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Ive Been Following This Whole Peter Dinklage Snow

White news that’s been coming out the last couple of days. It’s interesting because like I I don’t know I don’t think Peter Dinklage should be such a grumpy elf. I think he’s made a really amazing career for himself. He he absolutely blew up. I think in his game of thrones role and the last couple days he’s been kind of responding to so he.

This Is Out Of The Hollywood Reporter.

This just came out. I think gosh is this today or yesterday today No yesterday Disney responds to Peter Dinklage’s snow white live action criticism. So this is a film that has been in the works. I think for for years already.

I Think I Dont Know If Live

action you know remakes take years and years to come together, but it seems like this one is just taking. A while to avoid reinforcing stereotypes from the original animated film, We are taking a different approach with these seven characters. They won’t even say Dwarves Yeah! These seven vertically challenged characters. These seven they’re not really men of size they are Yeah Junior of Junior height. Seven characters have been consulting with members of the dwarfism community says disney my God I mean like why do we have to take it all so seriously.

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This Is A Misconception As Well

right because the the dwarves in snow white right. They are not humans with with dwarfism. They are an entirely different species and so you can’t apply that same criteria to them. It’s like it’s like in Lord of the rings or whatever you get dwarves in that but they’re like yeah they’re not they’re not humans that just happen to be really small. They’re like a different species.

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So Like Whats Peter Got To

say about them nothing you know right he’s been a bit too big for his boots as this one. I think so he’s finally too big for something right so it’s like these are the the seven dwarfs so there’s probably you know among the seven dwarfs there’s probably one that’s considered on the tall side and like I imagine there is I’m really I’m really curious to see what they do with dopey right there Ain’t no way that’s gonna fly in 2022 man yeah is dopey Gonna be bleep is dope at least autism is he gonna I don’t know is one of them. Gonna be a hoarder is one of them gonna be like like very overweight there’s good definitely gonna be a trans one there’s definitely gonna be um well. There have to be a diverse one. An ethnically diverse.

One Um For Sure Theres Gonna Be

one that’s like Mega that everyone hates and they’re like and then every time the the camera pans to that one dwarf the mag he’ll be watching like Alex Jones, but of the but of the dwarf world. You know because that’s such a popular trend now there’s always the equivalent of like Alex Jones on the Tv of every character that we’re like supposed to hate for their radical views probably be a couple trans dwarves that’s what I’m seeing um so disney on Tuesday responded to recent harsh criticisms made by Peter Dinklage about the upcoming live-action remake of Snow White, The Emmy-winning game of Thrones Star was a guest on Monday’s episode of Mark Maron’s WTF, where he Blasted. The announced film based on the 1937 animated classic those were the days right 1937 where men could be men. The casting of West Side story breakout Rachel Zeigler Dinklage told Marin literally no offense to anyone, but I was a little thick any time he says little. I have to laugh.

I Wonder If Hes Tried To Like Not

say and he’s like bleep it. I can’t. I was a little taken aback. I was massively taken aback when they were very proud to cast a Latina actress of Snow White but you’re still telling the story of snow white and the seven dwarfs take a step back and look at what you’re doing there It makes no sense to me. You’re progressive in one way, but then you’re still making that bleep backwards story about seven dwarves living in a cave together what the bleep are you doing.

Man Have I Done Nothing To Advance The

cause from my little soapbox. You didn’t say little but I’m just. You know people that are listening on audio that they’re putting together a mental picture. I guess I’m not loud enough. I guess I’m not tall enough.

Now I Would Love Just This

is almost like a a full meltdown here Yeah. This is this is a tough one right because I get that Peter dinklage has probably taken a lot of bleep for this kind of thing over the years and he’s a little bit tired of it. But this just seems like a really inappropriate thing to lash out at yeah. You know what I mean it’s like it’s not he’s not involved with the disney. He’s not involved in it it’s not it’s it’s not cracking wise at people with dwarfism or anything.

Its A Completely Different Thing And So

it’s just a weird thing for him to get mad about yeah it is it’s it seems. Like he’s an angry Elf Disney attempted to set the record straight following the remarks, and this is of course they got to put out a comment right away to avoid reinforcing stereotypes from the original animated film. We are taking a different approach with these seven characters and I’ve been consulting with members of what does that even look like you have like a little focus group. They have everybody on a booster seat be like all right guys gather around you know and that’s the thing is that you could drop all this PC bleep by saying This is a separate race of creatures here. This is a separate race of of humanity.

I Guess But They Cant Say That

they have to address well Yeah because then you would get like people from the dwarf activist community being like you know Are you denying our humanity by saying we’re a different species right we’re calling us like non-human Yeah It’s like you can’t win with this and it’s such this is why you don’t remake classic movies like this in today’s age because they’re not allowed you know classics are not allowed anymore, and there’s no way you can get away with with movies like snow white I mean well already it might as well be called like generic female identifying individual and the seven vertically challenged unique special individuals who associate with her because that’s that’s what you’re going to get basically right and yeah like all of that that stuff that magic that you got from movies like that. It’s going to be it’s going to be watered down and it’s going to be you know homogenized and corporatized and made safe so that no one gets offended by it and no one’s ever going to get entertained by it. Yeah. I’m just remind all these movies to me feel like I I imagine like a little boy and a little girl playing and then like the little girl like takes the boys toys, but then she like puts lipstick on them or puts dresses on all the guys and it’s like all right. This seems forced and nobody’s having a good time and this is clearly worse than if you had just left these these characters and these stories alone that’s how it comes off to me and also like the cave comment just say that they’re roommates just say the seven dwarves are comedians living in new.

York City Who Have To Share Rent

I don’t know they are they’re not minors like they they work underground because they’re mining for gems or something right They are mine so it’s like they don’t just bleep live in a cave because they can’t build anything better like they work there that’s that’s the reason for them being there in the first place Yeah they’re not like afraid to show their their little faces so yeah man it’s just this. This seems it feels like a complete non-traversing from someone who just wants attention that’s a great word I’m gonna have to use that Yeah still years from release it’s like why do they even have to comment on it if they’re like people are going to forget about this. By the time the movie actually comes out snow White will have cultural consultants just like other live action. Like a lot Aladdin and Mulan, Oh Yeah Big success they were weren’t they Oh snow white wouldn’t it be funny. I would like to see a snow white that’s actually about like a woman who’s a white supremacist and she really has to like watch what she says because it’s 2022 and you know her mom comes into her room and she has to quickly close her cupboard because there’s like a white hood and cape in there like like her parents barge in they think that she’s like making out with some guy, but really they’re just trying on hoods like it’s just like Yeah rip the hoods off the dwarves.

Oh Boy Yeah.

The film has been in development for three years. The studio has been reimagining the dwarf character since the earliest stages and intended for the characters to be cg and animate to me that. Sounds like there’s no way they can win it’s like sorry. This was a moment in time when it was created when these just these weren’t issues.

You Could Talk About Dwarves Midgets Bearded Ladies

at the circus, Whatever it’s just people were who they were and not everything had to be polished over joining Zegler in the live action feature Our Tony Award winner Andrew Burnett and Wonder Woman star Gal Go Gal Gadot‘s gonna be the evil queen Oh dear Oh, but she’s so beautiful and she she she is a gorgeous creature, but she can’t act. She’s not an actress, You know she’s she was finding wonder woman because like the the script really didn’t mat. It didn’t ask much from her, but then I was watching red notes the other day and she had to be like this femme fatale character who was really flamboyant and you know like almost like a mustache, twirling villain um and seductive and everything she just couldn’t do it man she doesn’t have that acting range in her and so the idea that she’s gonna play an evil queen is just yeah it’s another nail in the coffin of this film right and as a warrior. I think Gal Gadot could kind of be a little bit like emotionally at arm’s length from the audience, which worked for her because right if she’s not the best actress like she can be a little bit kind of I don’t know.

Like Not As Passionate And Just

kind of you know what might come across as like cool calm collected is like well. Maybe she’s not really invested in this role and maybe her range is not so wide, but right if she’s gotta be a villain yeah, she’s gonna really have to pull from pretty deep. I could see her just being a kind of blah villain just kind of like Oh no how dare you I I think so like the you know the original wonder woman um it kind of required her to be it’s.


Disney responds to Peter Dinklage’s Snow White criticism . The dwarves in snow white are not humans with with dwarfism . They are an entirely different species and so you can’t apply that same criteria to them . Disney is taking a different approach with these seven characters. These seven vertically challenged characters.& These seven they’re not really men of size they are Junior of Junior height.& Seven characters have been consulting with members of the dwarfism community says disney my God I mean like why do we have to take it all so seriously.& I think I don’t know if live action remakes take years and years to come together, but it seems like this one is just taking a while to avoid reinforcing stereotypes from the original animated film, We are taking adifferent approach with the seven characters . The film is set to be released in theaters on December 18, 2015 . The movie will be released on Blu-Blu-Ray Blu-Ray on December 25, 2015. The…. Click here to read more and watch the full video