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Remember How When You Were A Kid Youd Play

in your yard and you dreamed perhaps of the day that your own kids could do the same well think again because down in Florida, you can get arrested for that stuff and I’m not joking. When an eleven-year-old boy in Florida got home he was locked out forgot his key and because his parents weren’t home yet they got stuck in traffic. He just played basketball in his yard while he waited the 90 minutes it took for them to get through traffic and get home. Now a neighbor saw this and called the cops. The boy was taken by CPs and the parents weren’t arrested.

They Werent Just Arrested.

They were stripped searched fingerprinted all of it the whole nine yards all for something that I thought used to be too common. You know mom and dad aren’t home. Locked myself out of the house. I don’t know how many times and I would wait on the porch doing homework for like an hour from my mom to come home, so give me a break.

My Next Guest Would Probably Agree Lenore Scan.

Daisy is the host of world’s worst mom on the Discovery Life channel on the Discovery Channel. This Discovery Life channel where she regularly offers advice to parents that you know they may not be exactly in line with the overprotective nanny state ideas that you hear more of these days. This story is insane. She joins me now Lenore thank you so much for being here Thank You Dana yeah.

It Is Insane.

I mean that’s that’s the perfect word for it Jericho nian yeah while terrible outrageous cruel all those let me ask you. This an eleven-year-old locked out of his house. I you know I I would think and maybe this just says where we are as a society What happened to a neighbor saying, Oh, you got locked out, Do you want me to bring you some water? You want me to call your parents. You want to stay over here.

You Know And Hang Out And In

my house or my garage or whatever until your parents get home what happened to that well um that’s only one of the problems with this horrifying story Yes there is a neighbor or somebody coming by certainly called the police first of all it’s crazy that we call the police on any time that we see a child who is unsupervised as if they are obviously in danger when we happen to be living in the safest times in human history, the Washington Post just had a headline there’s never been a safer. time to be a kid in America, so first of all it’s crazy to call the cops. Secondly the cops come the kids playing basketball the the the count against the parents with the study didn’t have any food, which is true because the mom always gave him a snack for after school he had already eaten it. They said he had no water. In fact, there was a hose if he wanted you know he was desperately thirsty and dehydrated.

He Certainly Could Have Drunk From The

hose and that he had no bathroom back there, which is truly didn’t have a bathroom so you had to hold it in just like you have to hold it in if you’re taking the UK test in chemistry and it’s an hour and a half. So it’s not the end of the world but to act all the time as if. Any time a child is unsupervised? Something dramatically bad is going to happen I’m dehydration abduction. I don’t know death by basketball He was playing basketball in the backyard is crazy and what to to Child Protective Services credit and it’s not actually called Child Protective Services down there it’s called Dcs or something like Department of Children’s Services they were going to give the kids There was the 11-year-old actually his younger brother who was four. They were going to give the kids right back to the parents, but because the parents were then being thrown in jail for the night and charged with felony third-degree felony neglect.

Then They Couldnt Give The Kids Back

because there were no parents to get the kids back and then that just started that kicked in the hall okay now we’ve taken the kids away now we have to find. a placement and it ended up being a month before the parents were allowed to be reunited with the kids back the house right and they took the four-year-old because the parents had been charged with that and they thought and they said well. You can’t have your younger one because you’re charged with this for one now This I from from what I read they were put into handcuffs. The parents were they were stripped searched fingerprinted and held overnight in jail, and it was a month a whole month before their sons were able to come home and it was only after the eldest begged the judge to give him back. This sounds like this hurt the kids more than him staying home for 90 minutes because he got locked out.

Its Also Ironic.

I mean we all know I mean it’s not that every foster care parent. I salute Foster care parents for taking children in, but we all know that the chances of something worse happened in Foster care then certainly in the home of a loving parents who just happened to be late one day getting home. I mean there’s just no comparison. Obviously the odds are far better with the parents then with in any kind of foster care what happened is when they were having a hearing to determine whether the foster care should continue The lawyer for the parents and the lawyer.

The Prosecution Kept Going Into The

judges chamber and then they would come out of a couple minutes and the lawyer would tell the parents what was going on and the kids were sitting there too and finally the boy he’s 11. He heard what was going on and he said Can I possibly talk to the judge and the lawyer said to him well. Are you gonna tell the truth. Yes and you have enough courage to do this and the kid said yes I that’s pretty courageous and we don’t know what he said but he went back to the judge and when the judge came out later he granted the parents their children back wow this story and we got about 30 seconds left it is resolved for now or no they got there still in quote right now the civil case against them is resolved. There’s no more Child Protective Services thing against them.

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They Agreed That They Would Never Let Their

child play in the backyard again unsupervised, which is crazy thing to have to agree to, but they did it in order to get their children. Back but there’s still that felony charge of neglect that they are facing and right now. The judge has ordered their lawyer and the prosecution to try to talk it out between themselves and decide it in the next couple of days or weeks and that will be the end of that. I hope and no idea who that neighbor is um I’m not sure who that neighbors wow wow that’s this story is it’s just I still can’t get over it.

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You Can Find Lenore On Twitter

at free-range Kids and she also hosts the world’s Worst Mom and she’s, the founder of the Free-range Kids Blog. Lenore thanks so much for your voice. We appreciate it Thank You Dana yeah this this I I was locked out. Oh my gosh.

I Would Get Luck Out Of

my house all the time single mom. I’d leave my key in the house and I just sit and I’d do my homework on the front portion. Sometimes it’d be a good hour maybe a little bit more before my mom was able to make it back and let me in and it’s insane to think that the first reaction was someone calls the cops instead of saying Hey kid can I bring you a bottle of water, Do you need anything do you want me to call your mom and dad That’s the sort of society that we’re living in right now messed up is that good heavens I feel bad for those kids they’re going to be traumatized far more from the way that seemed that way that UK and this neighbor reacted way more than getting locked out for 90 minutes from Dallas. Good night America!


An eleven-year-old boy in Florida was locked out of his house when he forgot his key and because his parents weren’t home yet they got stuck in traffic . He just played basketball in his yard while he waited 90 minutes it took for them to get through traffic and get home . A neighbor saw this and called the cops and the boy was taken by CPs and the parents were not arrested . They weren’t just arrested. They were stripped searched fingerprinted all of it the whole nine yards all for something that I thought used to be too common.& Daisy is the host of world’s worst mom on the Discovery Life channel . Lenore Scan joins us to discuss the story with CNN’s Dana Ripley . Ripley: “It is insane. This story is insane” and Ripley’s Ripley says it’s outrageous and that’s the perfect word for it. I mean that’s that’s not just outrageous, but it’s insane. I’m not joking. It is insane…. Click here to read more and watch the full video