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Verbal Abuse From A Computer And The

coolest puzzle game in years I’m in Portal 2. I started my review of Portal 2 so late I mean the UK apocalypse happened. I couldn’t play multiplayer I’d meet the single-player campaign without multiplayer. It’s like half the game but now I beat the entire game so let’s review it so Portal 1 came out and who are we kidding that game was badass See it about an hour and a half long, but it’s still bad ass and now Portal 2 is UK I heard it was twice as long as Portal 1. I think that’s cutting it a little short.

It Seems A Little Longer Than Twice As

long and maybe it is just twice as long but they do a really good job at making you feel like it’s longer than that and it’s just the single-player campaign. The multiplayer campaign. It’s about 2/3 as long as the single-player campaign. All in all you’re getting a pretty good game, especially with this kind of innovation. Now the concept of portal is pretty simple you’re a human being being tested by a robot, a robot named Gladys, who gives you all sorts of verbal abuse and it’s not just her.

There Are Actually A Few Voices

in this game without giving any spoilers away yes spoilers in a puzzle game figure that out good job for the team at Valve for making it possible to give away spoilers on a puzzle game. But one of the voices in this game is UK. So back to the point this robot is programmed to test people with a portal gun. You have a portal gun and you can shoot two portals Orange portal and blue portal go in one come out the other which is necessary for solving these puzzles and then let the testing begin awesome concept right and there’s something cool just messing around with these portals like shootin one above you and then below you and just watching you drop forever entertainment right there and not only is portal 2 really innovative and smart, but it’s not like impossibly smart. There are a couple puzzles where you just like this is impossible but generally speaking you can still solve the puzzles.

You Dont End Up Like Throwing Your

controller through your UK or anything like that but it’s also really hilarious. Now I see a lot of movies and I watch. A fair amount of UK? You know that Portal 2 has the funniest and most clever dialogue I’ve seen in anything this year So do yourself a favor if you have an Android phone just download the app to the sound board. So the characters in Portal 2 who are welcome in advance now The single-player campaign really delves into Aperture Science Aperture Science being the company that came up with these tests to do on people like the Dharma Initiative from lost. I found the story really intriguing in a puzzle game, so you get done with the level and you’re rewarded with this like little treat of information in the form of really clever dialogues like win win win triple win but the multiplayer campaign I found the puzzles really cool.

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Although The Multiplayer Doesnt Have As

much to do with the story a single player does so. All the those are cool multiplayer wins for the puzzles and single player wins for the story and dialogue. Although multiplayer has cool dialogue too now it’s really interesting that it’s a first-person game involving a gun where you don’t shoot anything yet it’s still awesome. I don’t know about you but with my first-person games. I like blowing up.

I Need That Uk 9000 Just

to eradicate a room full of dudes but in Portal it’s okay. I just want to feel smart when you solve some of these puzzles you’re like I don’t care what anyone says I am a genius. There are a lot of more difficult puzzle games out there, but they’re not as good as Portal 2 so I’m a sucker for hilarious dialogue. I’m a sucker for smart puzzle games and I’m a sucker for innovation In Portal 2 has all three there’s not. level in the game where you like that wasn’t well thought out at all in fact you end Portal 2 going I don’t know what they’re gonna do if they make a third one.

Its Like The Dark Knight Of Puzzle

games. I don’t have a conventional rating system for games yet I should work on that I know but no matter what even though I wish Portal 2 was longer I will say Portal 2 is awesome tacular and the ending of the single-player campaign. Though Holy I’m not going to give you any spoilers or anything like that. But the ending to the single-player campaign is like the most epic moment ever. This is the kind of stuff that movies should do, but they’re not going to do because they’re not as cool as Portal 2.

For Some Reason The Portal Games Are Those

games that you can. Your friends play in you’re entertained I hate watching my friends play UK I hate watching my friends play most games Portal 2. Though you’re like I want to see how they get through this puzzle. You want to see the look on their faces when UK or whoever gives them verbal abuse.

Its Good Stuff Really Rare That A

game can entertain the watchers as well as the players. The Portal 2 pulls that off but just being hilarious and entertaining. So play it laugh download the droid app for the voices great stuff and if you like what you’ve seen here and you want to see more click right here to see more you.


Portal 1 was an hour and a half long, but it’s still bad ass and now Portal 2 is UK . Multiplayer campaign is about 2/3 as long as the single-player campaign . The game is “innovative and smart, but not impossibly smart,” says GameSpot.com.com’s John Defterios.com . Portal 2 was released in March 2013 and is expected to be released later this year in the U.S. and is now available in North America and North America on PC and iOS.com for iOS and iOS, both versions of the game. Portal 2 will be available on both iOS and Android.com, both on iOS and PC.com with iOS, iOS, PC, iOS and Xbox.com and Xbox One, both of the iOS and MacOSOSOS. Both of the console versions of both of these versions of iOS and the PC versions of all of the operating systems. Both versions of these are available on iOS. All of the…. Click here to read more and watch the full video