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Oh, Yeah! Its The Best Of The Videogame Movies

not sure that’s saying much the Prince of Persia The Sands of time okay, so Disney‘s been trying to recreate that whole fluke Pirates of the Caribbean Smash Hits summer blockbuster movie thing pretty much ever since Pirates of the Caribbean came out and the bold truth of the matter is they’re never ever gonna do it ever again They didn’t do with the last two Pirates of the Caribbean movies, but their latest attempt is a movie adaptation of the videogame The Prince of Persia at the sands of time and I’m gonna straight up level with you. Guys I have never played the Prince of Persia The Sands of time game. The Last Prince of Persia game that I played was on the battery munching beast of a bastard known as The Game Gear. Oh You know you remember. So the story goes-Don played by Jake Gyllenhaal was adopted by the King of Persia when he was a young Street orphan.

So Now Hes A Prince.

You guessed it of Persia just think like Aladdin meets Moses with a time reversing Dagger and after the Persians who were actually the good guys in this movie sack a city looking for weapons yeah you go ahead and try that blumin with the Spartans. They’re douchebags. Gaston finds a dagger that when activated will turn back time one minute and thus the whole quest to help the princess keep that dagger out of the hands of the douchebag starts now The beginning of this movie is pretty Badass. You Pretty badass you see Gyllenhaal is pretty much in nobody when it comes to military strength, but he’s all nimble like Ninja Badass and he shows off his skills throughout the movie.

It Makes For A Pretty Good Be It

uneven time at the chemistry between Gyllenhaal and Princess Hotness and that’s gonna be her name for this review because I really don’t remember her name from the movie. Their chemistry isn’t good or bad. It just kind of is I mean it’s the classic formula. They don’t like each other in the beginning of the movie and then throughout their quest. They start to grow close and start liking each other.

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By The End, They Love Each Other

or something. There is a part where the world’s gonna end and they stop to embrace a slow-motion Kiss I didn’t really buy that I’m not gonna lie the world was. It might not have been the time but I am UK gonna live flirtatious sarcastic banter beats the living blumin out of grade. -b really forced Pseudo Shakespearean blumin that Anakin and Padme forcing our throats for two movies. Alfred Molina was in it I loved him in the movie He was awesome kind of feels like a really prolonged cameo, but it just goes to show you that you don’t need a lot of screen time to steal the show every scene he was in he was the man and was it me or was this movie edit really weird like.

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There Was A Scene Where This Guy

was walking down a hallway and and daggers fly by his head and he kind of looks surprised and then it fades to a hallway shot and he’s walking on a hallway again like it never happened this. This is one of many examples it’s really weird, though now the coolest part in the movies. When Gyllenhaal activates the dagger and the dagger turns back time. Those scenes are badass, but I was just hoping to see more turning back time moments.

I Mean I Dont Even Care Man

spam that handle just turn back time every four minutes. I’d be happy, but we only get four of them in the entire movie. So this movie had a really cool premise. I had really cool moments the on-screen romance.

Its Not Too Bad.

Probably because princess hotness is hot it had some nice action. It’s not a deep movie, but it’ll keep you entertained. I mean it’s just not the movie of the summer or anything like that for me was just kind of par for the course for the movies this summer.

I Mean Its Definitely Worth.

Matinee watch I think any more than that I don’t know about that so fun time just not a monumental time. We’re still counting down the days to inception, and if you like what you’ve seen here and you want to see more then click here to see more videos.


The Prince of Persia The Sands of time is a movie adaptation of the videogame . Jake Gyllenhaal and Princess Hotness have chemistry that isn’t good or bad . The movie is based on a videogame based on the game The Last Prince Of Persia on the Game Gear . The film is a sequel to the popular videogame The Game Gear game that was released in the last two of the last three years . The game was released on Game Gear and is now available on iTunes and for more information about the film . In the movie, the main character is Don, who was adopted by the King of Persia when he was a young Street Orphaned. He is now a prince and his quest to help the princess keep that dagger out of the hands of a douchebag. The movie was directed by Gaston Gaston. Gaston finds a dagger that when activated will turn back time one minute and thus the whole quest to…. Click here to read more and watch the full video