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Vaccine Mandates Kind Of Amazing How Someone

can go from essential worker to an enemy of the state. Wilcow starts now welcome to the program. I’m Andru Elkow Democrat Vaccine mandates are a threat to public safety and people will die because of them. You’re also going to be denied services that you paid taxes for and now Joe Biden Joe Biden wants people fired if they don’t comply you know tossed out like yesterday’s trash with no benefits. I’m old enough to remember when the Democrats pretended to support worker rights and actually pretended to believe that walkouts were an effective tool.

When There Was A Labor Dispute

under President Joe Biden. We are treating hard-working Americans, including police officers, firefighters and emts. We’re treating them worse than bombs and non-citizens. It’s now take the jab or else that’s right do what we say or else you might be. street Oh, what’s that you you worked all through the pandemic You stayed on the job put your own life at risk.

Yeah And Oh You Got Covered

while protecting your community Whoop-dee-doo take the shot. Oh, wow you had covid and now you’re back with antibodies shut your face and roll up your sleeve. This is happening all over the country right now the thanks people are getting the ones who did not miss a day of work except maybe to recover only to return the things they’re getting is a threatened ultimatum take the vaccine or lose everything we’re we’re doing this to healthcare workers too healthcare workers. Meanwhile, if you’re a bum a lifelong loser nothing, you can still get paid by the government to be a bum and lifelong loser Right now hundreds of thousands of people in crucial jobs are at risk of losing their. pensions and everything else they worked for because they’re refusing the order to take a vaccine that they don’t want to take for whatever reason they just They don’t want to take it during the darkest days of the pandemic.

When Millions Of People Were Crippled By Fear

in parts took by the media millions of other people. We called them essential workers not only stayed on the job. They continued to do work that was already dangerous on top of the risk of getting covered thousands and thousands of police officers, firefighters and emts adding in doctors and nurses kept showing up for work. So many of them got coveted, but then they recovered and again returned to work. The smart people.

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If There Are Any In The Democrat Party

know that defund the police is a political loser, and Joe Biden has been around long enough to know. That even in his state of mental decline, see when experienced politicians want to project a positive image during a campaign you can almost bet their campaigns will orchestrate photo ops with cops and firefighters here’s President Biden speaking at the 40th annual National Peace Officers Memorial Service Here’s the part a lot of the help has to come to police departments. They need help to do better. I want to thank you for being a constructive player. In this process.

We Havent Gotten There Yet But

we must get there look there’s too much pain there’s too much loss there’s too much at stake for the safety and for the safety of those who serve. It’s a hard time to be a police officer in America. Just want to make sure you have tools to be the partners and the protectors. Your communities need that when you look at. What your communities need and what you’re being asked to do there Isn’t going to be? They’re going to be more resources not fewer resources help you do your job.


It’s a tough time to be a cop h back to blue right not exactly here he is on home base CnN with our favorite one of our favorite left-wing mouthpieces Anderson Cooper as many as one in three emergency responders in some cities like Chicago, Los Angeles Right here in baltimore are refusing to comply with city vaccine mandates. I’m wondering where you stand on that should police officers emergency responders be mandated to get vaccines and if not should they be stay at home or let go yes and yes that’s right Anderson fire their asses cut them loose deny pensions. This is now trickling down the democrat Ladder Here’s a very sad sad video of seattle. officers and firefighters leaving their boots on the steps of city hall as they walk off the job.

You Know Whats Going To Be Even

sadder when people in Seattle call 9-1-1 and there’s there’s no one there to answer that said reality is going to be the tale of every major democrat-run city the daily mail reports at least 100 self–proclaimed anarchists tore through portland setting dumpsters of flames, smashing windows and causing 500 000 in damage. But police stood idle because of a new state law that restricts how law enforcement can respond to riots. The city just reached the grim milestone of 1 000 shootings through 2021. In what has been a year of destructive protests, violent street clashes and a police staffing crisis staffing crisis you mean vaccine mandate crisis headline Oregon covet 19 vaccine deadline schools hospitals stay prepared to begin losing staff the deadline. Branch employees and staff in health care and school settings to be fully vaccinated against Coven 19 or face occupational ramification under Governor Kate Brown‘s executive order Legacy Health, for example, has closed the CT Mammography and ultrasound services at the Woodburn Health Center.


Kaiser is already short more than three dozen bus drivers and the mandate could increase that when asked about the mandate Friday. Brown said she was sticking to the plan all right so fewer officers shuttering hospital services that’s what democrats call public safety you’re still going to pay the taxes for all those services by the way it’s not enough that these cities have returned to a 1970s era crime rate or that they have suffered billions in damage and lost from the blm anta for riots of 2020. now you get you get all this and the Communist mayor of New York City. As we did with previous mandates, we will start impact bargaining immediately with all affected unions and we saw that that led us to very good outcomes previously with plans that our workers understood and could make sense of and I think they were fair.

We Said Were Not Firing People On

the spot were saying in the plans that we came up with with other unions. We said please get vaccinated by the deadline if you do you continue on your work if you don’t you’re going to leave without pay headline. NyC announces vaccine mandate for NyPD FDny city workers. The new mandate is effective on November 1st to the entire municipal workforce, including all NyPD FDny and DsNy employees. About 69 of NyPD employees and 60 of FDny workers are vaccinated.

The Pba Has Previously Said Vaccine Is

a medical decision that members must make in consultation. with their own health care providers so New York City could potentially lose 30 percent of the police department and 40 percent of the fire department, Yeah! What a great boost to public safety over to Chicago. Now you asked the question of why the lawsuit because we believe that the Fop leadership is trying to foment in a legal workstop. It could shrink pure and simple we’ve laid that out in the materials and we’re not just we’re not having that the contract is clear and it’s been known for a long time. The police unions are not authorized to strike it’s in their collective bargaining agreement.

Its A Matter Of State Law What

we’ve seen from the fraternal order of police. In particular leadership is a lot of misinformation. A lot of half-truths and frankly flat-out lies in order to induce an insurrection Oh so everything’s an insurrection. 6th I’m back in a city with weekly double-digit body counts Chicago can ill afford to be down one officer let alone a possible third of the department from the hill. Two suburban sheriffs said they would not send their deputies to Chicago to help with potential staffing shortages amid a feud between the mayor and a police union surrounding vaccine mandates.

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Kane County Sheriff Ron Hayne Democrat Told

the Chicago tribune he did not feel like the onus is on us to go in there in an emergency situation that was created by poor government and a lack of support. The officers receive similarly Kendall County sheriff Dwight Baird Republican said he was not willing to put his officers at risk to respond to Chicago Mayor Lori Lifewood’s self–induced emergency The tribune reported 21 Chicago police officers were placed on no pay status for refusing to comply with the. 67 percent of officers had submitted their vaccination status, so the really smart Mayor of Chicago thinks that neighboring county taxpayers should pick up the cost of her stupid mandate Hard. No the crime rate is out of control in this top to bottom Democrat-run City and she’s ready to can almost a third of the police department. Don’t forget the fire department and emts.

I Mean Heres A Chicago Police Officer Saying

Yup that’s it might have to lose his job over this tonight fallout in the city of Chicago, you’re willing to get fired for this yes I am. I hope I don’t obviously, but you know I I really believe I’m doing the right thing. Police Sergeant Rick Nigro says he won’t be forced to get a coveted shot defying the mayor’s vaccine mandate that went into effect over the weekend There’s too much government control in. You’re going to tell me what I’m going to put in my body that’s my choice and and the result is you’re going to terminate me. You know the left in this country loves the idea of strikes walkouts workplace shutdowns.

They See It As An Effective Weapon.

When workers want to stand up for themselves that isn’t unless it’s to challenge their authority. You don’t do that you do as you’re told that’s final pipe down and get back to work headline walkouts and strikes hit hospitals and pandemic hot spots. While the vaccine mandates hospitals recently imposed have triggered some isolated walkouts and strike threats. Leaders in the industry say the unrest is mainly fueled by the way the pandemic has exacerbated unacceptable working conditions.

Its Not Fair To Blame Staff

shortages on the vaccination requirements said President Randy Weingarten with the American Federation of Teachers, which represents tens of thousands of health care workers around the country. The line share of people willingly got their shots. This unrest is preceded and predated covered and is to do with terrible pay and working conditions. She’s just a left-wing hack, but isolated it’s happening everywhere during the pandemic government and private sector health care workers were not only treated as heroes, but also our collective moral conscious remember this health care workers took a stand against protesters opposing the coronavirus lockdown in Colorado. They were so excited to cover this they didn’t even bother to check as to whether or not these people were actual healthcare workers or not.

I Mean You Could Buy Scrubs.

You could buy these scrubs anywhere in halloween you could get. In any costume store, but the media back then lectured us that health care workers were our bettors and we needed to follow their lead while the media sniffed at people who were trying to legally protest the lockdowns because they were losing their businesses and their jobs well that was then and.


Andru Elkow: Vaccine mandates are a threat to public safety and people will die because of them . We are treating hard-working Americans, including police officers, firefighters and emts. We’re treating them worse than bombs and non-citizens, he says . He says, “If you’re a bum a lifelong loser nothing, you can still get paid by the government to be a bum and lifelong loser . Wilcow starts now welcome to the program.& I’m Andru . Elkow Democrat, and I’m old enough to remember when the Democrats pretended to support worker rights and actually pretended to . believe that walkouts were an effective tool. When there was a labor dispute under President Joe Biden.& When there were a labor disputes under . President Joe . Biden. He said, ‘We are treating them differently than bombs, and now Joe Biden wants people fired if they don’t comply with the vaccine. You know tossed out like yesterday’s trash with no benefits with no…. Click here to read more and watch the full video