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Well Guys Ive Been Reading Through The Over

1,500 questions that I was sent through email wow that’s a lot of questions Sorry. It took a little longer than I initially said that is the reason why I took a little longer because yeah that’s a lot of questions. I was able to sift through them with some help and I’ve picked out about 6065 questions that were really good. I’m gonna make this a two-part video. I’m gonna cover about 30 questions in this video so let’s get right off the bat let’s get started with question number one Ben s asks why do you think that less and less people are going to the theaters these days and what could a theater slash Studios do to help sell more tickets thanks Ben to be honest.

I Think Less And Less People Are Going

to the theaters for certain. You know because certain films get like a ton of money like you know all the the sequels of successful franchises usually do really well. But I think people are just content to watch movies in their home theaters where they can just do whatever they want if they want to go down and text they can. Although that doesn’t stop a lot of patrons from texting and movie theaters nowadays which leads me to my other answer for this question. I think a lot of people are actually annoyed with the movie going experience first off.

It Cost A Lot Of Money

now to go to the movies and there’s almost always some annoying douchebag in the theater texting or talking or munching or turning rappers or something And I think one way they could get more people into the theater is to maybe perhaps enforce more regulations about. How people should actually act while they’re there shut up and watch the movie please thank you from him. Huggy I just want to know what film would best describe your current love life or maybe a film that sticks out in your mind in your past love life thanks thanks heem you know I sat down with my girlfriend and talked this over and you know me just saying that just now actually answers many questions I got and we could not think of one because all they’re all cheesy and fake. You know what I mean and the ones that are realistic are like kind of depressing so the best one we could think of was Meet the Parents yeah if Acosta had a lot of good questions, but his best one that I thought was what were some of the films you loved when you were growing. up like what were the films that like shaped your youth and for me? I had a few the ones that I just wore out The UK tape were the Sandlot the original Star Wars trilogy, Princess, Bride Back to the Future toy story Hook.

These Films Growing Up.

These were films that I just watched endlessly and I couldn’t get enough of any of them and they kind of shaped me as a film lover as a kid. I loved fun adventurous films and that’s one of the reasons why to this day. I just love films that they feel like a ride but they took you on an emotional journey and you know they were fast paced and you felt like you you experienced something fun and they left you feeling good about life. Those are my favorite types of movies those movies that can impact you in.

Really Intense Ways And You Know

shape you as a person but have a good time while you’re doing at the same time? Kenneth Rathbun asks what do you prefer an engaging story or fascinating characters interesting question because in my opinion a story that may not be as engaging could become more so if you have fascinating characters. I think however, that the characters might be the most important part of a movie because let’s just say you got a movie that’s directed incredibly well. It has really good dialogue, but you don’t care about the central guy or girl or any of the people. It’s not gonna matter you have to have characters that are likable interesting. You gotta want to watch see what they’re doing you know where these people gonna go because no matter how well a film is made if you don’t like him either.

People On Screen Or Arent At Least

interested in them, then it doesn’t really matter Trevor Thornley asks Hey Chris I was wondering what is your favorite song by Michael Jackson. Mine is beat it mine would be probably Billie Jean that’s the song that kind of made me get into Michael Jackson and everything and it just actually so happens. I’m currently wearing a Michael Jackson shirt that is an interesting coincidence that really is a coincidence. I did not plan that Billie Jean is probably my favorite yeah if you guys don’t know I do some dancing. I’m a dancer.

I Have Dan-H In My Life.

My feet have tapped and I have danced roll the footage there You go You saw it. I did this video so you guys get to know me more personally and now you do so there you go thanks for that. Question Trevor I’m just kidding? Julian Martinez asks Do you have any tips on filmmaking? If you guys Don’t know my dream is really to direct I love filmmaking. I love watching other people’s films obviously I love dissecting other people.

S Films I Love Trying To Get Any Peoples

minds. You know the director or the writer or the actors, but I also love making my own films and I’ve been making shorts ever since I was like 13 like any random idea as I grew up. It was like guys get over here right now. We got to make this short film. It’s gonna be awesome and you know there’d be a killer outside with a knife or you know the toys came alive at night do any random little movie I would try to make it and so I think really my best advice for you would be.

To Make What You Like You Know Dont

try to make a film that you aren’t at least interested in in any way. I mean, some directors will take a project that scares them or challenges them that’s different you know when you’re scared of making a movie because you’re afraid of messing it up or something and you want that challenge but don’t direct a movie that you have no interest in and if you want to direct or write write about something that truly interests you and that you love and if you’re forced into some sort of filmmaking job that you maybe don’t like or love try to find something about it you do and use that to bolster you to making a better film from Mario Arena that’s an interesting name I just want to say this question has a spoiler for the Dark Knight Rises. So if you haven’t seen the Dark Knight Rises and you want to? This is a spoiler to that film Did you have an issue with Catwoman killing off. Bane. I thought it diminished his role and he turned out to be nothing more than Talia‘s.


I have no problem with him being Talia’s. Henchman. I actually thought that humanized him more as a villain and was less of this. You know you merely adopted the dog I was born in it molded by it.

I Just Made Him Seem More

like a person and I really like that aspect of his character. However, my only issue with the Dark Knight Rises still and I have seen it four times is the way Bane died. I thought it was weak. I think that the only thing that should have been in that movie is perhaps Batman You know looking. over at Bane and maybe having one last little exchange or something as he died, you know not just blue there’s Bane and he’s dead my only really issue with the film.

Some People Have Commented No Kris Youre A

family for Dark Knight Rises Sorry I’ve seen it four times. I’m gonna be holds up. I love it on the next question from Paulo Escobar if you were given a chance to write a Bond movie Do you think you will feel capable of doing it. I don’t know if I want to write one but I would definitely want a direct one from writing to directing directing is the thing that I have more passion for. Thus I am better at it than I am writing.

I Would Love To Direct A Bond Movie

that would be just incredible Obviously, there’d be a lot of pressure and I’d. be very scared of making some horrible mistake, but I think I understand what makes Bond Bond and I’ve watched all of them and I’ve loved Bob my whole life and I know the difference between a good bond and a bad one. I really would love to be able to do that it’d be pretty awesome and if I did I would definitely go for the more mature route that the most recent films have taken you know where Bond is truly a human and the action seems real and a lot of people ask this question Also who would be a good bond. After Daniel Craig. My vote is Michael Fassbender.

He Proved That He Could Do Fight

scenes very well in Haywire. He did it his own stunts and everything and he was convincing and he’s also a fantastic actor and to me he’s just perfect for. Bond a lot of people have been talking about Idris Elba. I think he’s a great actor too, but I think Fassbender would be the better choice from Mark Harrison. He asks who shaped your diverse taste in film Your sensibilities seem to be very mature for your age.

I Am 48 Years Old And

I’m astounded at how much I agree with your reviews and taste thank you sir I think it just has something to do with growing up with older parents currently both my parents are in their 60s and so you know as I grew up my parents were older and I sort of took on their older isms that wasn’t really very adult of me to say I’m an old soul what can I say and the way I was raised definitely lent to that but my parents really are the ones who showed me. Movies and I was a kid. They were the ones who were like look sit down and watch Back to the Future. This is a good movie sit down and watch Empire Strikes Back. This is a good movie and as I grew up.

I Was Able To Articulate My

thoughts on film well because of that I think so I owe lot to my parents to be honest. Michael King asks what is your favorite anime of all time. My favorite anime is Cowboy Bebop. I have a poster for it behind me that’s actually the movie great movie if you haven’t seen it. The show is just incredible.

I Mean Dont Look Anything Up

about it because it’s very easy to get spoiled. That show is something that actually changed my life to be honest the music in that show by Yoko Kanno. I have I was listening. To it today I’m not even kidding I was listening to it in the car today that music shaped add a whole different side of me that start to appreciate film noir even more because of that show and jazz in general as music because of that show it’s incredible just if you haven’t gotten a chance to see Cowboy Bebop. The anime it’s only 26 episodes long check it out please it is my favorite television show ever not just anime but UK show in general second favorites Dragonball Z.

You Guys Probably Knew That Andrew

Hanratty Milan Mullin apologize if I got that wrong said to a very lengthy question here, but I’ll get to the point. He wants to know how I feel about Shawshank Redemption because that was a movie that impacted him a lot. I remember the first time I saw the movie and it. was before the whole UK top 250 Oh it’s the number-one film thing I just watched it and you know I didn’t have any that hype in me. I was younger and it was just like wow.

This Movie Is Incredible And Its Also Kind

of the movie that started the idea of Morgan Freeman being the greatest narrator alive that voice of his off and the best scene in that movie and Oh my God if you haven’t seen Shawshank I’m about to spoil some that scene where Morgan Freeman just finally says to the the parole board how he feels that is one of the best scenes and best acted performances ever just ever put to film that scene is incredible and if you don’t sit there just staring at the screen and then get this giant feeling of oh my God that was incredible after watching that. I don’t know man check your pulse? You know? Do you have blood beating through your veins? Do you have a heart that’s pumping that blood because that movie is a great film Yes definitely action Jackson five five five asks. Do you have a demo reel of your work that you can share and/or discuss with the viewers. Yes I do have a little bit of a demo reel. It’s actually uploaded to a other channel that I have called a Chris Stockman film.

Its Where I Have A Few Of

my short films. If you guys like to go watch some of them because I know I got a lot of questions about me. Uploading some of my short films I do have a few of them on that channel. The link is in the description below. I have a demo reel on that channel of some of.

My Work As A Director And

a few my short films are there go check them out. Spencer Nielson also asked me a lot of questions but I want to pick out what is the saddest movie. You have ever seen my friend the Elephant Man that moot thinking about it right now I’m getting misty-eyed that is the saddest movie I have ever seen in my life and it’s a true story that’s the other thing it’s a true story My God If you haven’t seen the Elephant Man. It’s directed by David Lynch. It’s all in black and white.


Hurt plays an immensely deformed man who is in constant physical pain and torment from people. He was employed as a circus sideshow Freak Anthony Hopkins in one of his best and most underrated performances comes in and takes him out of there and brings him to a. In which he can hopefully be treated dear Lord the performances in that movie are mind-blowing. One of the best scenes in this movie without spoiling anything is when Anthony Hopkins just loses it on someone who is tormenting the Elephant Man.

It Is Incredible His Performance In

that movie and John Hurt brings me to tears Oh my God that movie is so sad though it’s so oh my God the Elephant Man Weston Davis sent me a few questions. He liked my drive analysis video and he wants to know what do you think about the walking dead how do you think the new Star Wars saga will turn out and what is your opinion on film school. He is apparently leaving for his Marine Corps basic training. This may and he’s considering to attend film school when he gets out I hope that goes well for you. friend I got a lot of questions about the Walking Dead and Breaking Bad and everything the truth is I actually Don’t have cable UK right now.

I Just Moved Into My Apartment And I

don’t really have a lot of time for television shows. So I haven’t got a chance to see them trust me guys. You don’t even have to tell me to watch the shows. I’ve heard it thousands of times. I will eventually watch them.

I Will I Like To Watch Shows

after they’re released on the blu-ray the seasons or UK and I can just kind of watch the whole show I enjoyed doing it that way because I don’t like the whole cliffhanger thing constantly each week Don’t worry. I know I got it Breaking Bad. I got it Walking Dead we’re good how do I think the new Star Wars Saga will turn. And a lot of people ask me about what do I think about Disney buying Lucasfilm I’m incredibly optimistic about it. I really am because Lucas it’s got to give the guy props because he created a great universe of other films.

George Lucas Is A Guy Whos Recognizing That

his films should continue on not necessarily with him being hugely involved with them and that’s awesome I’m looking forward to seeing where that goes I hope whoever they get to direct. This film is a fan of Star Wars. See that’s really important. Most of filmmakers of today were inspired in some way by Star Wars and so that’s pretty cool the guy they already got to write it Micheal arms for a Toy Story three Oscar-winning writer fantastic let’s go forth make it awesome what do I think of film school I’m actually considering going to film school. Tuition for the film school up in Cleveland is rather expensive and I’m saving for it and I might do that at some point because I think I would love to do film reviews like this for the rest of my life, but it’s also kind of my dream to direct and so I’d like to see where that goes as well.

Im Thinking About Doing Film School

at some point so Kay Kyser sent me. The questions are asked on inside the Actor’s Studio as James Lipton always likes to say the great Bernard UK questionnaire what is your favorite word my favorite word Hmm I was gonna say yes as my favorite word, But then I realized what if I was like doctor do I have UK and he was like yes then that wouldn’t be my favorite word. I don’t know actually my least favorite word boy. That’s he there? I can think up some things because some people say stuff You know they say words and I hate them. You know what word I can’t stand swag I hate that word It’s so stupid if anyone’s like I got swag, I’m like you’re an idiot shut up.

I Really Dont Like That Word

Slade Hawk has a few questions for me who is your favorite you reviewer do you like Jeremy Jones I do like Jeremy Jones we’re buddies. However, my favorite dudes are the schmoes. I just had a chance to actually meet Marc Ellis. He came to Cleveland for one of his stand-up routines. He was great really awesome Guy had a drink with him after the show for like an hour.

We Just Chatted About Movies And Stuff

really cool guy those guys are my favorite Youtuber viewers for sure number two are you a gamer If yes can we expect to see a video game reviews from you I am actually a gamer. Don’t tell anyone whoops I told people I’m looking back here my systems. I got a Ps3, a WIi and N64 and an UK The original Nintendo system and my wii is technically a Gamecube as well so right now. I’m playing through Dead Space 2. I’d just be dead space great games next on my list is the Uncharted games can’t wait to play those so many people have told me to play those any yes I’m gonna make an announcement in this video.

I Am Planning On Starting To Review

video games in the future. I would love to do that I’ve been a gamer my. whole life, I know a lot about games and I would love to talk with you guys about games and I’m going to do that in the future. Slade also asks will these questions really be answered Yes from Angelo acquire apologize, but got that wrong who’s your favorite Dragon Ball Z supervillain Frieza There you go Aaron Lee Lozano asked a very heartfelt question. He talked to me about how he has aspirations to be a film director and a lot of the things that he goes through and some of the issues he has which I will not divulge to you because they were personal and very heartfelt.

But He Would Like To Know

how I became a film critic and an independent film director and what was my process in doing that I still Don’t consider myself like the film critic Guy I just I love talking. about movies and I did it for fun for a long time and I’m still doing it for fun and you guys enjoy it and I thank you for that even when I post a review for The Hobbit saying it’s just all right and you guys freak out whatever I still love it. I’m kidding. I really am kidding. I don’t care no I just I love talking about movies and I love that you guys love to talk about movies with me and because of that Aaron I kind of started doing it for fun and just posting my reviews and talking about movies and I kept doing it and I was consistent and reliable and I try not to miss any movies.

I Do Every Once In A While.

But I try hard not to and I try to get my reviews up as quick as I. Possibly can as for being a director I’m not technically one you know I’m not being employed as a director. It’s just I can’t turn that part of my brain off when I go outside it’s like I see stuff and I think about it in a frame. I’m like what would this look like sixteen by nine widescreen that’s how my mind works.

I Cant Turn It Off And I Would

love to do that professionally. One day. It’s a goal and a dream of mine for sure and I really hope that you are able to meet your goals as well. My friend crazy guy 100 asks ever since I’ve been subscribed. I’ve wondered where and how do you get the posters on your wall dude that might actually be the most asked question I’ve ever got and I can’t believe it because I just bought him on.


com It’s very simple you go on Amazon. com you look 11 by 17 that’s what most of those are type in the movie You want they’ll send it to you that’s simple. Some of them. I got at the movie theater.

You Know They Have A Big Table

where they just kind of put him there and here you go take him Oh yeah take down take down baby like dark night movie theater you know like the more obscure ones like die hard with a vengeance I obviously order from Amazon and the Empire Strikes Back same where the Lost Ark same Cowboy bebop movie same order them from the internet. They’re cheap and pretty cool to have Riley Van Pelt says Hey Chris I heard you’re tall how tall are you you heard correctly. I am 6-4 Yep I’m a tall Beast about as tall as Liam Neeson. ##NK] I was always the taller kid in class I was always on the third step when we took the class picture you know been barred get sent me. Some very interesting questions do you watch foreign films not counting anime if yes to the question before why don’t you do reviews of these well the honest truth of the matter is yes I will watch a foreign film.

I Even Have A Few Of Them

if they are considered to be pretty good. You know if I’m not just gonna like watch some random French movie that someone said sucked you know what I mean like why would I do that if I hear that a really good foreign film is coming out. I will try to see it here’s the issue and to answer your second question about why I don’t review. Some of these I do actually have some foreign film reviews on there I reviewed the skin I live in last year, which was really good great film Spanish film I have reviewed foreign films before the problem is in Cleveland. You don’t get too many of those coming out so that’s why it’s just a matter of what do I get screenings for what can I actually go to what comes to Cleveland You know cuz most of these things stay in New York and UK you don’t get it a lot of chance to see them and by the time they’re out on UK and blu-ray that you know.

I Mean The Time Has Passed And Thats

kind of the unfortunate problem I have with that kind of thing. Sohail Iqbal from England apologize if I butchered that send me a very inspiring email about the fact that. watched my why I love movies video and he said that it really inspired him to think about his life actually. He says he put on the Inception soundtrack and just kind of thought about his life and decided he wanted to make some changes and first off that’s incredible. I can’t even process that thank you that’s amazing and I’m glad that that worked out for you.

I Really Am But His Question Eventually

is is there anything that has inspired you to get up and change the way you think or live or feel perhaps a movie a song or even a person you know just to start off my parents. I mean my parents really inspired me in a lot of different ways. In my life I’ve met a lot of people you know throughout my life friends I have that have really inspired me as well. I mentioned this in my wild love movies video the first time I ever watched Where I was like Jeez. You know movies are an art form with signs.

Its Not Like The Best Movie Ever

made or anything but it’s. Just I remember that’s the first time I was watching a movie where I went people make movies I want to do that you know what I mean so thanks very much for your heartfelt question. Alonso Brown thanks me in this very much for the videos you are Welcome sir and he asked if you could be in a fictional character like Batman James Bond Gandalf who would you choose to be and why see I would like to be a fictional character from a movie for like maybe a couple days if I knew nothing bad was gonna happen because you know maybe I would be cool. to be Gandalf, but you know maybe freakin Saruman is gonna attack me or something you know maybe it would be cool to be Batman, but maybe Bane is gonna break my back today. I don’t want to deal with that however, it would be freaking awesome to be Batman for a day and just go out and just lay waste to criminals.

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Just To Be Batman And Go Out There

just hold a guy and be like swear to me. I mean how great would that be Pierre Luiz asks what is your workout? I think John Flixter said that you work out. I do I basically. I have a membership to Planet Fitness and I go there and I lived weights. I lift heavy things No sir I do bicep curls.

I Do Whatever This Is Called

a lot um I get on the elliptical for a long. time I basically try to workout as many muscles in my body as I can while steering fat I don’t have like a particular style of work hangout. I just know that I want to get into better shape and it’s funny. You know if you guys actually want to do this go back to like one of my videos in like April or something yeah my wanderlust review just go find my wanderlust review and then compare my face then to what I look like now I’ve actually lost probably 1015 pounds and gained some muscle mass. It’s been working out working out has been working out.

Coulson Dourif Char So Sorry If I Messed

that up. He sent me also a very inspiring email about his passions as a filmmaker slash actor and he would like some advice on filmmaking first off just thank you for considering me. a credible source for advice that’s awesome you know because that just it makes me feel special thank you as I said earlier, I really think it’s important to tell stories that you are attached to in some way or affect you emotionally stories that you love or give a performance that you feel could affect other people In that way. I think the best type of filmmaking and the best type of filmmakers are the people who are trying to infuse whatever they love whatever they have loved our passion for into other people and those people are in my opinion. The best type of actors or filmmakers.

Those People Who Do Inspire Thats The

best kind of advice that I can give to anyone who is trying to be an actor or a director or a writer or anything just tell stories that you love to try to make other people feel that same love and passion that you have D-dog asks how do you feel about people who don’t share your opinion about certain movies do you brand them as somebody with no taste or do you tell yourself that you’re happy that they enjoyed it do you put them down or do you move on and smile at the fact that somebody enjoyed a movie you bashed example Twilight piranha, etc. When you do movie reviews and it gets to the point where so many people are commenting on your videos and you hear so many different opinions. No opinion surprises me at all anymore. Had people tell me that the Dark Knight is the worst comic book film ever made which you know okay, so you don’t like the movie, but seriously have you seen Superman for the quest for peace. Just you know what I mean I’ve heard everything so no.

I Do Not Feel That The Bashing Is

necessary for someone who has a different opinion. I’ve been surprised by opinions. I’ve been shocked by opinions but whatever if you have your opinion on a movie great. One of the things I talked about recently was my Hobbit review where a lot of people were like upset that I didn’t love the film and I just had some problems with it and you know I thought it was disappointing but still an alright movie and a lot of people didn’t like that okay so you’d you know you didn’t like my opinion. On the movie I guess I’m gonna go die now it doesn’t matter really you know what I mean it’s just I’m telling you guys how I feel and if you felt differently great.

Im Glad You Enjoyed Whatever Movie That

was or if you disliked a film that I loved okay that’s fine you know whatever go on happy and skip through lily fields it doesn’t matter. Kristin Johnson or UK UK UK for one one who comments on my videos quite often thank you Ma’am asked if it were real and you could obtain a golden ticket like passport similar to the one and last action hero that would allow you to travel to any movie you desired which movie would you travel to first and why you know what would be pretty awesome if I could go into the matrix and have the knowledge that I’m in. the matrix and have all the abilities of say Neo you know you can fly around have all these amazing kung fu abilities be like Hey, You know it’d be kind of cool if I could like build a skyscraper. Okay, let me just load this floppy disk that allows you to do that be cool to be in the matrix. You know to be able to load any desire you want it just load it there it is and you can also create any fantasy world that you want it like the woman in the red dress.

You Know I Was Like Yeah From Butte

a misen. This is a incredibly good question when you go to an advanced screening for a film that has not had any reviews. Yet therefore having no expectations do you ever fear being the only critic to either like or dislike the movie. When you post your review that thought has entered my mind yes and I’ve never allowed it to actually you know change my opinion but I can’t lie about the fact that I’ve seen movies and been like man Am I the only one who feels this way and then once reviews start trickling in I’m like okay so I’m not for instance, I saw The Last Airbender before any reviews were out no one was talking about this movie in a bad or negative way. Everyone was pumped for it.

Everyone Was Excited And I Saw The

movie and as you know I left just shocked out of my mind and I went dear Lord please tell me. This is not me and then other people started seeing it. Other people started seeing it. I was like wow that’s great for instance, and this also links to my previous. question about opinions and do I let them affect me? When I posted my review for The Last Airbender.

It Had Like Freaking 500 Dislikes Or

something like it was crazy. It was one of my first reviews to ever get a lot of hints and everything and it was really what I got like 2. ,000 subscribers in a week or something It was really awesome and all the comments were like you suck. This room is gonna be awesome Blah blah blah, and then the movie came out and the dislike stopped and the likes just grew and grew and I kind of liked that I like the idea of going to movies at advanced screenings knowing that you know I don’t have to think about what other people are thinking right now you know what I mean and it’s pretty cool for a movie reviewer to be able.

To Do That Because As You

guys know I like to have as less expectations as I possibly can alright, so that concludes Part 1 of my UK thank you very much for your wonderful questions I will have part two up soon I appreciate you guys questions there’s a lot of really good ones. Some really funny wants to and some really inspiring ones thank you so much I was really surprised. There was only a couple weird questions in the entire lot it was really amazing. I was like I’m gonna get some weird ones.

I Was Actually Hoping To Create A Little

segment where I just reviewed the the weird questions, but I really didn’t get that many I got a lot of inspiring awesome ones so thank you guys very much. I’ll be back soon with part two and as always if you like this and. You can click right here and get stuck mine eyes.

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I’ve been reading through the over 1,500 questions that I was sent through email wow that’s a lot of questions . I was able to sift through them with some help and I’ve picked out about 6065 questions that were really good . I think less and less people are going to the theaters for certain . Certain films get like a ton of money like the sequels of successful franchises usually do really well. But I think people are just content to watch movies in their home theaters where they can just do whatever they want if they want to go down and text they can. And I think one way they could get more people into the theater is to maybe perhaps perhaps enforce more regulations about. how people should actually act while they’re there shut up and watch the movie please thank you from him. Huggy . Huggy I just want to know what film would best describe your current love life or maybe a film that sticks out in your mind in your past love life. Thanks thanks heem…. Click here to read more and watch the full video