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RK outpost and the rumors are really heating up about the mandalorian about Pedro Pascal and the tension behind the scenes at Lucasfilm and it seems like Disney Star Wars just cannot escape this drama. The rumors we heard about Pedro Pascal and him potentially walking away from the mandalorian midway through filming of season two we’re gonna talk about this room. We’re gonna break it down. I talked about it a little bit in my mandalorian trailer breakdown and then I said you know it seems crazy. It seems a little far-fetched, but at the same time it feels like there could be something real there and over the past 24 hours.

I Have Heard Some Things And Were

gonna go through it but let’s just say. I think this thing might have some legs look at this bouncing into comics. Rumor Pedro Pascal quit filming the Mandalorian season 2 halfway through production and it’s not just on bounty in the comics. It is everywhere right now basically as soon as Grace Randolph, and whatever your feelings may be about Grace Randolph. She’s been wrong about some blumin and she has been right about some blumin in the past.

There Is No Doubt About Either Of

those things whether she’s right about this one or not remains to be seen, but like I said what I have heard basically confirms it a new rumor claims the mandalorian asker Pedro Pascal quit filming the show halfway through the second season. The rumor comes from Grace Randolph now. This is these are the reasons that some of this does start to make sense. She talks about that entertainment weekly interview that John Favreau and Dave Filoni sat down. sat down and did? It says Mandalorian Season two where shown on John Favreau notes Season two will introduce a larger story in the world.

Favreau Explains The New Season Is

about introducing a larger story in the world. He adds the stories become less isolated yet each episode has its own flavor and hopefully we’re bringing a lot more scope to the show. Dave Filoni. Everyone’s favorite Guy then says everything gets bigger. The stakes get higher but also the personal story between the child.

Mandalorian Develops In A Way I Think

people will enjoy then there was this which I think is really interesting and really telling Favreau would explain as we introduce other characters. There are other opportunities to follow different story lines other than the Mandalorians. The world was really captivated by game of thrones, and how that evolved as the characters follow different storylines that’s. very appealing to me as an audience member, now taking that by itself. I think that a lot of people would be down with a star wars show that did have that kind of game of thrones feel as you follow these different story lines tensions you know big stakes things like that.

However, A Show Entitled The Mandalorian About One

specific character who he now turned about one specific character and this child Baby Yoda that doesn’t seem really like the right way to do it and even I you know months ago when we started hearing all of these rumors about these people that we’re going to be in Mandalorian Rex, Ahsoka, Sabine Boba fett all of these people. You know I made this video. Captain Rex and Sabine Wren also rumored for Star Wars and Mandalorian, how many cameos are there because I questioned at the time. I said listen This is supposed to be about the Mandalorian. Why we already have characters We don’t know a lot about we already have cara Dune.

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We Already Have Grief Karga.

We already have moff Gideon. You have these characters We don’t really know anything about we don’t know anything about the Mandalorian either so why would you take make that decision to go a different way maybe this is starting to make sense listen to what grace. Randolph is saying happen and think to yourself does this make any sense. Randolph notes this evidence to back up her information which she claims comes from two different sources.

She Goes On To Note That This Rumored

row with Pascal began when the actor wanted to film a number of scenes with his helmet off now I’ve seen some people on online saying Pedro he wouldn’t mind going through the. Discomfort of doing that he wouldn’t mind that that’s not what this is about This is about actors wanting their faces to be seen. Pedro Pascal I’m sure feels he’s got an ego just like anybody else. He’s the star of this show. He’s the star of what a lot of people are saying is the best thing Disney Star Wars has ever done up to this point.

Hes The Star But You Hes Not Very

identifiable as the star he wants to have his helmet off. Randolph explains While filming season two. Pedro Pascal really wanted to have some scenes with his helmet off, but the mandalorian creative team wouldn’t budge on this now if this is true Kudos to Favreau and maybe Filoni too but Kudos to Favro for not compromising on this you created this whole atmosphere where he can’t take the helmet off. I’ve talked about why I think that’s dumb based on mandalorians in the past, but you did create it so if you stick to it kudos to you um she continues so Pedro Pascal from what I’ve heard from two sources was frustrated about this and was also pretty Darn uncomfortable in the amanda suit on set so he became difficult keep in mind that Pedro Pascal in some episodes didn’t even appear in the suit at all it was complete stunt doubles, especially in one episode that we know of so he wasn’t even in it a lot in the first season in the final straw though listen to this even though he was difficult to be around on set. The final straw was that he went to Lucasfilm to try to get them to intervene on his bath He went to Kathleen Kennedy right Pedro Pascal went to.

Kathleen Kennedy To Complain About What

Favreau was making him do now. We’ve heard rumors about the tension within Lucasfilm. The tension between Favreau and Kathleen Kennedy. This would kind of go to say yeah it definitely feels like there could be some tension there and you combine this with Lucasfilm already trying to be involved with story aspects of season two, including focusing more on standalone episodes rather than making them more connected which I’ve heard the mandalorian creative team wanted to do which was kind of happening at the end of season one. She then says that Pascal was asked to leave halfway through filming so when Pedro Pascal went to Lucasfilm.

The Mano Team Was Like You Know

what you should just go and Pedro Pascal did and that happened halfway through filming, and she does say that the breakup was pretty bad with both sides upset. Now this may seem far-fetched. I know a lot of people. You know take greg’s friend off with a grain of salt and that’s what you should do. This is a rumor just like any other, but as I stated when I first heard it, I thought that it could make a lot of sense.

Considering Some Of The Problems We Have

had considering the delays with the trailer. Considering the fact that we have had heard we have heard about these production issues about a lot of reshoots going on for Mandalorian. Season two imagine if that was the case imagine if Pedro Pascal actually did leave halfway through filming this season imagine if he said all right bye. They’re not done filming what he was supposed to film now, what do you do if you’re John Favreau. I mean you gotta make it about other people you gotta.

The Story Line Out You Gotta

spread the season out follow other characters introduce other characters and what I have heard not from Grace Randolph, but from other people. Other people who are connected say that yeah this has essentially all happened just like she says it has so there’s a lot of people talking about this right now. I think there’s a lot of validity to this rumor, and it makes a lot of sense when you match up all of the problems that they have been having between the trailer between the rumors about all of the reshoots and everything else and deciding to bring in all these random characters in a show called the Mandalorian Now You guys have heard me talk about this a lot. I’m not the biggest fan of the Mandalorian. I think it’s extremely average mediocre.

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Theres A Lot Of Problems With The.

plot but one thing that I do like is that we are not talking about identity politics. We are simply talking about Star Wars. We’re not talking about them insulting their fans. We’re simply talking about Star Wars and is this a good Star Wars movie or Star Wars Tv show.

Is It A Good Star Wars Story

and I think that is the most important thing when it’s all said and done what’s going to happen with Mando Season 2. I don’t know like I said take it with a grain of salt but from everything I have heard behind the scenes as well as things. Other people are reporting this sounds like it’s pretty legit will someone come out and BTfo the story say Oh no there’s there’s no truth to that I don’t know Pedro Pascal Hasn’t said anything about it yet but he’s also been promoting. The Mandalorian like he’s probably contractually obligated to and he’s probably under Ndas, who knows maybe this is all there’s a lot of smoke, but maybe there’s actually no fire. We’ll all see when the Mandalorian season 2 comes out.

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Rumor Pedro Pascal quit filming the Mandalorian season 2 halfway through production and it’s not just on bounty in the comics . The rumor comes from Grace Randolph, and she’s been wrong about some blumin and she has been right about some of the things in the past . Season two will introduce a larger story in the world. John Favreau explains the new season is about introducing a larger . story in . the world and hopefully we’re bringing a lot more scintheaster to the show.& Favreau adds the stories become less isolated yet each episode has its own flavor. Each episode has a . own flavor and hopefully each episode will have its own . flavor . The rumors we heard about Pedro Pascal and him potentially walking away from the mandalorian . season two we’re gonna talk about this room. We’re gonna go through it but let’s just say. What’s going on with this room to talk about it. It says Mandalorian Season two where shown on John…. Click here to read more and watch the full video