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Welcome Back To New Rockstars Im, Eric Boss

and Shonchi is the latest Marvel title to ask what the hell is about to happen a mysterious beacon in the Ten Rings, but also we got Peter Parker tampering with Doctor Strange‘s spell to resurrect dead multiversal villains and then a cryptic emergence in eternals and then what if making up new timeline rules like absolute points. It all seems to be pointing to the same mad multiversal future, but as we’re still trying to digest loki in one division, we are in desperate need of an antacid explaining what is causing what who is summoning whom who broke doctor strange and why is Wong everywhere? I mean not that I’m complaining really. There are 10 moments in which characters in the mcu seem to cross a threshold which we now might be able to consider to be nexus events or. Absolute points or watcher winks Event one Doctor Strange uses the time Stone to look ahead at 14605 future outcomes and secretly devises a plan that requires Iron man to die. Event two.

During The Time Heist Loki Steals

a Tesseract becomes a variant. Event three Loki and Sylvie touch creating an unprecedented Nexus Event Event four Sylvie Kilsey, who remains in the sacred Timeline Splinters Event five. The Avengers snap back thanos’s victims which, according to the Eternals, creates an energy surge that triggers the celestial’s emergence Event six. Wanda Maximov creates the Westbex reality and absorbs Agatha’s magic to become the Scarlet Witch, a Nexus being more powerful than the Sorcerer Supreme. Event 7.

The Scarlet Witch Reads The Dark

hole and then suddenly looks up upon hearing the voices of her sons. Event 8. Chongqi uses the 10 rings to kill the Dweller in darkness alerting camaratage. to a beacon inside the rings summoning something from afar event 9 Doctor Strange conducts a memory wiping spell, but Peter Parker interferes with it causing things from alternate universes to collide with this one and then 10 alt universe. Doctor Strange absorbs mystical beans and saves Christine Palmer violating an absolute point in that universe and destroying it now sure there are other big turning points in the MCu but so far.

These Are The Events That We Could

argue unraveled the fabric of the MCu as we know it no no when we talk about causality among these events. It’s important to consider chronology because it would be easy to say that the 10 rings beacon is summoning the celestials with Eternals coming next in the pipeline, but details in Shengqi established this movie to take place sometime in summer 2024. In the year after the blip, but Eternal seems to be set in fall 2023. The seven days immediately after the blip ended. This would adhere to Eternal’s original planned release before Wandavision and before Shang Chi now Loki suggested that all the events in the sacred timeline are unfolding simultaneously from the perspective of the citadel at the end of time.

So That Discovery That The Time Code

of Agatha’s depower drop in one division syncing up weirdly perfectly with the timecode of he who remains in loki testing gravity on his desk is technically valid as would be the case to be synced up the moment. Peter derailed the spell and when Sheng Chi Kamehameha the Mega Soul sucker the point being that every nexus event that seems to break reality in the MCu could be part of a multi-harmony chord that collectively cracks the universe to spill its contents in a multiverse mess the more crass among us might call this the brown note. I’ll just say look it up actually don’t but to determine which of these events are part of that harmonious fart. We have to revisit the difference between timelines and universes. A distinction that I may have rushed through too quickly in my last what-if breakdown Apologies I try to fit a lot in and there’s always the pause button.

The Confusion Came From A Line

from the ancient one. I drew upon the power of the dark dimension to split the timeline allowing for two of your possible timelines to. One universe Ah see during loki! Some use the words timeline and universe interchangeably when actually we should consider timeline to mean that wavy stream of time and the branches that snake off it while universe to be the two-dimensional plane that all those branches snake out into and across a universe contains a timeline and its branches in a way that a country contains a river, too many rivers that snake off each other. The land mass floods and the universe of this land mass becomes too indiscernible to the ocean that surrounds it, But whether or not you think you can trust this person you know one famous character. We could not trust is Goldilocks that little Jerk had a terrible sense of entitlement and I think she’s technically a felon for breaking into those bears home and eating their porridge.

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your Helix mattress So Doctor Strange with his time Stone is limited to reliving and re-experiencing events in his own timeline and seeing the future of that timeline that’s what he. In infinity war and he does not create branches by doing this. However, like the scarlet Witch, he can absorb the power of other mystic beings and power himself up into a nexus being that can break an absolute point but by doing so, he plunges into a darkest timeline that melts his whole universe into inky dark matter just like the ancient one warned about in endgame that’s why the avengers had to return the stones because thanos snap was an absolute point that they had to work around and still deal with some of the consequences of like some people being five years older than others. Post blip anxiety and soon celestial emergence. Only those with a multi-dimensional quantum view of timelines can tinker with time without breaking everything like Kang slash.

He Who Remains His Tva And The

watcher, which is why I think it’s very possible. Kang and the Watcher could be old friends or like Jacob and the Man of Black or just like an adorable old married couple, but for other accidental nexus beings who don’t know what they’re doing like the scarlet witch or strange Supreme or in my view, Loki and Sylvie combined aka Loki squared their universes crumble into lovecraftian horror shows in Marvel Studios in this same week opened the floodgates to cosmic horror with the tentacled soul sucking demon the dweller in darkness and Chongqi as it did with dr strange’s various tentacled demons and what if different universe sure but they function the same way Mystic threats absorbing the life forces from each other to give themselves the power to transcend reality, so what is the ten rings Beacon summoning well based on all of this probably not just something from the stars despite the rings Alien Mclewin. origins in the comics, I think if it was an extraterrestrial Beacon, Marvel” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener”>Captain Marvel would probably recognize it like she was in that room as the expert of all things off world, and she was stumped, but the fact that Wong is really the adult in the room. The one who warned strange and no way home and is in a rush to get back to Kamar Taj and is the person good strange wants to save and what if at the very least to save you Hmm. I think this means that this is a force from another dimension.

A Force That Has Now Been

notified that these rings were used to kill a predator that should not have been in this realm and the signal comes in harmony with the rise of Scarlet witch, the union of Loki Variants and Peter Parker derailing Doctor strange’s spell now that. Force has been rumored to be Schuma Gorath, the tentacled Elder God Mini Angled one which yeah would reflect the tentacle monster imagery We have been seeing nearly everywhere else, but while I think Squids are part of it really I think the boldness of using Spider–man no way home to bring back an alt-universe sinister six lineup. It cannot be overstated how huge of a paradigm ship that is therefore, I think that the beacon is warning for any alternate universe that might be able to hear this signal that this universe’s Dam has just been burst by the dweller in darkness arriving into it and that dweller being killed along with all these other things that we’ve mentioned and on the other side of that call. Think about it who are the biggest multiverse experts who we are expecting to come into the mcu very soon the pros.

Matter The Fantastic Four Doctor Doom And Then

trans-dimensional networks like the Council of Kangs, who was alluded to in Loki Captain Britain Corps maybe the more hardened Peter Parkers of the Spider-verse. All of these forces are on their way to answer the call a call that sounds like you can support new Rockstars by checking out our merch options at newrockstarsmerch. com including this great what if limited edition shirt you can follow me on instagram and Twitter at Eavos follow and subscribe to new Rockstars thanks for watching Bye you.


New Rockstars I’m, Eric Boss and Shonchi is the latest Marvel title to ask what the hell is about to happen . Peter Parker tampering with Doctor Strange’s spell to resurrect dead multiverse villains and then a cryptic emergence in eternals . It all seems to be pointing to the same mad multiverse future, but as we’re still trying to digest loki in one division, we are in desperate need of an antacid explaining what is causing what who is summoning whom who broke doctor strange and why is Wong everywhere? I mean not that I’m complaining really. I’m going to say I’m not complaining really really. It’s just trying to understand what’s going on here and what’s been happening in the new Rockstars, but I’m glad to be back at the end of the first half of the run of the series. We’re looking forward to the last few months of this year’s ‘The Marvel Universe’. I’m….. Click here to read more and watch the full video