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This Is A Very Special Free One Hour Conversation

between me and Jordan Peterson where we talk about the kind of things you’d imagine that me and Jordan Peterson would talk about we talk about equality. We talk about socialism. It’s all about God religion, the Bible consciousness itself personal challenges and mythology. This is taken from my luminary podcast under the skin. This first hour we’re giving you for free obviously because we would like you to subscribe to luminary, which you can do for as little as 2.

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trial. The conversation goes on for two hours. The second hour it gets deep. There are tears there’s intensity discussion around culture wars and gender. I really urge you if you’re into it to go over and subscribe to luminary at lumarypodcasts.

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I also do a meditation podcast on there for no extra cost and there’s loads of content on there and loads of really really good stuff. However, this album please just enjoy it for free. The link is obviously in the description and you’ll you can have this podcast. This I’ve got like 170 podcasts over there I’ve spoken to people like Jonathan Hi Adam Curtis, Candice, Owens, Vandana, Shiva, Edward Snowden Glenn Greenwald loads of amazing intense intense intense conversations.

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stuff over on luminary. I think it’s worth the small fee because it gets deeper. There it’s contemplative it’s. I try to really understand some of these ideas that are discussed in the videos and I appreciate your subscription if you can’t afford it you can’t afford it if you don’t want to do it don’t do it but if you can’t. Afford it and you’re into it crack on and give it a try.

I Consider It As Like Doing A

course. Certainly having the conversations is like of course, and there’s new podcasts every Saturday and as I say a new meditation every Wednesday that’s not to mention the other providers that are available on luminary. I think you’ll enjoy it Also why don’t you judge yourself by watching this free one-hour conversation with Jordan Peterson and if you enjoy it go over and subscribe and try the free one week trial thanks all right apologies for the delay No trouble at all trying to make sure that I’m completely here for this as much completely here as I can be you look completely there you look very handsome you look different from when I saw you just a couple of weeks ago yeah well the day we talked. Wasn’t a very good day for me really this is better and I’ve had a last two weeks have been markedly better and so I was diagnosed with sleep apnea and severe sleep, apnea and so now. I have a machine and now I’m actually getting some sleep for the first time.

In Who Knows How Long 10

years maybe good you look good are you all right to start you’re all right for that to be used. Would you like this to be a clearing we can we can go according to your your requirements. I’m ready thanks Jordan. It’s so lovely to see you thanks for doing this I’m looking forward to the conversation a lot well you look like you’re um reawakening. I’m really interested in the sort of I wonder if you have given your studies of archetypes and archetypal narratives, how you feel about of course We’ve talked somewhat about your suffering and I get the sense from speaking to both to you and Michaela.

Its Not Something You Want To

sort of rehash and rehearse especially and I certainly understand to as much as anyone can the kind of medical problems. You went through um how do you relate to this re-emergence into the public sphere. How do you feel about it after what was a very peculiar unique and yeah It’s very specific emergence into public consciousness. The first time and then what seems to have been a series of real trials. How do you how do you feel now and how do you fit that into your understanding of psychology and in indeed to indeed to your.

Your Writing Well, I Feel Uncertain,

grateful, afraid and excited sometimes all simultaneously and I cycle through those um. I mean I was dancing with my wife a couple of days ago and she said to me. I didn’t. I can’t believe I’m alive and I said I can’t believe I’m alive either. I can’t believe we’re both here and it was because we hadn’t danced together.

I Suppose Probably For Two Years Um.

So it was a big deal and we’re both shell-shocked by what’s happened and by the fact that maybe she’s she’s doing very well. She looks healthy. It’s been two years now for her um and things seem to be turning around for me. I mean I was I didn’t think I’d get.

I Didnt Think I Was Going To Live

yeah really oh it was it was and I don’t mean once or twice. I. For a whole year, it seemed impossible to me that I could survive. I I was too sick to go on as far as I could tell But I didn’t die, which was a shock on a daily basis and now well. Things are much better have been getting much better Over the last four months.

You Know And I And Then Associated With

that I was very ill and immobilized because of that and then tremendous amount of pain and anxiety and then I also wasn’t engaged in any activity. I mean I did edit my book during all of this that’s the one thing I more or less hung on to. But I didn’t have an occupation and it wasn’t obvious to me that I would ever have one again. I didn’t know what would happen to my public reputation say if it was salvageable um I didn’t. know if I would ever be able to do any of the things that I had become accustomed to doing because they were all complicated things like my clinical practice was very complex.

Being A Professor Is Complex Doing Podcasts

and interviews is very complex lectures. It’s all difficult and if you’re not healthy and at the top of your form. You can’t you probably shouldn’t be doing it at all in some sense and so it wasn’t obvious to me how I could start that up again or if I could or how people would respond or if I had any right to do it or and so I’ve been you know tentatively putting a foot forward mostly with Youtube interviews and podcasts and so far that seems to be working and I started writing Yesterday. I wrote for the first time in a year. I wrote some.

Two Pages Of Original Material And

that’s a huge deal and so today When I was showering and trying to get myself upright instead of being racked with pain. I my mind would wander to what I was writing and that was a real relief to be engaged in that creative enterprise again and so it’s all of that and I’m shocked and and I still really don’t know what is going to happen next so we’ll see when we spoke on um your daughter’s podcast on Michaela’s podcast on which on Youtube you talked about gratitude and now you’re um you know what I was interested to hear you describe your state as somewhat uncertain and fearful in particular because I feel that many of the people that have criticized you and many of the people that adore you attracted or attracted to at least this perception of. sort of strident certainty, ethical and moral certainty intellectual rigor? Have you d Is there anything that you would alter about the kind of the your position as a public figure. Prior to these series of crises do you see it as a sort of a necessary and you know sort of an just the kind of evolutions that narrative produces all the time or would you say there’s anything that you would now withdraw or or reframe well. I I would say that whatever transformations might be occurring with me.

I I Would Say Occur Have Occurred In

the realm of ideas that the new book that I’ve written beyond order is more communitarian. It’s more liberal than the first book technically speaking. It’s also because it concentrates on the dangers of order rather than the dangers of chaos, and so that’s a nice balance to the first book and that was part of the plan. The vision from the beginning, um you know people who are concerned with an excess of chaos tend to be more conservative and people who are concerned with an excess of order tend to be more liberal. All things considered and I started with a book about chaos for and concluded at least.

This Two Book Series With A

book on on the dangers of order, but it’s also. The second book is also more communica communitarian in in nature. So i’ve stressed for example, the importance of community and relationship in the maintenance of sanity like we outsource the problem of maintaining our own sanity to the people around us and then all we have to do is pay attention to their cues, but that and some of that’s derived from what’s happened to me. I mean, what I’ve observed over the last two years has been an unbelievable outpouring of support for my wife and my family and me with punctuated exceptions Obviously, but broadly speaking my family has come through my my family and my wife.

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S Family Have Been So Supportive Of Us.

It’s it’s it it exceeds any expectations. I would have had to begin with. They people went out of their way so much to come live with us for weeks at a time and and take care of either her or me or both.

Of Us And And That Was

family and friends and and so I have a friend right now who walks with me every day a friend from college and you know I have a really close friendship with him that’s really been cemented hard again over the last six months, but he came to visit me in Russia. You know I had lots of people who went way out of their way and it was life-saving for both of us and then. I got a tremendous amount of support from my viewers and listeners and readers and and you know they sent. When tammy was in the hospital.

They Sent Hundreds Of Letters Talking About Praying

for us and you know my sister printed a lot of those out and put them up on the hospital wall in bright colors and you know it was really helpful and so. know I realized you know you can think about this in some sense. I think about it anyways as an elaboration of the hero mythology which I’m very interested in you know the archetypal hero goes into the unknown and gains something of value or sometimes fights a tyrant and and and reconstitutes the kingdom, but I will leave that part of it out for now You go out into the unknown and find something of value and bring it back but then it’s shared and distributed that’s the second part of that story, the communicative aspect of it and that’s partly I mean I’m very interested in communicative technology, but but it’s also the case that an element of that.


This is a very special free one hour conversation between me and Jordan Peterson . It’s all about God religion, the Bible consciousness itself personal challenges and mythology . The conversation goes on for two hours. The second hour it gets deep. There are tears there’s intensity discussion around culture wars and gender. The first hour we’re giving you for free obviously because we would like you to subscribe to luminary, which you can do for as little as 2.99 a month and also there’s a free trial. I also do a meditation podcast on there for no extra cost and there’s loads of content on there and loads of really really good stuff. If you can’t afford it, if you don’t want to do it don’t do it, crack on and give it a try. Afford it and you’re into it and if you are into it, try it a tried it. I consider it as like doing a course. I’ve got like 170 podcasts over there I’ve spoken to people…. Click here to read more and watch the full video