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are new here, we talk about the law and the facts if you are about that life Don’t forget to like this video share this video and subscribe to the channel. It goes both ways because every accuracy something if I could, since all right so I want you guys to react to this montage from libs of Tick Tock. We’re going to shout out libs and Tick Tock. Why because they are trying to ban them from everywhere and we are going to free them so so what I want to get you guys to do hold on let me. Let this add please.

They Want To Ban Libs Of

Tick tock, which consists of nothing more than reposting their own case. It’s not commentary. It’s not or it’s commentary in the text commentary whether it’s commentary in the same way. Sargon of Akkad’s re-editing of Aquila Yes Yes Tequila obviously obviously, but they’re just reposting so it’s not like there’s no voice over there’s no there’s no text on on their stuffy lips. No they do say this is what they’re trying to do to your kids.

Then They Will Put It Up

or this is such so they do put a commentary so they caption what it is, but they don’t change the content anyway exactly exactly the way Sargon of Akkad did with except he had more isolated all right I’m bringing it up because if you watch this episode don’t say nothing so we’ll we’ll go through it So this is this remember now now so everybody understands these are these are this is not doctor These are people who put this stuff up on their own publicly so facebook twitter they put this up publicly for. to see so all they did was take those videos and just correlated them so that’s all there’s nobody’s been canceled by Viva La before you do it. Nate hold on someone says Viva she docks his people all the time now is this the libs of tick tock dogs no that’s Taylor no no no by the way doxing people by reposting their content. I make sure that you know I’m not picking on punching down if I repost someone’s even though it’s public you know you are going to draw attention to them, but I don’t believe reposting some idiotic doctrine. It’s not doxing They put it up there on their on their own Yeah yeah if you make it laurence published a link to her real estate license, which identified her name her home address and okay that is doxing not taking their content which is already.

Public On Tick Tock And Saying Repost Here

this already viral public content and you by the way just bringing it back a little full circle talk about dog whistles. Oh I’m just posting their address. I’m not I’m not asking anybody to do anything. But here’s what that’s that’s a dog whistle that’s code in that everyone knows Darn well that’s horrendous that’s horrendous okay she came on Lorenzo Whatever her name is what’s her name Kayla ruins Taylor Lorenz Yeah hi my name’s and I’m, a preschool teacher recently we started wearing pronoun pins and the kids get to pick a new pronoun pin every we have some that pick like she her every single day and we have some that change it up now before we move to the next one. I think that’s ridiculous right.

I Dont Like Preschooler Back Up For A

second just back. It up go ahead Oh you’re backing it up, Oh no I just want to see her the one thing I’m the most curious about what’s the does she have trichotillomania or did she pull out her eyebrow or is that is that a style well that’s a style that’s a style people should say piercing why why would you do that It’s a style eyebrow has to it takes forever for an eyebrow to grow back no-David David. This is we have females who shave their heads and have like a fake beard going with these giant sideburn crazy things. It doesn’t mean that she’s killed someone like you don’t get no no no no no teardrop okay yeah She looks like a dog yeah, but you know what though but if you if you think about this though if I heard that my child’s preschool because. Because preschool is what four or five years old if I hurt or under that if I heard my child’s preschool teacher was doing this.

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I Would Be Highly Upset What The

hell are you doing you’re confusing she doesn’t know what is you’re confused again, you’re supposed to teach her what you know so she can understand this stuff later giving them these pins or you’re a big boy or a girl that’s not which that’s not what I want to do it’s called training. This is called training. This is indoctrination that’s being well. Some might call it grooming if that’s the word that I don’t know if you’re trying to I was choosing indoctrination to not go pulling down that path it is from mind control. This is this is I I don’t mean in an adult people who suffer from gender, dysphoria or body dysphoria or dysmorphia I forget which one.

It Is Thats Thats An Adult Issue

that adults have to deal with if you were if you were to give you give genders to kids or pronouns to kids. I mean you could give them literally animals that say what do you what do you want to be You want to be a dinosaur. You want to be a t-rex. You want to be a pterodactyl You want to be a an otter. I mean yeah.

This Is Its Its Confusing And

this is this is when um desantis bill comes in and says yes talk about any of it Don’t do it to three-year-olds. Don’t Don’t don’t for if a three-year-old that’s what they’re learning what I got what boys are here’s. Where the girl is those are the found the fundamentals she’s confusing no more you’re a She it’s ridiculous, but let’s let’s move on to the next girlfriend. Someone that picked like she her every single day and we have something to change. So I’m a non-binary preschool teacher and my kids know I’m non-binary um they know I’m not a girl or a boy.

I Use They Them Pronouns In The Classroom.

We work on it not all the kids get it that’s okay, but can you imagine she’s telling the she’s now making her life decisions an issue for the kids in terms of how they how they address her yes how much don’t. You know how about your name like let’s simplify it. What’s your name and they’ll call you your name. This is this this bothers me because this now you you someone says it’s my.

Entitled To Their Own Preferences, But

the second you start making it Other people’s issues like if you’re if you’re kosher good for you that’s not my it’s not my problem and it’s not my decision you live with that and don’t make it my issue Oh my goodness okay David kids don’t even really think that way the kids actually already are kind of non-binary that’s teacher fill in the blank they’re not they don’t they’re not really worried about sex. This is like introducing the concept to them of a quote gender or anything else. They’re more concerned about their homework and if they get to play at play hour or whatever so this is injecting craziness just early on I’m saying this with respect and this is not to mock. I can understand a kid you know saying they get confused is this teacher a a a. Is a miz or a mister if they’re going to call them by their last name.

Okay, It Happens Listen To The Rest Of

it. Though Okay I go by Nick Spray in the classroom, not miss or Mister that answers your question mix gray instead of Mist or Mister how about what I mean do they go by first names or do they are they making because you know you know you have preschool They gotta call you myths or miss and and that that the my problem with this is is that preschoolers are learning how to speak learning what you know pronouns are and they are and they are confusing them right off the gate right Are you a boy. She this this is this I i’ve noticed I’ve Oh I’m gonna cut my face Mike I’ve been noticing through your chats more straw Manning I’m gonna. This will be the only one that I bring up today because I think that he’s famous for it. We all know I don’t know how do you know she’s shoving it in How do you know she is shoving this at kids can you read.

She Just Said She Said It She Literally

said yeah I replay the clip go back all right which one which one no no the one yeah well. I’m a non–binary preschool teacher. I’m a novice and my kids know I’m non-binary um. They know I’m not a girl or a boy how do they know that them pronouns in the classroom. I think that’s the pronoun teach the pronouns in the classroom.

We Work On It Not All

the kids get it that’s okay UK by the way I do not make fun of people’s hair why because it would be someone look. say, who are you to comment on someone else’s physical appearance, So I say it. I I I respect it it’s it’s their discipline that’s me and Eric are going to comment on this woman’s here this woman’s hair is kind of ridiculous crazy. I know your hair looks crazy too viva but it’s not as crazy as this one we’re looking at right now well people are great Yeah be Hoffman and you all thought me teaching the children about me being Polly was crazy, but not only that but they also know that I’m gender fluid. I’m gonna get so her teaching the kids about her being polly.

You Thought Was Crazy But Im

gender fluid so but but the thing is why are you teaching my three-year-old this crap don’t teach it to my three-year-old. I would feel no less uncomfortable if I found out that my. Telling my kid that he’s heterosexual or she’s heterosexual you I don’t agree it’s it’s nothing to do with gender orientation It’s to do with subject matter it would be weird perverted for a daycare teacher to tell the kid that they’re engaging in heterosexual sexual activity period Yes yes yes keep your keep your sexuality out of my kids minds that’s with sex education and they don’t they don’t get that till the ninth grade or eighth grade or something like that in preschool just a fun anecdote. I went to one of my three high schools that I went to our sex ed teacher. His name was Mr.


You can’t make this stuff up. You can’t make that up and um yeah we had our moments. Mr.

Dixon Im Going To Give You My

explanation about what it means to be transgender as well so when Babies. are born the Doctor looks at them and they make a guess about okay Your wife literally works as a doctor, but what does she do? Does she flip a coin nate hello UK about what it means to be transgender as well. So when Babies are born, the doctor looks at.

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Nate the Lord talks about libs of Tick Tock and Sargon of Akkad’s re-editing of Aquila Yes Yes Tequila . He says they’re just reposting so it’s not like there’s no voice over, but they’re not like voice over . They do say this is what they’re trying to do to your kids.& Then they will put it up or this is such so they do put a commentary so they caption what it is. But they don’t change the content anyway exactly exactly the way Sargad did with except he had more isolated videos.& Nate hold on someone says Viva she docks his people all the time now. No that’s Taylor no no no by the way doxing people by doing it.& I make sure that you know I’m not picking on punching down if I repost someone’s even though it’s public. Nobody’s been canceled by Viva La before you do it. No no no…. Click here to read more and watch the full video