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Question 21 Do You Prefer Being Around Men Or

women? Do your closest friends tend to be men or women Hmm um well a cop-out answer is both there are if you like three types of company. I could have this all-male mixed and all-female and I definitely would choose to be in one of these three groups. At different times. I wouldn’t ever want to spend the rest of my life in just one of these groups. I quite often like being around all-male groups.

There Are Many Things About Being In

men’s company which are very relaxing you don’t have to watch yourself nearly so hard you don’t have to interpret everything that people are saying is that a test what’s the correct answer. There are certain ways of speaking that women have that could be such a pain. You know well one Thing that women do a lot is they’ll ask a question like um? Do you want to open the window Now? You may think that do you want to open the window means do you want to open the window in which case you might say now? But that will be the wrong answer wrong answer because in woman do you want to open the window means open the window now or I will seriously punish you and take it as a personal affront. If you do not immediately comply, but if you then don’t open the window she will see you. Some women will do this sometimes Seve silently.

In Six Hours Later, Shell Be In A

fuming mood with you and you have no idea why it you don’t connect it with something. She asked you a little innocent question? Do you want to open the window and you gave her an honest answer no 6 hours ago, but you see that is all avoided if you keep the company of just men and I’ve known occasions that have been ruined by by 20. For instance, a friend of Mine staged a war game at his house. If there was a pirate game he was really into pirates. It was the fashion at the time and he got his really great models of pirate ships and he painted up all these really great pirate figures, and he invited a load of his friends around to have a pirate game.

It Was Going To Be Great Except

the one guy brought his girlfriend and it completely ruined the atmosphere. Now I’m not going to say of course, that one woman will always ruin the atmosphere that’s that’s definitely not true, but she did in that way that you know that she constantly seeking approval constantly seeking affirmation constantly seeking attention of a certain kind and wanting to be one of the lads constantly trying to prove that she’s one of the lads and breaking in I did just ah it was it was she didn’t quite have the shared humor the shared the frame of reference that all the other guys had particularly in the context of war gaming. These were guys would walk and a lot and they had their memories of all the previous war games they had played, and they they they could tap into that and in if she hadn’t been there it would have been so much more fun so this this getting away. from constantly being tested constantly being yes being being tested in that way that women test you with questions like do you want to open the window Ah he got the answer wrong. See there’s a rhyme.

Theres A Wrong And A Right Answer

to a question like Do you want to open the window, but on the other hand, we’ve been a great I love women. One of the reasons I love Lindy Hop so much is that I get to meet so many women I get to eat the meat the women more than I do the men actually because they’re the ones. I dance with and sensible women I’m saying women here and it says women in this question women not girls I remember years ago. I was at dance camp in Sweden and I saw this this woman. I gosh.

She Was So Beautiful I Was.

Just jaw-droppingly beautiful she was a redhead that I just thought wow if only I could meet her, but I thought probably not going to happen and then one day there was eating lunch and the voice said to one do I joined you and they looked up and it was her why’d please do I said and within a few sentences of the conversation the thought entered my head. Oh you’re a girl She wasn’t a woman she was a girl and I’m not saying that she was bad or wrong for this but my interest in her just went me really quickly because she hadn’t grown up yet but sensible women women who can’t stand woman’s hour for instance, another bit of a tangent here years ago I was wrapping Christmas presents and I had this theme. The theme was parcels Cuz We were long getting a parcel. The post or parcel for me I wasn’t expecting anything wow that’s really exciting okay it’s probably less exciting now because we order so many things online but you know back then parcels were rarer and exciting or Wow parcel so I wrapped them all in in brown paper and string and put the dress labels on them.

So Forth.

That was the theme for my wrapping that went under the Christmas tree that year and I wrapped one for my mother, which which was addressed to my mother her name. Secretary of the radio for listeners against woman’s our society. Now it turned out that my women that my mother did actually hate woman’s hour, which is a program on radio for which they broadcast between UK and UK on weekdays. Oh Yeah because of course, all women are free to listen to the radio at that time Yeah.

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Its A Horrendous Insult To Women

and I I never ever heard my mother say anything about that program and yet I wrote that joke with confidence and she saw that and she said immediately Oh, Oh, yes woman’s are really is horrendous. You see I had my I had confidence in my mother and yes so if I meet a good sensible women Yeah They’re great and very attractive and good to be around. I remember years ago on there was a house in which eight women lived just around the corner from me and I used to visit there quite often and it got to the point that I was known as friend of the house, which was a title. I was quite proud of and I once popped by and they said Ok, yeah you can stay but do be aware loads of our friends are coming. around because we’re all good to watch Dirty Dancing and you know possibly you might want to make yourself scarce, but the option of staying and watching it with us Is there what I did was.

I Put Myself In The Far Rear

corner of the room from the television. So I was out of the line of sight of all of them and I shut up. I didn’t make any comments didn’t remind them that I was there and after a while they forgot that I was there and I got to watch a room full of women. These were in their early 20s watching dirty dancing and that was an education. I tell you because women in the company of other women do not behave as women do in mixed company and yes yeah.

I Will Never Forget That Experience.

Wow yes they they fancied me. They fancied. Patrick Swayze and yet they were also mocking him at the same time in a very interesting way and the way they identified and didn’t identify again in a mocking way with the with the main character that the girl who herself in the in the film Falls for Patrick Swayze‘s character Yeah that was an education watching that so Jane Austen, Jane Austen does not write any scene in any of her books in which a man talks to another man with no woman present because she decided that she didn’t know she had no personal experience of how men talk to other men. When there are no women around.

So She Didnt Write Those Those

scenes and perhaps she was very wise to have that policy but but anyway um I Yeah. I think them dirty yeah try it try it guys if he gave it an education. There may be other films that work the same way? But I think I’ve only said that the gene for liking that film is definitely on the X-chromosome, but do your closest friends tend to be men or women well before having a look at this Before doing this video. I did actually look at my my address book and my Facebook friends list and so forth, and it’s pretty close to 5050 actually my friends as men and women, But I would say that if we define closeness a friend as I confide most in them about you big life things rather than details of you. Know how a computer works or whatever probably women, but not not by a huge amount.

Im On I Would Say Good

terms with all the winning that I’ve I’ve been associated with over the years which I hope is a good. sign about me? I sometimes a bit. I’m a bit disappointed with some friends of mine when they split up and they’re so acrimonious and they say terrible things about each other afterwards and makes me think that surely they went into that relationship with with with something a bit wrong that they came out of it quite so badly so yes I would say that closest friends probably women, but there’s really not a huge amount in it because I you can fight different things. There are certain things that I would say to a man another woman, um so do I prefer being a what way of phrasing. This question.

I Suppose Is If You Were

stranded on a desert island with a group of all men or a group of all women. No no hang on that changes the equation too much because if I’m on a desert island. I’m the only guy, which puts me in a somewhat privileged position, although also a very dangerous one Okay then that that’s changing the question too much but in in a in a society in which I can choose to meet loads of groups of only women got loads of groups of only men. Oh see I’d rather Lindy Hop with the women but I’d rather war game with the guys. This question says do you prefer in the case of Lindy Hop you see that is my world and it’s an artificial world.

Its A World In Which Im Very

confident because I can Lindy Hop I’m completely happy that I can ask anyone to dance and give her a reasonably good dance that she’s going to enjoy so those aren’t just. Any women men have to bond with other men for their own safety. If you are a loner in the Society of men, you’re in a very dangerous position. They’ve done studies of accents.

For Instance, And They They Found That In

in areas of working-class Britain on really dangerous poor deprived council estates the the boys. The young men have much stronger accents than the good-looking women who have the weakest and the good-looking women have weaker accents than the more plain girls. Now why should that be well if you were good-looking you can always marry.


Question 21: Do your closest friends tend to be men or women? Seve says both there are if you like three types of company: all-male mixed and all-female . Seve has known occasions that have been ruined by the company of just men . He says there are certain ways of speaking that women have that could be such a pain. Seve: “I wouldn’t ever want to spend the rest of my life in just one of these groups.& I quite often like being around all male groups. There are many things about being in men’s company which are very relaxing you don’t have to watch yourself nearly so hard. I don’t want to interpret everything that people are saying is that a test what’s the correct answer. I would like to be in different times. I wouldn’t like to spend a whole time in different groups of company. I could have this all- male mixed and I definitely would choose to be a whole group of women’s…. Click here to read more and watch the full video