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Hi Im Sara Gonzales Welcome To The News

and why it matters Glenn what was a top story for you. Eric Bolling being here great experience it’s been Yeah just started show on UK UK see our UK show called America because you can’t spell America without Eric Eric thank you I’m on his show today. You’re on the show today it’s it’s it it could I’m anxious to hear the audience feedback We got real in-depth in some of the you know the behind the scenes stuff doing ideology behind what’s going on post–modernism Donald Donald Trump. I don’t Trump lots of lots of Trump for good reason though yeah Yeah anything else okay. I think it’s worth just taking a step back and talking about 9/11 and and how it is impacted us.

I Dont Look At One Of

the big things that’s changed since 9/11 Yeah and some of the things that haven’t changed since 9/11. Okay, So mysterious I’m not gonna do that. I’m talk about the New York Times, an anonymous op-ed author and how it’s affecting the the nation and the presidency Okay all right so 9/11 actually you know what before we get into that I want to make sure to thank our UK and podcast sponsor Minnesota right who I just heard so first They’ve got the wild rice I do we talk about them all the time. I just got some choked Harry Syrup from them that I’m dying to try. It looks delicious and I’m sure my son will love it because you know what syrup so what’s not to love this syrup is good.

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So Its Interesting To Me That The

people who were born around 9/11 are gonna go vote for the very first time they’ve. They’ve never known in America that wasn’t at war They’ve never known an America that really hasn’t been at each other’s throats. They you know they don’t this this happened this happened four years before the World‘s largest social media site which at the time four years later was UK that’s how long ago this thing was it’s starting to feel like an old time movie you know kind of like when we were growing up what you know Korea or or you know the Second World War was like and everything has changed. We are unfortunately, also changing history. You kids are not teachers are not allowed to really teach very much of it because it’s still so controversial.

We Havent Changed Anything With The Way

we talk about Islam. In fact, it’s gotten worse how we are expected to win This this battle is beyond me and if. It’s not America it won’t be fought I mean right now the Pentagon is in Yemen. We’re using drones and we’re just we’re being very effective in Yemen. Okay well that’s not part of the war that’s not something that’s been declared that’s not something we’re even talking about why because we can’t talk about Muslim extremists.

All Of This Will Be For Naught

if we don’t wake up on that one point soon wow that’s changed, though I think you know that’s one thing I could definitely give Trump credit for I mean he has taken it seriously. He has put people like Madison and and in charge he has been very open to say those things and he’s seen great advances with you know Isis obviously and and and you know no one wants to be at war all the time. But this is a problem that is. serious enough that we have to be aggressive with it won’t be a war all the time If and and you saw with ISis you’re not at war all the time if you have a president with a little bit of a shaky eye or twitchy eye that’s like hey you know what I’m thinking about her getting my gun if if we were hit again. There is no doubt in my mind that Donald Trump would be hands off and he would tell the Pentagon get him and we would and it would be over quickly You say that you know these people who are about to be old enough to vote.

Dont Know A Time Where We

were at each others where we weren’t at each other’s throats but I call before 9/11 happened. There was I mean we were still we weren’t obviously as polarized as we. are now there We were still polarized, but directly afterwards was what they don’t They have no sense of was directly after 9/11, Ya know we’re so unified. I’ve never felt anything like it. It’s why the pendulum is so dangerous.

We Should Have Seen It At The

time. It swung so far this way that it had to swing back and unfortunately its way. I think it’s it swung farther the other direction I mean and it hasn’t really come back down for the whole nation again. It’s just swung into into crazy. America is a horrible places own that’s the thing that’s that amazes me every anniversary though because I remember back to that feeling that we had on 9/12 and that we were together and then America had changed forever really I really thought we were a changed country that we were headed the same direction and.

There Were Just Different Viewpoints On How

to get to that same place and that lasted for about a month. How many think three months it means in its totality In about three months. About a month was rocks a short time whatever the time period was and we were right back to bickering at each other’s throat visually watched the second plane flying into the World Trade Center and I’ll never forget that moment when the plume of smoke came out and then the fire came out and then you’re right we did unify we finally had a target. We had an enemy who put a face to the enemy. It was Al Qaeda.

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It Was Taliban.

It was it was terrorism and we did unite but I’ll never forget. I won’t even go a month. I’ll say a couple weeks later and this is lower. Manhattan I’m at.

A Restaurant In Midtown And It Was

like nothing ever happened and I was so deeply affected by because I saw so much in Manhattan. Even in Manhattan, Whoo-hoo you know there’s a good portion the population was exposed to it yeah. Within weeks. It was like enjoying drinks at dinner and I was still somber trying to figure out. You know how am I ever gonna get out of this because I was really angry really angry at that the terrorists, but I wonder if that’s why it was it was like that in Manhattan of all places is because it hit it hit home for people who were in Manhattan more than maybe so much.

I Felt Betrayed By Heard By The

fellow Manhattanites who who had that I don’t know that how could they be so cold to have witnessed something one of the war probably worst. event in the history of the planet and then within a couple of weeks and maybe it wasn’t even a couple of weeks that they could go and act like I just was I can’t get my wine. You know it it was more fine to me. Don’t you think though that’s possible that because Manhattan is Manhattan saw I mean it’s it’s the economy it is the world economy saw that okay well we’re past that the world economy is is still okay and then you have all of the intellectual elites from all of the universities there that are probably preaching pretty quickly That America is such a bad place and we got what we deserved that there’s there’s not there’s not a real. Manhattan is an amazing place because it’s it’s not real life it’s not it’s it’s a totally unique space there’s no other place in America.

Perhaps The World That Is Like Manhattan.

It’s this small little island. I know what kind for the better part of my life 55 years or so I would agree with you and now I think in the last five or so years whatever it. Manhattan was the cultural leave financial the importance the new center of the country maybe the world I think switch to UK. I think that whole you know importance and everything that goes on that affects everyone.

Nk] Is Now Owning That Space That

Manhattan did for so many years is that frighten you frightened me. It’s know our guy. I know it doesn’t frighten me, though it doesn’t frighten me because I because of what I experienced with man. Man Manhattan would days after the World Trade Center there it’s it’s a cold cold-blooded succeded any cost and that event happened. Let’s move on.

I Think Uk It Has A Little

bit more of a longer-term view for the country spend a lot of time in UK. I just talked to some of the other day who is in UK and plays a big role in UK and said to me. There’s nobody in UK Nobody in politics either side that actually believed in the Bill of Rights and the Constitution. There that’s just a showpiece that’s nice yeah brings the kids in they can see it.

Well Talk About It From Time To

time. But there’s no one who is standing guard and saying well no no well. I I’ll push back on that maybe not the being full entirety of the Constitution. The Bill of Rights.

I Will Tell You First And Second

amendment are alive and kicking even in UK protecting them moving on to your top story let’s talk about the Fourth Amendment because that’s and that’s that’s an interesting one that died. You know that one I think you’re right. I don’t put that in a list of things that were protecting that well. In fact one of the things when when 9/11 happened that there was a big debate about was understandably we need more security.

We Need To Figure Out Whats Going On.

We need to know you know who is doing what and that was an understandable reaction. I think at the time one of the big debates we were.


Eric Bolling talks about the New York Times, an anonymous op-ed author and how it’s affecting the the nation and the presidency . Bolling: “I think it’s worth just taking a step back and talking about 9/11” “We got real in-depth in some of the you know the behind the scenes stuff doing ideology behind what’s going on post–modernism Donald Donald Trump.& I don’t Trump lots of lots of Trump for good reason though yeah Yeah anything else okay. What was a top story for you? “I’m sure my son will love it because you know what syrup is good. What’s not to love is good” “I don’t look At one of the big things that’s changed since 9/ 11. I’m anxious to hear the audience feedback,” says Bolling. “I just got some choked Harry Syrup from them that I’m not gonna do that. It looks delicious and I’m going to try to try”…. Click here to read more and watch the full video