay. I’m ready behold the squishy what do you think about I’m zooming in rank that out of 10.

Thats Have You Ever Heard That Humans

are terrible and just ruin everything Yeah Yeah The Scuffy is the there’s bits of school like that can’t be good, but it is wet and it’s moist yeah, and I I think this is why God doesn’t talk to us. This is why God is just shits of shins shame that is who I made that too God that was horrible is that the worst one my older brother my dad me explaining why there’s 400 chicken nuggets in my backpack and a goat in the house that’s that’s actually fairly it’s fairly accurate the face is good the face is really good my buddy right there young he finally has left the military. He’s finally like making like real money. I know no joke Yeah I could bring you one from UK Oh good good Oh so hamster chicken nuggets. Okay, Okay, there you go you gotta go teacher all right class is everyone ready to visit the Zimbabwean Capitol Building girls there’s malaria there and the water’s gross boys boys just flashbacks Eastern War okay so I’ve got one more okay okay, okay yeah don’t don’t bleep be sure oh I got two more two more Oh my God Okay this one I know you see okay wounded Burglar aren’t you gonna call the cops Chambers around.

This Is The Class One You

know um actually I got some woman who like tried to run like an UK campaign against me over really she’s really pissed about it what was the reason that you should finish off Burglars I guess I don’t know I mean who’s gonna know what’s his head I probably shouldn’t say that it’s not gonna get edited out would you like it no it’s okay. Okay well, This is how I go to jail. Ah well you know what’s a good War crime between friends. You know go right back to Rhodesia. Oh God and we’re there and we’re there.

You Have Nice Thumbs Commander.

It would be a shame if I leave that as the grand as a No anime, no no no No no no no wait is this the grand I think he’s talking to me directly. You have nice thumbs Oh my God. She called you command she look at that life is a hell of my own.


Gone meme review What is up you sexyNK] mother lovers I’m filming here on location from vacation just kidding.& I don’t get to have those but we are up here on a work trip with a couple people you might know one of them may make a special appearance.& Later Don’t spoil it for anybody, but it’s somebody we’ve talked about for a long time.& Also sorry about uploading a little bit late.& We got kind of a hectic schedule.& But you guys are a fiend for your gun memes and we have to deliver so um get started.& You know that almost the G36 that everyone was asking for. Neither the floor is giving the people what they want.& Why won’t you find a way to give the American civilian Market the guns that they actually want. I hate money for people who so actually hilariously rag on the [sic] UK I can do is an slate re-release.& Be honest here we’re not…. Click here to read more and watch the full video