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All Right There Everyone President Trump Takes

on Brussels that’s what we’ll be talking about on today’s video you know just when you thought that things couldn’t get worse for Brussels now there’s news that the United States may impose tariffs on UK goods exported to the United States I’m sure many of you saw or at least heard about the Trump rally held in Michigan over the weekend and what are the things that he brought up was his disgust over the–use trade policies, where he noted that Brussels had put up trade barriers that were designed to take advantage of the United States. There are Are as he put it tremendous blocks set up by the UK That’s made it very hard for us to sell American goods into the European Union. So he sees Brussels as putting up blocks to take advantage of the United States and so as Trump puts it It’s time for us to take on Brussels than the UK and now of course, Trump has used this rhetoric before particularly when talking about China and now everyone knows that he means business. Trump had posed around a terrace on metal imports. Just last month, which many analysts credit as being very effective in beating China into compliance, which entailed approving sanctions against North Korea, which I think it’s.

I Believe Is The First Time

China has ever done that and of course many are crediting quite rightly that such sanctions have brought North Korea to the negotiation table with South. Korea as well as the states and all this appears to be rooted in Trump’s willingness to walk the talk as it were so. There’s no question that Trump means what he says here If he’s making threats against Brussels to impose tariffs on UK goods they know he means it He’ll fulfill those threats remember the UK was spared from this round of tariffs on metal imports that was imposed by Trump just last March, but this exemption that covers steel and aluminum is due to expire this week. I think tomorrow in fact and so in classic Trump fashion, he’s ready to renegotiate trade deals by putting the other trade partner on the in order to bring them to the negotiation table that’s his leverage now. Nigel Farage, the leader of the Brexit and former UK leader right.

I Think Hes Absolutely Right On This When

he said. On Fox news that he sees this move by Trump really is the first time another global powers defied the UK Feroz basically argued that Brussels are not used to being bullied as it were always sees itself as being the bully that gets its own way over its member nations and farad says the Trump is basically correct here that the Bureaucrats and the UK have no problem selling plenty of German cars in the American marketplace, but they tend to be reluctant to reciprocate by taking on any new American products and so Pharoah’s is absolutely delighted with all this ecce was a big bully what he calls the bullies and Brussels and he’s delighted to say that this is the first time anyone outside of the UK has really stood up to them and then make no mistake. This is a not so sleight of hand against. Frances Macro on Germany‘s Merkel, both of whom recently visited Washington. Macro gave a speech to actually a joint session of Congress that nobody cared about except for you know the New York Slimes in the Washington compost.

Both Merkel And Macro Urged Trump

to extend the e-use exemption from the terrace during their recent visits to keep it going. They lobbied for a tariff free trade policy between the States and the U and at the rally. Trump basically said forget about it it’s time somebody stood up to you somebody else other than hungry in Poland. Of course, indeed, the whole of the vision rod for in many Eastern European nations as well the Northern Lights as they’re called so now it seems we have a full-court press as it were we against Brussels We’ve got the vision rod for and the eight nations that make up. Northern Lights, along with Italy and Austria, putting process on putting pressure on Brussels from the inside of Europe and now threats a trade tariffs from the outside via the United States.

Russell Certainly Has Seen Better Days Now.

In addition to lesson we’re getting on Trump’s standing up to bullies whether it’s the bullies of Brussels, The bullies in Beijing or Pyongyang. In addition to him standing up to international bullies as a word. Trump is also giving us a fantastic lesson on the nature of economic nationalism. We’re seeing President Trump make economic nationalism front and center of his administrative policies.

Now The Key Here About Economic Nationalism

is not merely a matter of protectionism that’s what many I think inaccurately unfairly caricature economic nationalism as or at the very least who don’t quite understand it. Many critics, many of them by the way are coming from the Never Trump or side of neoconservatism that’s basically dead by the way we’ll be doing a video on that this week the death of the Never Trump movement, but many critics of economic nationalism basically reduce it to protectionism you know the imposition of tariffs and all foreign imports now The problem with this reductionism is this Trump is showing us with the diversity of his approach to various different trading nations. The problem with equating economic nationalism with what many consider protectionism is that there’s simply no nation in this equivocation. Right critics have wrongly left out the nationalist dimension when they reduce economic nationalism to protectionism. In other words, protectionism certainly involves statism.

It Certainly Involves Proactive States Imposing Tariffs On

certain goods or imposing certain requirements for what can be bought and sold but those. requirements considered in and of themselves are exempt of statism as it were not nationalism There’s there’s. Of course, a very important difference between the two state IsM involves institutional activity. Statism involves the actions associated with a governmental institution, While nationalism involves trans institutional phenomena, such community culture, custom language, religion, ethnicity, and the like statism. Statism is institutional on nationalism is trans institutional and cultural and so.

The Important Point Here Is That

economic nationalism may involve protection, but it cannot be reduced to protectionism and as so many seem to think and that’s because there’s simply no nation or nationalism in a protectionist reduction of economic nationalism instead, as the name implies economic nationalism as an economic approach is is the intentional pursuit of the benefit of a culture custom and tradition that collectively comprised the nation. Economic nationalism is a facet of national identity. We’re certain. kinds of cultures traditions, religions ethnicities, whatever Forge distinctive economic policies in accordance with specific national traits. What this means is that economic Nationals could certainly involve protectionist measures, but it can also involve thoroughly free trade measures.

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Economic Nationalism Can Involve A Thoroughly

free-trade approach as well as involving subsidized measures. It can evolve ritualized measures. It can prevent certain kinds of economic activities on certain kinds of days or involving certain materials we could go on and on it could be free-market or regulated market. Economic nationalism is by definition a thoroughly diverse approach to economic activities and markets simply because it is an extension of diverse national identities. It’s an extension to customs traditions and religions that together comprise the culture of a nation.

Its Not An Abstract Economic Theory

per se as many economists trying to make it and so this is why if there were. One-term that could serve as a definition for economic nationalism, at least in relation to trade rather than protectionism. I would go with what Trump uses and that’s bilateralism which reverses specific agreement between two nations for the purpose of mutual benefit as defined by national identity and custom. But more broadly bilateralism could involve trade policies that are specific to each nation that in effect mirror each nation.

So If A Nation Is Cooperative Towards

us, and we’re cooperative towards it. If the nation puts up barriers against us and we put up barriers again set right again. The important point here is that economic nationalism is a highly diverse economic policy approach and is emphatically not reducible to the notion of protectionism, which really if you think it through is an absurd reduction that fails to capture that diverse nuances of economic nationalism as we’re seeing them playing. In the policies of Donald Trump it gives them the freedom to be able to negotiate.

For Example, So Of Course, Well Keep An

eye on how things develop here. But there’s no question that Brussels is being pressured from both within Europe and now from without from the vision Grad four and the Northern Lights inside Europe and now from the economic nationalism of President Trump with Trump and leaders like Viktor, Orban and Hungry and others. It does appear that the bullies of Brussels have just met a much bigger bully as always please like comment and subscribe click on our Patreon link down below and become a monthly support of this channel and help us to continue to analyze current events and light a conservative trends such you can personally and professionally flourish.

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President Trump takes on Brussels that’s what we’ll be talking about on today’s video . The United States may impose tariffs on UK goods exported to the United States . The UK was spared from this round of tariffs on metal imports that was imposed by Trump just last March, but this exemption that covers steel and aluminum is due to expire this week . There’s no question that Trump means what he says here If he’s making threats against Brussels to impose tariffs, they know he means it. He’ll fulfill those threats. Trump has used this rhetoric before particularly when talking about China and now of course, he’s ready to walk the talk as it were so in classic Trump fashion, he is ready to do it tomorrow in fact and so in fact, he’s ready to act again. All right there, we’ll talk about it. We’re back at the bottom of the box. We’ll be back at 10 p.m. ET on Monday at 10pm ET on iReport….. Click here to read more and watch the full video