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A Wizard Is Never Late For Their Beggins, Nor

is he early he probably just didn’t know this movie was a thing seriously did you know you didn’t know where did this movie come from At the time. I was blissfully watching Batman mask with the phantasm uploading that video. Then there were the comments like where’s where’s your review of the power movie anyhow you wanted me to watch it and review it so I watched it. I got my tools so now we review it apple juice remember what is this movie called project power right so project power It sounds like a superhero movie. It’s not really a superhero movie.

Its A Movie That Has A Superhero

concept in it. But they were like you know what we don’t really have the budget for it so it’s not really a superhero movie or maybe they did I. Don’t know I don’t know what the budget for this movie was. I suppose I could look it up but am I going to blumin no so the concept is it takes place in New Orleans. There’s this new drug on the street and you take the pill and you get a random superpower.

Its A Random Grab Bag.

You can be invisible. You can be super strong super tough super fast. It could just blow you up could make you turn into fire, which means the first guy. I saw in this movie and he’s all combusted into flames and he’s charging after Jamie Foxx and I was like holy blumin it’s the phantom pain.

Its What I Thought So The Plot

is. Jamie Foxx is trying to he’s going up the ladder. You know he’s trying to find the guy behind the guy behind. Guy behind the guy of this whole operation, Joseph Gordon-levitt plays a cop again. Jamie Foxx is the one that really carries this movie.

Its The Jamie Foxx Show Joseph Gordon.

-levitt is fine in the movie, but it doesn’t stand out to me as much as Jamie Foxx does I feel like this thing is clacking around if that bothers you I’m so sorry it’s so it keeps the drink cold but there’s no ice that can melt so the apple juice doesn’t get diluted. It’s very important and this movie is a textbook case of all style no substance but the premise is awesome because the premise is pretty sweet a pill that gives you a random superpower lasts five minutes so it’s not like people always have it you can see a new wave of drug distribution you could have super criminals out there wearing dare t-shirts trying. drugs out of the hands of the heroes I saw potential in this movie that’s the thing. This movie is all the potential none of the reality really all Flash no substance and when it’s flashy It’s really entertaining it’s the flash is not wasted when someone takes a pill.

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It Does That Requiem For A

dream snap snap snap the eye dilates only minus the heroin. The powers are usually pretty cool and you’re entertained for that moment. There’s a goldilocks zone to hit in there. Though you know you don’t want to overuse the superpowers because then it’s not cool when it’s used, but you want to use it enough so we’re not just completely bored, but they don’t quite hit the zone I appreciate the fact they don’t overuse the powers, but I will say I could have gone for a couple more scenes with super powers. Because really what it is is Jamie Foxx and this girl that he’s essentially kidnapped.

I Mean Their Pals And Friends

are just helping him out, but you know it’s this Batman and Robin kind of scenario, as said in the movie, No Batman and Robin that’s a movie. This is real life well. In the end they’re just chasing a trail Joseph Gordon-levitt comes along and he’s chasing a trailer stuff at the beginning of the movie. Some at the end of the movie and in the middle of this big zone where just people going after people I’ve seen that blumin a hundred times before. In In movies like I know new movies aren’t coming out right now And you know so it’s kind of a big deal like everyone slams on the bricks like whoa new movie But this movie’s just kind of it happened and then next week.

We Will Have Forgotten About It And Its

pretty much the same outcome that would have happened if movies were coming out in theaters. This would have gotten just lost in the rabble of movies because it’s not really that special it doesn’t stand out. It’s it’s directed by the guy who directed that movie nerve you remember nerve yeah right there you go that kind of nerve style and flash admittedly. I like nerve more than I like this movie, which is why we have this I’m just trying to give the movie the benefit of the doubt. I need more benefit here we go.

It Really Actually Looks Like That

Vincent chase movie in the entourage movie that he was directing Oh just it feels like that and there were some times where people got powers you know by the end, so like all right the pill wrecked him for a dream and all that all right now we’re coming after him and it’s like someone got a superpower because when making the movie they were like look we need to throw in a superpower so a couple times it was just long enough to shut the audience up. This movie needed more time to marinate to be honest with you. I mean from the beginning, this guy’s like okay I’m a super drug dealer and here’s this new super drug and it’s the drug that gives people superpowers and then it’s like it jumps six weeks later or something like that so Joseph. Gordon live at the cops, They kind of know about this substance. I feel like the most interesting part of this story is that first six weeks that the movie just skips over in that it probably would have been a more interesting series and I’m still interested in the world of this movie.

I Just I Didnt Think The

movie was good. I still don’t maybe I will hold on nope and now I’m out blumin Oh come on more than that yeah There we go so I see potential in the world of this movie. I want them to press forward and tell more stories from this world. Let’s hope for a series. I mean it’s a netflix movie.

It Can Be A Netflix Series.

In the end, I’ll say power pilled what’s it called yeah. I’m obviously not gonna remember it in t-minus one day. Yep already forgot there you go people requesting a review for this movie There’s your review. I hope it was worth it and just so.

I Dont Run Into The Scenario

of people wanting me to review new mutants when it comes out or tan it. I want to see them. But Washington state’s pretty locked down still and so I guess these movies are coming to theaters and there are no theaters in Washington to show them so if that remains the case and your friends are like where’s Jeremy’s review kindly defer them to this video where I have now explained it cheers alright so project power Have you seen it what did you think about it whatever you thought comment below let me know and as always if you like what you’ve seen here and you want to see more click right here to see more you.

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Project power is a superhero movie that has a superhero concept in it . Jamie Foxx is the one that really carries this movie . Joseph Gordon-levitt is fine in the movie, but it doesn’t stand out to me as much as Foxx does I feel like this thing is clacking around if that bothers you. I’m so sorry it’s so it keeps the drink cold but there’s no ice that can melt so the apple juice doesn’t get diluted.& I suppose I could look it up but am I going to blumin no so the concept is it takes place in New Orleans. It’s very important and this is very important, and this important to the movie’s success. The movie is based on a series of episodes from the 1990s and ’90s and the early 2000s. The first episode of ‘Project Power’ is released on Friday, October 1, 2015. The film is released October 8. The last episode of the series is on October 1….. Click here to read more and watch the full video