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Hello Folks And Before We Get Started

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I Do Appreciate It All Right.

I hope you enjoyed the pep and optimism of that sponsorship segment. There’s no real way to transition from that kind of energy to talking about requiem for a dream so we’re just gonna do it. In the words of the Jim Carrey Riddler let’s get real requiem for a dream so requiem for a dream came out just over. years ago it had its 20-year anniversary.

I Believe It Was Last October.

It came out in 4k got it immediately directed by Darren Aronofsky, and it was my first Aronofsky experience it’s kind of like requiem for a dream for Darren. Aronofsky is like Quentin Tarantino and Pulp fiction with me. You know it’s like the first movie of theirs. I saw wasn’t the first movie they had done, but I remembered their name after that and ever since then I’ve been a Darren Aronofsky fan little known fact in the past couple years or so when I do a top 10 anticipated movies of the year.


I specifically check to see if Darren Aronofsky’s doing a movie that year because if he is that movie’s going on the anticipated list and okay um so wreck way in for a dream. Let’s talk about this movie that cracks. soul to the core, I I feel like a lot of people’s experiences with requiem for a dream are akin to mine. This is my experience and it’s the experience.

I Generally Get From People Is They Watch

it and after they watch it. They’re just like that was great never going to watch it again, but that was great which I kind of for me blamed the guy who pitched it to us you know it was like go back in time. We were all 19 years old my friends and I were all hanging out and then my friend’s roommate at the time was like hey you guys seen requiem for a dream like he was the artsy one. He was like Oh you got to see this movie Rock Queen for a dream and Ellen burst it. You have to see it so we’re like Oh bleep.

Hes Really Talking This Up Lets

go rent it from blockbuster so we did we got a bunch of junk food and laid it out on the table. We’re talking a lot of junk food too we lost 10 years off of our lives from the movie 20 from the junk food The point is though he didn’t really prep the room he should have been like Are you guys ready to change as humans which is why I prep you in that way maybe I’m over talking it maybe I’m over hyping it but I’d rather have you over prepped than under prepped like I was so you have jared Leto Jennifer Connolly Marlon Wayans all giving great performances and they all live in this world of heroin whether it be using it dealing it or addiction, and there’s this dry spell of product that happens and things get. Really real for them also Ellen Burson plays Jared Leto’s Mom, who gets hooked on prescription meds, so she’s on uppers they’re on downers and it does not even out It doesn’t feel like equilibrium. It just feels like total soul bleep now that’s like you know the premise on the surface and i’m sure people have done deep dives of requiem for a dream on youtube. There are a lot of youtube videos out there in a world where I generally talk about how a movie feels you’re just going to get my perception of it, but that’s what I like about Darren Aronofsky films.

You Can Show A Room Of

10 people the same Darren Aronofsky film and they’re gonna all have a very unique takeaway from it Requiem for a dream is no different. the simple matter that you’re dealing with two different age groups that really works for this one because I mean when I first saw the movie. I processed the movie a certain way as I got a little older. I saw it again processed it differently and now I process it completely differently because at first I was just kind of more paying attention to Jared Leto and Marlon Wayans Jennifer Connelly you know the young crew not taking anything away from Ellen Burstin from the get-go always been a powerhouse performance and you always know that no matter what age you are when you watch this movie, but now it’s her character that I’m more attached to the older. I get so every time you watch this movie You just you take something else away from it.

Not Every Movie Does That In Fact,

very few do is what. Requiem for a dream endless and timelessly haunting all right. I’ll cut the foreplay I’ve teased enough Ellen burstin in this movie This performance Man I’ll say this very conscious effort in noticing this this last time I watched the movie which was yesterday at the time. I uploaded this day before yesterday. When anyone’s nominated for an Oscar, They get an Oscar you watch the movie and you’re like Oh that’s the Oscar clip has to be or maybe you see a performance where someone’s really amazing and you know they might get nominated and it’s fun to be like what’s the Oscar clip What are they gonna play during the Oscars Oh that’s the Oscar clip I can’t pick in here every clip every scene every monologue with her every dialogue with her.

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There Are So Many Clips Where Youre

like any of these can be Oscar clips. She should have gotten the Oscar for best actress that year. She was nominated. She lost to Julia Roberts for Erin Brockovich. No disrespect to Julia Roberts and Erin Brockovich, but I think it’s safely in the realm of possibility and reality to say Ellen Burstin not winning the Oscar that year was the thing that made me cease to take the Oscars seriously at all.

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Probably Helps From The Fact That It

is a hard hit and it is a very tragic downward spiral. You just see her circling the drain the entire movie until she gets closer and closer and closer and like yeah we’re here now the entire movie her entire performance is just amazing also I love the camera working here. There’s a very unique stylistic way that this movie’s pulled off and filmed it feels very creatively indie. It’s the only way I can put. It you know if someone’s making an indie film They don’t have the huge budget so like well we have to film it to look interesting.

I Just Like The Fact That There Are

some directors that thrive on a lower budget. Darren Aronofsky. He’s just one of them whether it be that tracking shot where Ellen Burstin’s just cleaning the entire room, but it’s sped up but the camera is moving so slow. You’re like they must have filmed her for hours and this camera was barely moving. Then it sped up really fast so she’s like like lightning just going through the house cleaning it up.

But The Point Is Its A Creative Technique

and it’s a simple way to give you all the information you need without wasting your time also that what i call the requiem for a dream camera shot you know where it’s a. camera directly on someone just this attachment to their chest and they’re walking and the background’s moving, but they’re not. I’m not saying Requiem for a dream was the first movie to use that camera technique What I do know is after requiem for a dream a lot more movies started using that camera technique. It’s just a hauntingly effective way to keep the camera on someone’s face and it gives you that sense of almost an out-of-body experience and I’ve seen directors use it in their movies and you can tell us like well we’re not going for it’s just cool. I wanted to do it which I totally get and we’re not getting out of here without talking about the clint Mansell score yeah I just found out the vinyl exists snatch that up immediately that score man it’s a musical score that is in fact so epic.

Good So Haunting Lord Of The Rings

two towers used it for the trailer. It shows the power in music. You know it shows the power in a musical score because the music is every bit as haunting as the movie, but it’s a chicken in the egg scenario is the music haunting because of the movie is the movie more haunting because of the music it’s the symbiotic relationship between film and musical score. It just works perfectly in requiem for a dream actually the biggest bummer of requiem for a dream is the fact that my mom’s probably gonna watch it now like there are movies I’ve talked about for a couple decades at this point, snatch requiem for a dream. Those are two of them and she’s always like I need to watch that movie you know after the gentleman came out I was like Oh yeah.

Guy Richie And Snatch She Was Like I

still need to see snatch sounds weird, saying my mom’s saying that but it’s what she said but now you because I did this video. She’s probably finally going to watch requiem for a dream and mom. If you’re gonna watch requiem for a dream now if you’re watching this. I know you are cause you’re a supportive mom you gotta remember the words of the great illidan You are not prepared just know just know that you’re gonna walk out of this movie different than the person you’re gonna be a different human when you walk out of it than the person you were when you went into it. I’m not watching it with you sorry everyone has to let me or I could watch it with you until Keith David comes on screen then I’m Bouncing I’m out no Keith.

David Is Amazing In This Movie

too amazingly creepy because he’s a charismatic creep. Anyone in that room would be able to read the room. Read the vibe that she’s giving off just put a stop to it, but this is requiem for a dream. No one comes out of this story unscathed.


Star Wars games are 50 off on Nintendo Switch and Playstation 4 with Playstation plus 40 without on Playstation 4 . The game was the first adventure that I really felt like a Jedi I was like oh, So this is the adventure. I’ve wanted all my life 24 single-player missions and not gonna lie still one of the classic and best Star Wars in my mind’s eye maybe it’s nostalgia I don’t know so again click the link below go to Star Wars and be the Jedi and thank you once again to aspire for sponsoring this video. I hope you enjoyed the pep and optimism of that sponsorship segment. It’s kind of like requiem for a dream for Darren Aronofsky, and it’s like Quentin Tarantino and Pulp fiction with me. The game is like the first movie of theirs. It came out in 4k got it immediately directed by Darren.& I believe it was last October. I saw wasn’t the first film they had done,…. Click here to read more and watch the full video