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Youre So Cute Youre Like I Dont Want

a doctor Am I saying she doesn’t live no yeah. I know I I don’t want to tell anyone sometimes it’s not safe Yeah have you had um you know any crazy stalker action or like anything that kind of creeped you out lately. I want to say this so bad but I know it’s gonna start like a a huge problem, but I have a really bad stalker and it is a female and wow okay. Yeah Yeah really bad really bad Oh how very like woke in 2021 you know just opportunity stalking going on feminism Yeah, Oh God man that sucks I don’t. I haven’t had a stalker person The closest I had was a peeping Tom in my last apartment in Williamsburg, and I was on the ground floor terrible should have never picked it.

I Was In.

a bad spot Yeah you should have known there’s two reasons not to have ground floors the rats Pee, pee Tom yeah thank God. I didn’t have any rats but I just was like. I came after like a night of spots. It was like definitely 11 p.

M Or Later And I Just Like I

don’t know I like to look out the window. So I always have my like windows open. I’m not like a shades drawn person. I just like to have light um but then I was I’m just like like whipped off my shirt thank God. I still had like a bra on and I was wearing like pants and I just like laid down on the bed and then I just looked over and I just saw he was probably like the 60-ish year-old man and then it scared the blumin out.

Of Me And I Like Got Up

and it’s like what do you do like nothing prepares you for this moment and I’m just like you know banging on the window like that’s gonna solve anything and then I think a couple times after I’d like walk back. I’d like walk back from the subway um I think he was trying to figure out my schedule stop but thank God I had like the most irregular erratic schedule, so he wasn’t able to do that and then it’s scary. I would kind of see him around and now it’s not funny anymore. It was fun. It was it’s funny ultimately because nothing happened and looking back.

Im Like Wow Im Very Flattered.

You know I was like yeah still got it did he have like his you know what out or no no I couldn’t see I couldn’t see I. could just see this because it was like um it wasn’t like a long like window or anything. It just was like chest length, but definitely enough to like scare you Definitely yeah. I was scared and then and I think he was kind of a neighbor.

I Think He Kind Of Like

lived nearby and I was like man that’s such a midwest thing to do honestly yeah but not like. I I grew up in Ohio and like my mom always used to be like keep your windows closed because I was like always a thing to like people. I know it sounds so like mom come on like nobody does that people do that. I was shocked. You know what my theory is not to change the subject but about about men sending dick pics.

Its Like The New Age Of

flashing remember how people used to yes with the trench coats like a separate happy Monday enjoy your commute and you’d be like God just spilling coffee like wow. I didn’t expect that right one of my friends said that the other day and I was like that is it’s that’s what it is it is it’s modern flashing it’s like you’re seeing me whether you like it or not like just the other day. I had two guys like flooding my instagram messages not just one dick Pic Elsa not just like this is my best look. I’m going with it. It was like 20 or so like everything all different all equally terrible angles like didn’t bother to shave didn’t bother to do like cute lighting didn’t I just have a bar behind them or anything right I was like man I.

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Was Like At Least Hire A Photographer.

You know like send me something right It’s overwhelming and I guess like the exhibitionist in you was like check it out um no don’t Do I don’t Even open up I used to open up my DMs and I I don’t do it anymore. It’s it can be scary. I sometimes do right because I’m just like well what if somebody gets lost in there like a friend or someone who’s trying to contact me but again like my emails are everywhere it’s it’s very obvious like how you can catch with me for for work and stuff. But it’s like man yes having a legit stalker really sucks it’s like well.

What Can You Do Like Yeah You Can

hire like security and I don’t know maybe just wear a wig. You know the the way people stop nowadays it’s not. Necessarily like Stalkers. I feel like like when I was younger like I mean this is not a stalker, but like when you have like a boyfriend that won’t leave you alone and like they just keep coming to your place like that was like really like Yeah that was like my first kind of like stalking situations where you’re like go and they don’t but now okay so like not giving you space yeah not yeah yeah yeah, but like you’re broken up and they still are stopping by Oh okay that’s a little stalking um I remember one time. I this is so random but my I dated this guy for a month and I was like 15 and he came into my work and threw this giant teddy bear at me and he was it was the teddy bear was literally the size of me why why.

Do People Do That Its Like

having a dependent like when you have a stuffed animal that is like I don’t know bigger than this bigger than like body with it’s a huge inconvenience. It’s like it’s a job. It’s like you’re now giving something that’s going to collect dust. It’s going to get someone’s going to spill food coffee on it It’s going to get dirty on it yeah it’s a piece.

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Its Basically A Piece Of Furniture When Someone

gives you a gigantic novelty animal. It’s like here have an Ottoman It’s like where do I put this but I was going to say the stalking thing um people now they stalk you through social media. Of course they can figure out where you’re going like. I don’t post where I am I post where I’ve been and I know that throws people off a lot of the time but like I’ll.

Even Id Rather Post Old Photos And

say throwback than you know then post literally right because it takes two seconds for someone to to figure out where stuff is. I’ve had people call hotels. I’ve had you know um I’ve had it just ridiculous stuff just feel free to use my name as a code name whenever you’re staying in a hotel and people like what I’ve never heard of yeah right Oh God yeah you probably have to do code names, but then again if you’re if you’re just posting where you’ve been yeah, you gotta throw people off yeah yeah so I just post once I left the code names Don’t really and aliases and I think that’s what it’s called. It doesn’t really help once I post it Once I left but it could get scary.

That Is Scary, Especially When Youre With

someone you shouldn’t be with like an ex. You know okay okay or I was. I think you’re going to be someone else’s man yeah or I was gonna say someone else’s band, but I thought.


I haven’t had a stalker person. The closest I had was a peeping Tom in my last apartment in Williamsburg, and I was on the ground floor terrible should have never picked it.& I didn’t have any rats but I just was like. I always have my like windows open.& It was like definitely 11 p.&m or later and I just like I don’t know I like to look out the window.& So I’m not like a shades drawn person. But then I was I’m just like like like whipped off my shirt thank God.& Yeah Yeah Yeah really bad really bad. Oh how very like woke in 2021 you know just opportunity stalking going on feminism. You’re so cute. Am I saying she doesn’t live no yeah. & I don’t want to tell anyone sometimes it’s not safe. You’re so cute you’re like I’ve got a doctor Am I say she doesn’…. Click here to read more and watch the full video