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guess I guess a I’m being like it with four 15-minute ones. I am select with my contacts in last night, which I know you’re not supposed to do, but sometimes like I just was tired and I could feel myself falling asleep and I was like girl if you don’t get up now to take them out. You’re gonna fall asleep with your whole makeup and all your context and I just did it and then I woke up at like UK and I was like alright Let me just take him out for a couple hours keep them in for a few days and then take about inception. I that makes me so man my boyfriend sleeps in his contacts every single night and nothing. He must have a weirdly strong eyes because he sleeps in them all the time.

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Nothing Nothing Really Im Like Bleep You

and I’m like I’m like you’re gonna get like I loose what’s it called um like a ripped cornea and nothing ever happens to him but me. I like I sleep in them once and then I like wake up with a pink eye and like great that makeup like gets gets up in there. Yeah I can’t sensitive eyes they are blessing it occurs everyone’s like it This bleep yeah okay that’s good I love this. This is like it feels almost like a condom no it does Hahaha okay hi Brittany Amber already going to high Yeah I’m gonna I just like roll it and then I cut around it Okay How does this Charlotte this looks okay. Oh should I take off my badge Hmm We know you’re legit Brittany Amber is this your first UK Awards no this is.

My 11Th My God 11 You Dont

look like you think doing porn for a life Yes I’ve actually been doing important for over 12 years. I got in the business right before the UK of that year and I got in the business of December of Oso. Then January was calling everyone’s like Oh we going to eat it. I’m like what is that Oh yeah. Oh you know because I was just so new and that was actually probably would have been a good thing to go Network and stuff like that.

But I Was Just Like Felt So New

that might Oh I don’t know anything about that. Oh yeah yeah. This is my Levin today. Oh wow what are you. I don’t have my card in front of me because I’m so professional.

What Am I Me Again.

What are you nominated for so this year. I am nominated for MilF Performer of the year, Officially a Mil I was also nominated for that 4x Pizazz Well so that was my first year ever being nominated in a mil. This is your first Milk Here Yes and then I’ve also nominated for a mainstream Venture of the year. I did a mainstream movie called Girls Guns and blood so that is exciting because that’s such an awesome movie it’s.

Its A Very Campy Kind Of Like Quentin

Tarantino style Wow and it’s really funny and it’s got a lot of action and boobs and everything it’s got everything. It is such a bleep awesome movie and now if you have Amazon Prime you can watch it for free wow yeah yeah Amazon Prime’s everyone has Amazon yes so you like quitting Tarantino how did you see once upon a time in Hollywood. I didn’t see that I like the older movies I don’t know I didn’t even know that that Krazy-8 one or at one of them. Oh Yeah The kill bills amazing Abbey yes that’s it what’s that the crazy or like what is Emily called crazy. It was something eight The hateful eight you have a create whatever I never even watched that movie because my sister she actually manages a theatre back at home and so she watches all the movies early you know and it spoils everything for me like even you know for if she’ll just get right to it remember when you know without rogue one movie came out dies at the end, you know it’s whatever ah ah well why am I gonna watch it now she does that with everything and so she did that kind of with that she was like Yeah after.

We Didnt What She Said About It Actually

I forgot now. Maybe I can watch it, but I think she said something along the same lines. I think everybody dies in that movie or something right or are you a Star Wars fan um I sorta am a Star Wars is cool but my daughter though is a superstar yes I see the she she’s gonna be 15 this year Yes alright I’m like do you necessarily have to have a kid to be in to do Milf porn, but of course not that’s the thing There is this huge like it’s such a Mr. min our industry because milf means mom I’d like to bleep it doesn’t mean like there should be Cougars right yeah like my like woman who’s old enough to have a daughter that I like to bleep. I guess you are right as I’ve been.

The Term But How Did It

get shifted into Milf like wonder If Cougar seems to like if it seems too old to people. I don’t know I don’t think somebody whoever just means an older woman with a younger man Yeah who has like probably wouldn’t be just Yeah a few years older than than her man and yeah doesn’t have to be that much so Yeah, I don’t know where this I maybe it just like sounded cooler or something I don’t know it’s just easier to type it in cuz just like Oh Milf like that too because Yeah that’s what I’ve noticed too that’s that’s another reason why I’ve been pushing you know into the Milf category early because you know if you’re not a keyword. It’s really hard to get search to get booked and things like that because a lot of times when you’re. getting booked you know from your agent They’ll be like Oh, I need a teen. I need a UK or whatever there’s not that nothing in between so that’s when you people kind of have a lull in their career there and that’s what usually kicks a lot of people out there you know-into doing other things and but I don’t know I was able to stick through it and now I’m really and there’s still even people now that are like you know Oh like you know you’re a UK like I get those comments-all the time but they still see you a certain way.

They See You Like As Not A Mil

yeah. I guess I mean yeah and that’s another reason to like that they’re you know like that miss term is so annoying cuz like I I’m in my 30s and I. and I have a teenage daughter in high school. I’m in the definition of a UK so ready, what do you guys not accepting me about now. I’m in Albany that 480 on egg and X-phase milk performer of the year so now.

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Im Like Officially Officially Officially In Real Snow

girl. I hope you win what one time before I was even doing this show and like learning more about porn one time I think was like one of my fans was like yo. You look like that you look at his porn star and then they actually put a picture of you and like that no way first and it first of all like compliment of my life like you’re stunning, but then I was like Oh and then it turns out like that I was interviewing you. I’m like oh. This is so great yeah.


Like you know look out okay um Oh, this is what I was wondering so you the fifteen-year-old daughter does she know what you do Yeah? She does we actually just kind of talked about this recently she had you know some kind of some weird stuff happen at school with some kids googling things and every you know age where they start the kids see when we were young like I’m your age like when we didn’t have the bleep Internet like when we were 15 and yeah we weren’t like you know who’d be not googling stuff like we were just feeling out playing but yes it’s so much harder in this age For all of this for you know a kid if you’re growing up that way I guess you know but um it’s funny. I was just on Holly Randall’s podcast and you know her mom. And she had easy to grow up as a child and you know with a parents in the adult industry and so we’re kind of talking about that comparing stories and so I was kind of curious too because back then when she was in school same thing should have an inner but she said one time a kid. I came to school with a pet house magazine that had her mom’s name in it and thought it was her mom because it said C’s Randall their mom’s a photographer.

Oh The Whole Thing At School.

Mom had to come down to the school and everything so yeah she could relate a lot with my daughter. We comparing story another kid in your daughter’s class googled and found you yes and then it should they’re obviously kids talking it so what can then these are walking around smelling is this. your body right and so you know this is I’m sure an unprecedented thank you to the school I would go through all the stuff talking all these. You know talked about two different vice principals and everything and everybody everyone that I talked to was like well.

Your Daughter Is So Mature Does Shes Like

you know tell she’s you know raised so well. She’s such a good kid and I’m so good here yeah yeah I was it was like a you know not for nothing like even just getting all these Oh no it kind of highlighted all this stuff to me and I’m gonna go well but never been talking about you know this girl In particular. They’re like yeah we kind of figure. You know we kind of see that she has like some kind of troubles going on at home.

Theyre Having Her Parents.

come in and everything she’s alright Oh yeah yeah and so they they could see and and either the school they’re there so they didn’t bring up anything about you know what I do for a living and that was not an issue at all. I mean obviously, this is like a legit job and so I you know you always kind of get worried about that to just everyone’s perception of everything just that they it’s because they don’t understand it they I’m sure they don’t know anybody in the industry or anything like that so it’s really hard to you know make up your mind about things. But they were so on our side and they were just kept complimenting me and my parenting skills and how great my daughter has turned out.

I Was Like Hmm Thats Amazing So

it was another girl in her class who. was like googling and found you and then she said to your daughter, What like is this your mom like yeah yeah yeah and I, you know it’s funny too is height I never unless I’m working. I.


Brittany Amber has been doing important for over 12 years . She was just so new to the industry that she felt so new that might have been a good thing to go Network and stuff like that . Her boyfriend sleeps in his contacts every single night and nothing. Nothing ever happens to him but me.& I can’t sensitive eyes they are blessing it occurs everyone’s like it This bleep yeah okay that’s good I love this.& My 11th my God 11 You don’t look like you think doing porn for a life.& This is like it feels almost like a condom no it does Hahaha okay hi hi Brittany Amber already going to high Yeah I’m gonna I just like roll it and then I cut around it Okay How does this Charlotte this looks okay.& Oh should I take off my badge. I’m not going to go to the UK Awards. It’s my first UK Awards for the first time I’ve been in the UK. I’ve got in the business…. Click here to read more and watch the full video