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and Rick and Morty. Season four released an official trailer for the first half of its season coming November 10th, with presumably the second five episodes coming early 2020, and we are back diving into this delightfully universe of universes for all the hidden animation details references callbacks all the jokes who bring you in on the inside jokes and feel like less of a I’m gonna break down. This trailer shot by shot to get a sense of what episodes we might be looking at what subtle jokes they’re already sneaking in there in what insane theories we might have just gotten confirmed spoiler warning again soon my speculation is too accurate never ruins you’re alive let’s get started okay. The trailer opens on Rick’s ship swooping into this picturesque planet the same one from the animation still that was released. Last summer if you look closely, He appears to be alone in the ship, meaning this is likely a different moment than the next shot that shows Rick and Morty entering this Raiders of the Lost Ark style Temple notice these spike traps on the ceiling the circular patterns on the floor, probably where more spikes will shoot up as they walk over them just like they did on Indy Later they’ll zip on these protective suits to block the darts it should have the walls wondering what those statues are maybe it’s the statutes backpack so the part of me is wondering if whether these could be like ancient Morty statues maybe some ancient cult of interdimensional Morty’s from an older time Oh and by the way the music throughout this trailer is the idiom beats of Justice, the tracks of Genesis and stress Next Morty runs with chachi.

A Blue Cat Creature Away From These

tongue slug looking cards in their brains something back at his backpack for Rick and then shot his head blown open. I like how the animators tangled his tongue out. They also frame Rick through chat shades wound hole. They’ve done a similar shot before like when Rick lasered the guards and the head and they pick a Rick Episode moving on to this shot of Morty’s scaling up a cliff wall wall Rick floats beside them in a hover chair isn’t a Maje to the scene in Star Trek 5. The final frontier the best of the Star Trek movies.

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Its Not When Kirk Climbs El Capitan

in Yosemite and Spock floats up next to him in hover boots just like Morty does Kirk Falls Spock swoops down to save them. We’ll see if Rick’s is Nice actually if you look closely. You can see the reason. Morty loses his grip is a little critter that crawls out and pokes bytes hint when Rick’s fast food bag floats by you can see that it is an Arby’s bag. Adding Arby’s to Carl’s Jr.

Andnk] As Rick And Morty Fast Food Chain

cross promotions let us see how many fans lose their minds trying to get a limited-edition Rick Roast beef or whatever it is. Then Rick and Morty tried to mine these blue crystals out of a geode before ending up in a shootout and then Rick and summer are nearly incinerated by dragon fire that’s the end of the morning. It’s a dragon experiment. Are you gonna say it first off I always slay it Queen secondly yes hey Rick sounds like he is family in his inner UK there and assuming Morty does have a dragon I’m wondering if. One of the episodes could be a UK episode that deals with magic as a scientist.

Rick Has Always Been Skeptical Of Magic

as we saw in the something Rick it. This way comes episode in season one, but later this trailer Rick Summer Morty do appear to be in a kind of UK style cave scenario Summer looks like she’s dressed up as some kind of deity character. Rick finally embraces magic now. If you look around this dungeon, you could see a skeleton of some creature caged up above them. Wondering this could be a dragon skeleton like the ones in the red Keep even Thrones given Rick and Morty’s past role in the Game of Thrones post-final season of Game of Thrones could be a wonderful time to get some more jokes In Rick uses this magic device to turn an enemy into a football which he punts and then the next enemy into a flower vase.

Now This Could Be A Nod

to the Hitchhiker’s Guide in the galaxy. One of the many influences on Rick and Morty’s Sci-fi absurdism. There’s a moment in which the missiles are randomly transformed into a sperm whale in a bowl of Petunias Curiously the only thing that went through the mind of the Bowl of Petunias as it fell was oh no. Again moving on through the trailer. We also get the return of Mr.


Meeseeks is looking delighted as they riot and destroy his city street. Presumably their task is a more long-term one like destabilizing society, which is why they aren’t screaming existence is pain right now Since their amazing introduction in the season 1 episode Meeseeks and Destroy’ a few Mr. . Meeseeks have popped up here and they’re like in season 2 the background of Blips and shits in in season 3.

In A Cage In One Of The

Morty’s mind-blower memories then there’s this wild shot of Beth and Summer Melee fighting on an airport Tarmac Beth with a broom and a trash can lid summer with a golf club presumably taken from the clubs on a luggage rack back there there’s a huge hole the glass on the walkway above who knows what the hell’s going on. Next up there’s a shot of Morty taking down some bullies with bats. There’s one stuck in some goo another sucked into an orb-like device. Actually the second bully might look familiar to you. He was one of the bleep that summer and Rick beat up and ex gonna give it to you montage and when people thought looks like Randall from recess.

The Cop Pulls Up And Radios In Hes

representing Akira in which the government experimented on kids to create super soldiers, but then one of them. Tetsuo becomes too powerful. It’s like more to hear and if you look closely at Morty. He has some glowing devices on the side of his head. Now some are saying this could make him evil Morty, but as we saw in season three Evil Morty is now president of the Citadel I’d imagine he’d have some bigger plans in.

His Mind Then Like Bully Revenge, So

perhaps this Morty is being like remotely controlled or maybe just not fully in control of his own actions as he has been weaponized. The next. There’s a shot of this monsters head being melted, but acid kind of looks like mutant cherry to me, but whatever this is it has like this kind of fungal growth in a second mouth in the second set of teeth inside its main mouth. It’s all appearance in the noise it makes as it melts evokes the alien from John Carpenter’s The Thing. This could be connected to that cloning microwave that Rick has in the garage in which human flesh comes out looking kind of raw and primordial like this and then Rick gives Morty this Sal for 10 minutes or you’ll die don’t let it sit for 12 or I’ll have to hunt down.

What You Become In The Episodes Final

clip we see exactly what Rick will have to hunt down as Morty morphs into this demonic beef, What did I tell you I’m thinking this all could have started with what Morty was suffering from in that other clip No I’m just usually around people that die faster notice that snake in the astronaut style spacesuit with a broken helmet. This space snake must have bitten Morty and poisoned his bloodstream maybe leading to him turning into this demon okay moving on in the trailer, there’s a shot of Jerry and Morty crashing into a room with a bunch of red-armored soldiers based on Jerry’s stupid track suit. This is most likely the episode would take a with UK voice in Glooty from that clip shown at Comic Con Hootie helps Jerry develop a dating app called Love Finders to ours. Because Jerry and that Clip Morty tries to shut down the app and the Glooty hints that the server is on a mothership which is coming so presumably. This is the mothership and these soldiers whose feet look just like Rudy’s feet are using Jerry’s app maybe as a homing beacon to come attack the sad single people of Earth or something next.

Theres A Shot Of Rick And

Morty entering a kind of fan convention hall. There’s a few familiar background characters present, including Mark Hate Alien for the morning night run episode a few others from Blips and Shits are at this convention as well. There’s also a three boob a lien like Jerry’s girlfriend Kiara. Last season both a nod to the three Boob woman of Total. Recall Rick Fade shifts through a security guard by touching the inside of his lab coat, which then uses in.

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Another Great Move Rick Is Referring

to Dr. Strange’s cloak of Levitation Footman irony since Dan Harmon consulted on the script for the Doctor Strange film You know they didn’t use all of his ideas. Rick as a character seems weirdly aware of other dimension hopping doctors of pop culture you don’t know what I could do later in the trailer. Rick and Morty will zip up from this convention hall to a ship on the roof as they blast off you can see that this is a heist convention. Thus why fans can be seen on the roof, tearing up pieces of it and pasting them.

I Guess Mortys Wearing This Red Backpack

here so this heist could be part of that same episode where Chachi dies maybe this all be Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon‘s commentary on fan convention culture something they know very well before I continue. Big thanks to Mack Weldon for sponsoring this breakdown. Mack Weldon makes great clothing with smart design and premium fabrics while making the shopping process real simple like I picked up this silver knit polo and it was super easy to find the right size and just place the order and you know what shirts plus the cozy underwear that I’m not gonna show you that’s lost after dark exclusive but all their stuff, their socks, shirts under shirts, hoodies sweatpants. It is all super cool. It doesn’t have the cloak of levitation powers that Rick’s lab coat does, but it does trick the eye into giving me shoulders so it is in a way magic.

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Poopy Butthole Returns Perhaps Now Professor

Poopy butthole in a college lecture hall. Now whatever he’s lecturing about is really setting off these hips or students who ninja down to him an attack. He uses his cane kind of like Galahad with umbrella in the Kingsmen actually if you go frame-by-frame.


Season four released an official trailer for the first half of its season coming November 10th, with presumably the second five episodes coming early 2020 . The trailer opens on Rick’s ship swooping into this picturesque planet the same one from the animation still that was released last summer . The music throughout this trailer is the idiom beats of Justice, the tracks of Genesis and stress Next Morty runs with chachi. Oh and by the way the music throughout the trailer is . The second half of the season will likely be the first five episodes of the new season . The first half is likely to be the second half, with the last five episodes likely to come early 2020. The last half will be the last half of this season, presumably the next five episodes will be Rick and Morty’s final five episodes are the last two episodes of this year’s final episode of the third season. The first five will be released in November 2019. The final episode will be on October 31, 2018. The new season is…. Click here to read more and watch the full video