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Today The House Passes A Bill Banning Imports From

China over Uyghur slave labor. We’ve got the latest on that also the pfizer CeO now says that you will need a fourth dose of the vaccine to be completely protected Yes. You did hear yesterday that he set a third. Now it’s a fourth. We’ve got a lot to get into today and it all starts right now welcome to the news and why it matters.

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I was trying to find. A new I was ready for like a rocky song to come up or something I was trying to find a new one blaze Tv contributor, Jacob Bouillon’s here also joined by Pat Gray host of Pacqray Unleashed thank you guys both for being here um so let me get into this first story Here. The U. s House of Representatives passed a bill today no yesterday that would ban the importation of products made in the Xinjiang area the Xinjiang region of China due to concerns about their country’s, treatment of religious and ethnic minorities. This was passed overwhelmingly.

It Was The Uyghur Forced Labor

Prevention Act and it was passed by a vote of 428 to 1. excuse me It just so happens now that we start um so it’s going to impose economic sanctions on this northwest region of China because of the slave labor I’m going to. Let you take it for a second Yeah we’ll take it Pat I I think for me it’s timely because if we really pull the veil back and we pull the curtain back on all things China beyond covet just for historically what China has done and we’ve got another story later in the episode on on on banning them on other things on sport cutting and sports. I think it is time for me personally for us to take a real serious look at China when we look at the supply demand supply and demand crisis in the U. s when we look at outsourcing so much under this administration again sending jobs away, not not fielding jobs that’s available here in the us so I I like the activity in the media around China at the moment.

I Like That Theres Some Heat

that they’re feeling a little uncomfortable. And it seems like they are a little uncomfortable so for me. It’s great because the people are oppressed and then we can get into the things of you know just micromanaging families to how many children you can have and women’s rights and in the form of of you’re talking slave labor but human trafficking and all that in China that is very prevalent. Although they say it is not I welcome this I welcome any action against China to say hey we’re going to start looking at you because they hate that yeah it is interesting pat because um it seems like not that long ago only several what several years ago. I mean this has been going on for a very long time and you couldn’t get the Democrats to recognize or admit that it was actually happening so why do you think that there has been traction Now All of a sudden it’s a really good question.

Yeah I I Dont Know

frankly. I I mean I’m I’m glad to see them doing something right Yeah I kind of hope it doesn’t turn out to be boycotting the Olympics with the athletes. Though the athletes have been training for this their whole lives and like in 1980 when we boycotted Russia or the Soviet Union at the time it just it’s something that penalizes you know people who have been training their entire lives rather than the Chinese. I mean do the Chinese care if we don’t show up they just win more medals and so I. hope they find a different way to to punish them other than other than boycotting with the with the games like moving the Olympics might be a nice Yeah idea.

You Know Yakko Was Just Talking About

moving into Park City, Utah, which could definitely hold the yes the games against short order Yeah Yeah do we know like what what would have to happen in order for that to take for a move to take place. I wonder the ioc the International Olympic Committee, the IoC would have to make they would just have to make that decision what the move would come through pressure They’re not going to just do it right right because they’re friendly with China right so the move would have to come where you have the us and maybe people like Russia or the Uk normally United Kingdom normally is pretty good on this. Kind of stuff? You know the Uk or other countries Australia, New Zealand? Some of the big contenders in in winter games in sports say Hey we’re banding together because the right way to boycott is to boycott the country to strike them economically because it’s a huge economic steroid shock to host right. This is why countries want to host and so that would be the way to do it, but I don’t see them doing it if it’s just the u. s with saying and I’m with pat the athlete shouldn’t pay the price ever ever but man it would be fun to see it just move yeah and I wonder at that point and I want to get into because I know we’ve been discussing this diplomatic boycott.

I Know Yesterday We Talked About Canada Joined

the diplomatic boycott um of the Olympics over in Beijing, but so. Let’s hypothetically speaking, let’s say that that did happen and they said you know what we’re going to have it in Utah we’ve heard we’ve heard you guys we understand we’re going to make the move at that point then does the United States allow China to come it’s tricky because right like and then is China coming here but Patrick was mentioning you know we boycotted Russia so Russian gymnasts couldn’t perform South Africa was boycotted for for three decades Yeah we our first Olympics was 1996 in atlanta and we could only send four athletes at the time. We sent a bit of a larger squad, but we were boycotted because of because of racism of course right apartheid, but probably the Chinese athletes under that condition probably won’t go if you really want to want to make a statement, but I think the the statement of just. taking the economic influx from them is enough I mean it’s going to hurt it hurts. I mean you’re talking about major major money and that would be the way to make them feel it.

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I Dont Know That They Feel It With

a diplo with an economic boycott. I don’t know if they feel aside from the financial impact it’s also a a it’s a prestige boost to get the Olympics as well and they would be I think they’d be very affected by it would be an embarrassment a black eye to have it taken from you how it normally works is you have a bidding war as a host city so there’s already a number two like what we saw in rio and what and if for whatever reason if a city falls through, they can’t build the facilities fast enough or whatever so I don’t know. that I don’t know that Utah is number two. It just would be cool to bring it to park cities, but there’s. There is a number two and it may be it may be you know Poland for that matter.

I Dont Know Right There Is A

number two that if no if China couldn’t deliver or there’s an outbreak or whatever you know but um man that would be fun Yeah it doesn’t have to be Utah could be like placid it could be somewhere in Europe right um yeah Yeah so I mentioned China has a response now because of their this this diplomatic boycott is gaining traction. I guess and they threatened the United States over their diplomatic boycott. They said that the U. s is acting contrary to the spirit of the Olympics. Their Foreign Ministry spokesperson said that the U.

S Was Interfering With The Competition Quote.

out of ideological prejudice and based on lies and rumors and that the boycott seriously violates the principle of political neutrality of sports established by the Olympic charter and runs counter to the Olympic motto More United. He also said that China would respond with resolute countermeasures, but he did not say any details. He said the U. s will pay a price for its practices.

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that’s what he said um it is interesting because I feel like I don’t know I’m going out on a ledge and I’m saying I feel like the human rights abuses and the slave labor camps kind of cross being a political thing like I’m not sure that that counts as being politically neutral to just say like hey. I feel like we could all just agree that those things are bad and have it not be about politics. Don’t know it’s crazy. There are athletes that will be competing for China in this very Olympics in their own country that are being abused yeah by their point, so they’re abusing their some of their own athletes have come out over time. Some of their boxers in the Olympics have said Hey I can’t sleep I gotta train 20 hours a day like Russia used to do Nadia Kamanichi in in the gymnast right so this is the biggest hogwash.

Theyre Abusing Their Own Athletes.

Don’t They have a tennis player right now that’s like missing Yeah missing was kidnapped because she declared speaking out on the oppression we should actually as a matter of fact it should be moved it shouldn’t be held there and we should actually free their athletes from their own government and let them go to another you know country and go perform free. for a minute, but no this is it’s ranked through their whole administration They they oppress people for sure Yeah pat, what do you think of the spokesperson, saying that these are out of ideological prejudice and based on lies and rumors UK um I I’d like to know what the lies and rumors are they. I I think they’re trying to say that the Uyghurs are fine yeah those are just what summer camps It’s re-education Yeah yeah okay. They have to take a little education hurt.

Even If Its Re-Educating Somebody Yeah I

mean everybody knows every everybody on this planet with with the brain knows what’s happening to the Uyghurs and one million of them that are in in camps that that are not just those aren’t those aren’t pleasant camps that they’re they’re being greatly abused there and there’s some really terrible human rights violations going. I mean, there are people who have escaped the camps and Yeah talked about the horrible concentration camp and anything happens in there. You understand also not everybody inside the camp is a good guy. Either it’s like taking a woman to a shelter and they go oh She’s safe no get abused in the shelter so you.


Today the house passes a bill banning imports from China over Uyghur slave labor . The pfizer CeO now says that you will need a fourth dose of the vaccine to be completely protected . We’ve got another story later in the episode on on on banning them on other things on sport cutting and sports. We’re joined by CNN Tv contributor, Jacob Bouillon and Pat Gray of Pacqray Unleashed for the latest on the news and why it matters. The U.S. House of Representatives passed a bill today no yesterday that would ban the importation of products made in the Xinjiang region of China due to concerns about their country’s, treatment of religious and ethnic minorities. The bill was passed by a vote of 428 to 1 . We’ll take it for the rest of the episode to see if you want to know what you need to read more from CNN Share your story with us on Twitter @CNN iReport: Share a photo and video ….. Click here to read more and watch the full video