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Joker with a face for radio and a voice for print Tonight. We’re gonna talk about Saturday Night Live and their most recent sketch coming out about white male Rage and and the Oscars and and it’s a viral thing that’s gone on Twitter and everything else and we’re not so much gonna talk about the article in and of itself, which is what I’m gonna read but we’re gonna talk more about how everybody gets in this circle-jerk situation to where when men are not involved in something they point their fingers and they’ll say look at all the people that are enraged. You Look at all the guys that are upset about this and in the meantime they’re pointing to nothing. There’s no guys participating so let’s get into the article real quick and then I’m gonna we’re gonna talk about what what I mean with with my conversation here so let me start my recording of this so we have on UK UK News or is this UK This is UK News UK white male rage song goes viral prompting critical discussion of Oscars. Melissa Villa at Villa senior rattled through a list of this year.

S Oscar Nominated Films That Share One Narrative

in common white male rage during the Weekend Update segment of this week’s Saturday Night Live, a standout bit performed by cast member Melissa Villa senior acknowledged a commonality among a majority of the Oscar nominated films leading to a lively discussion on social media. Villa senior appeared on. The segment to show off her Oscar Songs each about a different film nominated this year only for a trend to appear. Each film centered around white male rage. After the weekend update’ Co-host Colin just-just remarked that none of Villa Seniors songs appeared in any of the films.

She Reported.

She replied of course none of the songs in the movies. Colin here’s another one when Jost asked how many more songs there were. She said a whole bunch, but she said she would combine them all rattling through nominated films that shared the narrative white male ray such as once upon a time in Hollywood Jojo Rabbit in 1917 while adding that Little Women creator Greta Gerwig, whose film was not about white male rage was snubbed for a Best Rock Dern nomination The bit, which was written by Villa Senior andNK] writers Dan Bula and Steven. struck a chord on Twitter, where the white male rage hashtag began trending and had well over fourteen thousand tweets by Sunday afternoon so here first I’m going to talk about the 14,000 tweets.

I Went Over To Twitter And I

did a search for white male rage and what it what I mean by a circle jerk is this it’s everybody making fun of nobody I went through here and most I would say probably night I didn’t go through all 14,000. But I probably scrolled through 4 or 500 of them and what that I found was people were saying. Oh and you know well. I’ll read an example here. This feels like an origin moment for a white male rage hilarious and true well done ok I still haven’t seen anyone see I haven’t seen any men raging about this yet now they’re talking about a little.

Bit Of A Politics On That One

I they link to another skit. I can appreciate this okay, but that’s not a guy raging down artists Yes indeed, but inspired in part by some progressive pro-abortion Okay you see going down through here what they do is they’re bringing up other topics. They’re all saying yeah that’s. I can’t believe all the butthurt guys complaining about this and I scrolled and I scrolled and I scrolled and you know how many butthurt guys I saw in this nothing really. There was a couple guys that said You know this is promoting a theme that we really don’t need.

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I Mean Why Would You Segment

out a large majority of your audience or what’s the whole point of picking on men now on top of that. The interesting thing is let’s talk about who are the men that vote for the OScars, So all of you watching my videos any of you that votes vote for the OScar nominations raise your hand exactly none of us so we’re not the ones that chose these particular movies. The other people in Hollywood were so now the left the walk left is making fun of the other walk left where the rest of us kind of everyday average guys. We’re not involved in this at all, but they still decide to take it out as if we’re outraged now the truth is I didn’t even watch the skit I don’t need to I already know what it’s about just by all the responses. But there’s no one raging about this so to say that Oh there’s a big big problem.


There are 14,000 people all making fun of something that doesn’t exists. There’s no guys raging about this New York Times media reporter Nick Sperling tweeted or Nicole Sperling tweeted well at the academy You’ve just been handed your opening number for Oscars 2020 hope you do it justice every OScar Best Picture nominee has only been created because of white male rage gotta love UK one shooter Twitter user wrote another rope Melissa V comedy gives the best summary of Oscar season. Thus for this far the conversation of social media began to deviate from just talk about the Oscars and gradually it escalated into conversation about white male rage in modern society and in the 2020 race for to the presidency It’s now I want you to read their examples and I want you to listen to their examples of the quote-unquote white male rage none of that was in the Iris mitten I should know I watched that movie. On Christmas Day someone else writes this year’s Oscar nominee theme same thing This guy just realized that white male rage was the theme of this entire episode My Thanks to Melissa Villa senior for the new ringtone.

Its An Instant Classic.

I think it’s safe to say that white male rage song is now onNK] is gonna be in my head for a while now. Those are all the people supporting it and I was a little ahead myself now Let me read this next part here fragile men set out to prove the UK is completely irrelevant by tweeting about it all night long white male rage. One Twitter user wrote but again it wasn’t the white males that were tweeting this there was all the people making fun of the non–existent white males that were making you see what I’m saying so no white males made. of it, but then everybody stood around saying Gosh, Can you believe about all the white males making fun of this.

There Were No White Males In There

so it becomes a circle jerk where everybody shaking each other’s hands for all the great they’ve done making fun of the people that aren’t even in the conversation. Another tweeted if you’re white and male and don’t like being treated as a faceless part of a group losing all your individuality When someone talks or jokes about white male rage. It could be a chance to understand that people in other groups may feel that way too when you stereotype them again. There’s no men in here taking part of the conversation while Twitter went back and forth on the segments handful of users found one idea they could agree on she should host the Oscar Oscars so I brought up. this other article and it says same thing hereNK] white male rage sketch has predictably enraged a lot of white males.

So I Think They Have Some Examples Here.

So let’s let’s listen to the white men being enraged ready. Now the quartering Jeremy over at the quartering. I think he did a segment on this as well. I didn’t watch it because I didn’t want to accidentally copy anything he had done so maybe.

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Ill Watch It Later, But He

states a bold move UK singing about white male rage. I’m sure that will bring back all the ratings you’ve been losing to people who are sick of that kind of UK see you idiots on Monday Another a cloner can someone please explain how a skit on UK with a song White male rage is not racist is this. It’s this garbage that continues a division that. That was created ten years ago at a time when we should have moved past this move past this as it is and unite as a proud nation that’s indivisible while listen to all the rage in his voice. They’re really screaming and upset like almost like uncontrollable monkeys or they could just be bringing up valid points in a discussion, but because it’s a white male saying it we shouldn’t listen to him Another guy says now where could the woman aren’t funny trope come from Hmm and the last year why do you idiots complain about racism yet proceeded to do racist crap like this white male rage so again.

Its Not That Men Are Sitting

here screaming and throwing fits and they’re just saying like you know why call us out on this We don’t have anything to do with this This is rather targeting an audience. You’re pointing your finger at the wrong direction and then when they say you know male society they’re not stepping up they’re not doing what they need to do. Why would they? Why would they do anything for a society that that pokes fun of them like this and it’s not granted This particular cases is white male rage but imagine if you put out a hashtag said black female rage what would happen? You know let’s let’s make fun of some black women getting angry the internet would stop but again. Why is it always okay that the white male or men or men in general are are can be made fun of is and supposedly it’s because well we’ve had it good for so long and we’ve been part of the patriarchy and we’ve run this country for hundreds of years. I don’t know about you but everybody.

Around Here Mostly Under The Age Of

say 90, but most of the people that are in social media and taking part in this stuff we’re in our 20s our 30s or 40s it weren’t where everyday average guys we’re not part of the patriarchy Just cuz of there’s a lot of white male UK doesn’t mean I have anything to do with that the last time I checked. I didn’t run a country. I didn’t run a company and I never have they do the same thing when they write articles about men or anybody pulling apart like the new Star Wars movie and they say Ridley Scott wasn’t a very good example of a heroine. She was kind of a Mary Sue. She knew all this stuff without training and she was too powerful a one-dimensional character and it I just didn’t care for it as much as.

Cared For Name Any Of The Other Movies,

but because guys will will put that out there they’ll say oh you’re you just don’t like strong women or you just so on and so forth Whatever but the whole point is again that men aren’t raging about this they’re just giving their opinion on something and instantly they have to turn it into well. We’ve really upset them as if we’re that fragile no one on there cared and no one does. Unfortunately, I think this is way that companies and people try to stay.


A standout bit performed by cast member Melissa Villa senior acknowledged a commonality among a majority of the Oscar nominated films leading to a lively discussion on social media . Villa senior appeared on.& The segment to show off her Oscar Songs each about a different film nominated this year only for a trend to appear . Each film centered around white male rage . Co-host Colin just-just remarked that none of Villa Seniors songs appeared in any of the films . None of the songs in the movies.& She replied of course none of the . movies in the films.& After the weekend update’ Co. host Colin Just-Just remarked that . none of . Villa seniors songs appeared . in any film nominated for the Oscars. None of these films appeared in the . films. Colin here’s another one when Jost asked how many more songs there were. There was a whole bunch, but she said she would combine them all rattling through nominated films. She said she was combining them all…. Click here to read more and watch the full video