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Whats Up Cesario Thoughts On Velma From Uk Being

retroactively turning lesbian by the woke left and I’ve been seeing comments from people on the walk left like I think they just they really enjoy the idea that they are like triggering people on the right. Almost like that how that teacher enjoyed scaring those little kids. That is how liberals like to think that they are like triggering and scaring people on the right so when you Google Velma this is what happens have you guys done this yet look what happens yay She’s Ghee and the lesbian flag comes down and the UK gang flag comes down how exciting I guess most people knew she was lesbian, but now she’s Asian and lesbian, so it’s not enough just to be lesbian okay okay wired Velma vampires and viewers streaming is re-queering the past Yes Honey and it can. Soon enough, Velma Dear Dear reader has always been a lesbian. I think most of us knew that yes it’s true that the news officially broke this week via viral clips from the new animated film Trick-or-treat viral clips what viral clips let me find one okay Let’s should we watch one am I gonna get dinged.

Maybe A Tiny Tiny Tiny Tiny Second Of

it Oh my God lesbian Velma finally Cannon let’s go and as promised here are your Scooby Snacks okay amazing turtleneck incredible glasses, obviously brilliant loves animals okay honestly after seeing Bros I’m not even mad at this like I don’t even think that’s a big deal okay back to the story that’s how things go when you’re queer if you don’t see yourself and what you’re watching you find the character that feels closest to your sensibilities and identify with them. I never did. A kid I never was like I was never like as a kid watching Garfield being like wow we both love to eat Lasagna. I really feel like I see myself in this character like who who’s doing that I don’t I’ve watched Garfield growing up an occasional Power Ranger Married with Children The Simpsons. I I didn’t identify with any of those characters and I wasn’t trying to maybe I’m the weird one when enough people do the same thing.

Those Characters Become Queer Icons Whether They

were intended to or not. Except in the case of Velma Scooby creators have been trying to get her out for years even back in 2001 when James Gunn was trying to make his live-action Scooby movie when he was trying to write Velma as gay, but the studio just kept watering it down. I think that I don’t know if they. Watering it down maybe maybe James Gunn was like Oh The audience is intelligent and we don’t need to like beat them over the head with obvious lesbian cues. I don’t know but they’re gonna say that it was being watered down.

Then In 2020 Tony Cervone Supervising Producer On

the Mystery Incorporated series posted an image of Velma in front of a pride flag. We meet our intentions as clear as we could 10 years ago. He wrote on Instagram. Most of our fans got it to those that didn’t I suggest you look closer, okay okay and which is great about knocking people over the head with an LGbtQ character is now. You get more articles written about you which isn’t that what it’s all about this current moment is all about re-queering old narratives boom not necessarily turning formerly UK head characters queer but taking ones formally.

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As Lgbtq And Making Making Their Identity Explicit

Why are we not doing this with straight characters, though consider if you will injury with the Vampire. The latest adaption of Anne Rice’s Iconic 1976 book which launched this week onNK] Vampires have always been queer very much so that’s basically the whole point of the metaphor. They’re like UK yet rarely is the subtext made explicit. I didn’t know vampires were queer True Blood did it maybe because they just want blood and they don’t care about sex so they’ll just take the blood of like a man or a woman, not our Louis Dupont and Dulag and Lestat actual lovers in an actual relationship. They speak earnestly about the realities being queer in New Orleans in 1910 Oh that’s neat they couldn’t get any beads back then um.

! It Was A Romance 1994 Film Adaptation

You Know the woman Brad Pitt Tom Cruise Kirsten Dunst put in Macabre Twist on My Two Dads was campy but blocked a depicting actual homosexuality yeah that’s why the film did so well because it was not in our faces and it wasn’t the whole focus of the movie. It was just like here’s a really great story and no one’s obsessing about the sexual nature of of their relationship. See also A League of Their Own Queer people have loved Penny Marshall’s 1992 film with American Girls. Despite the fact it had no LGBtQ characters. Amazon‘s a new series about the Egg Bubble co-created by Broad City’s Abby Abby Jacobson has almost too many to count okay.

The New Show Also Rewrites A Previous

Erasure this past June Mabel Blair, who played the UK PBl and served as a consultant. Amazon’s, League of Their Own showed up at the series premiere of the Tribeca Film Festival. It was there that she came out publicly for the first time. Blair, who was 95 said she’d been hiding it for 75-85 years. Coming out at 95 that’s not brave you’re about to die come on now like you want credit for that okay good for you.

Oh Its Back More Flags More Confetti

yeah I’m gay now conservative anchor had a meltdown over it. Oh my God that’s just what the left wants our conservative meltdowns. They love it they live off of the idea that they can trigger people. They think that’s so fun for them. Who was this that was triggered.

Oh A Newsmax The Enemy.

A news anchor who appears on National Television daily says he can’t tell the difference between the meanings of letters in the alphabet. At least that’s the message Eric Balling delivered in a bigoted segment on his they love using this word throwing it around everywhere. They can bigoted The Young Turks everything’s bigoted during a Wednesday segment falling complained about the development that Velma I don’t think he’s upset about her coming as a lesbian. I think they’re just upset that it’s like it is like the number one feature of a character throwing a tantrum but a cartoon character.

It Always Confuses Me By The Way

folks. When a man decides he’s a a woman be becomes a woman then sleeps with women. I mean why can’t you stay a man that’s kind of funny well did you see that our beloved UK has gone Woke. Velma has come out as Lgbtq I’m guessing she’s the L, but she may be the B I don’t know perhaps the T would mean. She’s been a dude all along all this time right I’m not sure maybe it’s the queue to be told.

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I Cant Really Tell The Difference Between Most

of the letters. It always comes by the way folks When a man decides that’s not a crazy take. I think a lot of people would agree with that that there’s constantly change there’s constantly new letters added. I think the majority of people are kind of just like overwhelmed by it, but what the left loves to do because they love to act like Holier than now and more intellectual more Progressive more evolved than anybody on the right. They’re like you can’t keep up with it you’re an idiot okay.

He Says He Doesnt Hate Liberals And

lefties, but that doesn’t feel that he doesn’t fully understand the different categories. Yeah that’s most blumin people but the you. You do use sentiment only lasts until the next breath in which bowling frames. The invoke conservative argument that producers shouldn’t represent matters of sexual identity in kids cartoons not in kids cartoons No there should be no sexualness of any kind in kids cartoons and the sing-song a voice. He wonders why Velma is gay now, but reassures his bro dudes in the audience that Daphne is still as straight as far as we can see that’s that sounds like he’s just trying to be funny and then the adult man smacked his lips in a creepy display of toxic masculinity homophobia.

Why Is Showing Desire For A Why

is a straight man even playfully whether he meant it or not like showing desire for a straight woman? How is that homophobia and how is that misogyny like it’s actually the opposite what a blumin idiot is. Fred straight he asks before saying if Velma is a lesbian He could see his friend being gay do love making everyone gay. They’re like we’re winning a Saturday morning cartoon created by Hannah Barbara a 1969 UK has been reimagined numerous times as films UK shows and comics in the seriesNK] and Mischievous Great Dane assists Velma, Daphne Blake Fred Jones and Norville Shaggy and solving Grimes blumin Luke and Velma was attracted to several different guys over the years in the chartude lesbian was a projection not a reality right Aren’t they all about accepting acceptance and being yourself. It’s like why can’t Velma be like kind of vague about her sexuality wise like no we have to put you in this group aren’t They all about fluidity. I feel like the left contradict themselves constantly.

Velma Became Bi In Mystery Incorporated

after dating Shaggy. dating Shaggy well, can you blame her? They can’t leave them alone because they want press they want to make headlines and that’s the way to do it right now. It’s this weird game of like cat and mouse, where I think the left loves to think that they can trigger the right so easily, But the right is just like how is this relevant to like blumin cartoons and why do we need to be hit over the head with it constantly like I think most people on their right. Don’t have a problem with gay people They’re just like yeah can we do this a little bit better can we have a little bit. Nuance storytelling where someone’s sexuality is not 100 of their identity.

They Make A Character Gay When They

don’t have anything else to come up with it seems it definitely seems that. that way, even if that’s not their intention, it’s like Oh just seems like such an easy thing love you guys thank you for the chats thank you for the comments I will see you guys Tomorrow Bye Bye All right love you guys I don’t even want to leave this candle smells so good. I don’t want to leave all right love you guys talk to you soon Bye love you all join the Discord feet love you all wow you guys are awesome bye guys bye. I’m really leaving love you bye.


Velma from the UK is retroactively turning lesbian by the woke left . Cesario Cesario says liberals like to think that they are like triggering and scaring people on the right . He says the news officially broke this week via viral clips from the new animated film Trick-or-treat viral clips what viral clips let me find one okay Let’s should we watch one am I gonna get dinged.& Maybe a tiny tiny tiny . Second of it Oh my God lesbian Velma finally Cannon let’s go and as promised here are your Scooby Snacks.& Soon enough, Velma Dear Dear Dear reader has always been a lesbian. I’m not even mad at this like I don’t even think that’s a big deal okay back to the story that’s how things go when you’re Queer if you don’t identify with any of the characters you find the character that feels closest to your sensibilities and identify with them.& I never was like as a kid watching Garfield…. Click here to read more and watch the full video