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On June 22Nd Ron Howard Was Announced As The

replacement director for the Han Solo Star Wars anthology movie two days prior on the evening of June 20th Star Wars Fandom worldwide was rocked to the core by the surprise announcement from Lucasfilm that directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller would leave the Han Solo movie, citing the usual capsule excuse of creative differences of course directors come and go from different productions all the time, but usually prior to cameras ever rolling. What makes this special is that the movie has been filming since February and reportedly only had three weeks left to filming before being complete. Shortly afterwards, variety broke the scoop that rather than the director duo leaving as the press release had implied they hadn’t left been fired by Kathleen Kennedy. In this editorial. I’ll first talk about how Lucasfilm and Disney have controlled the publicity.

Surrounding This Event Before Moving On To

why Lord and Miller were fired Then I’ll talk about the importance of pairing the right director with the right project and how producer Kathleen Kennedy, who is the Kevin Feige of Star Wars for those of you who might not know in my opinion has a spotty track record in this matter before we move on to the actual firing and replacement hiring let’s look at when and how the story has been revealed because this is expert handling of what would otherwise be an unmitigated publicity disaster usually both in Hollywood and in the world of business. At large bad news like these are dropped on a Friday afternoon after markets closed to prevent too big a hit on share prices and newsrooms are less staffed for the weekend that way everyone gets time to adjust before markets reopen hoping the. Fallout won’t be too bad in this case. However, marketing and public relations Powerhouse Disney and their Lucasfilm outlets have taken control of the story every step of the way to begin with. It was Lucasfilm themselves that announced that Lord and Miller would be leaving the production by implication of their own free will all while tracing their talents as filmmakers.

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This Was A Typical Press Release Approved

by legal and cleared with both parties representatives and dropped on a Tuesday evening, but then almost instantly afterwards. Exclusive scoops of what really went down started appearing in the major Hollywood publications and these are what got all the attention due note that these aren’t official statements from this near Lucasfilm but nameless insiders leaking what went down behind the scenes. Ron Howard was named dropped immediately and Lord and Miller were put in an ever less flattering light for. Each passing new scoop and variety on The Hollywood Reporter Since these are anonymous leaks Disney and Lucasfilm have deniability, but do not doubt for a second that the majority of these leaks are orchestrated directly from their offices. I am UK saying that the information revealed is wrong far from it it would backfire badly if it was but by doing it.

This Way They Control The Narrative Without Their

and without opening themselves to lawsuits for revealing confidential information in the process come Wednesday morning be pundits and opinionated aren’t talking about how Lord and Miller left a sinking ship where nothing works but how they went off-script and forced Lucasfilm into taking the action. They are now doing. Likewise Fans get time to absorb the idea of Ron Howard taking over and all the news outlets will feed you the fans arguments of why Howard is the right link arguments that in turn were fed to them by Lucasfilm offices. However, off the record on Thursday Ron Howard was announced and everyone can breathe a sigh of relief. You can rest assured that he was already on board before any of this ever got out though and then on Friday the overall direction of the narrative making the rounds is that this was all for the better.

There Will Still Be Murmurs And Doubts And

criticism levelled at Disney and Lucasfilm, but what they did here was take an explosive situation that would blow up in their face and turn it into a trolled fire. They could extinguish all inside of one week with that covered let’s move on. to the narrative that has made the rounds itself. According to the leaks, Lord and Miller clashed with not just producer Kathleen Kennedy, but also with Lauren‘s cast on Star Wars writers since the Empire Strikes Back, Kennedy and Caston have their own way of doing things and run a tight ship. Lord and Miller were taken aback by this because they are also used to doing things their way.

They Are Accustomed To Create The Freedom And

on this project they didn’t have it. While Lord and Miller were supposedly hired for their mission and distinctive Randor filmmaking. Kennedy did not approve of their shooting style and process of interacting with actors and crew, while Caston objected to them encouraging improvisation, which caused the movie to deviate from the script. Furthermore, the chemistry between the directors and Kennedy was never right one league saying that Kennedy didn’t even like. The way they folded their socks that’s a nice way of saying that initial annoyance grew to borderline hatreds as time went on.

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It Is Not Too Hard To Guess Why

they would have clashed over the direction taken and creative choices made Lord and Miller together make up a creative powerhouse who excel in adding a clever subtext to something mundane pop culture references and laugh-out-loud funny stuff all great qualities and filmmakers, but none of which are the first thing that spring to mind as needed for the Canon Star Wars universe by all accounts the movie they were making became less and less like the heist or Western Titan movie Kathleen Kennedy wanted and more and more like the kind of comedy. Lord and Miller excel at to make matters worse. They seemingly had no intention of playing ball and making the movie more Star Wars UK. That is allegedly what got them fired and their contributions to the movie will now be minimized. The scoop say it is unclear if and how Lord and Miller will be credited on the movie and that an additional several weeks of reshoots have been planned for the summer held by Ron Howard.

Since There Is Even Talk About

Lord and Miller’s director credit being removed. Though several weeks of reshoots actually mean close to two months or more essentially remaking the movie that is an extreme measure one that will add multiple tens of millions to the budget, and it could even delay the release. But it does not mean that the movie students while it is rare and the exception rather than the rule passable and even great movies can still come out. Trouble productions to summarize what happened with Han Solo was that Kathleen, Kennedy and Lawrence. Kasdan were making one movie, while Lord and Miller were making another.

There Is Probably Plenty Of Blame To Go

around for that, but the one ultimately responsible is in my opinion. Kathleen Kennedy not for firing Lord and Miller now, but for failing to fire them before production ever started for a movie to be good. The director shouldn’t just agree with the producer of what movie to make which is kind of basic on top of that the director should have sensibilities and a particular talent for making the most important aspects of any given movie come to life using Marvel Studios the other disney outlet as an example, Joss Whedon was right for the Avengers because he excels at character interactions and character relations. James Gunn was right for guardians of the galaxy because he excels at characters with personal issues, baggage and family dynamics apart from. The occasional Miss Marvel has had massive success by giving underused or up-and-coming directors a shot at making their movies and the reason for that success is that they pair directors with projects that play to their particular strengths.

Kathleen Kennedy Seems To Have Adopted The Approach

of hiring up-and-coming directors for Star Wars, which is admirable but without picking them for their particular sensibilities. No good can come of that. I was not the fan of row 1 for the simple reason that outside of Darth Vader and that one robot not a single one of the characters were compelling that should come as no surprise because both Godzilla and monsters demonstrated that director Gareth Edwards is best at monsters, while his chosen human leaves might as well have been cardboard cutouts. Why Kennedy chose him for Row One is almost as big a mystery to me as what. Thinking when she hired Lord and Miller for Han Solo I mean, what did she think was going to happen The movie.

She Described That She Wanted A

western or heist-like thing couldn’t be further away from what Lord and Miller specializes in creative powerhouses like them and Tarantino and others have no business being hired to making movies that are just one piece of a larger interlocking puzzle. It is a shame for all involved that things ever progressed to this point about the replacement director Ron Howard forget about his previous ties to George Lucas and him having been in the running for past Star Wars projects. This alone does not make him suitable for the job, but Ron Howard excels at biopics a slower pace and more atmospheric storytelling, and this is what makes him the right choice for the kind of Han Solo movie. They They have in mind here he or someone like him is probably what they should have gone for from day one. I do believe he is a better fit for both the Star Wars universe and Han Solo than Lord and Miller ever was Ron Howard and Disney pouring in millions can salvage this but there still remains one big question do we really need a Han Solo anthology movie one which does not store Harrison Ford I am all in favor of the idea of anthology movies and exploring different aspects of the Star Wars universe possibilities are endless I’m all for Boba Fett and I would be all for play Kissin Young Palpatine a young Darth Vader coming to terms with his new ill-fitting subpar body prosthesis, an iron lung, and especially ancient Jedi and Sith Wars, but after UK augmented doubles of Tarkin and Leia I am.

Excited About To Recast Han Solo

not only because I am reluctant about anyone but Harrison Ford in the role, but because I am against anything that might serve to demystify the character. A Han Solo type has become a description of a certain archetype and I really don’t want to see that most vital aspect of the character messed with and I am saying that as best cash-flow fan of the brand. Let me know your thoughts on all of this in the comments. If you liked this video, then please hit that subscribe Button due to recent changes made by UK.

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Ron Howard was announced as the replacement director for the Han Solo Star Wars anthology movie two days prior on the evening of June 20th Star Wars Fandom worldwide was rocked to the core by the surprise announcement from Lucasfilm that directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller would leave the movie . The movie has been filming since February and reportedly only had three weeks left to filming before being complete . Lucasfilm and Disney have controlled the publicity surrounding this event before moving on to why Lord and Miller were fired . Ron Howard has been named as the new director of the new Han Solo Han Solo anthology movie . He’ll also talk about the importance of pairing the right director with the right project and how producer Kathleen Kennedy has a spotty track record in this matter before we move on to the actual firing and replacement hiring . He will also look at why he was fired by Kathleen Kennedy and why they were fired and why he has been replaced by Ron Howard is not a good director for a bad director. He’ll talk about how…. Click here to read more and watch the full video