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Foss in Star Wars Episode one The Phantom Menace, while not a perfect film actually does contain some some strokes of genius to establish the dark origins of the Skywalker saga So what let’s continue our Star Wars rewatch series and would be a white episode one Definitely does deserve a legacy greater than the Star Wars Kid First the title the Phantom minutes like may Star Wars films. The title contains multiple meanings, while Darth Maul is certainly a Tanta Menace so is Anakin Skywalker. So it was Padme look at 22nd but more than anyone. The Phantom Menace of this film is Cheap Palpatine aka Darth Sidious. The entire plot is a conspiracy by Palpatine to ascend it to power and if the storylines of this film ever come off as messy or over political just imagine.

The Emperors Voice Croaking.

from behind it all according to any frustration we feel is really the emperor telling us to get into a gap because the dramatic irony is alerting to us where this is all going and often times we want to scream at the screen stop Don’t do it in this whole sense of foreboding is expressed in the opening lines I have a bad feeling about this. George Lucas gives the Star Wars catchphrase to a young Obi-wan Kenobi played by you and UK who’s actually the nephew of Denis Lawson who plays legend Tilly’s Lucas’s original vision for the prequels was to focus on Obi-wan, but he’s shifted it to focus more significantly on Anakin Skywalker Lucas structures the prequels as a kind of Shakespearean tragedy Vanagon being the tragic hero kind of like Macbeth Obi-wan is the Macduff righteous rival figure and the Emperor. You could say it’s. Lady Macbeth figure the true crypt of evil.

Also Interesting Is The Response Of Obi Wans

Master Qui-gon Jinn, played by Liam Neeson. I don’t sense anything why Gods Numbness exposes his general blindness to what’s going on as we learn an attack of the clones. All the Jedi are waning and empower and their ability to see what is coming. Qui-gon Jinn represents the old order that begins to collapse and die off in this film a blissfully optimistic era that comes off as shallow-those are more familiar with Star Wars is a more cynical broken world-the original trilogy Lucasfilm artist Doug Schoen stated that George Lucas intended Episode one to be quote like a period piece since it was the history leading up to a new hope and like figures and historical films We are meant to judge these heroes the past for that. Blindness Lucas’s strongest suit in the prequels is world building including the Jedi traditions that an older Obi-wan wax poetic about in a new hope, an elegant weapon for a more civilized age over a thousand generations.

The Jedi Knights Were The Guardians Of

peace of justice before the dark time. So it’s kind of cool to explore what this old man meant by a more civilized age. I can see how it’ll be one where’s a Padawan grade when a master feels that his apprentices reach proper maturity. He must face a series of trials and if completed, he cuts off the braid with his lightsaber. So the Jedi here survived the attack by the Trade Federation named audience and their battle droids.

Lucas Described These As Predecessors To The

Stormtroopers and they were given elongated features inspired by tribal African art Palpatine’s role as puppet master is established. On and John Williams‘s Music identifies Sidious as the same Emperor from the original trilogy by using the Emperor theme to accelerate our plans begin landing Ruptures Remember this music because it comes back in the coolest way. We meet Queen. Amidala of Naboo played by Natalie Portman and Keira Knightley swapping identities between the Queen and her handmaiden Padme in order to protect the Queen so in essence, Padme is also playing the same masquerade game of Palpatine, making her a Phantom Menace in her own respect. They digitally lowered Portman’s voice to make it indistinguishable from Knightley’s, making it a challenge to decipher, which is which scene the scene Similarly.

Shortly After This Senator, Palpatine Transponder Interference Briefly

lowers his voice as well. I have assurances from the Chancellor His ambassadors in Iraq. So like Amidala’s modulation he-sounds like his alter-ego briefly and as the Jedi. are later blindsided by Padme deception, so-are they blind sided by Palpatine’s Sofia Coppola cameos is another handmaiden. Actually there’s a lot of celebrity kids cameo in’ in this movie Randomly and we’re gonna skip them because nepotism isn’t Kraft I’m interested in Obi-wan Equai UK meet Jar Jar Binks played by Ahmed best, who originally wore a prosthetic suit before his movement was later mapped over with UK.

According To The Phantom Menace Making Of

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I Draw A Napkin Said It Couldnt Bring

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I Love This Line Because If You Think

about it. It’s a simpler version of the rule of two behind every threat. a second larger threat lurking in the shadows. They rescued the Queen and escaped on her starship Qui gonn will later identify as a European model. Jade three to seven three to seven was the name of the Death Star landing Bay where Han landed the Falcon and the landing platform Cloud City in Empire.

They Escaped The Blockade Thanks To R2D2,

who gets a royal Freakin commendation for a droid yet still no medal for Chewie. They stopped at Tatooine to replace their hyperdrive venturing to the city of Moss UK where they meet Watto voiced by Andy Seecombe. Watteau often flies instead of walking because if you look closely one of his feet is longer than the other and we meet Anakin Skywalker played here by Jake Lloyd now. The character was written to be 12 originally, but Lucas aged him down so that his separation from his mother would affect him more in the later films. Much of Anakin’s descent can be traced back to mommy issues with Anakin’s vengeful rage on the Tusken Raiders, a key morale break for his character.

Shmi Warns Him About This Same Back.

This line is another example of how past history can be a dangerous burden like Cweigand obsession with ancient prophecies the world we leave behind we’re not careful can distract and corrupt us and again assets Padme if she’s an angel mentioning hearing about angels from the Moons of Iego in a Clone Wars animated series episode Anakin and Obi-wan actually traveled to Iego and encounter one of these angels, and we learned that Anakin built the protocol Droids C-3po still without his plating here actually in the background. shop you can see another protocol droid with its like missing a nod to C-3po and a new hope and is swapped out silver leg water Also contains an UK pod from 2001 a Space Odyssey inside Anakin’s room. There’s this statue that many have since said resembles Maz Kanata from the new films. What’s weird is the Phantom Menace visual dictionary lists this statue as being in Palpatine’s quarters.

Now It Is Believed That Anakins

virgin birth was actually Palpatine manipulating Midi-chlorians to conceive Anakin in Schmid’s womb. Also Maz Kanata is said to be a thousand years old, and she later shows up possessing Anakin’s, Lightsaber and the podrace flags decorate Maz Kanata‘s place so I don’t know perhaps there’s a connection between Papa teen Shmi Anakin Maz and this statue a total conspiracy episode that I hope to do one day. Jar Jar Almost gets wrecked by Sebulba, whom Lucas based on a Spider Orangutan Sloth and a Camel. One of the background characters at this cafe. The home at the yellow paint Overs Nose actually inspired expanded universe writers to create the character Quinlan Vos No motion on course, Aunt Sidious chats with Darth Maul, played by Rey Park and voiced by Peter Serafinowicz.

Mauls Appearance Was Designed To Reflect Christian

art depictions of the Devil. A one-point news designed a feathers on his head, but they were placed with horns. They used were shacks tile ink blots for the tattoos. At last we will reveal ourselves to the Jedi what does he mean by revenge here Cuz they never really say in this film. It turns out a thousand years before the Sith were a group of Jedi who challenged the old doctrine of restraint instead, believing that Rage is a.

To Harness The Forces Power Which Led

to their exile from the Jedi and their attempts over the centuries to overturn the Jedi Order. Anakin prepares for the UK race with his buddies would include Zack and Eli Warwick Davis as Rodian named Weasel, who in a deleted scene taunted a young grito for brawling with Anakin. Davis also cameos as whatõs friend walled in a later scene. Qui-gon and Watteau roll a dice colored red and blue who connected into the recurring red vs. .

Blue Imagery Throughout The Series.

In this scene, Anakin is associated with blue goodness, but as the trilogy goes on he’ll be more and more associated with red and black the colors of evil. According to the script, this cube was actually rigged to land on red, which is why water later tells Qui-gon that it wasn’t a fair bet that we can’t admit why. That presiding over the Podrace is Jabba the Hutt and a younger Bid Fortuna, also a slave girl wearing these same kind of metal bikini that Leia would wear. There’s also the female Gardulla the Hutt, the one that used to own Anakin and Shmi and to start this race.

Jabba Bites The Head Off A Frog

and spits it at a gong a callback to him eating those frogs and returned the Jedi. This Podrace is one of the best sequences of the film. The effects are great It’s super exciting and the way they accomplished it is by basing it on one of the most exciting sequences in all of film The chariot race have been her. You may also notice how this stadium’s architecture is based on the Roman designs of the early Christian era when Ben Hur takes place also cameo in during his pod race. Is this bounty Hunter or a Singh who would go on to play a larger role in the Clone Wars animated series and get a shout out and solo after the race when Qui-gon settles up with Mato notice passing behind him is a broom droid.

One Of The Ones That Maul Sent

out and searched for them in a deleted scene. Qui-gon finally notices this thing it cuts it down after a brush with Darth Maul they head to Coruscant as they arrive. You can see Charger in the background waving his hand in front of a guard like you know those annoying tourists in England in front of the Queen’s Guard also later in the background of this city planet. He can spot a spinner from Blade Runner and the Starship Enterprise from Star Trek and they meet then Senator Palpatine. There is no civility and new politics.

Not What It Once Was Notice How

Palpatine sentence structure of there is no civility there’s only politics is a corruption of the part of the Jedi Code, which states there is no fear only calm there’s no death there’s only the force also in the back of this office. They included a prop of The Maltese Falcon from the classic film noir film. A symbol of Palpatine’s moral ambiguity and they take Anakin to the Jedi Council now. In the 1999 release, Yoda was a puppet reconstructed to make Yoda try to appear younger, but the shade of green was off. So in 2011 George Lucas replaced him with the Cgi redesigned that they started using the attack of the clones.

Also Among The Council Are Samuel L

Jackson as Mace Windu, whose name comes from George Lucas’s, original name for the mentor figure of his first draft for the first film Also there are Jedi Masters like Cloak, Une, Ki-adi-mundi and Yea Tall, a female of Yoda’s mystery species. The Senate delegations include wookies from Kashyyyk, a twilight senator and a few aliens from Et with George Lucas returning the nod to Spielberg for the Yoda cameo inNK] actually in the Star Wars novel Cloak of Deception. These beans are described from being from the planet Brodo, a Sookie represented by Senator Greed Leaps, which is Spielberg spelled backwards. After convincing the Queen to call for a vote of no confidence on the previous Chancellor Valorum. Palpatine gets nominated on a wave of sympathy for Naboo and now that everything’s falling into place.

Notice That When The Queen Leaves.

Slightest half smile begins to form on Palpatine space Yoda in the council. Reject Anakin fear leads to anger anger leads to hate hate leads to suffering, but Qui-gon defies them and explains Midi-chlorians to Anakin Midi-chlorians are a microscopic life-form that resides within all living cells without Dominica Laureen’s life cannot exist. He would have no knowledge of the force now, perhaps when he listened to this the meta Chlorines in your blood boil yes by giving the force a scientific basis. Lucas D mythologized what was once a spiritual aspect of his fantasy world into a kata fide science fiction one.

It Actually Makes Star Wars A

different genre, but as we re-watch The Phantom Menace. These kind of facts were inserted into this period film with the understanding that this whole belief system would be wiped away the same way that in our world culture. In When civilizations collapse from war, you don’t have to like Midi-chlorians at all because in a few years this truth will be replaced by a belief system that used the whole Jedi religion itself as a myth back on Naboo, the Gungans engaged with the battle droids on the plains battle droids that for some reason need binoculars. You think that would just be designed in his eyepieces and later in the battleship controlling them gets destroyed from a lucky trigger pool by Anakin Skywalker. The one Jar Jar knocks over is numbered 1-1 3-8 for Lucas’s past film every single one of these day moves as Thx 1-1 3-8 in it.

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Qui-Gon And Obi-Wan Engaged Darth Maul,

who reveals a double bladed Lightsaber. This is boy. This design was actually borrowed from the Conex series Tales of the Jedi. The Fifth War and this really duel was designed by stunt coordinator Nick Gillard, who built out Barry’s Lightsaber Duel forms based on Kendo in Kim Junsu styles and we’re hearing John Williams Epic dueled the fates. It’s composed of chanted lyrics from an archaic Welsh poem called Battle of the trees.

Its All Been Translated Into Sanskrit Taking

the verse under the tongue roots a fight most dread and another raging behind in the head and rearranging the Sanskrit translation into the core Mata syllables that were familiar with obi-wan watched his his mentor die screaming just like Luke will do when he watches him die. We’ll see Anakin will do both when he believes Luke has died, and when he thinks Luke is about to die and of course this Luke will say when his soul died. It’s a saga of nose if we wanna incept defeating Malls slicing him in half fun facts at. Never blinks once throughout the whole film except the moment Obi-wan bites ex em now of course, the Clone Wars animated series reveals that Maul survives this moment, setting him up for a future comeback in solo and perhaps future live-action installments. Qui gonn leaves Obi-wan with a dying wish to train the boy a lesson to never ever ever feel beholden to honor a dying man’s wishes when Obi-wan counsels Luke is a force ghost.

Luke Ignores His Counsel And That Serves Them

well if you think about it its major theme. Throughout these Star Wars films the world is for the living to decide what to do with it ghosts and dying men they’re stubborn and biased. They don’t get a vote, but Yoda reluctantly approves leading him in Mace Windu introducing the rule of two always two there are no more no less a master and an. destroyed the master or the apprentice has? He discusses I love that Palpatine attends this you knurl the balls on this guy to hide in plain sight and to keep a straight face in a sacred ceremony for a religion that heed to tests Now. The final scene is kind of a bizarre celebration well not bizarre because of Nabu‘s victory, but bizarre because the dramatic irony tells us that we are witnessing Act 1 of E3.

A Tragedy.

This should be a dark moment but here’s a secret Phantom Menace is and Dean is actually one of the darkest moments of the franchise notice here that Padme is dressed as an angel, the voguing the Angel the moons of Iego that Anakin spoke of before, but also her premature departure from this world and if you stick around through the credits. You hear a rendition of Imperial March and the sound of Darth Vader’s breathing but here is my favorite hidden detail in the Phantom Menace in the parade music here John Williams made a terrifying Easter egg listen to the melody of the children’s voices singing sounds Nice h well. Williams actually came up with this melody by creating a major key a happy version of the classic Emperor’s theme from Return of the Jedi and that theme is sung by deep male voices that the pre music is a boys choir.

Its A Chilling Reminder Of The Dark Destiny

to come how the innocent boy of this film will one day become a cruel man with an iconic deep voice serving the true victor of this moment. The film’s true Phantom Menace do you think the Phantom Menace deserves its status as the worst reviewed Star Wars film comment. Down below with your thoughts follow me on Instagram and Twitter at Ei Boss and subscribe to our podcast feed UK for all of your Star Wars analysis and keep an eye out for our upcoming read watches of attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith thanks for joining me.


The Phantom Menace is not a perfect film but contains some some strokes of genius to establish the dark origins of the Skywalker saga . George Lucas structures the prequels as a kind of Shakespearean tragedy Vanagon being the tragic hero kind of like Macbeth . The entire plot is a conspiracy by Palpatine to ascend it to power and if the storylines of this film ever come off as messy or over political just imagine. The dramatic irony is alerting to us where this is all going and often times we want to scream at the screen stop Don’t do it in this whole sense of foreboding is expressed in the opening lines I have a bad feeling about this. George Lucas gives the Star Wars catchphrase to a young Obi-wan Kenobi played by you and UK who’s actually the nephew of Denis Lawson who plays legend Tilly’s played by Denis Lawson . Also interesting is the response of Obi Wan’s Master Qui-gon Jinn, played by Liam Neeson ….. Click here to read more and watch the full video