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Theres An Idea Called The Red Sneaker

effects by Francesca Gino that suggests that people who break social norms are seen as higher status, so her original experiment was run academic conferences. I think this is early 2000 when there was a very strong norm what people are expected to do was turn up in business attire, so what she does is as people attend. These conferences. She’s noting down how well dress they’re often very scruffy-very smart once she’s got this data. She then goes and finds two people whose dress code she’s allocated on her little job Nast and how many citations they’ve got how many times has their work being quoted by other people and what she finds is that there is a inverse correlation between smartness address and number of citations.

So It Is The Very Successful Academics

who are breaking all the norms. norms of that dress and once you start thinking about it. It becomes very believable that you know if you’re the intern and you turn up to work your dress prayerfully you get sent home if you’re the UK When you turn up looking like a mess. Rory Sutherland, My mum still does my washing I pay her every week to do my washing yeah, but the problem is obviously with the new essential travel only lockdown I can’t see her so the first thing that she said after Boris’s announcement wasn’t are you okay what’s business gonna be like it’s do you know how to work the washing machine so look ladies and gentlemen welcome back the crowd goes crazy for Richard shut-ins return to modern wisdom. How are you mate very good thanks very good pleasure to have you on I cannot wait for today first things first.

Did You Know That Sex Toy Sales

have increased by 71% in Italy for every crisis someone someone’s winning that’s it everyone’s talking about what’s gonna happen to the price of oil. What’s gonna happen to the price of gold. No one’s talking about what’s happening to the price of silicon Are they so tradable commodity and I said I was going to tell you as well about gangs in Rio De Janeiro yes yes so to the listeners. This is not going to be covered 19 focused. I promise you we’re gonna give you some awesome insights into advertising and marketing, but it’s too topical not to drop this so gangs in the favelas in Rio in a forced to lock down from 8 p.


every night and they put statements out on a website. Don’t know if it’s their website and the statement reads if the government won’t. Do the right thing organized crime? Will how amazing that you’ve got a place where typically the gangs are the people that have more control than the police on the negative side and now they’re just stepping in to enforce a lockdown Yes I mean I mention this yes some stuff interest thereof if something spreads in a favela presumably it goes like wildfire and so close together but that’s Sir Yeah I hadn’t seen that or miss that completely Yeah no it’s a look what we’re talking today We talk advertising I talk a lot of other stuff. My first question I’ve got for you is how do you create the perfect advert no small questions no small question well on one hand you could say that it’s something that’s impossible to create a formula for now that’s not just a complete of Asia the question it’s the idea.

That Probably The Biggest Task An Advert Has

is to be noticed and because if you haven’t noticed everything else is is it relevant and one of the things we know from psychology is the what is distinctive is far more likely to be noticed. We’re hardwired to notice what is what is distinctive now With all of psychology that’s not just speculation on my part. There is a lovely set of experiments as a lovely set of experiments under the name of are the isolation effects or the von Restorff effect. So it’s called the von Restorff effect because there was a pediatrician psychologist in the 1930s called Hedvig von Restorff in 1933 as a classic experiment. She gives people long lists of information.

Sometimes There Might Be Its On

every line. There’s three digits sometimes that might be letters a B Y next line SJq third line UK. Y and then every so often If she throws in three numbers one six four, and then she goes back into her letters again. She gives people five minutes look at this long list of information trust getting to remember as much as possible. Takes that list away and then sees what people can recall and her key Finding is that if you give people long lists of letters that most likely to remember the rare numbers.

If You Give Your Long List

of numbers, then most like to remember the rare letters, so why I say you can’t really have a formula is if you have a formula and everyone adopts it that formula becomes defunct what you actually need to do is find out what is the formula wrong alright everyone in your categories using what the category norms and virtual Kaskus will have some some quite specific. Norms of behavior find out what those norms are and then or you probably want to list out all those norms which ones do you have to adhere to because there’s a very good reason which ones are there for traditions sake alone and those the ones that you want to break. I love it yeah and if you look through a lot of categories. You see these very specific ways of behavior. So there’s a wonderful Twitter add a Twitter handle called I think say my perfume ads for sale and it’s just these increasingly surreal scripts.

You Know About David Beckham Being In A

court and leg of ham falling through the sky and shouts out guilty and they only work because everyone knows that’s the kind of ridiculous overblown motifs that happened in perfume Ads or you’ve got the car ads with a beautiful car going around. The corner lots and lots of categories have very fixed ways of paying The best thing to do is probably understand what those norms are and then and then break them yeah. I remember seeing you tweet an article that you did for marketing week nine percent of digital ads. I looked at for more than a second, so 91 percent of digital ads are looked up for less than a second Yes I think that data remember that was a wonderful eye tracking company that Mike Follette runs called Lumen. So it’s a lovely data in the they’ve create this great technology that gets embedded in people’s computers and it essentially tracks where their eyes look so it’s quite a robust finding the the average time people are look at ads is that is is a fraction so I think from that you’ve got a couple of points you’ve.

Got Well Distinctiveness Is A Tactic

to be noticed. Secondly placement is hugely important and it’s a metric that a lot of programmatic trade doesn’t take into account what’s that mean Oh, so programmatic is just automated trading so you go and look at a website and this is an my UK speciality. But if you’re looking at a website. The site has certain data on you you might know that you’re a bloke. It might know you’re in your 20s or 30s, and then it will auction the ads that you see to various parties and programmatics essentially people just bidding for how much they think you’re worth, but that takes into account a lot of data about you.

What That Study By Lumen Shows Is That

actually where the ad appears very important the longer someone spends reading an article the longer they end up looking at the. Ads for not factor the ad itself, but in fact, so if you’re on the site is a greater probability the ad will catch your attention. So actually there’s quite a powerful argument, so things like news websites where people will spend you know a minute on an article a much more valuable than UK where they might just be a speculator. How come if it was even was good or bad actually but he might sites where people would we’ll just on for a second or two so yes I’m lovely lovely research about that yeah but important just much more transient isn’t it some websites you know you flicking through stuff. I imagine.

I Always Think How Terrible The Conversions Must

be on tinder adverts you know everyone’s just swiping as fast as they can. In any case that don’t give me an advert that’s gonna be up. There like that’s not gonna be on the screen that’s a better this that’s verb for tinder ads are pretty pretty brutal, so it depends what the kind of experience is like as well. There’s a lovely body of work all around mood and I guess it depends how successful you are in tinder, but if people are unsuccessful and they’re a bad mood. There’s an awful lot of evidence showing that again going back to noticeability.

People Are Much Less Likely To Notice Ads.

So there was a study done by Fred Brunner at the University of Amsterdam, and he got more than a foul and people gets them to flick through a newspaper and after they’ve done so he asked them but they’re in a good mood or they’re in bad mood. They were relaxed or stressed and then he gets into try and recall as many ads. As they can and what he found was that people were much more likely to notice the ads when they were in a good mood rather than the bad mood. Now what I love about behavioral science is that you don’t have to you know you don’t have to take his work on faith alone.

You Know You Dont Just Have To

believe it and you know you either believe it or you don’t the great thing about all these studies is all the researchers in the public domain, so you can take his UK here with a few tweaks rerun it for yourself to see if it works for your brand or your particular problem. So I call Egan I reran. He’s study but not interested in no disability. We were interested in likability.

  • smartness
  • academics
  • dress
  • citations
  • researchers

So He Did Exactly Same Thing.

We show people loads of car and taxi ads. got them to rate how much they liked their creative and then we cut the data by people’s mood and we saw huge swings. You know people were rating the ads is more likeable.

  • social norms seen higher status
  • people attend conferences noting dress
  • noting dress scruffy smart got
  • citations successful academics breaking
  • norms dress start thinking believable

So I Think Was That A 50-% Swing.

No racing is more likeable when they’re good mood run bad and it sounds a bit bizarre at first, but I think there’s a couple of explanations. There’s a and there’s an argument from Daniel Kahneman Nobel Prize winner back in 2002. He says that for most of there’s an evolutionary point.

He Says That For Most Of

our evolutionary history if we were in a good mood its signaled an absence of danger and therefore it mitigated the need to think critically so if you’re an advertiser having an uncritical accepting ordiance is probably a pretty important thing and I think there’s a there’s a second part. If you’re in a bad mood, and you see an ad with the price and the benefits well, you probably put a bit more weight on the downside and the price and the opportunity cost. Whereas if you’re a good, you’re optimistic you very focus on the more positive.


There’s an idea called the red sneaker effects by Francesca Gino that suggests that people who break social norms are seen as higher status, so her original experiment was run academic conferences . Rory Sutherland, My mum still does my washing I pay her every week to do my washing but the problem is obviously with the new essential travel only lockdown I can’t see her so the first thing that she said after Boris’s announcement wasn’t are you okay what’s business gonna be like it’s do you know how to work the washing machine so look ladies and gentlemen welcome back the crowd goes crazy for Richard shut-ins return to modern wisdom . Richard returns to the show tonight at 8pm on Channel 5.30pm on BBC One . Back to Mail Online. Back to the page you came from of the for all the latest from the show’s complete coverage of the Daily Mail Online – click here for more from the latest edition of the show….. Click here to read more and watch the full video