RED STATES Pass ANTIRIOT LAWS Protecting Drivers Who Hit Rioters as Leftists FREAK OUT


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Red States Pass Anti-Riot Laws Protecting Drivers Who Inadvertently

hit rioters all as leftists are freaking out in the theater. We’re gonna take a look at what one paper closest tsunami of legislation that’s being passed across the nation to fight back against rioters. How that legislation is particularly protecting motorists who unintentionally hit demonstrators blocking roads and how even the Olympics have had it with athletes exploiting their platform for political protests. You are not going to want to miss this greetings. Everyone Dr steve here with you wonderful to be with you as always we’re here to give you each and every single day conservative hope in the midst these turbulent and trying times helping to think better so you can feel better and provide for you a patriot path to freedom.

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Dive Right In Here Gang The Leftist Activist

disguised as journalists over the New York Times and the British Guardian. They are absolutely livid today They’re furious and do you know what’s got them blowing their top No it’s not all the riots and protests and violences surrounding the latest police involved shootings No Nope Nope that’s not it what’s driving particularly the New York Times. Bananas is the attempt by Republican Red states to actually fight back and do something about these riots that’s what’s got the New York Times up in arms look at this headline Gop bills target protesters and absolve motorists who hit them and the byline reads as the nation reacts to the guilty verdict a jury handed to Derek Chovin in the killing of George Floyd Republican-led states are introducing punitive new measures governing protests or take this one from the British leftists who. themselves at journalists over at the Guardian Republicans push tsunami of harsh anti–protest laws after BlM rallies and the Byline reads. Critics say the bills introduced across the country would infringe free speech rights and disproportionately target people of color and if you read between the lines here.

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What You Conclude Is That The Leftist Activist

disguises journalists over the Guardian over at the New York times. They’re actually upset that Republican legislatures in states like Oklahoma and Iowa and Florida are actively taking their law enforcement responsibilities seriously. Note neither the Guardian nor the New York times expressed even the remotest concern about the hundreds if not thousands of Democrat city council members and mayors across the nation that deliberately abdicated their law enforcement responsibilities over the past summer that was fine there was nothing wrong in there was not only nothing wrong with it it should be lauded. be praised in allowing these as CnN put these fiery but mostly peaceful protests. They should be praise.

These Legislators To Allow Them To Take

place to bring awareness to all of the social justice and this systemic racism that inflicts our nation. You may recall last summer Democrat dominated city councils, like the one in Seattle actually threatened their mayor Jenny Durkin with impeachment. If she didn’t openly side with the rioters and looters did either the New York Times or the Guardian so much as raid that raised the slightest semblance of critical concern over that deliberate abdication of law enforcement responsibility. Of course not no. They championed the riots.

The Leftist Activists Of The Guardian.

The New York Times cheerleaded the riots. I’m Sorry I’m Sorry i’m Sorry the protests that’s the only word we’re allowed to use right the anti-racism protests. I’m Sorry I forgot these. Champion the anti–racist rot sorry protests over these last several months So obviously they’re going to be very very disappointed with the gop for standing up to the right.

Im Sorry Protesters Now Unfortunately For The

cultural Marxist over the New York Times and the Guardian. There are 75 million Americans who want nothing to do with their fiery but mostly peaceful protests. We the 75 million Americans who proudly voted for president trump we actually hold our legislators and governors accountable for faithfully upholding their law enforcement responsibilities and that goes double when it comes to out of control far left ideologically inspired riots and that’s what these laws are all about. They’re about protecting Law-abiding folk from violent rioters and I’m glad to report that a number of red states are rising up to the challenge and pushing back against all of the social insanity for which the New York Times and the mainstream media as a whole have become such reliable cheerleaders let’s start with Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt has just signed into law a bill that protects drivers who unintentionally injure even kill demonstrators from any liability. While at the same time, the new law subjects, riders and protesters who block roadways to jail time and hefty fines what do you think about that so.

If You Want To Block Roads

and harass motorists maybe you want to go to a blue state. They’ll be happy to have New York times will be happy to have you but not a red state like Oklahoma from now on obstruction of a public street. Erode will now constitute a misdemeanor punishable by up to a year in a county jail and fees as high as 5 000. Anyone who commits the offense will be liable for damages incurred that my friends is what’s going on in Oklahoma over to Iowa. The Iowa House has just passed a bill that would provide new lawsuit protection for police officers as well as increased penalties for rioting and destroying public property.

It Too Will Protect Motorists Who Unintentionally Hit

riders and demonstrators blocking highways and hold the protesters accountable for all damages going on over to Indiana. A bill is being considered the Senate that would bar anyone convicted of unlawful Assembly from holding state employment, including elected office and in Minnesota. A bill is being proposed that would disqualify protesters convicted of an offense from eligibility for student loans and perhaps the king of them all. Florida Governor Ron Desantis has signed into law what is being called a comprehensive anti–riot bill that cracks down against mass civil unrest. Desantis has called the Bill the strongest anti–looting anti–rioting pro-law enforcement piece of legislation in the entire nation.

We Should Mention That It Too Includes Immunity

from motorists who inadvertently drive through protesters blocking roads all together gop lawmakers in 34 states have introduced 81 anti–riot bills during the 2021 legislative session and the left is literally besides themselves. The mainstream media is trying to do everything they possibly can do to portray this as a bunch of white supremacist Republicans trying to persecute peaceful protests against racial injustice, but that’s not how the vast majority of the population here. Particularly these red states. See it that’s for sure virtually all the polls that have come out in the last few months have shown that Americans have had it with these so-called protests. In fact the polls were plunging by the end of last summer.

In September Of Last Year, An Ap

poll found that approval of the protests had dropped from 54 in June to just 39. The same goes for Blm. The Daily News Uk reported on a poll right around the same time as the Ap poll that report they that found that support for Blm dropped to just 39 from a high 54 just weeks prior to the poll. The simple fact of the matter is that while most Americans are very concerned about injustices and social inequities and the like they don’t believe burning down cities and eliminating police departments is the answer surprise well. Most Americans are perfectly willing to share concerns about people feeling like they’re.

Being Treated Equally Those Same Americans Arent Radical

cultural marxists ready to overturn all of our social institutions because they’re supposedly irredeemably racist and bigoted. In other words, the vast majority of the American public does not share the radical leftist sentiments. Blm activists antifa agitators or New York times so-called journalists they simply don’t go there and these radical activists look more and more like they’re going to continue to burn down our nation. Then most Americans are going to support state legislators standing up and doing something about then pushing back against all of this insane lawlessness Sorry far left most Americans like their police officers all the polls show it and they’ve got a limit.

They Really Have A Limit As

to how much of these protests they’re willing to tolerate. I don’t know if you saw this but even the Olympics committee is clamping down on. of this podium protests have been officially banned at both the Tokyo Olympics and the Beijing Winter Games. After two-thirds of the athletes polled said that they believed it was not appropriate to demonstrate or express political views on the victory podium field of play or at official ceremonies.

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So Sorry New York Times.

You threw your whole lot in with the rioters. I mean looters. I’m sorry.

I Mean Protesters But The Rest Of Us

and indeed as it looks like most of the world wants nothing to do with the protesters and most certainly we want nothing to do with you now before you go make sure to like this video comment down below subscribe to my channel definitely click on the link below and check out some of our awesome merch and you definitely want to check out my latest video. I just uploaded it on how. Star Lebron James faces a massive backlash after posting an online threat against a police officer who saved a young girl’s life you’re not going to want to miss it so make sure to click on the link and I’ll see you over there God bless.


Red states pass anti-riot laws protecting drivers who inadvertently hit rioters all as leftists are freaking out in the theater . Even the Olympics have had it with athletes exploiting their platform for political protests . Power light bulbs that light up automatically in the event of a power outage can eliminate blackouts from life forever and it gives you peace of mind during an emergency or natural disaster. They work like normal bulbs, but they’re self-charging.& They have backup emergency batteries that automatically keep your house lit when a power outages are detected. Click on that link below right now and you’re going to get the power light bulb for up to 67 off or you could just go to their website.& It’s and eliminate blackout from your life today all right all right. Click here to subscribe to our weekly Back to the page you want to see the latest episode of The Daily Discussion. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter @daily Discussion ….. Click here to read more and watch the full video