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We Have We Have Senator Tom Cotton On With

us now who has said just things that should not be said at the New York Times things that well. I think most people agree with but you can’t say those things anymore. Senator welcome how are you Hey Quinn? Hey Glenn good to be on with you so Senator I have to tell you the world has gone insane the left the the media. I heard the New York Times today talking about how having a serious conversation with somebody about well what so what happens when you get rid of the police in Minnesota well, you know we don’t know exactly yet but we’re gonna work it out and it’s gonna be great we’re talking about major UK cities just saying done with the police. This is not yeah Glenn.

This Is This Is What Happens When

you have. A newsroom like New York Times apparently does or a city like Minneapolis and its mayor that are run by people who think the real world is a social justice seminar on a college campus right. I can tell you what I can tell you What happens when you don’t have the police you have anarchy. I mean you literally have anarchy because there is no common Authority to both enforce the law and be constrained by the law that’s what will happen in Minnesota or in some of these other major cities where the Democratic mayors and City Council’s were talking about slashing police budgets like in Los Angeles and New York. The police or what stand between civilization and Anarchy and we need police departments that are well-funded well resource well trained cannot believe wait a minute.

I Cannot Believe Were Having This Conversation

you don’t have to. me or anybody in this audience you know I’m just listening to you, saying you know police departments are important or well. Of course they are of course they are I just can’t believe that we are here at this point, what will happen look look Glenn at what happened with New York Times so as you said the New York Times in total meltdown and it has suffered an internal collapse because it’s Senior leaders decided to publish an opinion from a Republican senator that is shared by 58% of the American people, but apparently they view that as beyond the pale in the woke newsroom now I would say that the senior leaders cravenly surrendered to the woke mob at the New York Times because they publish on Wednesday of last week they published My op-ed on Thursday. They publicly defended it on Friday that they renounced it. The mob demanded that and then on Sunday, the owner of the New York Times fired the editorial page.

Editor I Would Say That He

surrendered to walk mob, but let’s remember this guy is a woke child himself. They’re eating their own. I mean Senator. A lot of people are getting very upset right now a lot of people on the right. They’re getting upset and they’re like this startup stop I’m actually ready to grab a bowl of popcorn.

Im Interested In Just Watching Them Just Devour

themselves. It’s phenomenal what is happening and I don’t think that there is you know watching Nancy Pelosi do the stunts she did Yesterday is hysterical. I mean yeah he’s miracle so Glenda the you know the New York Times has is making a fool of themselves from UK salts Burger all the way down to their you know young interns. who were demanding hands on pikes because their editorial page editor had the audacity to publish an opinion with which they disagreed. Although 58% of Americans agreed with it and people aren’t laughing at them reporters from other newspapers producers from television shows or even reporters at New York Times recognize that the New York Times has become a laughingstock and expose itself what it is a far left-wing propaganda outfit.

I Couldnt Happen To A Nicer Bunch

of people. So one of the things they had a problem with could be go and look at the the replacement of the editorial page editor just take a look at her Twitter feed, but in the meantime look at no she sent out to her workers just a couple days ago. She said she said that if you see anything at all anything that offends you or that concerns you then. Send me a text or an email right away? I mean she is telling grown-ups people who should recognize they’re not in a college campus. They’re not in a social justice seminar that they’re they get trigger warnings at work, so they they’re not offended by microaggressions.

I Mean This Really Is The Language Of

campus children brought to the workforce. When grown-ups shouldn’t be able to say look you’re on in social justice similar anymore, you are in the real world and when you’re confronted with an opinion with which you disagree. The proper answer is to refute it with better arguments. In return. It’s not to curl up in the fetal position demand trigger warnings and say that the bad people that publish this opinion should be fired and if you don’t like it you can quit so tell me.

They Said That That One Of The Problems.

They had a real problem with your depiction, which was completely inaccurate of the role of an tyfa in the protests Tom Tom Tom Tom do you have any evidence at all that antifa is bling any role in this well? I just say the the Attorney General has repeatedly pointed this out and I don’t know many peaceful protesters and demonstrators who take crowbars with them to marches. I don’t think stacks of bricks get into the street but himself Klan. Of course, there were agitators and extremists who hijacked and infiltrated protected First Amendment protests for their own purposes that was happening the weekend after last and that’s why you saw so much violence on the streets in places like Minneapolis and New York in Washington. They say now since the president you know demanded that the National Guard be on the scene in WashingtonNK] employed a.

A Lot Of A Specialized Law

enforcement units that are present around the seat of our national government, said some Democratic governors like Tim Walz of Minnesota, recognized that he had no choice but to call out the National Guard that violence diminished significantly over the course of last week to the point where over this past weekend it was almost all just protests and demonstrations and that’s because of agitator extremists realized that the authorities were now on to their techniques and that they face the risk of pushback from the police and ultimately arrest and charges. So I saw an interview with Attorney General Bar and he said they they asked him why why haven’t you made a single arrest yet of antiva have you know that they were involved and he said something pretty shocking at least to me. He said because we’re tracking their funding they’re. Very well funded right now he’s not going after the guys on the streets he’s going after the leadership he’s going after the most likely the white anti–capitalist socialists around the world that have tons of money that are funding these things that’s going to be a bombshell if he hits that because there will be all kinds of connections to people. We know that’s Glenn not that’s the right way to approach an Oracle organization like UK so I’ll say that I don’t want to get too far into the details of what may or may not be investigated and what techniques our federal government is using.

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But Theres A Long History Of Our Federal

government trying to identify informants within criminal organizations and conspiracies to roll them up and end up not just getting the foot soldiers out on the street. But all the way up to the kingpins and the funders. That was how a U. s. grant took down the original version of the UK in the 1870s and that’s how we took down the mob in the 50s and 60s and 70s drug gangs in the 80s and 90s terrorist organizations.

Over The Last 20 Years.

The federal government has a long record of rolling up large organizations through careful investigative work and the use of informants and intelligence and that’s what we should be doing with antifa right now so senator the if if you see how the Soviet Union after World War two flipped Czechoslovakia and Hungry and everything else they did it without. A shot being fired and it really is the bottom-up top-down inside-out thing you put communists in the government in a deep state. If you will then you fund and you you support rioters on the streets. The people rise up and say the government’s got to do something and that deep state controlled the government comes down and you lose your country and you lose your freedom.

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They Did It Over And Over And

over again. And I believe it’s exactly what is happening here in the United States. How are we doing on the investigation into the deep state and all of the people that are that were responsible for the Russia collusion garbage and and ratting out and and and finding these people that are are working against freedom in America in our own government well we’re moving forward a little bit more slowly than I would. It is moving forward in part because we lived through two plus years of the Moller investigation. Even though I think it’s now clear that theNK] knew from the earliest days even before Bob Muller was appointed as a special counsel that the still dossier was full of garbage, probably full of Russian intelligence disinformation and that there was no collusion whatever efforts Russia undertook on its own.

There Was No Collusion With The Trump

campaign. I commend the Attorney General and theNK] Attorney in Washington for dropping the charges against Mike Flynn. They shouldn’t have been brought to begin with and that was long overdue. We’ve seen other reports, for instance from the inspector general in the Department Justice about how the seniorNK] leaders abused their authority. In 2016 and 2017 of course, John Durham is continuing to investigate the entire borage ins of the Russia.

Of The Russia Collusion Hoax And I Expect

that will be announced well before the election and of course, Lindsey Graham of the Senate has begun a series of hearings that will end up calling in some of the central players involved in those decisions like Jim Comey and AndyNK] Peter struck and Lisa page Now nearly all of them UK or UK contributors yeah the you know the the president’s poll numbers you know depending on who you look at and I don’t believe them at this point and I don’t I can’t imagine America going for a group of people that are supporting what’s happening on the streets. But you know whatever America is a different place. Now I guess but this is important for these things to be cleared up. Before the the president leaves office. We we would have really dangerous people coming in and.

And If The American People Dont See

some arrests and don’t we’re not cleaning things up. I I worry what’s coming next well that’s that’s one reason why I’m confident Glenn that these investigations will reach their natural conclusion before January or even before the election. The Attorney General recognizes that this is a closely divided country when it comes to electoral politics. You know we had a split decision in 2018 with Democrats winning the house and you know Republicans running the Senate I think this.


Quinn: “The world has gone insane the left the the media. The New York Times is in total meltdown and it has suffered an internal meltdown” Quinn: We need police departments that are well-funded well resource well trained. We need to have the police departments, not anarchy. The police or what stand between civilization and Anarchy and we need them. The real world is a social justice seminar on a college campus right. I cannot believe we’re having this conversation you don’t have to. I just can’t believe that we are here at this point. What will happen look look look at what will happen? Quinn: The police departments are important or well. Of course they are of course they’re of course . The police department is important. I’m just listening to you, saying you know police are important. What do you need to be well-armed and well-trained. I can’t believe we’ve had this conversation. I’m just listening…. Click here to read more and watch the full video