PAX 2010 3D games better than 3D movies and Nintendo drops the Ball


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All Right Were Here With Every Clue From Nvidia

checking out to cool things one Guild Wars 2 and 2 Guild Wars 2. In 3d using Nvidia 3d technologies or anything you can tell me about this absolutely right here In the background, you see it’s the only 103 inch 3d UK. It’s basically the big as 3d UK and all of us right now and we are exclusively showing Guild Wars 2. This morning and actually with killers too it’s actually 3d. We also have a 3D surround pod where it has three modern 3d and completely immersive so something like that we’re showing if with 3D technology.

All You Have To Get Is A 3D

kit and you have to have an 8800 UK or above and that’s basically all you need to really have 30. Also you need a 120 Hertz monitor and of course you could. Buy this UK which is 150 gram but hey that’s fine that’s fine it’s that it’s totally worth it best hundred fifty grand I would ever spend that I don’t have I fat can ask what kind of games are supported is there A list of games are definitely go on our website. There’s Oh there’s pretty much 500 or so games that we’ve tested. But there’s a lot more that we’ve never tested that automatically works with our technology minigames that the recent most recent games.

Triple A Titles Like Mafia 2 Is Fully

supported in 3d as well as the reefs around other games are showing the background as well. We have civilization 5 that’s coming out that’s going to show off 3d as well. We have so many games that are just fully supported. I meeting you look back and think oh age of empires are supported. So it’s tons of games.

You Spoke My Language When You

said civilization 5 I’m not going to lie but that’s exactly where we’re going next ballpark cost will say average guy out there he’s watching this he wants to get he wants to get a 3d game. He wants to see his games in 3d. How much would you have to drop not counting 150,000 so you’re thinking about a 30 UK. You think oh my God it’s like three or four grand I can’t afford it. You don’t have to get a 3d UK.

All You Have To Get Is A 30

monitor which these days you can get for about two hundred dollars. It’s a it’s only 120 Hertz monitor and some people ready have it and then you have to get the 3d kit, which comes with a glasses in the mirror, which is right now. 199 and then if you already have an Nvidia Geforce 8800 or above it’s automatically supported for our drivers so about four or five hundred bucks you’re yeah 500 bucks you got some PC-3D 5 grand you have movies in which you need to buy the 3d version of the movie and then watch it on your 3d UK In this upscale I mean 2d 2D video games are now 3d within video technologies for 3d blu-ray as well for a few hundred bucks. I love it thanks a lot. Eric good talking with you alright let’s go see Civilization 5 alright.

So I Just Got Out Of A

20–minute presentation for Civilization 5 and I know a lot of you out like myself. We’re concerned that Civilization 5 might have been dumbed down some sort of civilization for a light version of the game absolutely not the case. more simple an interface, but it’s much more involved in politics faction in war. They gave me centered around a long-term plan. Like you make faction with one person you got to keep that person happy.

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You May Have To Exchange Money With

them early on for for a reward. Later on in the game that reward may or may not come maybe they’ll get pissed at you halfway through the game and they’ll turn and you get nothing now you’re at war with no resources whatsoever you really have to think about what you do the same goes for the battle mechanic You can’t stack more than one platoon on one Hexagon at a time so you really got to think about where you move and it is possible actually to enter a stalemate. If If you don’t have enough turns to go through the Hexagon get to the other side, you could have nowhere to go whatsoever In the end, Civilization 5 comes out on the 21st in September this month, I’m going to get it. Civilization is the only game that you can cook 12 hours and it seems like three and a half minutes, though it’s definitely on my get list alright so in the world of 3d I think we found its sole purpose the best purpose that could have been created for and that’s actually killing zombies In 3d I just played dead rising 2 in 3d learned a couple things one killing zombies in 3d is more fun than 2d and to the sledgehammers still the coolest weapon in the game and we’re here at the Nintendo booth the place where we can get a glimpse of Donkey Kong. Country Returns what we can’t get a glimpse of is the 3ds.

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There Is No 3Ds Here.

Why is there no 3ds I’ll take the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard mine life There is no 3dNK] has 3d. I can go check that out Nintendo no 3ds. This is.


Nvidia 3d technologies have been developed by the company . There’s 500 or so games that we’ve tested that automatically works with our technology minigames that the recent most recent games have been 3d . 3D technology is being developed with 3D surround pods and a 3D UK is the only 103 inch 3d UK . The cost of a 3d game in 3d is about three or four grand, Nvidia says . The company is looking at the next generation of games that are fully supported in 3D as well as the reefs around other games are showing the background as well. The company also has a list of games on its website that are just fully supported. We have civilization 5 that’s coming out that’s going to show off 3d as well, which is coming out in the coming months. We’re looking at what we want to do with our 3d technology. We are looking at our next generation. We want to use the technology to make the most exciting games….. Click here to read more and watch the full video