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The Ratings For Greg Gutfeld Conservative Late-Night

show over at Fox Crushes, the leftist Jimmy Kimmel and Stephen Colbert How’s that to round off our week right that’s right the ratings are out and Greg Gut Phil’s Pro Trump Pro Nationalist populist late-night show is completely trouncing Kimmel and Kabir we’re gonna take a look at the latest round of ratings and see why we may be looking at nothing less than the beginning of a new era of conservative late-night television. I think you’re absolutely loving greetings. Everyone dr. Steve here with you a wonderful brand new month of May to each and every one of you if this is your first time here on this channel we analyze current events and let some super awesome conservative trends, so you can live in the present in light of even better things to come and it doesn’t get better than. So make sure to smack that Bell and subscribe button If you haven’t already done so you’re gonna absolutely love being a regular part of this channel and interacting with this network of conservatives from all over the world.

Lets Start With The Video Chat Question Of

the day We have been doing those in a while would you like this one which late-night host you despise more Stephen Colbert or Jimmy Kimmel let us know in the comment section below I’ve actually done that video chat question before I couldn’t hide it. I don’t know if you remember that if you’ve been a regular this channel, but I think it’s just it’s a particularly apropos question for today’s video which late-night host you despise more Stephen Colbert Jimmy Kimmel let us know the comments section below make sure to tell us why you despise the one over the other. make for an awesome comment Thread it’s almost a trick question if you think it through the answer. Here is a legitimate yes a both and it really doesn’t matter because both of their ratings are plummeting as we’ll get into in a moment now before we get into the triumphs of late-night conservative television let’s give a huge shout out to the sponsor of this video and that’s collagen available at health with Steve Turley Calm now if you don’t know collagen maybe really the closest thing We’ll ever get to a real Fountain of Youth. Many Health experts now agree that consuming collagen is crucial as it gets to renew and revitalize how we look in taking collagen regularly can revitalize your body make your skin bones and even your hair look and feel more healthy and youthful.

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collagen and getting your own supply. Then visit health with Steve Charlie calm or just click on the link below and check it out you’ll be glad that you did alright Gang let’s dive right in here you know we featured on a number of our past videos. The fledgling ratings for the ultra-left late night show host Jimmy Kimmel and Stephen Colbert Ok. Well Now We’ll get into that in a minute, but it never fails to awaken so much joy and delight within me. When I reflect on how their ratings have plunged over the years and when we take stock of that ratings Meltdown A lot of you have asked in the comments section before where is the thoroughly conservative version of late night in many ways have you thinking that Johnny Carson was right he was so classy, extremely witty.

His Guests Were Always Top-Notch He Had Classical

musicians. He had some of the best up-and-coming comments I still remember at George Karl on a show. George Karl was an old vaudeville performer. He was on there and the show a couple of times and he did his original vaudeville act. But since Carson there really hasn’t been a good conservative alternative to all the left-wing Schilling and you know virtue.

Night After Night On Kimmel And Colbert Until

now you’ll be happy to know that Fox News‘s Greg Gutfeld weekly Saturday night program has officially surpassed the ratings for bothNK] Late Show with Stephen Colbert andNK] Jimmy Kimmel I’ve got Feld’s late-night program is consistently earn and get this just shy of three million nightly viewers 2.9 million to be exact and what makes these numbers so amazing is that these are ratings for a Saturday night late-night television on cable which generally are very low and what we’re seeing with God Feld in radical contrast to the Great Awakenings over at Co Baron Kimmel what we’re seeing is a thoroughly pro Trump PRo nationalist PRo pop program that loves our country our culture our customs and our traditions. Gutfeld is genuinely funny and witty. He has He has great guests and he celebrates and indeed defends and funny and yet profoundly insightful ways all that is good about our nation. I mean the contrast here with Colbert and Kimmel simply could not be more stark and we’ve talked about this before.

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But Both Kimmel And Co Bear Have

deliberately attempted to partisan eyes their shows. They’ve deliberately sought to turn their show’s into shills for all things left-wing. It’s basically a different kind of business model that’s responding to the increasing segmentation of viewing audiences so where’s Johnny Carson was appearing on late-night television. When you know you only had a few channels to choose from UK UK UK and now of course we have thousands of channels to choose Err I mean you bring the Internet into this I mean they’re literally innumerable you have countless channels and venues to watch to sow audiences have. segmented and so what the producers at the late-night shows have been doing is they’ve decided to partisan eyes Their show deliberately turning them into shows that Rabid left-wing Liberals would want to watch since of course all the producers in late-night show hosts are themselves Rabid Liberals and as I understand it was Stephen Colbert over at UK That first made this move.

This Move To Deliberately Reach Out To A

thoroughly left-wing audience so he made mocking and ridiculing and excoriating Trump and his supporters a centerpiece of his act and in so doing he quickly overtook Jimmy Fallon of UK in the ratings and so what Colbert effectively did was. He changed the business model of late-night television and as a result of Colbert’s success in taking over first place among the three major late-night shows. The old late-night business model that sought to entertain people of. by a hyper-partisan approach that seeks to actively engage only a single political demographic and case the anti-trump liberal seculars persuasion subjecting any and all pro-trump conservative persuasions as objects of constant scorn and ridicule. You may remember that when Jimmy Kimmel was asked about whether he was worried about losing Republican viewers by virtue of his own attempt and attracting the same anti-Trump liberal base that Colbert had effectively co-opted into his audience.

He Basically Said Good Riddance Right

he actually said he actually said rather than saying good riddance. I just say riddance as if that made any sense, which again is just frankly so unclever in his part. It’s so uncreated so intellectually lazy what Kimmel is getting at here is that he and his producers recognized that when he says anything inflammatory against Trump his ratings go up same with co bear and so. that the producers of these late shows are pushing is one that goes after niche markets particularly political niche markets. So this appears to be what Colbert and Kimmel have over Jimmy Fallon of The Tonight Show who’s generally to his credit stayed away from political niche markets, but as a result, he’s seen his ratings decline and so well.

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Kobera And Kim Are Trying To Do

has become the late-night kings of this evermore partisan and yet evermore shrinking and dwindling market share well. That was all before a conservative candidate came into the mix and that’s where we have Greg Gutfeld of Fox News, Gutfeld Saturday Night’s show is attracting an audience size that these leftist liberals could only dream up while Gutfeld is pulling in 3 million viewers. Colbert is barely bringing in 2 million viewers and remember that’s down dramatically from where UK late-night show used. Since taking over from David Letterman, Cabarrus ratings have dropped from 4 million to just half of that in a matter of just a few years-barely 2 million so this year’s opening season saw a viewer decline for Colbert a 30% for Kimmel Things are even worse.

Kimmels Viewership Is Down 16 Percent

from where it was last year. Kimmel’s barely getting a million viewers. Gutfeld has three times the audience as Kimmel so what we’re seeing here is that the liberal left late night hosts are fighting each other over what’s left of their left-wing audience, while God fell is tapping into a conservative audience that the Liberals over at UK and UK had thus far ignored, and he’s demonstrating now for all to see that the conservative audience is just as formidable, if not more so than any numbers constituting a left-wing audience so well. Done Greg Gutfeld.

I Hope Its The Beginning Of Many Many

more wonderful things to come for a new conservative late-night show Now before you go, you will definitely want to check out the video. I just uploaded and how the legacy media’s attempt to cover up Biden’s sexual assault allegations is completely and totally collapsing thanks to the triumph of the new media. The alternative media you’re absolutely gonna love it so make sure to click on the link and I will see you over there God bless.


The ratings for Greg Gutfeld Conservative Late-night show over at Fox Crushes, the leftist Jimmy Kimmel and Stephen Colbert are completely trouncing Kimmel and Kabir . Gutfeld may be looking at nothing less than the beginning of a new era of conservative late-night television . The ratings are out and Gutfeld’s Pro Trump Pro Nationalist populist late night show is completely trounce Kimmel and Colbert . The video chat question of the day is the question of which late night host you despise more Stephen Colbert or Jimmy Kimmel let us know in the comment section below . Make sure to smack that Bell and subscribe to the subscribe button if you haven’t already done so you’re gonna absolutely love being a regular part of this channel and interacting with this network of conservatives from all over the world. It doesn’t get better than. Make for an awesome comment Thread it’s almost a trick question if you think it through the answer. It’s a legitimate yes a both and it really doesn’t matter….. Click here to read more and watch the full video