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This Is A 1 To 100 000 Chance Of

happening. This has a one in one million chance of happening. This has a one in one billion chance of happening that’s just not possible. We’re gonna be reacting to the most improbable things that have ever happened being ambidextrous 1 in 100 odds. I had a kid when my K-5 class that was ambidextrous and I thought it was so cool one in 100 odds means only one percent of people can do this well.

That Would Explain It Because I Know

that one kid and I know about 99 other people so that makes sense now we’re gonna jump up to one in 750 odds, which is having 12 fingers. What that’s genius to play guitar like that would be really helpful that’s so cool one in 750 that’s a lot more people than I thought well yeah how. people in the world have 12 fingers seven and a half million wow that means there’s 15 million extra fingers on the planet and they’re just out there wiggling around all right double egg Yolks wait okay, why was this guy recording himself from cracking eggs was he going for this. He knew he knew double Oh He got the movie egg seeing a 360 rainbow what does that even mean Oh that’s what you mean it’s basically like looking through a camera lens almost that’s crazy. It’s like a little portal that’s how Dr Strange be getting around raining red rain.

What Does That Mean Theres Something

very out of the ordinary about this rain it’s blood red. Why tell us why is it red. We need to know why this is no no okay okay. We get that what they didn’t even tell us wow no way living. To a hundred is one in thirty-seven hundred odds wow She looks good for 104.

Hey Maybe You Hit Her Up Well.

I have a girlfriend, but if I didn’t. Two doctors have told me that if I drink it. I will die if they died first. He just popped off seeing a reverse tiger.

Its Just Walking Backwards Oh Its.

It’s like a black tiger with orange stripes instead of orange tiger or black stripe that’s cool do you think like animals in the wild are like whoa he dripped out or do are they like different Sean seeing how he was alone probably the ladder. I don’t know why I need a ladder. He has claws to climb up, but he was struggling yeah the ladder would have made it quicker scoring a perfect bowling game wow one in 11 000 really I think the higher odds. are scoring a perfect bowling game and then going and getting a kiss from a female.

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I Was Thinking The Same Thing Yeah

It’s just the shoes any sport that you can eat and you have to wear goofy eye shoes. It’s just I’m not going to take it serious. I’m sorry finding a giant amethyst what’s an amethyst. It’s a gym Oh it’s Logan Paul wait You think he’ll find a zoo in there Oh whoa classic Logan Paul face Oh my God I haven’t seen that forever look at that that is like one of our main Channel thumbnails but ours are ironic. So it’s okay was that fake or was that real it looked real that is beautiful.

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Theres One In 25 000 Chance

that your cat gets four ears Oh I love it I wonder if it does better in the wild it would do better. In my home, Why is your tongue out because it’s not just enough for it to have four ears. It also has to just be like if I need a puffy Dorito, How do you measure that this is one In two hundred thousand, How do you measure what is a puffy Dorito like how puffy does it have to be to be a puffy like do you just open up 200 000 bags of Doritos and go Oh that’s how long it took to find one and it just made this 13-year-old 20 thousand dollars richer see here’s the difference between me and your average person wouldn’t have thought twice you would have ate it ate it so quick here’s what would have happened in my head. I would have been like Holy crap. This looks like it’s gonna taste better than normal and guess what what.

Thats Why Snacking Hasnt Made You 20 Grand

It’s fair flying through a lightning storm Yeah flying through a lightning storm something but have you found a puffy Torito Pilots probably see that all the time that what they actually see I can’t believe Pilots actually have to deal with that that’s crazy you know what’s crazy here. This package I got for Chris Oh sweet it’s finally here what is it I don’t know I ordered a lot of stuff online Oh look it’s my official Furby how many of those do you own hundreds you should probably sell some of them. I’m sure they’re worth money and then I’ll ship them how do I sell them. Jimothy Shopify. The sponsor of this video.

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What Are The Odds Of This

one in five hundred thousand oh. That is sick looking do you think they operate under the same belly and same like do you think one gets full when the other one eats he’s like Yo slow down I’m trying to enjoy this snack too fishing a blue lobster. I saw this on Tick Tock. I saw this on Tick Tock What does. do at the end Lobsters can theoretically live indefinitely as long as they can keep molting their shell? Why am I not a lobster because you can’t Mall accident changing syndrome wait.

Chris Suffers From This What Lisa Alamia

Oh I’m not from England. Sorry is 100 Texas which is no way are you where are you from I’m from racing bike Oh wait where’s that I’m like we’re here in Rosenberg I’ve never heard of this in my entire life. I don’t have any earbuds in I can’t hear anything raining and single spots. It was only raining in this one spot on the street and nowhere else in the city. Somebody’s pouring something yeah that’s the cloud from cartoons when you’re sad yeah This person filming should have just put the camera down and been like Oh giving birth to nine twins, so nine twins is I mean.

18 Kids Or She Had Nine

kids at the same time. Someone look at that man that man got something going on You’re the dad you’re just like that is wild. She passed all nine of those kids through her body. You think the doctor pulled out and said package delivery did you imagine if you had eight other Tuckers Yeah I’d be tired. He’d be tuckered out finding buried treasure one in 20 250 thousand million a Northern California couple says they were what’s this deer have to do with it when they saw an old Tin Can poking out of the ground.

This Guy Looks Like He Pokes

old. It does look like if you found a tin can he’d be like I gotta dig oh grab a stick did you know that there’s no recorded proof that a pirate has ever buried treasure. Carl shut up no. need to ruin our fun I just delivered packages finding a perfect doppelganger one in 900 million odds. One wedding photographer got the surprise of his life when he met his doppelganger on a plane that’s crazy.

Though Look At That Guy Hes Like H

he’s like I’m a part of this my name’s Bill I’m up I was here. A friend of Niels shared the doppelganger’s picture on Twitter and it has been retweeted thousands of times whoa 6 000 times he’s breaking the internet winning the game show Who Wants To Be A Millionaire What in a billion really I like to call my parents right now with nerd and I really need your help but I just wanted to let you know that I’m going to win the million dollars. Richard Nixon that’s my final answer he’s won a million dollars whoa not only did he win. A million dollars he got that Rich Chad this next person has 200 UK. His UK is so big.

He Cant Have Sleeves On His Shirt.

Most of us have an UK of 100 195 Wow. I didn’t know how rare I was yeah Sam that’s crazy that’s 200 I have a 206 so it’s wow so basically everyone in the world with over 200 is in this room that’s crazy actually Galileo 185 Isaac, Newton 190. and Carl Jenkins. Langan could possibly be the smartest person in the world and he uses that talent to pet horses wait.

I Want You Guys To Look

at this number perfect UK March Madness Bracket I’m not even going to say that number that’s a lot of numbers nine lots of numbers odds did somebody do it. I had the best bracket out of 11. 57 million people. What was your strategy for Success well? I just filled out who I think is going to win the secret to success is luck subscribe or you won’t have any and I’ll ship them.


We’re gonna be reacting to the most improbable things that have ever happened being ambidextrous 1 in 100 odds. This is a 1 to 100 000 chance of happening. This has a one in one million chance of . happening that’s just not possible. It’s like a little portal that’s how Dr Strange be getting around raining red rain.& Two doctors have told me that if I drink it, but if I didn’t.& I will die if they died first.& He just popped off seeing a reverse tiger.& It’s just walking backwards Oh it’s. like a black tiger with orange stripes instead of . orange stripes . instead of orange tiger or black stripe that’s cool do you think like animals in the wild are likens to animals in . the wild.& Hey maybe you hit her up well.& What does that mean there’s something very out of the ordinary about this rain it’s blood red.& We need to know why is it red….. Click here to read more and watch the full video