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Hi Friends On Last Weeks Episode We Discussed How

people can become addicted to social media. How cognitive biases that we don’t know even exist in our brains are being manipulated by almost every social media that exists and how your phone is essentially a hacker in your pocket the feedback. This week’s been absolutely fantastic. I’ve got so many tweets and messages from people, saying that they are trying to reduce their phone time and this has helped to open their eyes to why it’s not necessarily their fault. This week.

Im Sitting Down With Caiway Who Is The

UK of the light phone calm and they think that they have developed a product which can enable us to spend more time off-screen. I do think that there’s an important question to be asked here and it is can we fix the problem of too much technology with more. That’s a question? You’ll have to answer yourself. Also. I do want to say that I was not sponsored or paid to interview.

Kai And I Found Him Off My

own back because of how interested I was in the product and I wanted to hear his philosophy on it. I also want to say that I’m considering buying one after my conversation with him but that’s completely independent so here we go kai way so hi welcome to modern wisdom very good to meet you thanks for having me thank you very much for Kudamon. You are UK of the light phone that’s correct so I got introduced to the product from a friend who just linked me to online and I had a I had a browse around and it seemed it’s a real a real unique device as far as I can see for those people who. think here? Those people who think that technology is sort of moving in one direction, which is more more functionality more integration with our lives and you guys have come up with a product which kinda goes in the complete opposite direction. Do you think that’d be fair to say Yeah I see a lot of press mentioning us as anti-smartphone, but you know we always wanted to clarify that we’re not anti–technology all anti-smartphone which is trying to you.

It Will Be More Humid About

how we approach technology specifically the smartphone that we all have 24/7 Yeah I understand that so can you give us some background background to yourself and how this concept came about yeah Of course, so my background is in design and design research four years ago away five years ago. I quit my job and joined this incubator that Google started. York specifically for designers just because you know they think the hypothesis is studying designers when you put this on as I’m the founding table without the Tada we created with empathy can really create social impact so we were my co-founder Joe and I met in a space and we were encouraged to do mobile app. You know just like any other startup yeah so but very soon that we realize for both of us creating another app it’s the last thing we want to do and we were doing research about how human how people interact with equipped with smartphones and we just kind of freaked our self out like I’m sure you see this everywhere not just in New. York You know in subway in trend station an airport everyone is looking 80% of times looking down this It doesn’t matter who are they with or where they are you know.

I Did This Swiping Away On The

screen. We we know that we check our phone to hundred eyes or more than six hours a day is that the other end is that the average figure yeah that’s the average speakerphone on the research that we can slide to every hour 200 times a day and six hours a day on arch. I mean with teenagers even warts with social media that you know could be on their smartphone ten hours a day. It is not human our perspective. We can really stare at the screen 24/7 well that’s crazy I mean I’d seen them.

Im Not Sure How Much Truth There Is

in this by read a quote. from an article that said something like in one week humans get more stimulation more visual stimulation than they would have gotten an entire year typically during the revolution and you know it, you are right to look at it to step back a little bit from typical smartphone use and look at it as a an alien. I suppose looking down on earth. You have all of the all of the complexity and the beauty and the the uniqueness of day-to-day life going on and where we all spend so much time staring down at our phones so what what year was this when you first went into the into the project it’s In 2014 you know we we start we started to utter research. We started to thinking about how do we create something that create a physical object that could encourage and inspire more people to take.

So Can You Know Just Like You Said

like we go ahead No no just can you take take us through the research that you did on into people’s phone use? Can you explain how that was conducted and who it was on and what it consisted of yeah? Of course, I just so he basically ignited random random people friends. We know and we take away their smartphone for say like six hours or in pilot day and we keep them. You know a flip phone at a time and ask them to spend a whole day or six hours without their smartphone and then what’s interesting is that I was that when they came back from the trip or after the day you know like they have come and come and feed by that the first half hour of first hour was extremely difficult is you have this? anxiety that you don’t know what to do this knows nothing on me. I can’t I can’t pull pull pull out my smartphone start swiping I’m getting bored, what do I do. What do I do like everyone that reaction in the first 20 30-minute minutes.

However, Whats Magical Is Is That After

you get over there or more you know the feel missing now I’ll feel yeah yeah once you get over to that what’s what’s gonna happen is you. You started to pay attention to to other people to the building to the cloud you know like talk to strangers sometimes when you’re waiting for a bus or waiting for subway. It is fascinating and they report back it’s like you know either I have a lady Beacon back, saying that’s the best day of the whole week just because she remembers what happened during the day. Like literally absolutely, I think there’s definitely a a parallel that is run between how much you how much of your day has been spent on your phone and how not mindful you have been throughout the day. Not anyone who is undergoing mindfulness practice and trying to be more present.

In The First The First Place To

look I think that we’ll be able to improve your ability to be present is to want to put your phone down because by its very nature having your phone out and in your hand is not being present. You’re not where you are you’re somewhere else in a virtual space yeah we got a lot of you know feedback when we started life on you know like the most logical common question would be hey why do I need life oh right I’ll just turn on flight mode I’ll just you. know leave my smartphone at home? Why do I need like I our apps out there that that could limit notification or turn off notification. You know that isn’t that isn’t that you know possibly it’s achieved some purpose not that life. I was offering and my answers always be that we I think we as human we need object to inspire fashions and I think that’s how it’s also how religious work.

You Have All Kinds Of Books

and starters and make lists they just need something to to inspire you to encourage you to take actions Yeah. You can also say hey why can I use a bowl of flip phone Nokia phone 20 years ago and my arguments okay so how many people that you know actually do that yeah now many it’s not special I know one really do that because the experience of using those. advantage devices are not special all we’re trying to do is creating object a brand and our brand message to make disconnecting to make you know stay away from smart ball special yeah so more willing if you take a break, you know not not trying to replace my phone saying Hey you smartphone it’s bad Yeah don’t use your smile at all. We’re not saying that we’re just saying hey you know it’s like we have different shoes different clothes for different occasion. Your smartphone is great for emails for UK your family or gaming whatever that you want to do social media, but what if sometimes all we want to do is you know take a walk down the street or spending two hours with your family in the park or just you know be creative try to concentrate or just sitting on the beach watching sunset why.

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Do You Need A Mini Computer

with you all the time Yeah? I think that’s that’s a really good analogy to say about the different clothes because you’re right. We have our loadout so to speak to using a gaming analogy is different based on what the situation is that we’re going into you know we were different clothes and we have a different backpack to go to the gym versus to go to the office versus to go away on holiday and you know when you’re talking about a piece of a piece of technology which takes up up to six hours of your day. So you know not far off a third of your waking life is spent on this one object making more more appropriate for the situation gearing that in the same way as you do your outfit and your bags and your food and everything. Else you know it you? You are right It does seem like a like an odd thing to not be doing so Let’s let’s roll back so you’ve taken people’s phones off them during your your research. The people who have had an older phone with less functionality have noticed that they have an improved quality in their day was that the from there on did that kind of kick off right we need to try and do something about this we need to try and mirror the reduction in apps in a device where did he go from that yeah pretty much.

We Just Find It Fascinating That Pretty Much

everyone comes back saying that’s the best hours best tile. It had the whole week just because just because we’re being bombarded with so much information all the time and we and I think that’s why we decided hey. Like that’s that’s what we want to do? You know? I mean if you look at a current state of Technology right everything that’s everyone else Google alcohol cents or whoever they’re all building product to move us to or more come at your life. But there’s no violence No one’s offering a healthy violence if attack we were to to offer a better option yeah it why why you know?


Last week’s episode featured how people can become addicted to social media . How cognitive biases that we don’t know even exist in our brains are being manipulated by almost every social media that exists . How your phone is essentially a hacker in your pocket the feedback. How we’re not anti–technology all an an all-phones. How are we able to spend more time off-screen. How do we fix the problem of too much technology with more. Can we fix it with more? You’ll have to answer yourself. We’re here to talk about the light phone calm and they think that they have developed a product which can enable us to spend a lot of time off screen. We are not anti-smartphone. We always wanted to clarify that we’re not anti — technology all an Analysing technology. We’ve got so many tweets and messages from people, saying that they are trying to reduce their phone time. It’s not necessarily their fault….. Click here to read more and watch the full video