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Mother Had Nothing But Time Endless Time.

At first it was madness and enlightenment and as I watched the life of time in all its fleeting terrible light. Oh my God Welcome back to new rock stars, Rick and Morty. Season five episode one just raced through over a dozen stories in a rapidly unfolding Narnia pocket dimension. In the span of time that Rick dined with the two sexy Mr.

Nimbus And Morty Missed Yet Another

shot with Jessica by turning her into a time cod. We are forgoing the more family-friendly versions of this question that we ask on inside Marvel instead just asks what what this is. Rick’s playing our Rick and Morty after show where we overthink Rick and Morty because that is the only true way to consume it. My easter egg breakdown will be coming out tomorrow of all the details that you missed. I am with Rick and Morty Superfan, co-survivor of fitness origins and aggressive Nintendo 69 user Tommy Bechtold that’s right you should try wave race on that thing it is insane.

You Keep Trying To Push Me

on the wave race on Nintendo 69. I’m not gonna do it welcome to wave race that’s my impression of that guys you did it it’s so encouraging and wholesome yes except for in this case it’s 69 in you UK all right Tommy let’s recap what happened this episode. It would be my honor what a ride Morty makes a date with his paramore Jessica and escapes death by crash landing in the ocean disrupting a past treaty between Rick and his sexy sexy nemesis Mr. Nimbus Mr. Nimbus controls the cops, which of course he does not an ocean-bound creature Rick sends summer to find the shell that empowers Mr.


negotiates a new treaty Mr. Nimbus propositions Beth and Jerry for a threesome and they are more than down. Rick makes Morty quickly age one in a pocket dimension in which time moves faster just like Narnia, but Morty’s date with Jessica just can’t ever get going because he accidentally starts a war with the hoovey race that spans several generations and I’m sorry that I’m laughing through all this but this episode was just so damn funny Oh My God. Jessica finally gets sucked into the portal and Morty and Rick get saved by Mr.


Jessica‘s time into the dimension turned her into a time God not to be confused with a time Lord which is something only nerds care about who is no longer interested in Morty. Rick gets arrested but the real story went down in the Narnia dimension We’re gonna break down exactly what happened. In that dimension Yeah before before we get to that if you like our rick and morty coverage and all the other content we make here at new rockstars. One of the best ways you can support us is to check out our merch at Newrockstarsmerch.


We have a line of exclusive Loki inspired Merch based on the hit Disney plus show We got buttons and hats five different t-shirt designs off-screen Producer Zack literally bought one for each of his cousins. Those Lucky kids support this channel and get yourself some cool swag you won’t find anywhere else by going to New York’s Merch. com but Tommy what is our first question so Eric. This is one that only you the master of all breakdowns can break down for me and I knew as soon as i watched it.

I Had To Hear Your Opinion What Is

the narnia dimensions. Timeline Yes so much happens here and the animators just pack so much in there and we fly through it so it’s worth kind of looking at each cause. There are several arcs that happen in there and it’s also well written. They actually crammed 14 generations of story arcs in the background of this episode and the writer this episode. This guy Jeff loveness someone you actually know right Tommy Yes Jeff is an old friend of mine.

He Used To Work For Jimmy

Kimmel and he wrote many of the star wars sketches that I was lucky enough to be in and he’s also an improviser and a very funny comedian very funny guy also I think according to you, he grew up with a pretty devout Christian upbringing Yes. He talks about that a lot on twitter growing up and going to Bible camp and Yeah so. And if you went to Bible camp or went to Bible school, you may know The number 14 is very significant because 14 generations separate Abraham to David and then 14 separate David to the carrying out to Babylon and then from there to the birth of Christ and then like the New Testament is like pretty proud of that like I think it’s the the Gospel. According to Matthew’s, just like so we had 14 14 and 14. pretty cool h so like that number 14.

Every Christmas Mass Is Just Shoved Down

your throat. Oh you’re like okay Numerology. I guess is important um, but I think it’s interesting that the number 14 shows up here because from the perspective of this race of people in the pocket dimension. Morty is this kind of wrathful Old Testament God that ruined generation. One who’s kind of an Abraham figure.

Who Has A Horrible Relationship With His

son, who’s an Isaac figure and then it spawns this whole history that would lead to this society, wrapping itself around this demonic figure. This deity first to overthrow him and then ultimately to study him and learn from him much like how our society is pretty obsessed with the deity whose whole existence is debated you know by many people in society and to be clear we’re not injecting religion into this because Rick himself calls us out to begin the episode. He makes fun of C. s Lewis’s religious parallels and chronicles of narnia saying he’s not a beaver who believes in Jesus Christ and then admits it is an arnie thing. Yes yeah and then Jessica.

By The End, Evolves Into A Time

god so it’s like they’re Rick and Morty is at its core about like what happens if a God had the personality of Rick, you know so Tommy I’m gonna quickly break down each generation. Each of these 14 just so you can kind of get a sense of the stories that happen within each of these and how they’re all connected so we start with the farmers whovi and Bova Hoovey is voiced by Jim Gaffigan right and they’re just simple farmers living a peaceful life. She’s got a baby on the way they’re watching over these crates of wine that have just sat there for decades undisturbed from their point of view, and then Hoovie just spends maybe a few moments with Morty and C137 to give him this advice and then he leaves his home dimension behind for several years. in their time so that brings us to generation two when Hoovy returns years later to find his wife dead and then his son Japhet stabs him out of anger over the abandonment and then in his dying breasts. Hoovey blames Morty as this child from the door, so then jump ahead to generation three.

Jfet Is Like And I Know Im

saying generations where it’s the same people. But it is like the different eras of time. So we can see how time has passed and how they’ve like changed things in the background and in this case, JFed has just let this farm go to ruin because it’s just been driven by revenge and rage and he’s this jacked old man Yes I love Morty’s lie there why is every old man jacked um and in that fight he knocks out a tooth which is important so morty. flees but then he goes you know what whatever and he goes right back in, But time again has passed we’re in generation four J. That is now an elderly man and you can see how his life has changed because that fight with morty you can see since and he’s he’s let go of it his farm is thriving it’s it’s sunny.

The Crops Are Planted The Tree Is

now beautiful um but he’s just by himself. He’s got this eye patch over his eyes, but morty beats the crap out of him and then he’s got these three sons which you know that would be whovi and Bova’s grandsons and then just to honor their father’s dying wish they claim vigilance. They swear this blood oath and they dedicate their lives to building this weaponized fortress in order to attack morty if he were to ever return. And notice that um the one in purple has this weird-looking bird a bird that comes back because chef Loveness is apparently obsessed with birds. So now We come back Generation five where the three sons are now old men who are rulers over this kingdom and morty shows up real quick.

They Release The The Weapons And Then

they think he’s dead and then you see the king and purple get hugged by a little girl she comes back later okay. So Generation six so now we’re years later and the three brothers are even older, but they’re continuing to force their kingdom to be vigilant at the expense of the kingdom’s other resources because you can see people are kind of pissed off they’re like this is a myth. This is a legend it’s not even gonna happen you just made up the story and then specifically one. The other King’s sons the King in green, He like accuses him of the superstition. This would be Hoovey’s great grandson the original Jim Gaffigan one and then so that Kid gets banished and the Sorcerer befriends them and then we see a transition into generation seven where that Kid grows up under the tutelage of the Sorcerer who like trains him in dark magic he puts leeches on him yeah, Oh my God and then you see During the this training two of the three brothers have passed away leaving just his father left alive and then that sorcerer leads him back into a rebellion.

The Kid Kills His Dad.

When the sorcerer stabs him in the back and then morty just returns and everyone’s like Oh my God, We were wrong Morty blows up the castle but he leaves. He tosses behind carelessly a tech gauntlet and he’s. found by now. I think I think I think I think this is a grown-up version of that young girl who hugged the purple king Yes and if that is the case that is his daughter that would make her cousins to this rebellio.

This Rebel And Make Her Hooveys

great-granddaughter so we’re still in the bloodline here. I think yes um so then we see her lifted up generation eight. We come back years later with this girl now on an older woman is leading this technologically advanced society and she trains her son named Adam who if she is related that would make who that would make him hoovey’s great-great-grandson We’re still in the bloodline, and he says he is a traveler Yes which is great and he his mission is to assassinate morty and they run these simulations in this x-men style danger room, which is just. How the society has evolved with their iconography, their banners, their flags to be obsessed with this demonic version of Morty with Horns and he’s kind of this devil figured them um and in the background you can see that she possesses what them would be relics, but they’re samples of morty’s hair and that one knocked out tooth that’s kind of floating there so then we go on to Generation nine where Adam is now a hardened adult and he wears this suit that is pumped. It looks like with the life force of three others.

They Drain The Other Three Into A

belt and then he pumps his suit full of that so that he can live and he thinks that he needs that so that he can live in this other reality and he goes in the portal. He attacks everybody but the Jessica uses the wine. opener to cut the tether and it causes him to chaotically de-age into a baby agent. It’s a lot like Scott Lang and Avengers end game when they’re experimenting and then Adam just goes into this weird trippy portal through time where he meets this cosmic bird at the end of time on a dying tree. He says like Mother that’s just so beautiful and tragic yes and then Adam kind of basically flips out of existence and then Jessica gets sucked back into the portal so then sometime later we find out after this generation 10.

Jessica Is Basically The Object Of A

these bickering authorities that are left over and they freeze Jessica in this crystalline state and then behind them. I love this you can see murals depicting all the past leaders so you have Bova who was erased from their history basically because they’re. off at him for abandoning them right and then the son Jay Fett and then his three sons. Also the bird is still there and I think this bird is definitely important in the society. Yeah and then their son, the son who rebelled against them and then Adam and his mother So the full bloodline.

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There Generation 11 Is Throughout Jessicas Montage She

witnesses the society falling into a brutal war. Generation 12. Jessica witnesses the society invading artificial intelligence big mistake that leads to generation 13. the Ais have now slaughtered their creators, their skulls on pikes and they’re overseen by these cyberpunk birds, which I just have to think must be a derivative. The way like societies evolve over time and just symbols change meaning and the Ais think like this was important to us and then they take that King’s bird the iconography and then that.

Becomes The Bird Overseers Of This Ai

race absolutely and then that brings us to the final generation. We see Generation 14 where Morty returns to find what he thinks will be his future self. In this white void at the end of time, tuning into a tree and then what they call a stripped-down Sundance Sci-fi Yes, which is what like that’s annihilation or yeah, What was the fountain maybe or Oh the yeah Yeah the fountain Yeah, Oh so great um and because you know the Rick and Morty Writers are like oh so basically just like one of our subplots in any given episode of Rick and Morty if we were to just stretch that out to 90 minutes that could be a Sundance movie right right Yeah um, but it’s all a simulation and actually the reason. I call this a separate generation is the Ai. Talks to Morty says that it has been centuries since the Ai race has begun so that’s at least one generation but you know dozens really and then this society ends by getting wiped out by a flood from Nimbus, which there’s a noAa parallel.

There Am I Wrong No Of Course And

for this society just get wiped out by a simple old Testament Bible right that’s a Biblical disaster. For sure it’s full circle Yeah and it ends up spawning this new God. This time God of Jessica in the universe so I don’t know Tommy am I wrong is this the most like storytelling. We have seen in the background of a rick and morty. I mean it was just an insane like the detail and yeah.

I Dont.

I can’t think of another one. I mean, obviously, what was the the train the Yeah? The story train 406. tales from the Citadel had four different storylines Yeah but like spanning you know centuries each of these things if you look into them, you can see like the game of thrones style like revenge plot the redemption plot right the sorcerer being like doing doing the classic like evil mentor like people always like whatever reject others who think differently or like just right right whatever the line was but it was like Oh my God. This is so perfect because it’s just this race of cow humanoids that are all Yeah.

Although The Stakes Are So Low, Its Just

like the guy went to help Marty carry a heavy case of wine and it cost all of this, but I think it just speaks to the themes of the episode of like Jessica. Feeling like she’s an object in the background, but that being more important than the storyline that’s happened like all of this just takes place in the blink of an eye to characters like Rick, who are just having this debate with Nimbus and what we think is gonna be the episode. This awkward interaction with this sexy Ocean King is really the bee plot Yeah. This other story involving this Narnia Gate Yeah, which I think is such a fun. It reminded me a lot of the did you watch the boys or not the boys What am I thinking invincible on amazon Yes um where they have a similar the flaxsen Yes that isn’t in a time-dilated dimension Yes um it’s but the fact that they just explode.

I Think This Rick And Morty Episode Was

written before maybe not the the invincible comics but no but yeah. Imagine this was probably written a couple of years ago. Right Yeah like clearly Narnia is the the time dilation of like what you think is a fun storybook dimension right just gets so dark. Everything gets so messed up. Oh my God so good this isn’t the first time we’ve seen like with a mic reverse.

You Know Its A Similar Kind Of

thing of another pocket dimension taking place in Rick’s world. It just kind of puts everything on a new scale, but i think it’s fascinating just to watch how much story can be unfolded in this amount of pace. For sure it was almost like them running victory laps in terms of story structures for sure for sure well we have some other questions. We want to ask about what this means like why poor Morty getting his first kiss with Jessica that’s why he can’t. Lock it down and whether that will ever be the case first thing? Some people helped us make this episode starting with our friends At Bluetooth.

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He Have More Of A Chance With

her now that she’s a time God I I was thinking about this. I wonder. I mean her last interaction was with that creepy guy kind of like cat calling her right right. She kind of snapped out of it a little bit right like she kind of didn’t she like come to offer something yeah exactly yeah, so she’s still a person you’re right but it seemed like she’s the way she was speaking before with this new like kind of grandiose cadence and like you know like I have seen all now and like so I I guess I my question is I think it’s funnier if she is. I mean in my opinion if she continues to be a time God.

I Have A Feeling My Prediction With How

Jeff love this is as a writer that he may want. this season to connect a little more you know and maybe be a little you know not just every episode is its own thing. I don’t know that may anger Rick and Morty fans that just want it to be random Funniness all the time, But I think the Tru I hope she is. I guess my answer is. I hope she is and will Morty ever have a chance with her.

I Think Hes Gonna Continue To Have Near

misses with her because that’s like the tortured you know we can’t ever give him what he wants, but he’s gonna. I think he’s gonna continue to go in like they may need her as a time God to fix something and that may cause Morty to continue to try to make inroads. But I I don’t. I I think he’ll always have a chance and he’ll never succeed. I.

Like There Was A Lot Of

griping online about like Morty not like after kissing Jessica like why do we have another episode where Morty can’t end up with Jessica It’s like that’s the nature of the sitcom. Like you know if you need to have characters constantly get frustrated and I think this is the funniest way yet to see Morty get frustrated by not having a chance. You basically turn her into a god. You know yeah, I think that was so funny that whole monologue, but yeah I wonder if it’s just like a lot of us watching this show have been romantically frustrated and we just wanted that win for Morty well. Yeah you know happy endings but that’s not what the show is about Yeah Jessica’s not like.

This Is The Most Fully Fleshed Out As

a character she’s been like Morty has had plenty. of pretty disgusting sexual moments with other characters. I’m just thinking of when he humped that robot again again yes but like but that’s like you know I, I think Morty can get wins in plenty other ways that are more satisfying to see rather than he just scores his school crush. I want to ask Tommy do you think that Narnia dimension is connected to the other dimensions of the Rick and Morty universe because the portals are different right you have yeah swirling portals. This one’s like its own weird portal Yeah It’s like almost like a door like it’s like like he made like an interdimensional doorway, which I guess is what a portal is but the portals are so like iconically those Green portals and Rick and Morty so that he kind of made.

This Was Like A Um Did

you see in the modoc cartoon. that when he had the time traveling thing it was like that cut doors like that I don’t know if they’re connected. I would assume if they were then one of the plot points would have been the superior you know technology made contact with other dimensions. You know what I mean there would have been like a we have reached like you know they would have done they would have done a like a call back to another interdimensional being that Rick and morty have crossed to you know like we found these people, but so I don’t know I don’t think it is I think it’s a standalone little pocket dimension agreed. Yeah I think that’s that’s why they didn’t make it its own thing They wanted to be its own little reality contained within like the mic reverse and I think the idea is that we’re learning.

New Rules Every Episode Of The Show

like. For example, we learned that Rick has a nemesis that we can’t go on the ocean. You think back it’s like I guess we haven’t really seen Rick on the water right You touched the ocean yeah and it’s only because it rebounded off of a palm tree right. I know I know and it’s like I think we saw the in the Rick Lantis mix-up. Season three episode seven right where that all happened off-screen and I think it was going to be more of an episode.

It Was A Relic Of A Cut

episode. According to Jeff Loveness and we get a reference to that now that maybe that conflict is what led to the latest stakes between the two of them right so they have to have but what I’m getting at is that there are always new rules. think one new rule now is? There are other ways to do dimension hopping in the show other than what we’ve seen yeah, but they’re only contained within the dimension that you’re in you know right so like, but it also says there may be other ways other that there’s like this time dilated one there’s a the microverse battery. Rick has other little pocket dimensions that serve whatever petty functional need that he requires whether it’s powering his ship or just aging up wine or other things which I think is real fun. The next question Kyle there’s this mention of Rick having another assistant named Kyle, who is Kyle.

I Love How Dismissive He Was Like Dont

worry about that and I love the fact that Mr. Nimbus liked the other guy but you, but here’s the thing about the character of Mr. Nimbus is he may have only been saying that just to be an the morty, You know what I mean Oh sure yeah that’s possible. You know like the way horrible bosses are always talking about their great old employees like the person who used to do this job. But I don’t know who Kyle is I mean it’s.

I Hope We Find Out Theyre Never They

they I mean they rarely seem to drop stuff like this without paying it off so I don’t know who do you think he is. I mean. I think this is another implication that like it’s not morty because we know there’s kind of a sacred connection between Rick and Morty. Yeah like Morty has a inverse brain waves, so it’s not like Rick would have that with Kyle. I just think Rick has an additional assistant in some other timeline or some.

Other Reality That Like Was That He Kept

on the side away from morty. I mean it could imply that in every reality there is a coyote. There’s a kyle just waiting and it’s just gonna be like you mentioned having Jo. I’ve had jobs like working in the Tv industry. You do have these jobs where like your boss flies through assistance and I know you’ve worked on an animated show Tommy Yes my boss flew through assistance and constantly told me about Kyle’s yeah my first full-time job.

I Had I Had Assisted A Kyle And

that Kyle was replacing another kyle and all we heard about was the old Kyle’s and how you’re not as good as the other Kyle right Kyle is like the perfect name for that so I’m hoping that like Kyle in this is kind of like in that movie whiplash with Jk. Yes, you know how like Miles Teller plays a drummer at that conservatory like he brings in the other crappier drummer just to make him step up his gaze. Yes like and that driver kind of sucks, but he’s just like got that shitty and grin on his face like he’s so nice too Jake is so nice to him. He’s like great right I I hope we see more of Kyle, but the last thing I want to ask about Tommy so season four ended with this big cliffhanger of finding out that that whole beth clone arc from season three was legit and we have space Beth who we think might be the original Beth who’s like a rick like Beth, but also having this other bet we’ve had we think is clone Bath We don’t know who who is who rick doesn’t even know who is who. But it was implied that like Space Meth is going to be a thing on the show now, but she did not show up no reference to her in this episode Now, I know they wrote a ton of these episodes out ahead of time right not all of them are going to connect to continuity wise.

I Assume Well See Space Beth Again,

but what do you think happened to Space Beth After season four. I wonder from a practical standpoint if this just episode didn’t include her and she’s gonna be in the next step. You know what I mean like I don’t know what happened because I I think that it was made like clear that she was going to be a part of the show. So I I don’t know I guess I I don’t have a good answer for that I. I I I kind.

Of Just Think Its Like Many Things Like

when we watch like probably next week, We’ll see her like yeah. We know there’s like a voltron episode coming up. We know there’s another vindicators episode coming up. These are all plots that she could conceivably tie into, but I think that is the nature of this show like the canonicity is never really the case, and there was a theory that every episode of Rick and Morty takes place in a different dimension, but we know that’s not true. There is certain amounts of continuity to specific events that happen with this particular Rick and morty.

We Know From Rick Poach Number Nine That

their dimension got destroyed and they’ve been in this same dimension ever. Since then there’s been specific episodes that have linked like it’s it’s not chaotic like Simpsons like reset right every episode, but like that. Also doesn’t mean like you know the fact that evil Morty was established. This isn’t a normal show where now evil Morty’s going to be the villain. Every episode She’s going to show up when the writers feel like he’s going to show up right right, but Nimbus had this interesting line about Diane and until now we had thought Rick’s whole history with his wife Diane might have just been a story that he told the federation just to get out of that but now it’s kind of implied that it’s confirmed his wife was Dianne right that something happened to her so how like how do you think Nimbus knows Diane do you think this is a true story.

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You Know Its Kind Of Implied That

you know Rick and Nimbus not implied it’s stated directly we’re like friends first and then became enemies so I. Wonder in my mind The fun thing is like that Nimbus and Rick were like friends or like in their 20s and like Nimbus knew Diane well, you know and maybe maybe knew her really well Given Mr. Nevis yeah yeah insane sexual appetite, but yeah, I think he definitely knew about Diane. I think he I think I think if Diane is real and it is a real story, or there’s the chance that Rick once used Diane used his same like you know talking about Dan to make Mr. Nimbus take pity on him and spare him in the situation where he maybe had to jump on him and now Mr.

Nimbus Thinks Thats Some Sort Of Negotiating

currency with Rick you know like yeah if I bring up Diane that’ll really upset him and the truth is that Diane is just made up by Rick who knows. Rick is such a sick who knows you know yeah, I don’t think we’ll ever I kind of Don’t want them to ever fully give us the story of Diane I kind of like it being this implied piece of humanity from his past that yes never true and it’s a fun Tv trope that like they’re kind of making fun of of when shows reference a thing and then they and then I mean they do often pay it off in the most unsatisfying way, so it’s like never do it just never just have it always be Diane like what is that yeah well. We’ll call it there for this episode of Rick splaned so the Easter egg breakdown of all the little details that you might have missed this episode will come out Tomorrow and Tommy and I are gonna be back next week to react to. Episode two of season five, It is off to a great start. I love this show.

I Didnt Realize How Much I Missed

it and how densely packed it is with jokes like it puts all other Tv shows to shame in that regard it really does well be sure to follow Tommy at Tommybechtold on all social media. You can follow me at eavos follow new rockstars subscribe to ricksplained wherever you get your podcast thank you for watching and we’ll close with our favorite moment of the episode. Oh he’s real he’s real I was wrong. I was so wrong God is real you.


Season five episode one just raced through over a dozen stories in a rapidly unfolding Narnia pocket dimension . Rick’s playing our Rick and Morty after show where we overthink Rick and . Morty’s date with Jessica just can’t ever get going because he accidentally starts a war with the . hoovey race that spans several generations and I’m not gonna do it welcome to wave race that’s my impression of that guys you did it it’s so encouraging and wholesome yes except for in this case it’s 69 in you UK all right Tommy let’s recap what happened this episode. Rick sends summer to find the shell that empowers Mr.& Nimbus. Negotiates a new treaty. Mr. Nimbus propositions Beth and Jerry for a threesome and they are more than down. Rick makes Morty quickly age one in a pocket dimension in which time moves faster just like Narnya. The episode ends with a battle between Rick and Mortmortus. The easter egg breakdown will be coming…. Click here to read more and watch the full video