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Today, Its With A Heavy Heart That I Have

to tell you that CnN plus will be shutting down Just one month after they’ve launched look. I know I usually give an intro and I talk about all the topics here. But I think that this is important enough and we really need to focus on CnN plus because I I just can’t understand what the problem was, but you know what we’ve got a table here that hopefully can figure it out. We’ve got that and more and it all starts right now. Sorry.

Im Sorry Im Sorry.

I knew I was going to get emotional. My name is Sarah Gonzalez welcome to the news and why it matters it’s going to be a hard one today. Guys we are covering a really really important topic here. I want to welcome to the program Yahoo Bullions Blaze Tv contributor.

And Host Of The Bottom Line

also Pat Gray, host of Pat Grey Unleashed, which you can find here on blaze Tv and wherever you get your podcasts. I’m really glad that you guys are here guys because this is a really dark day and um. I feel like we need a moment of silence okay that’s good for CnN, which just announced that Warner Brothers discovery is shutting down the newly launched CnN plus and is expected to address the closure with staffers on Thursday that’s today and apparently they just they I don’t know I don’t know what happened. I guess the content wasn’t so good and this is just one month just one month after they launched they are now deciding. This is this was not a good idea at all.

They Got Only 150 000 Subscribers

and a look. A previous report also said that they. only saw 10 000 viewers on a date. This is a daily basis not per show a daily basis. They were charging 5.

99 Per Month Or 59.

99 annually for the content and I I honestly. I’m I’m I’m baffled you guys. I can’t imagine why people wouldn’t want more CnN plus. I I also want to I want to get your thoughts, but maybe it can help us.

Im Not Sure But I Did See Something

that Oliver Darcy tweeted when CnN plus was launching which was if you aren’t signing up for CnN plus to watch I don’t know who this Evan character is Evan Mcs travel the country and eat burgers. I don’t know what you’re waiting for with a screenshot of a man eating a burger Liz Mayer responded. This is the content. I want from CnN plus and Oliver Darcy always with his finger on the pulse of the people said. This is the content the people demand and then less than a month later.

He Was Tweeting Out That Cnn Plus Was

shutting down just over one month after it launched. I can’t imagine why these people as I said have their finger on the pulse of what the people in America really want. I’m shocked quite frankly and very saddened. They really understand Americans yeah so much so that they bad-mouthed and bit the hand that fed them that would be the 45th president of the United States that kept him alive. This was going to happen He prolonged their death.

He Gave Him Life.

He resuscitated them for four years. He literally defeated them to life and they bit the hand that fed them in now as that normally. They are saying Bye-bye and this is just the beginning it’s not just CnN plus it’s going to be the whole. I mean the house of cards is about to come down and this is what I was saying to our dear brother our younger champion John Doyle John parallel economy it’s time these things are falling.

Its Time To Rise Up And Because The

American people are speaking. This is how we speak like what we’re seeing with Desantis and disney. This is how we speak and say no thank you yeah yeah pat the handwriting was kind of on the wall day two day one they announced their launching for six bucks a month day two they cut the price to three dollars a month. You think okay something’s up there. H you don’t think it’s good marketing to like day two run a special run.

I Really.

It is no and they tried to spin it in a great way like we’re already having a sale and they can’t understand it really wow that’s really cool spin on that but who doesn’t want more Brian Stelter that’s right and Chris Wallace nobody wanted Chris Wallace at Fox did we want him at CnN plus We wanted him even less there and so I don’t know where Chris Wallace is going to go because how do you feel if you’re Chris Wallace today? I’d be pissed and worried and like where do I fit in now What am I going to do so It’s hard not to take a little glee. You know maybe that makes me a bad person, but I don’t really care right now Because um I have a lot of glee over this we. I mean everybody saw this coming Everybody was asking when we heard about it in the first place who wants CnN plus We don’t want CnN. I want C plus I want to see a negative right right I want less of it not more and so the answer is nobody wanted it or very few.

I Dont Believe They Even Have A Hundred

and fifty thousand. I don’t believe that they were getting ten thousand people on the app per day. Yeah wow that’s a really bad return on the subscriber. If you’re paying six bucks a month and you don’t even watch it or even three dollars a month. You don’t even go there during the course of the day not.

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Once Thats Its Pretty Pathetic, So

I don’t think they even hit 150. I think that’s I think that’s a little bit of spin too because they’re trying to save face and there’s no way you can do that right now Yeah They may have given all of the employees like a free subscription. I think so and then they’re counting them they’re counting them in the subscriber list yeah but I think on a serious note though it shows you and this is shameless of the important of a blaze again a daily wire and for those who are subscribing to the blaze. This is this is how you know am I in the right place yep because this is an upward build phase trajectory and that is a downward, but I don’t think we in the moment when it was happening. I don’t think we truly understood the.

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Significance Of Their Deal.

CnN’s deal with all the airports in the United States again that also kept them alive is that a unilateral deal you walked into an airport. It was CnN buying. You had no choice that basically kept them alive because they would account viewership and eyeballs that went last year that deal ended and wasn’t reopted. So they’re out of the airports.

All Of A Sudden They Kick Their

feeder to the curb president Trump and so I think I think the writing’s probably been on a wall for a long long time it was just their safety net’s been removed yes so well. You know. I mean look it’s no shock to any of us who have been paying attention to how bad the mainstream media has gotten and how deceptive they are and just the media malpractice that is constantly happening on a daily. basis another example of that that’s in the News Today is Pierce Morgan, who published a promotional video for a recently recorded interview that he did with Donald Trump now I want to show you this promotion this promotional video because it very clearly is edited to make it appear that Donald Trump stormed out of the interview. So let’s watch that okay Pierce I’m ready a former president in denial I’ll be completely straight with you to your face.

I Think Im A Very Honest Man

much more honest than you actually really yeah It was a free and fair launch you lost only a four excuse me. The most explosive interview of the year. I don’t think you’re real I’m not very decent let’s finish up the interview Morgan versus obviously that that looks very tense it looks like President Trump got up and left walked off. He said turn off the camera Oh except one thing. Trump actually had his people recording the audio of this interview and it actually didn’t end like that at all it ended very well and very cordial Here’s the actual ending of the interview with thank audio thank you very much thank you very much that was a great interview.

Pierce Says Much Different Than That

promotional video and by the way I did notice because we do work in television. I did notice the the makeup person did not do a good job of helping out Trump. It’d be interesting to see if Pierce has the same look because I I would I would guess that. They did this on purpose to make him look bad and pierce. You know received the treatment that you know Maybe was a little bit different and this is what we’re seeing on a constant basis.

Luckily Trump Was Smart Enough To Have

his own people record this gee I wonder why maybe because he has seen them do this not just to everyone else, but they did it to him for four freaking years and there you have it. This is happening on a constant basis. I can’t imagine all the things that have happened to other people in the limelight and they haven’t been able to you know they didn’t record it they didn’t have their own version and they just have to deal with the fallout of something that is just absolutely completely and patently false but here’s the irony what you just saw was the pinnacle. of Pierce Morgan’s career that’s the greatest moment of his life other than maybe kids marriage whatever else but but but from a career way that is it it’s depending he’s celebrating that interview and of course the controversy just helps to sell so so this it’s all such a shaman facade and of course they baited the president but this is how they sell controversy sales.

This Is Why We Like To See Fighters

Square off in the MmA and push each other before the fight and talk Smack and and they get encouraged to do it to sell pay-per-view that’s the greatest moment he’s going to have and and you got to ask yourself? Why does President Trump continue to feed these people because he’s feeding them he literally just gave Pierce’s career a steroid boost. He should starve him starve him go to the allies and I. Didn’t Yeah I wish he didn’t play down to this level. This is like playing down to you know go play Peewee football again.

Dont He Loves It, Though He

does love it. He loves the bike. He does it’s really hard for him not to do that because he absolutely thrives on it and i’m sure that’s part of the reason they recorded what they did because they wanted to be able to prove yes that they were Shenanigans expecting it’s going to happen absolutely he knows how they treat him Yeah and it’s kind of weird because he and Piers are actually friends from way back on on trump’s show you know you’re.


CnN plus will be shutting down just one month after they’ve launched look. They got only 150 000 subscribers and a look.& A previous report also said that they. only saw 10 000 viewers on a date.& They were charging 5.99 per month or 59.99 annually for the content and I honestly.& I’m I’m baffled you guys. I can’t imagine why people wouldn’t want more Cn.N plus. I feel like we need a moment of silence. I’m not sure but I did see something that Oliver Darcy tweeted when Cn N plus was launching whicic . Pat Gray, host of Pat Grey Unleashed, which you can find here on blaze Tv. and wherever you get your podcasts, is expected to address the closure with staffers on Thursday that’s today that’s Thursday that’s today. I’m really glad that you guys are here guys because this is a really dark day and um, um….. Click here to read more and watch the full video